Reviews for Dream Date?
Torian chapter 2 . 5/10
This is 10 years old and ... still makes me cry. Good job !
hollyivy7 chapter 20 . 6/16/2009
Are you putting Complete on this?
HughesHanajimaHilariaHypocrite chapter 20 . 4/30/2009
congratulations...your fic beat out The Amber Spyglass for "longest crying fit caused by text" :)

(the joys of PMS and angsty fanfic)
miotracara chapter 20 . 3/20/2009
This was amazing! I loved your take on the story that happened while we weren't watching. I always wanted to understand what exactly happened in those last episodes, and I think the whole thing is so in-character and believable that it has become my new reality in terms of Gravitation. Thank you!
Yogonem chapter 20 . 7/10/2008
Aw! Sweet! Another great story from you!
Fallenangel93 chapter 20 . 10/20/2007
SakuraHeeroWing chapter 20 . 7/11/2007
You are an amazing writer, you really are. I enjoyed every bit of this piece.

The fighting at the amusement park was painful, I really felt it in my heart. I love it when Yuki and Shuichi fight in fanfiction, if it's written well - I'm not too sure why, though. Your comments at the bottom have already helped me learn a few new writing techniques. I'm going to read the rest of your stories before I spam you with more comments. lol.

Thank you for still being active and responding. I wish I owned the Gravi mangas. I would like to, one day.
moon71 chapter 20 . 6/9/2007
A wonderful conclusion, but then I never expected less. I liked the way you tied up loose ends, some that the anime didn't get round to, but also some specifically within the context of your story - the invitation for Shuichi to share Eiri's bed conbined with the invitation to stay in his flat and in his life on a permanent basis; the discussion about how Shuichi dealt with Tohma, and so on.

Particular favourites? Eiri's venturing to ask Shuichi if Yuki ever really cared for him, proof that he is putting great trust in Shuichi, because I couldn't see him previously allowing anyone else bar his psychiatrist into his essentially private world of his relationship with Kitazawa, and further proof of Shuichi's maturity when he seems to say what Eiri wants to hear, not necessarily what he would probably like to say about a man who to an outsider must seem cruelly manipulative. And also the discussion of Tohma. Eiri retains this sort of need-hate relationship with him, as was suggested at the end of the anime when he can still not be bothered to be friendly; it rather reminds me of a person reliant on a carer who comes to hate the fact that he needs the person's help, or the fact that the carer has necessarily seen him at his most vulnerable. Shuichi, on the other hand, who lives for the day, is easily prepared to forgive and forget as long as he gets his way; he can admit what Eiri doesn't want to, that Tohma is not doing what he does to be evil, but only to protect. Not even Eiri's cynical view on it can ruin this for him.

All in all you've successfully filled in the blanks in what seemed a rather rushed last two episodes of the anime, and enriched the story at the same time. The ending of the anime was moving but initially I was unsatisfied with it, at least until I'd watched it a few more times! Once I'd thought about it, however, I thought it was good and that happiness would come not just to Shuichi and Eiri but to all those affected by their relationship. Eiri is happy so Tohma and Mika can relax; Hiro has Ayaka to himself, and Shuichi is free to concentrate on Bad Luck so Suguru, Sakano and K can relax too! But your story provides the real last missing scene I'm sure many of us wanted - the reunion and the knowledge that Eiri was safe back in Shuichi's arms.

moon71 chapter 19 . 6/9/2007
Right! Here at last! This will have to cover elements of Ch 18 as well because as I think I said FF gobbled up my review for that before I could finish it!

First of all, I thought your compromise for the dog-suit was perfect and made so much sense. While I didn't mind most of the symbolic "costume changes" in Grav (the one that actually annoyed me a bit was the real cosplay thing, when Shu dressed up as a schoolgirl... I thought it was in rather bad taste after everything he'd just been through and too stupid even for him, to assume dressing up as a girl would make things better... but that's just me...) I did think the dog-suit was rather clunky for such a crucial scene and what was, after all, Shuichi and Yuki's last scene together in the story.

Shu always strikes me as a touchy-feely tactile little soul and I loved the way he sort of wormed his way out of his furs into Yuki's clothes. In this way I think you have caught the right way for Shuichi to have his way with Yuki, who surely with his history wouldn't respond well to more aggressive or indeed more openly sexual advances from another man.

I loved the choice - the gun or the lighter - and the way that Shuichi asserts himself, as he does so well in the anime, to claim what is his. He has no time for introspection or for regret - if there is any sensible explanation to why he bounces back so quickly from his own rape ordeal other than it being a dead-end plot thread, it is surely that he refuses to be dragged down by the past, making him the antithesis of Yuki, who up until Shuichi has only really lived in the past, and merely existed in the present. The idea that Shuichi smells of the future is rather beautiful and so appropriate. And the love scene was beautiful too - I had to admit I'd never conjured the idea of the two of them making love then, but it seemed to work so well, banishing unhappy memories by replacing them with love. I sensed in Shuichi here a need to defy Kitazawa - unlike in the manga, where he appears to compromise with his memory (at least until Grav-Ex!) he has no time for Eiri's clinging on to a ghost and he just sweeps him aside! Perfect and far more healthy. The idea of Shuichi the faun is also far more attractive than a lot of the images, especially later ones in the manga, of Shuichi the almost pre-pubescent sex-toy.

And to the end, with Shuichi leaving the gun behind - I thought that was perfect too. I had my own version of this in my head but it more or less reached the same conclusion; Shuichi is not Tohma, he would leave Eiri to makes his own decision.

And now to the chapter this is supposed to be for...

Again, wonderful images. Most particularly the (more sensible!) idea of Shuichi parachuting rather than freefalling down to the concert, presumably into the waitiing arms of K. (Again, some ideas work well in a visual medium but just can't translate to a written form; it is so much easier to visualise surreal or imaginary things than it is to write about them, as anyone who has ever tried to write down a dream would know, and I think you handled these awkward moments so well.) I loved this glimpse of K, however small - I loved the image of him waiting on the roof in the anime, and the quick embrace he gives Shuichi was a nice little touch. He was one of the characters I really thought came into their own towards the end.

Eiri's scenes are great too - you captured the feeling I'd got from the anime that a crucial moment had passed, had perhaps already passed even before Shuichi crashed into the appartment, that his life with Shuichi was more attractive to him than any romantic suicide fantasy in the place where he killed his first love. Shuichi again staked his claim over the claim of Kitazawa, after all, when he said that Eiri could run or die but he would never escape Shuichi; the hold Kitazawa had could hardly fight against that! Reading this chapter made me think how blinkered Eiri was up until then - here is a dream version of his first love, a lover who loves him as obsessively and in many ways as innocently as he loved Kitazawa, and a lover he can actually have some sort of future with. And last of all, the return of the key was such a clever touch!

For all that I was sorry that in the anime there was no scene of Shuichi reunited with Eiri back in Japan (though there seemed little doubt of it in the graveyard scene), that last concert scene was lovely and did give a general sense of completion, with Tatsuha and Ayaka watching from the audience and Shuichi appearing so cofident and so professional. That Eiri could be watching it from his laptop was a wonderful addition to this, especially with Shuichi having earlier sung it to him in private after making love. As always you focus on Shuichi the artist, instead of Shuichi the idiot, or, in too many fanfics, Shuichi the constant victim.

Just to answer your comments in CH 18 - I tend to think character sketches should remain to confined to the likes of Jane Austen and the Victorian era novels that followed those traditional conventions - I hate it when an author introduces a character by telling you their history and their personality in long prose paragraphs; its far more skillful to let them speak for themselves in dialogue or in action or to let someone else in the story give their opinion on what that person is like. After all, with someone else's characters we are always going to have our own opinions on what makes them tick. Then again, I do have a soft spot for pure dialogues - I loved the long conversations in chapter 18! - and I think it does demonstrate real skill in an author. (I always cite a particular scene in "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" where there is only dialogue during a monopoly game but it is still clear who is talking!)

On to the epilogue (oh dear, what will we all have to look forward to now...?)
Tsuki Aquarius Hanju chapter 4 . 6/7/2007
Aw! Poor shuichi! I'm glad that he had fun at the other stuff, though! _ Kawaii!

Vanidades chapter 20 . 6/5/2007
Nice final chapter... I have to say it was something I would expect from Yuki, after all it looks like after killing those ghosts he changed!

Now keep updating the other ones! See ya!
snowwhite4444 chapter 20 . 6/4/2007
I'm so glad I finally got to read the ending, though I'm a little sad now... it feels like the end of an era! Once again your writing is fantastic, I would kill for such natural sounding dialogue and your rhythms. Please keep churning out the stories!
OneFalseMove chapter 20 . 6/4/2007
a fantastic ending to a fantastic story! i dont think anyone could have written out the whole Gravitation story any better than you did.

it was like seeing the anime in words, except different, yet even better! (as absurd as that may sound, I'm even confusing myself)

I'd love to see some outtakes! :) Touma has always been one of the characters I'm *least* fond of, and yet i feel his character is a neccesary one, because he does seem to play a major part in Yuki and Shu's lives.

Anyway, i look forward to any future fics (will there be more? *crosses fingers*) and to the outtakes!
Lady Karai chapter 20 . 6/3/2007
Wonderful. A great ending to a great fic. Thank you so much for doing this. It adds another layer of depth to their story and makes everything that much more meaningful. This is definitely one of my favorite fics. Thank you.

- Karai
Kurotsuki Shie chapter 20 . 6/3/2007
I cried over the last line. That's how great the story was. Much love to you!
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