Reviews for Sasuke: Chronicles of an Uchiha
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 11 . 3/11/2008
ok major grammar issues and the names of the sound four (which are actual called the sound five cause of the bone guy.) you mixed them up and spelled them wrong. and Hokage is the name of Konoha's leader not grass. he may be the leader but not Hokage. Hokage means Fire Shadow. and konoha is in the fire country so that guy has a different title.
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 10 . 3/11/2008
aw u suck. naruto shouldve stayed dead
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 9 . 3/11/2008
Uchiha’s had been gifted with the power of excellent genjutsu since as long as they can remember. The sharingan helped that quite a bit. With the Blue Sharingan, level two, Sasuke managed to create a genjutsu sword of charka powered by his dojutsu.

wtf genjutsu are illusions. they arent real. and how is naruto gonna come back hes dead!
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 8 . 3/11/2008
cool im glad someone knows the marks in his eyes are called tomoe and not commas or dots. but wtf is it with muffins
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 7 . 3/11/2008
you got the fourth hokage's name wrong. his last name isnt uzumaki.
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 6 . 3/11/2008
hahahahaha. naruto died
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 5 . 3/11/2008
ok this is kinda cool. the leader of the akatsuki is madara uchiha so thats who i think should be the leader in the story
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 4 . 3/11/2008
wtf. blue sharingan? wtf is it with red vs blue. really i idea of a stronger sharingan is cool but why does it have to be blue.
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 3 . 3/11/2008
ok. really this chapter made no sense
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 2 . 3/10/2008
hn wierdness. i expected more out of this chapter
Marsa The Redeemed chapter 1 . 3/10/2008
cool begining. i know that this is already complete but i will still review as if u are writting it. i generally dont read sasusaku (prefering sasuhina) but this seems interesting so i will read it and review chapters that interest me.
outsideofheaven chapter 16 . 11/13/2007
:O Sasuke's on fire ! .. maybe thats why he is so hot ;) lol xD

love the story !
Fireyoukaigirl chapter 22 . 7/10/2007
Sasuke went way OOC towards the end and other than the whole thing with mixing totally different anime, it was pretty good.
Fireyoukaigirl chapter 13 . 7/10/2007
What the hell is with the Full Metal Alchemist crap. I agree, it's a good show and all, but seriously. This is naruto we're talking about. Also, with the last chapter, "Blue Blaze of Glory?" No offence, but you should really consider thinking of new names. I like the story and all, but it's just getting a little out of hand.
NiiroShouten chapter 22 . 5/16/2007
I liked this story, Hope you can/will make a sequal to it

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