Reviews for The Hotness Factor
Final Genesis chapter 6 . 10/13/2008
Athrun never ceases to amaze me at times, and interesting ploy of Cagalli's too! Time for the finish!

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
Final Genesis chapter 5 . 10/12/2008
Good to see a wish granted, and... oh ho ho, time for Cagalli to turn the tables around!

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
Milisante chapter 7 . 10/12/2008
Huh, finally completed! I'm glad! It was a great fic! Good work! )

Love it!
Final Genesis chapter 4 . 10/12/2008
GO ATHRUN! Let it known that nobody disses your one true love and gets away with it!

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
kirei31 chapter 7 . 10/12/2008
nice one! love ur story! !please continue writing more athrun and cagalli fics! _
Final Genesis chapter 3 . 10/12/2008
Love Kira's reaction at the end! Let's hope but Athrun and Cagalli's acomplished desires are well worth the wait!

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Final Genesis chapter 2 . 10/12/2008
Good to see some of the 'deceased' at the event, and I give ten out of ten stars for that punch of Cagalli's, HUZZAH! And watching the reactions coming from those two are so amusing and cute, especially in romantic moments like this!

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
CHoCoDoLL chapter 7 . 10/11/2008
LOL! i wonder what kira will think of... XDD

love the story and Athuran
Xx-Erin-xX-AthrunxCagallifan chapter 7 . 10/11/2008
100/10 for the whole fic! I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Haha poor Athrun, Kira's being way overprotective, I think Cagalli would hit him if he started shouting at her man!

You did a great job on this fic and I loved it! Can't wait for the sequel!
FadingxAmaranthx chapter 7 . 10/10/2008
I thought that was a very cute story. Haha! Yet funny all at the same time! You'd never think Athrun was like that.

Great job!
ThreeSixNine chapter 7 . 10/10/2008
Sweet! I loved the whole thing ]
shiloah18 chapter 7 . 10/10/2008
Athrun's eyes are "that" dangerous eh? lol XD

*stares* oh weLL.. there goes Athrun's modesty down the drain demo.. lol I gueSs when it comes to Cags.. everything is a diFferent case to him, ne? XD

haha.. Cags starting eating her chicken eh? and I thought dinner was supposed to foLLow after the game? *chuckLes*

hmm.. I wonder what was Athrun's dare.. hmm..

Ooh.. Cags is a wiLd cat! wOohOo! go girL! XD

lol she Lost controL eh? XD

he got distracted from what? *grins*

Athrun! it's just Like Nike! just do it! XD lol got that from lithiumxflower's fic.. "S*x Tips" haha..

sortie with Strike FrEedom? lol reminds me of a vid on YouTube wherein.. Kira owns Shinn.. haha.. XD

uh-oh.. Kira found the mag.. I wonder.. what did Lacus write about him.. hmm.. *grins*

nyWeiZ, wEe! it's done! lol XD hmm.. in the sequeL.. I wonder what wouLd Athrun do when he sEes Kira going through the same thing he did.. lol kawaii fic! jaa ne in your other fic!

P.S. how's "The ZaLa fiLes" coming? gambatte nee! 3
virtual-asshole chapter 4 . 10/10/2008
i find myself disturbed by this fic, but in a good way, XD i find it especially disturbing that they're running around in SEED mode, too...LOL! it's good, very good. but it would've been more realistic if they were more awkward, cuz that's the way they are XD
JC-zala chapter 7 . 10/10/2008
Truly a remarkable fanfic. It has been a thrill to read this. I've enjoyed every chapter, every romantic and funny moments between Athrun and Cagalli. The hotness factor certainly heat things up between the two. It's so sweet and funny. Kira's being the protective brother again and I enjoy seeing him like that. Athrun and Cagalli are truly perfect. Good job in writing this story. Keep up the good work.
Final Genesis chapter 1 . 10/10/2008
I may not have watched much SEED other than the first dubbed episode (on a sampler disc), played some GBA games, and some Youtube clips, but I couldn't help but laugh at the reactions! I better read more just in case to see how this turns out!

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
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