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Soluzek chapter 46 . 2/14/2014
Fantastic story, my word. Every time I've had the chance to read in the last week or so, this has been what I've focused on. You brought such great life to your OC's, and even the smaller parts of the characters that are part of FFVII were saturated with care. Reno is such a great character, and you brought he and Rude to life in such a way I've rarely read. Absolutely loved it...and really, the very end gave me chills :)
winter chapter 46 . 2/22/2013
Thank you for this great piece of fanfiction, it must be one of the best that I have ever read.

Even though I normally do not read fanfictions containing many important OCs I found that I could not stop reading this one once I started and until I finished. The story is well written and full of suspense, the characterization of OCs and as well as SE characters were lovely and makes me wish there was more!
Licoriceallsorts chapter 46 . 11/4/2012
I can't tell you how touched I am by this dedication. I'm really broken-up that this story is over. I'll review properly when I have processed the whole thing. And next summer I'm going to read it through from start to finish.
Licoriceallsorts chapter 45 . 11/4/2012
I cried. God knows when the last time was I cried while reading a story.
Licoriceallsorts chapter 44 . 11/4/2012
You have to understand that this is the sort of thing I hardly ever write, but - OMG the feels! I am feeling happiness and sadness and actual grief that this story is going to end. What you have achieved here is just phenomenal: how they've grown and changed, come to know, respect, value, even love each other. One of the great things about this story is it shows how the bonds of intense loyalty can grow despite the fact that the organisation these people work for is pretty shady and shitty. I think I said in another review that the big picture doesn't matter when you're in the middle of a battle fighting for your friend's this fic, Shinra is a company in the truest sense of the word: a group of people bound together by shared experiences and mutual affection. Shinra is made up of their relationships. The turnaround in their attitude towards Lyn is a natural development in itself but also represents, on another level, how they have become an integral part of the Shinra organism.

Just the fact that I can do lit-crit on this fic shows how awesome it is.
Licoriceallsorts chapter 42 . 10/27/2012
I really don't know how to write about all the stuff I love about this chapter without sounding cliched. The pointlessness and banal horror of war is so well conveyed throughout this story (I think I said that before) and never more so than when Rude tries to remember what happy feels like and can only come up a faded photograph kind of emotion, and then tries to work out what Shinra had gained from the Wutai war and can't find an answer. And then this:

"There wasn't really an answer he supposed. The men in charge would get what they wanted as they always did. He found himself removed from the entire problem except for the pieces involving little Yue Fei. She would survive to see tomorrow at least which was as much as he and Reno had ever gotten. She would see another day and maybe next time her fortunes would be better than theirs."

I love how you balance the joys with the sorrows - Mullaney's intense happiness at seeing Sephiroth alive, Yuffie's fierce raging grief. I guess that's all a part of war, too (not that i would know from personal experience). Reno finding a way to take Yuffie's guilt off her shoulders was completely typical of him. And I like that he doesn't make a big deal of it; it doesn't redeem him or anything, it's just one very small thing he can do to make one child feel a bit better.

You do such a great job of conveying Rude and Reno's ever-growing weariness and cynicism. They're so hard now; not unfeeling or even less feeling, but they've grown accustomed to that pain, they live with it, it's normality for them now.

I loved all of this chapter so much, but I think the greatest bit of all was with Sephiroth at the beginning - the awe-ful and terrible killing machine that makes Rude's hair stand on end. Rude's instinctive longing to flee from this person, combined with his recognition that Sephiroth is human and needs his help, was really powerful and touching. I honestly usually find Sephiroth to be a bit of a bore in most fics but you have captured that dualism in him - appealing man, appalling monster - really elegantly. Also the image of Rude carrying Yuffie "melted" against his shoulder was beautiful and moving.
Licoriceallsorts chapter 41 . 10/27/2012
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to review. I have been so busy that I have been treating your recent chapters like dessert; I'm not allowing myself to read them until I do the jobs that need doing first. Anyway, let me say that I LOVE this chapter. Love seeing Lyn's human side - Reno glimpsing the pretty girl she was once was. The thing is, she's still just as hard-bitten and cruel as ever, but he now knows, and so do we, that that's not all there is to her.

Poor Yuffie - her plan literally backfired. I honetly felt a sense of relief when Reno chopped the Empress's head off! I also really enjoyed the dysfunctional relationship she had with Godo!
claire sorrentino chapter 46 . 10/27/2012
I'm coming in late, but this was really well done. I don't have words for how amazing of a writer you are, and how dedicated you are sticking through this for so long. Thanks for writing :)
Guest chapter 44 . 10/27/2012
Such a nice ending. You tied the pieces into a beautiful package. The characters were amazingly. Well-written! It makes me wonder about the events of 7 though
Guest chapter 42 . 10/23/2012
This is really good! Thanks for writing it :)
Licoriceallsorts chapter 40 . 10/21/2012
Rude's observation, "She's like you. I get it," really hit me with its truth. I hadn't seen it, but the moment he said it I saw he was right. She came with them very willingly. I wonder what plot twist she's got up her sleeve. I'm also a little surprised that Reno and Rude haven't told Verdot that Yuffie cooperated in her own kidnapping, but maybe that'll happen next chapter.

I loved the conversation between Godo and Yuffie. It was really touching. Although a man wears many faces, and the face he wears to his little daughter may not be his most important one. I also loved the confrontation between Yuffie and Sephiroth, with its allusions to things to come.

I could make a list of things I love about this fic, but one more is this: nobody ever tries to justify what Shinra is doing or even spends any time talking about it. They're fighting a war. They have to defeat Wutai. The rights and wrongs don't even enter into it. This strikes me as very realistic.
Licoriceallsorts chapter 39 . 10/21/2012
The Muse must have you in a stranglehold, because you're posting these faster than I can read or review them. I'm loving this story so much. Lyn is an absolute masterpiece. I don't know whether you only just now worked out her back story or whether you've know it at all along and have been holding it in reserve, but either way, saving it for towards the end of the fic, after we have got to know her, was a skilful move. I am so eager to hear her full story. The little snippets she drops - was it Tseng who "once saw her in a dress?' - have made me as curious as Reno and Rude. Can I just say, though, that for me anyway (as a Lyn fan) the repeated emphasis on her sexual unattractiveness is a bit overdone? I loved Kaede, but I also love Lyn and Mullaney; one of the things I love about this fic is its rich variety of strong and original female characters. On the whole I think you handle it really deftly, since both Reno and Rude cannot but respect Lyn's power and do her bidding, and they both seem to admire Mullaney's skills even if they mock her looka and her crush on Sephiroth.

The other thing I love about this fic is how, beneath the comedy and the high-octane drama, you have carefully charted the development of these two boys as Turks. When Reno says he'll cut Yuffie's throat if he's told to, he means it; when Rude thinks of Kaede and resolves "never again" what that meant to me was not that he was going to work to create a world where such things didn't happen, but that he would never again let a woman matter to him that much.

So much goodness. I'm sorry you don't get more reviewers; it's their loss. I've read all the Turkfic there is, so all I can say is, you have created something awesome here.
Licoriceallsorts chapter 36 . 8/8/2012
Another great chapter. Even though the plot moves along at breakneck speed it doesn't feel rushed, just like breathless good fun (inasmuch as something so gory and brutal can be described as 'fun'), like the rollercoaster to which i keep comparing it in my mind. The only way i can manage to stop reading is when I run out of chapters.

This chapter answered a few questions. Sumire is the name of the girl who was burned. If you can just tell me which chapter that took place in, I'll go back and read it. Bai Yan is connected with the burning and with the Empress. Grim is a double agent; Grim *is* Bai-Yan. (If I'm wrong you don;t need to correct me; I'll work it out eventually as I read.] And you know, the funny thing is you somehow managed to plant a seed of suspicion about Grim in me without being at all obvious about it. When his duplicity was revealed in this chapter, it was like "Aha!" all the pieces fell into place. I don't remember previously encountering the many-eyed bird tattoo before these last two chapters though. Again, if you'd just be so kind as to point me in the direction of the relevant chapter?

The dialogue is so great. They each have their own way of talking and they all speak so naturally, and it just seems totally appropriate to the environment they find themselves in.

Also your descriptions are both spare and very vivid: "It was uncomfortable riding back and worrying about his extra charge but Rude managed to work the disheveled streets behind Reno, mud and gathered rain water flung everywhere in their passage. He could feel the line of dirt that had gathered and stuck all the way up the back of his jacket by the time their crumbling HQ appeared, swarmed with enlisted soldiers hurrying to rebuild it." With relatively few words you paint an entire picture, evoking in my mind all kinds of scenes from movies about the war in Vietnam and jungly parts of Africa.

So much is happening! I have to read every word with great care to make sure I'm taking it all in.

PS Did you know Kaede was going to die when she first appeared in the story? Just wondering.
Licoriceallsorts chapter 35 . 8/8/2012
I'm totally engrossed in this plot but I'm confused by the hair pin. This is due to the nature of fanfiction, with long delays between chapters. I vaguely remember something about a girl being branded but I can't remember the whole story, and I don't remember who Bai Yan is. I feel as if there must be a connection between: the hair pin; the branded girl; Kaede and the murdered yakuza; Karasuma; Bai-Yan and the Empress. I am sure that if I am patient, all will be revealed.

Can you just clear something up for me? Is Hiromi the spider woman and is Karasuma the bear man?

The attack on the heads of the yakuza families and the death of Kaede was really moving. I don't mind telling you I cried. Poor Rude, to have done so much for Shinra and for the war, and with all his access to amazing weapons and materia, to be unable to save her. It's wonderful how these two boys have matured into men capable of keeping their heads even when stricken with grief, and willing to defer their revenge in order to gain other objectives. They truly are Turks now. It's just so impressive the way you've chronicled their gradual transformation.

Lyn was so utterly, wonderfully Lyn-like in her response to the news of the massacre, with her "I can guarantee you they'll turn on us after the war. Everyone hates the Shinra." I also loved the little vignette of immaculate Tseng bloody and messy, carrying a wounded soldier on his back. I just love everything about this fic. It's such a fabulous, engrossing plot and it feels so real. I don't think I've ever read another story about the Wutai War that came close to being as good as this one.
The Genesis Awards chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
I am extraordinarily pleased to inform you that your story, A Smile On My Face, has been nominated for The Genesis Awards Best Action/Adventure Category 2012 Season. The Genesis Awards exists to reward the authors of FFVII fanfiction that show a certain standard of grammar and formatting, relevance to canon and characterization. Your story was nominated by Licoriceallsorts at The Genesis Awards forums. The nominations will be open until December 31 and the nominated stories will be assessed from January 1-February 15th, 2013 by preliminary readers. Further details will be present on The Genesis Awards website at a later date.

If you have any questions or comments, please visit our Fan Fiction Net Profile or The Genesis Awards forum.


Keveh Kins,

Recruitment Officer,

The Genesis Awards
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