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Ryoko Ishida chapter 1 . 6/5/2015
I expected Bakura to be attacked and for Ryou to take his place. But I like this, too.
DJV-Trio-blast chapter 1 . 12/1/2013
That was beautiful, in a sadistic way... I loved it :D
Fi Suki Saki chapter 1 . 9/19/2013
#tried not to laugh

#lips curved in amusement

The Dementor felt scared?! It's Awesome! I would love to see that! Great job, Yami Bakura! XDD
bostafu chapter 1 . 2/24/2012
Yes... Bakura is waay more scarier than dementors, ftw lol
zara2148 chapter 1 . 12/16/2009
One the weirdest crossovers I've ever read. And a darn good one to boot.
starlesscity chapter 1 . 12/16/2009
This is a rather ingenius idea. I'm impressed.
Mortimer S chapter 1 . 8/14/2009
Oh! This is s awesome in an odd sense, as well as original. It would certainly make for a good full fledged fic. But really, I felt sorry for those dementors, the way Yami no Bakura was acting. It does make sense, if thought about in a twisted way...

Anyways, good job, for some reason(and I feel terrible for it), it made me laugh hysterically. The acronym 'ROFL' would've been pretty accurate there.
pride1289 chapter 1 . 6/13/2009
Suddenly I wish to write a oneshot about that last Soul Stealer or w/e they are coming for Bakura. Cuz that just HAD to suck.

You should write moar. Bakura would be all like, dude, I got rid of the demeantors. What now? The guy would be all like, well (in nervous voice cuz Bakura be glarin' at him) there have been some demeantor spottings where Mr. Potter lives. And Bakura would be all, "That's cool. Where do I go?" And the guy gives him the address and Bakura goes threre via floo powder or something stupid like that.

And when Bakura shows up he'd be all like, "Now where is Mista Pottah at with that demeantor?" In a crazily sexy british accent. Cuz we all know how lovely it is when he does that.

And then he'd see the demeantor going into that little place where Harry is with his step bro-the fat kid who's name slips my mind- and Bakura would be all standing at the end of that creepy dim-lit underground system and the demeantor would be all, oh wowwy gee! I depressing soul! I'll go check it out! And then Bakura would kill it and then When Harry has to go to court for that he mentions Bakura but doesn't know his name WAIT! Bakura should get there via the Shadow Realm! :D

But then Bakura shows up with Dumbldore in the court and intoduces himself and Dumbledore explains and they get off the hook, but that lady that is all fat and wear WAY too much pink will be all, UNEXCEPTABLE! But no one will listen to her cuz she's a bitch and no one likes her.

And then when Harry goes back to school he tells Hormine and Ron about Bakura and a few days later Bakura shows up in the Great Hall and after the feast and stuffs when Harry si off to go back to his dorm he asks Bakura what he's doing there but Bakura won't explain but calls Harry a stupid mortal so Harry goes whinning to Dumbldore that Bakura shouldn't be trusted but Dumbldore dismisses Harrys fears cuz Dummbldore just wants to get into Harrys pants. We all know it man!

And later that year around the time of thanksgiving (cuz I'm pretty sure that their school starts off like the regular school does) Yami shows up and Bakura is all like, WTF MATE! Wut chu doin' here?

And yami would be all like, 'IDK mon, this random old wizard guy showed up at Yuugi's grandpas place and was all like, 'Is a mister Atem here?' anmd I was all like, takin' over Yuugi's body and askin' 'How doth thou nowith mine name?' and the dumblodore guy was all like, 'I need your help. Please follow me.' and I was all, 'Why should I dawg?' and the old guy was all, 'Please follow me. A mister Bakura is already where we are headed.' and I was all, "Bakura? THe thief king Bakura? What if he's the trouble they need me for? I betta go!' ANd so here I am".

And Bakura would be all, "You're a dumb ass for following a creepy old man just cuz he says I'm somewhere you're supposedly going."

And Yami is all like, "Am not! But wyh re you here?"

ANd Bakura wil reply all noncholant like, "Killing some demeantors or whatever."

And Yami will be all like, "But aren't those things deadly?"

ANd Bakura replies with a toothy canine smirk, "Yah, but these wizard ppl are so weak, they can't even face there own memories! How funny is that?"

And then Harry over hears them conversing cuz Bakura and Yami had gone out into the hall since Bakura had totally spotted Yami during the Great Halls Thanksgiving feast. And Harry tells his suspicions to Hermonie and Ron but Ron dismisses it and Hermonie is a bit phased. Cuz she's a book worm and doesn't know anything about Bakura and Yami or the items they hold around their necks so she's all fearing the unknown.

And later that night Bakura will be out squondering the perimiter of the school grounds and he enters the forest. Yami follows him and can also feel the sorrow and angst come off Bakura and then a demeantor shows up and is about to do the death kiss to Bakura dn Yami was going to do something but then watches as Bakura totally kills that demeantor, and then Bakura is all like, watching the cloak and gray airy-ness stuff fall the the ground and says, "You can come out now pharoah."

And Yami will be all, "WTF How'd you know I was thar?"

And Bkaura will be all, "I'm stupid, I sensed you following me."

And Yami will think about it for a minute, cuz he's slow like that, and then say all slow and confused yet grateful kind of way, "And your didn't do anything because..."

And Bakura will reply immiedietly after, "It doesn't matter what you see me doing. You could even tell everyone about this."

OH SHIT! I forgot about ma'adam umbridge! Um...She couold be giving Bakura problems with goin g out at night cuz she totally doesn't trust him or Potter and made that 10 0'clock curfue thingy and all those other rules. But then she starts seeing Bakura, or Yami and Bakura, around Potter a lot. And she gets suspicious of that. So she invites Yami over to have some tea after she's done giving Harry a detention about telling lies and Yami totally comes a bit early and see's Harrys beedling hand and she tells Yami to nevermind that lier Potter (oh geez, that rhymed) and sit down, they have much to discuss.

And yami will sit and be all like, "Okay miss."

and she'd be all, "Would you like some tea?"

And Yai will be all like, "Okay, what is it you wanted to discuss?"

ANd ma'adam umbridge will be all like, "Nothing much" as she pours what 'seems' to be sugar into Yami's cup.

And she pushes the cup over to Yami and he takes a sip and feels all tingly inside. and the lady asks him what his affiliation with Harry Potter is.

and Yami is all like, "I know he is who Bakura has been following around a lot."

And shes all, "And why do you know this?"

and Yami's all, "Cuz I have been following him."

And she's all, "Why?"

And Yami's all, "Because I fear he might do something bad if I don't keep an eyes on him."

Yami feels wrong telling ehr all this but it keeps spilling out of him whenever she asks a question.

ANd she's all like, "That will be all then. Have a good day Mr. ..."

"Atem. Call me Atem."

"Mr. Atem then. I shall be seeing Bakura real soon, I hope he's as much fun to talk to as you are."

Yami will nod and be all "good bye then" and leave and he runs into Bakura in the halls and be all like, "You should watch out for that Umbridge lady"

ANd Bakura will be all like, "I already know." In that sneaky arrogant kind of way.

ANd Yami will be all like, "Oro?"

ANd when Bakura goes to see Umbridge and she offers him some tea he's all, "I don't drink tea."

And she's all, in her head, 'dam. foiled already. I'll have to try a new tactic next time.' and then say, "OH, we should have coffee the next time we get togeyther like this.

ANd Bakura will sneer at her and say, "If you're even still alive by then."

And Umbridge will be shocked that he said that but she mentally files it away so that she can use it against him in court.

"OH, well then." She replies nervously. "How about we get to chatting, shall we? Please, do have a seat."

Bakura refuses though cuz he's cool like that and says, "I don't think that will be neccessary. Say what you want to say and I'll be on my way. I do have a tight schedule right now."

Umbridge is once again caught off guard. ANd she is all, "Umm..Uh. Okay then. I have been noticing you're constant following of Mr. Potter, and I would like to know what that is all about."

"That miss, is none of your business. What I do and where I go is of no concern of yours."

Umbridge doesn't reply. She was SO not ready for something like this. But she will have her revnege! (NOT)

And Bakura will speak again, "If that is all I came up here for I shall be leaving now." Bakura give her one final glare and then leaves.

And that's all I got for now but w/e. If you don't wanna writ this then I WILL. Maybe. I probably won't but w/e!

The main plot of that *points up at the REALLY large wall of text* w/e it is, is that Bakura is getting bored of just being a demeantor killer and is now thinking of killing all the wizards. But Dumbldore has been consulted with and says that Bakura should be stations at his school. With Harry Potter ther, something interesting is bound to happen that will keep Bakura from killing everyone. And that he'd have aback up solution if anything went wrong. (I.E. Yami/Atem)
Mahaad chapter 1 . 4/12/2009
That's an interesting concept. Well thought out, perfect job on Yami Bakura, and I enjoy the idea of instilling fear into the dementors. :D I wouldn't mind seeing a full fic with this. Keep up the good work! _
X59 chapter 1 . 3/18/2009
This was really interesting and pretty cool.
KitsunePan chapter 1 . 10/8/2008
XD love it I can so see baku facing them off and kicking their ass like that, but I also thought this... If he sent the dementor to the shadow realm...there would be ALOT less duel monsters, cause if you remember in the egyptian ark they ARE part of a persons actual soul *in the manga anyways*, so yeah... anyways this story also just made me think... I just finished re-reading "TNS" to catch up what I missed over the long years and this is what I thought... "what if...the dementors came to hogwarts in TNS... and baku had to face off with them, cause in that story, baku doesnt remember his past...would he remember then...?" and then my mind jump to this, "oh god...malik...well...thats one way to make yami no malik come back XD have dementors make him remember his childhood! XD" but yeah sorry if it seems like Im JUST reviewing TNS, Im not but while righting my review for this, I to leave a message, and like you Im lazy, so lazy Im to lazy to go to my email account, I know...sad... XD but yeah anyways, I understand your comment before about naruto, in my case its ALOT of other anime's along wiht naruto... but I noticed a few things, One; no other anime has kept me in its fanbase as long as yugioh has *yugioh kept me for YEARS when no other has a good 6-7 to be persice*, Two; newer anime's are turning into like normal tv aka starting to suck...damn fillers..., Three; In what other anime could you find such a FAST variety of yaoi pairings? I mean think about it you get naruto and sasuke or sasuke and itachi or whoever but it always deals with naruto or sasuke...that or Orochimaru and Kabuto...thats...very dull... I like my mostly random bronzeshipping here and my random tendershipping there, and the 'little' puzzleshipping here *pun intended XD* and the once in a while puppyshipping, does naruto and sasuke known for *insertword*shipping? NO! XP but yeah... besides...lately Ive been avoiding newer anime fanfiction like the pleage, fanfic writers nowadays...just...seem to...I dont its because there has been a mass production of anime fans lately and they find out about fanfiction and try writing it get do you say...rushy-mostly capped-OCxMainCharacter-crap, that or the random fangirl... the random SCARY fangirl, you know the ones... *points to the OCxMC thing* that thing their ALWAYS right no matter how much they tell you their wrong...I met a guy like that once...didnt believe Sailor Cosmos exsisted in the manga...yeah...XD but oh man I remember the good ol days when you always found a good fanfic, be it Yugioh , sailor moon, Dragonball Z, or gundam wing, heck I remember when I couldnt even catch up on the storyies I read! the next day there be an even BIGGER list of good fanfics to read and still the others to catch up on, I even took to copy pasting in notepad so I could print it and take it home to read, *this was before I got my laptop* that or save it to a floppy disk to use on my computer at home that had no internet *twas broken adn wasnt allowed to touch my parents one* but those where the good ol days... and dont get me wrong, there are still the good few fanfic writers, your defenetly one of them X3 its just...everything is dissapointing now...T_T I guess Im just in a remenencing stage... Going back to all my old favorite animes, watching/reading them over, remembering WHY I loved them so much and WHY I became and anime fan in the first place, nowadays... its just not the same...I blame the makers only worrying about graphics...everything went downhill when they started worrying about graphics...I mean they stopped caring about the story... but same thing happend with games...FFXII's got NOTHING on FFVI or FFVII XD heck I cant even play the newer pokemon games, I'd rather sit there and play the old fashioned gameboy version XD but yeah...anyways sorry about this LONG ass review... Kinda just got home from work an hour ago *nightshift* and...I tend to talk and blabber to much when I'm on, as I call, "lack of sleep" so sorry for the longness, and the rant...Keep up the good work, your one of the rare few that are keeping me in the anime fandom all together you and the other good but VERY hard to find fanfic writers so...*hugs* love you all! w_
Lolchen chapter 1 . 8/24/2008
Nice idea, like it.

Two mistakes I've found:

- Yami no Bakura felt the ring grow hot on my chest (his chest)

- that they could take advantage and feed upon (take advantage of?)

I liked this to turn into a full-fledged fic... Yami no Bakura turning on the Ministry once it's infiltrated by You-Know-Who (though our favorite spirit doesn't know that detail) and unconciously helping the Golden Trio with his deeds (and the Wizarding World, how ungrateful they ever may be). I can really imagine that XD

Well done, nice going!


Shivirani chapter 1 . 8/9/2008
Huh... here I was expecting the 'which one's soul will be stolen' to be Yami Bakura or Ryou...

But really, if a dementor actually did suck out one of their souls, which one would it be?

If Yami Bakura didn't kill it, of course...
Spidey meets Wizard-Theif chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
Awesome! Great job!

Spirit Elma chapter 1 . 7/16/2007
Very awesome! I almost feel sorry for the wizards(almost...) i really love the concept of it. Bakura is so evil... would be cool if you made it a full-fledged fic... GREAT JOB!

~Spirit Elma~
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