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Shisoukengo chapter 24 . 7/2
Ohayou, Saiyuri-sama! Ok, so, I finally finished this chapter, and let me apologize for taking so long. But as I'm sure you know, my professional affairs have been a nagging issue as of late. But let me FINALLY address this chapter with the review it properly deserves. Starting from the beginning, the opening scene with Kaede and Yoichi was very informative, in terms of detailing the manner in which Kohaku has sought to rebuild the Slayers' village & clan, not just to it's former stature, but even apparently to surpass it. The fact that he was able to view a seemingly ordinary young boy as a potential warrior to add to the Slayers, shows that he's taken on not only a more proactive role in his recruitment of warriors, so to speak. But also shows he's being very resourceful as well, looking to bring in talent from wherever he can find it, versus simply waiting years for it to grow and mature within the children of his village (a tactic I think his Father and other leaders of his original village employed).

The scene with Juun and Mushin was also quite informative as well. He being the descendant of a wind goddess was an unexpected, yet quite fun and entertaining twist. I actually had to look up this goddess, which just goes to show how even after all these years, you're still educating me through your fan-fiction writing. It'd be great to see some tangible powers develop from him in a way. Perhaps take a page out of the Yu Yu Hakusho script, and have him undergo the process of atavism at some point, making him somewhat akin to a mazoku at some point, similar to Yusuke in the Chapter Black saga. Speaking of mazoku, that appears to be what you're doing with little Shun'ei, and I must say your depiction of that part of the chapter was spot on. Kikyou definitely seems the type to follow the path of "learning by doing", and Shun'ei's bravery in confronting these demonic energies of his certainly is to commended. My only critique of that particular scene was seeing a bit more of exactly what occurred from within the cave during his time there.

As for the scene of Heisuke regaling his new wife with the tale of the confrontation between Inuyasha and his estranged nephew, I could not stop myself from smiling and laughing along with Heisuke at the tale. Particularly Sango's bluff of the Hiraikotsu in order to break up the skirmish, that part in and of itself was hilarious. But of course, Ikuyo must be her usual reserved itself, though it's awesome to see that Heisuke for all of his timidness, has some skill in the sack, since he's apparently thawed her cool exterior quite a bit. They are quickly becoming my top 3 favorite couple in this story, behind Miroku & Sango and (potentially), Rin & Kohaku. Sango's pestering of Ikuyo training her sword skills is definitely not unsurprising, as we all know how tenacious the taijiya can be when focused on something (or someone). The ending dialogue between Sesshoumaru and Rin was, while not particularly interesting, is an okay segue into what is to come next. Still, I do think the ending of it could've been expanded a LITTLE bit more, if only to display Rin's resolve to address her newfound feelings for Kohaku with her guardian.

Don't get me wrong, I understand not wanting to put it all out there at once, but at least have the chapter end with the ice broken, before using the next one to delve deeper into the waters below. But those are my thoughts, and once again, another fantastic chapter from you, Saiyuri-sama. You continue to not only answer the bell, but raise the bar time and again. ;)
maxridelover chapter 24 . 6/11
I'm glad you're back!
Suk-fong chapter 24 . 6/11
My friend! I got so excited when I saw the email this morning (Oh yeah I moved across the country so I get a fun new timezone!) Especially when I got the day off to just sit and read! (And clean and paint and all of those fun adult house things) so I made my coffee and sat my butt down to read!

It has been a while! I'm so excited! First off, we have Yoichi. One of my favourites-I never told you, I used to tell my husband of all the story lines I thought you were going to go with. One of my favourites (insane in the way eighteen year olds are), was that there was going to be a love triangle between Yoichi, Juun and Suiren when they're all older.

But, moving on-thank you for not killing Yoichi. I've grown rather attached to him, and seeing him hang around and actually act like a kid (compared to how the actually kids see him as an adult-like figure) was so nice. Also he's not dead. Big props for that.

Now: that demonic/purifying or both-, I want to say I can see where this is going but seeing as I've been waiting for a time skip for five chapters, I think I'm wrong. But I am very interested.

(Who's Akira-sama? I forget...sorry...)

Juun, my love. Telling YƬ about Juun, he pointed out I had a type for fictional boys. Stoic genius type. You know. This was your hint about Juun and Mushin! I'm so happy that it's like this. It's super awesome. And also slightly depressing, but we're just going to tiptoe that Juun speaks to dead people right now.

Shun'ei, my little demon baby. That boy-well sink or swim, and he swam but it's not going to be easy for him is it? And with Suiren as his anchor-who besides being very absent (don't think I haven't noticed), she's been kept out of the loop, which is not fair and I don't think she's going to like it.

The Sango and Ikuyo scene was good, it felt like a pushing point but not a tipping point. Though I personally am on the side of Ikuyo rather than Rin about child soldiers/warriors it's still a good point.

Man you've left me wanting so much more! I hope to hear from you soon!
Arlome chapter 24 . 6/10
Oooohhhh, wonderful, you've updated! I can't wait for Rin and Kohaku to meet again!
Shisoukengo chapter 23 . 1/24
Ah, once again you have decided to grace us fans with your presence and breathe new life into this story with this latest installment. And although I wear the grammar nazi label proudly, after all my previous history does reveal that I have seemingly done everything to earn it; I must say I'm quite disheartened to inadvertently discover that I am apparently NOT your most faithful reader (clutches heart). That said, this chapter was very interesting, and yet very typical of you as you're already laying the groundwork for future branches of this story.

The opening scene involving Kohaku, Yoichi, and Akujikumo was definitely an awesome way to start the chapter. Kohaku's confidence (badassery) is both impressive and refreshing to see, and truly shows his development from the awkward young teen of his past years. My only disappointment (nee annoyance) was that you skipped ahead and denied us the pleasure of reading what became of the violent confrontation that ensued. You owe us that, lady (shakes fist)! Likewise, the scene following that involving Shun'ei, Kikyou, and Idzuna was equally interesting. It's a never-ending enjoyment to see the more, entertaining, aspects of his paternal lineage displayed through him. And equally entertaining to see Kikyou acknowledge them, though of course it's no surprise she would prove immune to them. The scene with Rin and her female youkai mentors, while brief in the chapter overall, also successfully depicted her evolution into a young woman confident in what she wants, and determined to get it. My only critique of this particular scene, is that we did not get at least some revelation of what Rin had written down on her parchment.

However, the most entertaining portion of the chapter, by far, was the scene involving Inuyasha & Kagome's return to the village, and the dog demon's reunion with his nephew. It was hilarious to see, but even more so was Suiren's response to what was happening. While I've always sort of viewed her as a miniature clone of her Mom to some degree, it was pleasant to see her display a part of her Dad's tendencies, by handing her father's request on to a classmate just so she can see what happens between the two hanyou.

Overall, an entertaining return chapter, with a lot of content moving the story forward, character development abound, and an ending that was quite appropriate in it's placement. Well done, Tsuyu-sama!
Guest chapter 23 . 1/19
Im soooooooooo happy to finally see this update! I have checked religiously on it until about 2 weeks and surprise you update! Ok I'll try to write everything I can but I might miss some things but only cuz I'm super excited, lol. First of I'm so glad the boy isn't dead I really didn't think you would kill him but you had me hold my breath there for a second. Man that new spider demon really does think highly of himself doesn't he? Anyway I'm glad that Kohaku didn't let his words get to him and seemed to be determined to finish him off. I know it won't be that simple but I also know you won't disappoint. Now on to a Kikyo and the others, I can't wait to read on how she will help Shun'ei. From what I remember from Forbidden it looks like he ends up taking it pretty hard when she passes away. He seems to respect her and I'm sure it's because she continues to help him develop and control his powers. I do hope they develop a special bond at least to help Sango not hate/dislike her as much. Now poor Rin being love struck got her getting all confused but in the end her heart is true and she knows what she needs to do and I love it. I also love how all the demon ladies help her out and are there for support as well it's nice to see the demons take to her as another girl in love not just a human. Let's see what else? Oh yea the new demon child that is so cool! But could it be he will be the possible love interest for Sesshoumaru's daughter from Forbidden? I gotta admit I thought that it would probably be the uncle at first but now that I think about it he does seem to be too old. Man I can't wait to really to see what more you come up with I'm super excited, I've stuck with this story for so long I'm just glad you haven't abandoned it. So what is another couple of years to keep waiting, right? Well I'm gonna be waiting for your next update and I look forward to the new story as well! Thanks so much for the update!
Guest chapter 23 . 1/15
Hanna chapter 23 . 1/14
Thank you so much for updating! I love it!
peonycenhotmail chapter 23 . 1/14
I'm so glad you updated! I make is a task to come check every now and then. The plot is thickening, I'm so worried for poor Yoichi. You have the most brilliant story telling skills and I can honestly say that you fleshed out the details and works building brilliantly. I started reading Forbidden back in 2008, I can't believe it's been 10 years! I'm saw the hints right away as soon as Shugoryu brought his little nephew. Papa Sesshou is gonna have his fur all ruffled when he realizes someone is after his baby girl. I imagine him as the overprotective father type that shoos always the suitors. I'm still so excited as I write this, your writing has been one of the most cherished parts and thoroughly created a wondrous experience for the past ten years. It's one of the docs I have to reread over and over. I honestly can't put into words how much I love your writing. I hope you keep it up and I can't wait to see more!

A Loyal Fan
Suk-fong chapter 23 . 1/4
My friend! You are back!

Italy was lovely, I was there for my honeymoon and I ate way too much and saw many shoes and bags that I conned my husband into letting me pack in his luggage. Love. But enough about me.

I'll send you a fuller review because I have to dash off to work after cleaning my oven, but once I checked this old email-I had to stop adulting and just read. I'm very excited about Ainoko's story, but I hope this one isn't forgotten! I love my twins and my kids, they just seem like friends now!

AND DID YOU KILL YOICHI At THE END? I had an entire story sight that I thought you were going to do-and that just-in my face!

My friend I will PM you a full review, but I am thrilled to see you back again. Also happy new year!

Much love
moviefan-92 chapter 23 . 1/4
OMG an update! Freakin' awesome!
Suk-fong chapter 22 . 4/29/2017
Oh man this just gave me feels! I'm off to Italy for a few months and I thought this would be great reading material for the plane. I love this story so much.
Guest chapter 22 . 3/8/2017
Pls pls pls update! I love this so much!
Abhieghail chapter 22 . 3/3/2017
I see. This is a side story!
GeneGargoyle chapter 22 . 11/21/2016
Thanks for the response Tsuyu no Inochi, and sorry for the double review. I thought my first review didn't sent because I was met with error and decided to write another one later. great chapter always.
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