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Suk-fong chapter 22 . 4/29
Oh man this just gave me feels! I'm off to Italy for a few months and I thought this would be great reading material for the plane. I love this story so much.
Guest chapter 22 . 3/8
Pls pls pls update! I love this so much!
Abhieghail chapter 22 . 3/3
I see. This is a side story!
GeneGargoyle chapter 22 . 11/21/2016
Thanks for the response Tsuyu no Inochi, and sorry for the double review. I thought my first review didn't sent because I was met with error and decided to write another one later. great chapter always.
Guest chapter 22 . 10/20/2016
Ok so first of all thank you so much for the new chapter! I really missed reading your story, all of your OCs are great though Mouko is my fav of course! The way him and Sesshoumaru interact always makes me laugh. Their relationship isn't totally friendly but only because Sesshoumaru still wants to keep his cold persona lol. And Rin getting pointers from Hebi is the best idea ever I hope you write in some more of that with the other youkai ladies. The beginning was confusing to me I don't remember all the details of Kohaku from way back when since it had been YEARS since I last read/watched Inuyasha. And omfg _ those scenes between Heisuke/Ikuyo! That's some good stuff keep them coming (pun intended). But that ending I'm like wait WHAT!? You and your cliffs :c Please don't torture us so long! Can't wait for your next chapter :
Shisoukengo chapter 22 . 10/20/2016
Hmmm, another interesting chapter, and another cliffhanger ending. Seems like Kohaku has finally come face to face with his nemesis, or rather perhaps the body his nemesis possessed. I'm honestly shocked he chose to open up to Yoichi of all people, though I can understand the circumstances given the setting. I really didn't get the humor behind Shun'ei and Juun's moment of comedy, but it's good to see some camaraderie develop there nonetheless. The moment between Hebi and Yoippari was cute, but I would've liked to have seen more of the discussion between she and Rin. I do hope you're not gonna let this be the end of that no?

A couple of grammatical errors were spotted, you really should get a proof-reader, but other than that, a solid chapter release.
maxridelover chapter 22 . 10/16/2016
oh no, not again!
Suk-fong chapter 22 . 10/16/2016
My friend, words we shall have.

I hope life hasn't gone sideways too much for you, and you've got more of an even footing. but we both know, it's kinda of like a drop zone ride, every time you think it's done, you go back up and go zooming down.

Now, though back to this update! Because oh my god. Oh holy mother of god. This is a doozy! (And I'm almost alwats losing this bet with the ring giver over when the time skip is happening. I'm always like it's this chapter...this chapter...and always nope!)

So Kohaku and Yoichi are always a pairing I wanted more time with. Before you always tell us that Yoichi is close to Kohaku as a praised pupil, and only now we get to see it in action! And i'm sorry -are you killing him off? Please no! Though, if you go that path-or wait, if Yoichi gets possessed by Akujikumo-well then my friend, that is a great story place.

Heisuke and Ikuyo, well then that was steamy and well deserved. I'm wondering now, do they get more of a back burner, now that the UST is now just ST, or is there a more focal thing? i have this feeling, that part 2 they will be very important-heirs to the Slayers? Rebuilding the Slayers after something horrible happens? I'm looking at the timeskip 2o0ish Kohaku and Rin, ten years later, makes them thirty-ish, Heisuke and Ikuyo are closer to 35-40 then, and the core four kiddos would be around seventeen-eighteen, if I guess this right. Which is kinda too young as per you flash forward,for Suiren to rebuild the Slayers heritage, so...

Kagome and Inuyasha! They make an appearance! And now the story is kickin', I can't wait to see how everything unfolds. There's not much to say here right now.

The Shesshomaru and Rin sections were good, but didn't hold my focus as much as the rest of the chapter. Which I am sure is going to come back and kick me in the butt later, but oh well I will re-read.

Now Shun'ei and Juun and Kikiyo and Mushin. What a great combination we've got there. Juun's first crack at being nine/ten (can you tell I cannot for the life of me remember their ages?) which is really good. He's more real life this way, and it's good to see him kind of like a kid. And now Shun-ei has his great big field trip into demons and creepy caves, which is going to be tonnes of fun.

Man, I think I've covered everything. And I am so thrilled!

Much love
Genegargoyle chapter 21 . 8/28/2016
After many years of waiting I thought you gave up on the final of your trilogy... But hope and patience paid off, and I'm not disappointed. Thanks for coming back. You write the characters so well like the original canon, especially Kikyo and Sesshomaru that honestly you and PurePower's fic of "Sesshomaru: The Path to Destiny" make me wish that my favorite pairing is legit. I wish Rumiko would rewrite Inuyasha like some manga author do, or an alternative telling (Personally I loved the original story but some things felt like bad writing, like for example Kikyo dying again felt like overkill; After getting resurrected, and doing so much, I felt she deserved better than Heaven itself, but I guess that's life) :/. PS! I hope you still consider doing Ainoko's spin-off story, Ainoko sounded like she's gonna become a badass girl in Forbidden's epilogue. :)
Genegargoyle chapter 21 . 8/26/2016
After many years I thought you gave up on the story, but I still had hope, and it paid off. Thanks a lot for coming back. I've loved this trilogy so far especially "Forbidden". Want back reread everything again. You write the characters so close to the canon storyline, it's great. I hope you consider doing Ainoko's spin-off story, I'm looking forward to it.
guest chapter 13 . 7/19/2016
So much going on in this chapter! Poor Kikyo always being the bearer of bad news. No one takes in to account that she didn't have to tell them about the attack on the village or about the twins spiritual powers. At least Miroku is open to listening to her suggestions if only Sango would overcome her biased opinion of her and try to be nicer they could work together to help her children. And poor Kohaku seems like his relationship with Rin won't be an easy on but hopefully they will overcome their obstacles to be happy together..but considering your writing I'm sure you will make it harder before it gets easier for them lol! Please keep up with the story I can't wait to finish reading
sagittarius88 chapter 13 . 7/4/2016
I try to get a review for every chapter but I just can't stop reading :D. Suiren drives me insane though like seriously could she be any worse? She's the rudest most obnoxious little girl! Makes you wonder if her parents taught her any manners -_- ...but over all the chapter are great. I hate the fact that Kikyo is always treated badly and like Sango herself admitted she didn't like her because of Kagome. I thinks she's being a bit ungrateful considering thanks to Kikyo Kohaku is alive. And the part where she rushes to see Juun when she found out he was spent! It's like she turned into the protective mother hen. And when Awasamaru came to her was just so sweet.
sagittarius88 chapter 9 . 7/2/2016
Cool chapter, fighting scenes where great. Poor Kikyo can't seem to enjoy her life and now has to be the bearer of bad news. I can't stand Suiren! How can she be so mean and rude? I wish Rin would've said something to her since poor Juun is too nice. That last party about Sess/Kikyo I LOVED it. It's sweet how even though he won't admit it Sesshoumaru misses the kids.
sagittarius88 chapter 8 . 7/1/2016
Sneaky Shippo trying to find out about the boys but Rin wasn't fooled. Really loving the way the characters are developing. Pacing is good and everything seems to be flowing so smoothly, your story is awesome! Awasu/Junn are my favorites. :D Rin and Kohaku though how old are they supposed to be? And the kids what are their ages?
sagittarius88 chapter 6 . 6/30/2016
Kikyo's boys are just too cute! I love their brotherly bond and how they are so close and open with each other. I don't quite understand why Sangi would be so upset at having the boys train there like Kohaku says there are plenty of other youkai training what's another one going to hurt any? I think she is overreacting a bit it or it could just be she doesn't like the fact that they are Kikyo/Sesshoumaru's kids...poor Kohaku getting treated like a kid all over but it's true about having to find within himself the strength to stand up to Sango. Keep it up!
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