Reviews for Talk to Me
Shoultastic chapter 6 . 6/12/2012
Loved Bones' comment about the sun being theirs together. Honest, heartfelt HH should have gone there years ago. Yes I love the smut. Thank you!
breakfastmakesmeawesome chapter 31 . 6/6/2012
Happiness should not be kept waiting. The future should not be postponed. And love shouldn't be something to be feared.

Second time around, maybe third, on this one. You and this story... are a blast!
ttandme69 chapter 31 . 6/4/2012
very worth the re-read, then to catch the chapters I to read part 2. thanks for posting, Lisa
vanillabug chapter 31 . 3/17/2012
What a wonderful ride. Thank you for writing a great fic!
Suzanne chapter 24 . 3/4/2012
This story has been around for a couple of years and sadly you dont write for Bones no more... nevertheless, I just read it and want to leave a comment how great this is. Perhaps you now and then have a peek in here and read the comments.

The smut is incredibly good, yes, and I especially liked the angry smut. The emotion and angst is spot on as well.
s3rp3nts chapter 15 . 11/22/2011
Oh, honey, everyone knocks Harlequin, but I ask you: Would they have stayed in business as long as they did if people weren't buyin' it? I loved me some Harlequins as an impressionable tween... I even bought one of the first ones I ever read.

I digress.

As I was saying, wonderful. I love your snarky A/Ns and this whole thing is just so lovely to me right now. I love the smut parts too. I'm a dirty girl and that rough sex scene against the wall? Yeah, where's the hose?
xfshaman6 chapter 31 . 9/26/2011
I adored this story! I neglected husband, children, and sleep to finish over a weekend. You do a wonderful job of combining smut and fluff with just enough angst thrown in and write the characters beautifully.

I'm sorry to read that you have fallen out of love with Bones, but I can certainly understand after season 6. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories as soon as I feed my family and cats.
Pinocchio's J.C chapter 22 . 7/19/2011
ALERT! THIS IS NOT A FLAME! ALERT! After 22 chapters of reading, I feel very justified in saying that this Bones is extremely out of character. Booth is as well, though to a lesser degree. They have the right names and occupations, but they're not Bones and Booth as we "know" them. This isn't to say that I haven't enjoyed reading this story, cause I have, and I plan to finish it today and then read the sequel.
Flowers47 chapter 4 . 4/25/2011
eeeeee favorited.

tasteful smut. I like it (no pun intended)
maligal17 chapter 13 . 4/15/2011
I like this chapter! Not a lot of authors do 69 stuff which I think is too bad... And their positioning was very clever
CJsMom chapter 31 . 4/8/2011
I realize I'm a little late to the party, but I just found this story and I really loved it. It was sweet, touching, sexy, and just all-around good times. It's interesting reading a story that is based on the show as it was four years ago, given what has happened on the show since then. I do have one question: when did you name his brother Jared? If memory serves, Jared isn't introduced until early fourth season in Con Man in the Meth Lab, but (if my calculations are correct) this story was written in the late second or early third season. Did you just guess correctly, did you go back and change it after they introduced his brother on the show, or am I just mistaken and he was mentioned sooner than that?
IncognitoWriter chapter 31 . 2/10/2011
Finding this story made my week. Can't wait to read what else you've written!
angiebc chapter 24 . 1/27/2011
better than chocolate and pixies sticks...that's how much I love your story )
breakfastmakesmeawesome chapter 19 . 1/18/2011
I just read this chapter while riding on a plane...and that's all I have to say about that.
wercomingup chapter 23 . 12/12/2010
Good G*d Almighty, that was HOT as HELL! I am off to find my hubby, OMG, whew, damn!
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