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misszelda3290 chapter 19 . 2/14/2012
Woah, that was loooooong! Took me two days to read, and deprived me of about 45 minutes of sleep tonight, but it's worth it, even if I don't think so in the morning.

I'm determined to read this all through again at one point in time as well, I love it that much.

I think I've done my overall review for this story, and so far, I really like the outline you have for the sequel! I'm not very creative, so no suggestions for the title of the sequel either. D:

Okay, time for bed now! And best of luck to you for the writing of the sequel! I'll be looking forward to it!
Screen chapter 19 . 2/14/2012
I found this story a day or so ago. I am very glad that I didn't have to wait for five years to see the end. Anyway, Overall the writing of this story was fantastic. The only thing I was left hanging on was the status of AryllxCollin. Though you probebly have plans for it in the sequal. I will be keeping an eye out for it and please don't take fgive years with this one. One thing I had against this story was the incredibly long chapters. I felt like I was running a marathon every time I started reading. I would suggest that for the sequal you cut the chapters to shorter lengths so you can update more often. Best of luck with the sequal.
Cerberuswolf chapter 19 . 2/14/2012
Bravo! I commend you on completing it and it was a beautiful story! I got goosebumps reading Link's speech to the other students! It was very touching and I don't say that about alot of things. When I get goosebumps, it means something was really well done! That pineapple thing was hillarious! I cannot wait for the sequel to come.

Reading this story actually helped me to find a way to make my zelda story series better! Though you are late on updating(don't worry, everyone is at one point or another! ) you certainly give those who wait a real treat with every chapter you put up! I will be waiting to see the sequel to this story!

Katia0203 chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
Ghirahim? Oh dear god...can you imagine Ganondorf and him in the same room together? Well, I bet you can, since it's possible that will occur in your sequel. And I love Groose! He's a good guy underneath all the arrogance and teasing, you know? So MM, TP, and SS mostly? Interesting'd think that OoT would fit in there just as well because of how interconnected it is to MM. But it's your story, and you know I'll be reading it :)
ZombieKillerLevi chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
Wow. Where do I go with this? First off, the entire send-off you built up was just brilliant. The time with Link recovering, and Auru dropping that bombshell that I had simply hoped was a plothole you missed. See, I really, REALLY wanted Ganon gone. C'mon, you have to admit - he was a bit of a douche. A really big douche. Right from where he was first introduced in this. And I was willing to overlook that little plothole - for the sake of the final battle taking place in the school and there being a lack of the Master Sword in a school.

Link's speech was just brilliant. And, unfortunately, quite true. There won't be any dismissal of any sort of clique or social hierarchy until something happens where the fragile teenage society falls apart and we have to rely on those we can trust rather than those within certain groups. I caught a little bit of the talk over the symbolism of flowers, but unfortunately, I'm more well-versed in psychology, basic medical practices, and, of all things, engineering. I have to admit, I found 42 a relatively appropriate number. And just to point things out - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 42 is the universal answer to life. Another mention - coming from a school where the number of students in junior high is barely above 200-400 (don't remember the exact number at the moment...), 42 is a relatively large chunk, so if no one else did, I felt that. And for the record...any loss of anyone, no matter whom, in a battle like's all a large loss in the end. Three people could've died instead, and it would have had the same effect as if it was still 42. It doesn't matter how many people lost their lives - the impact on the ones who knew them, even if it was just a little bit, would be just as great.

I'm glad Link doesn't want to be paraded like that. Then again, who would? It's bad enough that the video of the fight between him and Ganon is confusing enough to be just plain weird, supernatural even, to significant people interested in what happened, but to top it off with a hero worship would easily be worse. Besides, (probably) in a month or two, they would have moved on to the next big thing. He would still be remembered, just not as explicitly shown.

I have to thank you for writing this story. While I definitely didn't join in the reading in 2007, I do distinctively remember reading this and ending at such a chapter that made me want to convulse at the fact that it ended at such an awesome cliffhanger. I reread this story several times after first coming into contact, for the fact that it has got to be one of the best fanfics I have ever come across. It has all my favorite story elements - taking place in a modern-day high school, letting others have the limelight just as much as the protagonists of the games (Midna, Shad, Anju and Sheik were my favorites), and the whole 'school is on lockdown' element. The fact that it was ordinary high school students doing awesome things to save their friends and fellow students made it all the better.

So, in the long run...thank you. This story is a brilliant thing, and it was well-written, well-researched, well-thought-out, and just fantastic in general. I tip my hat off to you, Zesty, and I am very, very excited for the sequel. It seems like I'm gonna enjoy it just as much, or hell, even more than the first one

Your neighborhood friendly writer, reviewer, and zombie annihilator,


PS - Keep being amazing, incredible, and all in all, awesome :)
T3rran chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
Sneaky little guy, aren't you? Was not expecting to see Ganon raise himself from the dead by the power of the Triforce within him. Now, the question is do you plan on doing anything with that? I wan't to say you are, but for all I know that could be a small message saying 'the Legend never dies, and the fight will forever rage on.'

Epilogue was totally worth reading, I was enthralled the entire time, enjoyed my time spent here at this rather nice time of 1 in the morning (actually started typing around 12:30, so...) do forgive grammar mistakes.

I really did like the message of accepting everyone for who they are, instead of breaking into cliques. For an event like this, that is truly moving and while at first I did not see such a possibility, going back on it, I see it now. Nerd and the jock working together, nobody becoming the somebody. The abandoned and 'weak' left to fuel their never ending desire for acceptance. You made one fatal flaw with it:

You mixed Legend of Zelda with the message. I almost feel like it was weaved in, rather seemlessly, but you put some emphasis on the Legend of the Triforce itself. It was back and forth, and it divereted much needed attention away from each other. Epilogue part 1 had me thinking it was a Triforce message for the fandom, part 2 got me thinking on a deeper, more personal level. It almost felt like your message flipped between the two. Recommend caution for your next story.

Do not get me wrong, though. This story was truly great. In fact, I'll probably come back here in a few months and reread it, thinking "Wow, what an incredible story." Just for future referrence, you know?

Last thing I wish to ask: Will there be a sequel, prequel or perhaps a short continuation? I did enjoy this story, but perhaps a humorous after effect and the new lives would be interesting to read, or another serious plot by Ganondorf where Link actually does require the Master Sword. Or perhaps a combination of both. After all, this story did just that (first few chapters, I do believe.)

Regardless, I've read most of your other works (Kingdom Hearts, and Legend of Zelda.) I'm interested to see what story you have cooking right now, or what you're experimenting with in the figurative "kitchen of writing."

Best of luck, hope to read more of your fan fictions (and possibly a real fictional story.)
SailorZeldatheLightAlchemist chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
-Thanks... At the beginning I was still a little shaky from the shooting (even though it had been like 6 or 7 months... It didn't really hit until I started to read this.)I liked the ending. I'm glad MS wasn't as bad as this, I'd still be one of those students who would return to the school. My entire family has gone there. (Speaking of family I'm going through a shit ton of crap now. My folks are splitting up)

-sweat drop Which one? My marching band one I totally stole the whole idea about the triforce being explained in class from your other story and people really liked that idea. I don't remember if I credited you for that, I 90% sure I did... I think I've been telling every one who liked the idea to read your stories. I know I told my friend Emily to check this out and she freaked out when she read it.

-There is another story I'm writing that's modern day Zelda-y. I never really knew how to do that until I read this one. (Damn I am a little thief!)I am hand writing this and I find I get more written in that then I do on the computer. (First typed story- 70 pages. One I'm hand writing- 80 and still going on. It'll be a year long and I'm still at Halloween.)Maybe you could try that since you have computer problems too. (Damn sisters! Damn pop culture!DAMN!)

-Okay... for your sequel... I think Navi needs to make an appearance. Yeah she was an annoying bitch and all, but not if you read the manga, in the manga there are hints that Navi loves Link and that's why she left. And yes! DARK LINK FTW! (my favorite boss fight! I want him to come back so badly!)And for a title... I'll get back to you on that... sweat drop Something hinting at the master sword and hit list though... Also I can see Fi as a tour guide...(I've stolen a few ideas from you... I need to give you some...)

-I liked your writing! It was fine for me. (A little to care free in the beginning... but I'm okay with that... You did get REALLY serious in the end...)

-I have a feeling this is a really long review... I hope I'm not your longest though! You made my day when you responded to my review...s. Have a happy valentines day. Write on. :)
The Supreme chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
THe Supreme will review this story again, even though he has reviewed it about 4 different times, and has nothing new to say aside from HOLY SHIT THAT WAS GOOD! Anyway, yeah I love this story, probably the best Legend of Zelda story on here. I like the whole sppech, and how all the students make brief cameos at the end. I didn't like how you didn't have much Link and Zelda moments at the end though; Oh well, one minor complaint. and one final, tiny note... GANONDORF'S ALIVE?WTF! I for some reason didn't see that coming. (Maybe because the German writing this review is a shameless idiot) Anyway. Love the story, hope the sequel (if there is one,) is set in the same high school environment. And I'd like to see a few other characters get a little better roles (But don't listen to this blabbering German dumbass). Anyway, That ius all. remember to submit to the power of the Supreme in 2036!

The Supreme
ttwings chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
ZOMGLMNOP! This was great in so many ways...! *dies* Both parts of the finale were definitely worth the wait, but what really got me was the end. I was like, "yay, it's over, and Link is EPIC, and speaking of Link, he's so cute with Zelda, and the speech! Oh, the speech! And...wait, GANONDORF? FUUUUUU-"

Sequel. Soon. Please? (idk about the title I suck at those too)

Advice-wise, I'm not exactly the Picasso of writing, but I'm pretty sure I could dish a little something out. If I were you I'd recruit someone to look over your chapters before you post them. They are great in the best sense of the word, but I've caught typos here and there. Eh, it happens.

Kidding aside, though, I can honestly say that this is one of the best stories I've read on this site. The characters were well-versed, versatile, and realistic, and the drastic change in the mood of the story after your writing skills increased was very welcome. It started very normally, but as time went on, things wove and spun until a beautiful masterpiece was in place. Honestly, I am so glad I chanced upon Hit List when I first strolled through the LoZ fandom.

Forever Keeping it Zesty,

ShadowMario3 chapter 18 . 2/13/2012
Huh, I somehow missed this chapter. Nice to see everything seemingly going well for everyone, and Link finding out what he has to do next. I guess everyone was hoping Link and Zelda would show their love for each other eventually. XD
LEva114 chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
I found this one day when I was really bored, and I ended up reading it straight through. It took me four hours, but it wasn't wasted. This story was absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Also, I love Shidna. Keep it up!
Hiddenigma chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
I just can't believe it's over...just...believe me when I say this was my favorite story on this entire website, EVER. I actually made an account on here just so I could follow your updates. But just...oh my god, I can't believe it. The story was great and always leftme wanting more-and you always delivered. I think I'll reread it a few times just to reminisce...aah can't wait. And on the same thread, I look forward to the sequel! I think that if you follow the sane style as you did for Hit List, then it'll be a masterpiece that even surpasses this one ( if it's even possible for something to beat this). But seriously, this is an amazing story, and I loved the way you wrapped it up but allowed for a sequel. As someone who tries to write stuff other than fanfiction, I really admire your amazing writing skills, your dedication to the story, and above all, your sheer talent and ability to make characters come to life and be so relatable. I can't wait. So I'll wait with an open heart and mind for the sequel.
Leina16 chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
I was so excited when I saw your response to my review! It made me super happy. :) Yes, I am a repeat reviewer, ever since I found your story when it was about halfway through. Your story really stands out as spectacular, and I would be remiss if I didn't review and let you know how great I thought it was!

Now to get to the review part. Oh my goodness. This epilogue totally blew me away. You tied everything together so well, and still managed to end it with a cliffhanger! I loved Link's speech. School shootings are a huge issue, and I think it's good that you put that in there.

While this story was incredibly well-written, I'm sad to see it finished! But I always feel this way when I finish a good book. For this reason, I absolutely cannot wait for your sequel. If it is anywhere near as fantastic as "Hit List," then it is going to be amazing. I eagerly look forward to reading it!

Great job again! :)

whosahassa chapter 19 . 2/13/2012
All right, it was awesome! And SO glad there will be a sequel! Seriously, you don't know how happy this has made me! (Yeah, I really don't have much of a life.)

I really liked Link's speech. It was all true, both for this story and 'real life.' And there's no way I could add to that without sounding either stupid or confusing, so I'll end it there. :/

AHHH! I knew the lack of the Master Sword had to mean something! Yes! So I'm assuming Ganon will have something to do with the sequel? Well, it would make sense.

And, while I can't say I'm looking forward to any part of the story involving Ghirahim, as he is like the one LoZ character I really and truly hate and despise, of course I'll still read it. (I'm assuming it's too late to beg you to leave him out, otherwise I would.) But putting Groose in there *might* almost make up for it. He was... quite a character. XP That'll be a lot of fun!

So I hope the first chapter will be up soon? At any rate, can't wait and am very excited to see how it goes!
Summer Sunrises chapter 18 . 2/13/2012
Oh, and BTW, this is Magicians Hat on her friend's account. Please refer to me as MH, if possible.
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