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samusbot chapter 11 . 3/17/2013
"I suppose you both have heard of the Old World and their six component nations, yes? There were six, one under the domain of each of the moons of Arcadia..."
Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department.
samusbot chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Crystalen is the most powerful Purple Spell. You are thinking of Crystales, which is the medium level Purple Spell. (With Crystali being weakest and Crystalum second strongest.)
cadi93 chapter 1 . 9/2/2012
wow this was great thx 4 posting!
SpecialAgentOrange chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
From doing a quick read of the books each arc gets increasingly mature, and I'm not talking about the sexual content. The story's beginning mirrors the lightness of tone that the game carried - relationship issues, occasional swearing, and original characters notwithstanding. And a lot of the slight alterations you've made to the universe work in making the world seem a little more complete; for one, I now see Dyne as a surname because of seeing that in your story. Then it got emotional during the third and fourth books; suddenly the adventure was starting to take a toll on people. I think that may have been jumping the gun in terms of plot progression, but it worked out very well. And now as we see the fifth book with Vyse, Aika, and Fina staring at the end of their journey, there's this sense of sorrow to it; they don't want their time together to end, yet the clock is ticking. Galcian's attack on Crescent Island is certainly not going to make things easier when it happens, despite that it gives our heroic trio more time for their feelings.

Vyse had went from plucky adventurer to one of the most famous individuals in Arcadia, with accolades like discovering lost cities, circumnavigating the world, thrashing baddies - Valua or otherwise - for lunch, and Moons know what else he's done. In that short time, he grew up and became older in mind, wiser in spirit, and overall better person than he was in the beginning, which was difficult as he was already a good guy - albeit with some degree of lechery. Going forward I have to wonder how he'll take to seeing space with his own eyes, or worse yet if there's no other place left for him to see. And that seems to be a problem I see with Wanderlust: what do you do after you see everything the world has to offer? What's next?

Aika's development is a little more difficult to define, as on one hand clearly she has changed to a more rauchy and adult personality - or that aspect of her is more overt since the first few instances. And yet, it seems like very little has affected her; apart from occasional bickering, she doesn't seem any different looking back. In a way it kinda shows how despite all the trials and tribulations she has endured they hadn't changed her like they changed Vyse... well apart from her relationship with him and Fina. In contrast to the adventure, she was the lynchpin holding them all together, which I kinda find humourous to see. Though with Fina supposedly parting ways I have to wonder how she's taking this realization, or if she's taking it worse than Vyse.

Whatever character development Fina went through in the story seems incredibly minor or subtle; apart from finding love, not a lot has happened with her. Despite learning about where she came from, her ties to Ramirez, and why she was here to begin with, we learned very little about where she came from. We had her personality - and possibly the Silvite Elders' stand on abstinence - but no real concept to the life she lived before the events of the game. At this point I feel like a lot of her development may have been building up for the Great Silver Shrine, and maybe an emotional contrast to the Fina we've seen from the start.

Going back to her feelings - and Vyse's and Aika's as well, the whole polyamory surprisingly works. When I first saw this I feared this would've ended in disaster, partially because try to make that kind of emotion feel real was really difficult, but mostly because my mind flashes back to Tenchi Muyo with the sheer clusterfuck between the main love interests and occasional sub-plots. If I have anything to really complain about in that relationship, it would ironically be with the lemons you've made; they didn't do it for me the way your one lemon from Records of our War did... Terrible pun aside.

The story you've written so far rocks though I still need to look at the individual books. I certainly hope you find the inspiration to continue your story.

Shisarakage chapter 11 . 12/12/2011
I recently re-acquired a copy of the game myself. By the time Vyse met Gilder (the two having just arrived in Nasrad at last save), I got to thinking of what possible fanics would be out there. I plan to read everything you've got for Arcadia at present before reviewing again, but I'm DEFINTELY gonna fave each section.

I might get some ideas for my own Arcadia fic. If I do, would you be willing to beta-read?

-Shodaime Shisarakage-

P.S. - I'm thinking of making an OC for the game, too. If I got a fic going, I'd like feedback on 'em, too. Blunt, brutal honesty is the best feedback that exists, as it tells me where I need improvement.
Charles McCoy chapter 2 . 2/20/2011
Don't know if you know this or not, but when Aika shoots out "Fire Consume my Enemy!" Thats actually for her spirit move Lamda Burst (may have spelt that wrong). The correct words are "Back off, Alpha Storm!"

This only goes to show that I've been playing SoA non-stop lately _
Charles McCoy chapter 1 . 2/20/2011
Starting at the begining, and doing another re-read. Can't wait for the next update of Amethyst Lightning.
origin of summoners chapter 11 . 1/31/2010
great fic.
jules jing chapter 6 . 5/29/2009
AH, you are like, my hero for writing this novelization series XD

I've never actually had the chance to play Skies of Arcadia, but I watched someone play and and Vyse was so frickin' COOL. So this is definitely a way to catch up on what I should've been playing all those years ago.

That said, I love your Vyse so far. Arrogance is the most fun thing to read. And he's SUCH a teenager ahaha. So yeah, awesome job writing all this O I'd never be able to commit myself to writing something this long, so good job on actually sticking to it!
Dancing Spirit of Sol chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
Brilliant stuff! Now I'm off to add this and the others, plus your good self on my favourites list!
mkb chapter 8 . 2/12/2008
Very well done, I hope you do the whole game this way...

also, lol on "imperious forces"!
Akina Rose Sumora chapter 11 . 11/24/2007
All right, I said I'd review the earlier stories as well, so here's the first one.

What shocked me most reading the first book of your story was what you did with the characters. In some instances, you gave some people names that had previously been unnamed, and even created a new character or two. I didn't realize this until Rodgers was introduced, and I never remembered seeing her in the game before, so I went back and played through the game up until the rescuing of the Blue Rogues from Valua just to make sure.

Anyhow, it may be a small thing to name characters and create a new one here and there, but it helps give the story more life. And I must say, I love your descriptions. Rodgers is an awesome character, all the more so because her presence means there's more than one female in Dyne's band (besides Aika).

Also, I liked your idea of having Landis join the party for part of this book. As I was reading, I found myself picturing the scenes very differently than the game portrays them, especially when I played it and saw what Landis really looked like. I hadn't played SoAL in a long time, until your story got me interested enough to want to compare things.

...I guess that's long enough, so I'll continue this when I review book 2.
Greki chapter 11 . 8/23/2007
Great, finished the first book! x3 Anyway, it's great you made this a threesome, it would be weird seeing just two of them while the remaining one is a third-weel. That just doesn't fit them, so yeah, it's a great idea, plus it spices things up... and leads to extremely hilarious, embarrassing situations! XD

I'll stop for now though, wanna play SoA!

So, until the next book!

See ya!
Greki chapter 10 . 8/23/2007
Yes, that's right, Aika's reckless... in fact, both of them are reckless... poor Fina. But aw they're cute with their sandwich-hug, the three of them... well, Aika, sometimes, yeah... xD

Great work!
Greki chapter 9 . 8/23/2007
Great fight scene. It's good that you made Enrique that way, he certainly knows his stuff. Either way, not much to comment on this one. Except... I think it's in your Valua's first escape period that makes Vyse cuss quite a lot than he does the rest of what you have of the story so far. He's gotta be stressed. xD
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