Reviews for Angel Eyes For The Demon Guy
king cool 12 chapter 4 . 6/6
somthing is bothery me its saying naruto has a scythe yet in the summery its says he gets a sword last time i check there two diffrent things
Natsu Evans Dragneel chapter 27 . 11/6/2016
"He grabs a pair of ants and puts them on" i think i would like to use pants instead of ants
Scarease chapter 16 . 7/29/2016
well haku clan will not die out.
Scarease chapter 4 . 7/29/2016
Karachi would have take their head for the bounty on them instead of just burning them alive ,Plus tripped them of they gear you do not waste resources and enemy tech that could be studied and later use to improve your village.
xNaruHina chapter 17 . 3/7/2016
Really three years apart? That is harsh as hell. You don't just split up a couple who just got together for three years...At the very least you should have had her go with him. I don't think I can continue reading knowing they won't be together for three years. :c
xNaruHina chapter 11 . 3/5/2016
What the hell? Why did TenTen hit Naruto? Such a caring and compassionate girlfriend she ended up being .-.
xNaruHina chapter 10 . 3/5/2016
Narutos dads name is Minato not Arashi.
xNaruHina chapter 8 . 3/5/2016
If they were going to tell the Hokage why was there no mention of sealing the curse mark or lifting Narutos seal?
xNaruHina chapter 5 . 3/5/2016
Why the hell did he break Narutos scythe :/ At the very least if they are going to help Haku out then he should buy Naruto a new scythe. Naruto wielding one was pretty cool and original.
Raikaguken chapter 1 . 9/12/2015
since he lost a eye does that mean he will have either a eye-patch or place his headband like kakashi does?
IronClawedDemon chapter 11 . 2/16/2014
I like your story but what you put in here really pisses me of stealing moves from bleach? be original dude and a green Nazi sign your a damn idiot you know that story still good but your still an idiot..
Guest chapter 4 . 12/7/2013
Wow, so crappy! Are you eight years old or something?
silverback95 chapter 42 . 8/29/2013
Loved the story
Guest chapter 2 . 6/23/2013
Bleach being added ruined the story. (For me at least.) If they are in an alternate universe then Bleach wasn't invented. Also, the romance goes so fast it seems like it was written by a three year old guessing how romances worked. I mean no offense to you, you could just improve it more.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/27/2013
wind lightning
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