Reviews for Dark Titans
byakuyakchk36 chapter 38 . 8/9/2013
To me it seems that "Titans and the lost boy" and “Dark titans” are two different fics. You spent the entirety of ttlb leading the characters up a cliff only to push them off and start over again.

Ryoga: since he’s the star I’ll start with him. First of all I didn’t agree with your rant that the only reason that ryoga was given the pig curse was to make him less then ranma. Fans might not want to admit it but most of ryoga’s problems are his own fault. While ranma should except some responsibility he shouldn’t except any of the blame. Ryoga's reasons for why Ranma is to blame for his Jusenkyo curse? Ranma wasn't there at the appointed time for the fight they were supposed to have. Keep in mind, Ryoga issued the challenge, Ryoga set the time of the fight, and Ryoga was the one who was four days late. To say nothing of the fact that Ryoga chose to go chasing after Ranma to have the fight, despite knowing about his terrible direction sense, and it was an apparently random girl & panda duo who actually knocked Ryoga into the spring, with Ranma, as far as he knew, being nowhere within miles of Jusenkyo at the time. When first introduced he’s just some asshole irrationally after ranma and even then we don’t even find out until later that ranma also helped ryoga to and from home to school everyday. It isn’t until the p-chan comes in that we see that while it is wrong ryoga is extremely lonely and prone to making stupid decisions because of that. That’s why I liked ttlb because ryoga finally realized that that was wrong that he couldn’t blame all of his problems on ranma and grew as a person. But once dt came around all of that growth seemed to vanish. While he wasn’t my favorite I knew he wasn’t this one deminsional person that a lot of writers portray him as. Yet in your pursuit to sup him of you’ve shown this side of him pretty often like when he got depressed that something happened that he couldn’t blame on ranma. He comes across more genma like as well with his pention for telling half truths about his past that leave him in the best light. Luckily you’ve seemed to have noticed this with the titans calling him out on corrupting Terra.

Ranma: ranma is in the same light you put him up on a pedestal only to push him off ttlb showed more of Ranma’s intellect then usually seen in fanon with the computer his willingness to look for them best in people as well as his pension for excepting the blame for things that aren’t his fault while dodging things that are. Though the depiction wasn’t perfect it was good. Then in dt you had him make incredibly stupid decisions one after another even when they didn’t make since. He is a think in the present kind of person who is more prone to reacting so he wouldn’t spend time over thinks how to get out of the way of a bomb. Also he’s seen a number of wired things so he shouldn’t have been surprised. While it was funny and entertaining ranma losing in the end just doesn’t work in the series. It seems like the more we see of ranma the dumber he gets, because ranma gave very insightful advice and observations after the Tokyo arc.

Kasumi: I like kasumi while she’s a little antagonistic she’s not really acting all that out of place. Many people forget that she was the one who put it in akane’s head that ranma was going to rape her in during the hug spice chapter by giving her a mallet when she found out that they were going to be alone. She also joind in when everybody was seeing how many cats they could put on the frozen in fear ranma. This playful Kasumi is a pleasant change from the usual.

Shampoo: you already fixed all of the major issues I had with shampoo in ttlb but one. Out of all the fiancee’s shampoo seems to know ranma the best. despite his arrogance ranma is very insecure about himself the reversal jewel says it all he didn’t pursue shampoo because he didn’t want to lose one of his fangirls it was because she went from devotion to hate and he needed to know why. That was the whole point of her and colognes plan use ranma’s insecurities against him. Like ryoga the moment someone gets under his armor he’s prown to react stupidly like wearing a playboy bunny costume or violently. Yet repeatedly this shampoo shows that she knows nothing about the man she says she loves. Like her belief that he doesn’t respect her as a warrior which is simply not true. Many people have come at ranma with the intent to kill and he has reacted with indifference yet he ran away from shampoo.

i really liked this fic you are a reall good writer that draws the reader into the story and I can’t wait for your next update. Despite what I said about the characterization some of them do make since the titans have been enabling ryoga when caused him to retreat in familiar territory though they finally saw the error of their ways I think some time away from them will give ryoga a chance to get out of the bash ranma zone he’s in and mature a little. Plus I want to see kasumi beat the s**t out of speedy.

Ps be fair ryoga has been supped up so have shampoo and mouse ranma needs to be as well.
Kriss1989 chapter 38 . 8/1/2013
Update? It's been over a year, and this is a hell of a cliffhanger combo!
chichiluvah chapter 27 . 6/7/2013
Storm of a Thousand Fists
Actually the Arashisenken is about absorbing energy and levitation it doesn’t actually allow you to fly. AVST-Ranma was only able to fly when he combined the technique with wind manipulation. So it will increase DT-Ranma’s stamina and agility but it won’t let him fly. So Ryoga gains earth ki and Ranma gains solar energy a nice trade off. Raven already mentioned that what she does is more levitating then flying so it would make sense if Ranma created it.

The final and ultimate Senken which involves techniques to draw upon the chi in ones environment to empower their techniques instead of relying only on their internal ki. It's the Aerial school, it's mainly about learning Chi techniques and new ways of moving the body outside the boundaries of gravity, but one interesting side effect is teaching an apprentice how to momentarily stay airborne for more than the time it takes to fall on their head. It's just falling at the ground and missing.

The style deals with a lot of meditation techniques. The user concentrates on a solar disk and thinks of themselves as growing lighter. This exercise is to teach user how to draw on and channel the Chi-forces of the sun itself even if the sun is going down user can still feel it warming them just by thinking about it; the Arashisenken is an entirely different art from any of the others. It works on the principle of a house basking in the sun, much like when user meditates, the house expands with heat, and then it contracts back down at night. The same could be said for your body taking in the heat of the sun and releasing it at night but what if it's not just heat you draw upon? Suppose its Chi energy that you draw in all around you to expand the level of the power within you, and then release it when you want to. In turns you'll learn to hold a measure of Chi power inside you all of the time, which is what user does in regular training.

At this point user already knows the basics of making like a House in that respect. What they need to learn is some of the ways that this Chi-power can be used besides making destructive fireballs and tossing them around like Frisbees. The levitation works in coordination to the theory of gravity Einstein once say it involves falling down like in an elevator according to him we're all falling down all the time into a really deep well, and only the ground under our feet supports us so that we don't go falling right through to the center of the planet. It has to do with the nature of time and space itself; it’s not emptiness, like many people think it's more like an infinite fabric that stretches out in all directions. Solid matter is formed of this stuff when it twists into the shape of an atom or subatomic particle like knots in a string, There really is no ultimate difference between a particle and empty space besides this, and yet the more knots you tie in a string, the more it bends the fold of space to create a distortion.

A planet's just a really big collection of particles knotted together like a giant ball of string it's all energy frozen in a pattern in space, but it creates such a big fold in space that objects tend to slide towards it like going down a kid's slide to the bottom, and having your path blocked part-way by a solid object. Gravity works like that, you see objects sliding towards large concentrations of matter, but there's a force that works in opposition to this one-way slide it's a power called levity, which isn't humor, by the way, just a force that rises against the pull of solid matter.

Levity is all around us, and if you learn to tap into this force it can pick you up and carry you like a feather on a breeze. But there's a lot more to it than that, its mind over matter. Inertia, a body at rest tends to stay at rest unless you push it. And pushing it encounters resistance; an object tends to remain stable in place unless a force works against it to push it in one or more direction. Two forces operating at the same time create a vector, which pushes an object in a third direction. Now suppose the inertia of an object wasn't totally fixed it might take less energy to move it if you can lower this resistance. The Sun can be your ally in this; it’s the source of all life and power throughout the solar system. Think of yourself as being the point in the center of a circle that's the ancient sign of the sun a circle with a point within it the solar disk, if you will. Be that point and think of yourself as a feather, let the warmth of the sun seep into you and be like a house that expands and rises.

Keep in mind, the sun is also the source of changes in the weather and if you think of ocean water heating up in the sun and rising up as steam to form clouds in the sky, you could be like those clouds, held aloft by the sun's power. Of course do too much of it and those clouds get heavy, and the water falls back down again as rain. Sometimes you get hot and cold drafts that mix and interfere with one another and like the vectoring of two forces you can get wind and all sorts of hostile weather. Then there's the clash of two polarities that creates lightning and thunder, and hurricanes and tornadoes all forces that can tear away at a house and ultimately destroy it so the thing you have to do is to keep in mind is the peace and tranquility of a bright and sunny day.

If you have to imagine yourself as a cloud, don't let yourself be distracted like you were just now or it could lead to disaster. there was another thing about inertia that Einstein told about He said that the more you push an object forward the greater its inertia becomes that's because an object absorbs energy the more you push it and it continues forward until it dissipates that energy and comes to a relative rest again. The more energy and inertia an object absorbs, the more densely it is packed together on an atomic level. Comes a point where it takes more and more energy to push an object faster and faster until you get near to the speed of light. That's where it takes an almost infinite amount of energy to push the object faster, which is why solid matter doesn't move faster than light, not unless you convert it back to energy, or warp the space around it." You already know how to lower your do it every time you move faster than the human eye can see. You've been doing it automatically all this time and never even realized it before and once you learn how to do it while you're standing still why, the possibilities are endless! If you can reduce your inertia to the point where you literally are as light as a feather, and can tap into the force of Levity all around you, then you'll know how to float on the air like a breeze.
Charletta.bohler chapter 38 . 6/7/2013
Here’s a few more techniques for ryoga
The Earth Against One
Rumbling Mt. Fuji (鳴動富嶽 Meidō Fugaku)
The user presses both hands together and summons an enormous amount of Earth Ki that overwhelms the target in a beam that comes out of the ground and destroys the surrounding landscape.
Violent Earthquake Fist
The Bakusai Tenketsu is a simply technique that works on the principle that all physical objects have a Breaking Point that you can shatter with a touch. The technique is twofold: on the one hand teaching you to sense and strike that point, on the other hand it fortifies your physical body so that you can withstand the kinetic shock that use of the Bakusai maneuver inevitably creates. The Bakusai Tenketsu requires quite a bit more finesse then say breaking bricks with your fist. You don't need to overpower the bricks to merely break them if you do that then you have an Exploding Point instead of a breaking one, and without sufficient toughening of your defenses you could do yourself real injury.

The Resshinken actually enshrouds the fist with ki allowing the user to smash everything it comes into contact with. Resshinken requires a substancial amount of control, if the person is unfocused, they may destroy objects unintentionally or significantly injure themselves and others. [1][2] When used against an opponent to effect, because of the ki enshrouded fist the technique can send the person flying several meters with incredible force.[3]

Despite being a natural offensive attack, Resshinken does have other capabilities too. It can be used as a sort of deflective barrier, sending an attacker flying back,[4] or simply breaking apart the actual earth.[5] Immediately the ground begins exploding as if they had used the normal Bakusai Tenketsu, but the blast expands outwards in a cone towards opponent, the explosions and the rocks blast free, growing larger as the cone widens.

Bai Resshinken
Double Violent Earthquake Fist
The Resshinken performed with 2 fist making the move more powerful

Bakusai Rei Hari
Blasting Spirit Needles
This technique actually fires a blast of energy at the breaking point.
Charletta.bohler chapter 37 . 6/7/2013
Based around the concept of Kamui (神移, God Transfer), the legendary ability developed by the Kuruda fighting technique Shadow Skill and later perfected by the Hokuto Shinken, Shundō (瞬動, "Instant Movement") is a movement technique, which allows the user to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed.[2] To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. [2] Ranma developed this technique after reading ki flow of one of a superheros who gained Sougetsu (紺月Azure Moon) better known as the Speed Force. It is accomplished by using ki to control of kinetic energy at a molecular level. By doing this user can turn an environment’s potential energy into kinetic energy; then channel that energy into the cells of their body and processes it into them. This temporarily gives them a vast increase in strength, speed and spiritual force. The focal point which determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique, the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move; those of little skill in the technique or those who have not used it for an extended amount of time would obviously be out of practice, causing those individuals to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded in a shorter amount of time. a master of this ability is able to appear to be in several places at once and wipe out entire squadrons in seconds.

Tonbo (蜻蛉; " Dragonfly")
This technique allows the user to appear at several places at the same time, generating a set number of "speed-clones" depending on their level of mastery. These are indistinguishable from the user's true self and mimic his movements, but generally do not last very long. The name of the technique is a reference on how the dragonfly fly’s.

Hikarakuyō (飛花落葉, "Blossoms Fall and Leaves Scatter")
A special Shundo technique where the user, through manipulation of ones spiritual energy flow, accelerates their speed to the point where their movements cause semi-sentient afterimages to form from behind them and continues to follow the user, mimicking their movements entirely. They then continue this enhanced flow for brief periods of time. The user is then able to deceive the opponent of their true position, assaulting them with several attacks at their nervous system from various angles in order for their opponent to be completely incapacitated.
Charletta.bohler chapter 36 . 6/7/2013
Earth Dominance
It is pretty obvious what direction Ryoga’s skill is heading towards. This technique makes use of the earth around user for combat, giving them a great deal of flexibility as their command over this element is far-reaching and absolute. It exists not as something to be manipulated, through the control of one's spiritual power, no, it is an extension of user’s physical being. This is not merely manipulating the earth, it is an absolute dominance over it. Skilled users can manipulate the physical properties of earth, such as making sand as hard as metal, creating iron-hard rock pillars from the ground,[1] or even bending the ground at will and turning it into a liquid form.[2] There is no difference between user and the earth around them, they are one and the same. It also enables the user to literally dive into the ground (be it rock, concrete, or metal), using their hands or feet, and tunnel through it.[3], some users can also transform their bodies into earth and travel through solid obstacles and the ground itself.[4]

The first technique was pretty much Quake from Most Unlikely of Friends. This technique harnesses and controls the diastrophic energy that is released from the movement and collision of tectonic plates deep within the Earth's crust. That energy can them be rechanneled to control the movement of the tectonic plates within limited areas.

For actual techniques you’ve already mentioned Earth Bending from Avatar the Last Airbender. You also have the spells of Jura Neekis, Sol, Virgo, and Karacka from Fairy Tail. There is also Earth Release from Naruto.

Molten Flaming Cannon
This technique was derived from Terra’s ability to summon volcano’s it harnesses and controls the diastrophic energy that is released from the movement and collision of tectonic plates deep within the Earth's crust to cause magma, or molten rock, from far beneath Earth's surface to rise, project through the body and be expelled from the hands. Its temperature is more than 2000 degrees. It’s a molten hell, that even melts is an imprinted ability that is always active as long as user’s feet are in contact with the ground requiring their mouth to be sealed shut.

Doseihana (土製花 Earthen Flower) A technique in which Ryoga, causes his own ki to enhance and momentarily manipulate the flow and production of ki in the earthen terrain that surrounds him. Through this, he is able to cause the earth in an immediate range of 50 meters to rise and form devastating spikes in mere moments, leaving the terrain virtually impossible to perform close-ranged combat in. Ryoga is also able to vary the intensity and amount of spikes produced, merely by altering the amount of energy concentrated into each portion of the earth and then causing it to rise to his whims. He has mastered this earthly technique to its complete extent; forging earthen spikes and even earthen walls and golems instantaneously.
Tsuchihana (土花, lit. "Flowering Earth"): The dominance that Ryoga possess over the earth allows him to freely create massive assortments of stone spikes that explode from the ground in order to smash and pierce his opponents. Using this power apparently requires no real expenditure of energy, it is no different than the creation of a thought or an idea. When these "earth flowers" manifest, they are excessively fast, and can quickly overwhelm an opponent with a single surge. However these Tsuchihana are also quite large. By expending some of his spiritual power, Ryoga can drastically increase the strength and speed of these earthen flowers by several times.

Kusabanayari (草花槍, lit. "Flowering Spear"): This variant allows Ryoga to create a small scale version of his Tsuchihana. He uses this version to cause a series of stone spikes to shoot upwards from the ground to pierce his targets.

Kyuushihana (弓矢花, lit. "Bow and Arrow Flower"): A variant of the Kusabanayari, he instead conjures and forms his earth flowers or earth spears from nothing. However due to having to form the earth in this way, these attacks are noticably slower since they must first form before they used to attack, making them more predictable.
Charletta.bohler chapter 35 . 6/7/2013
The Imagine Breaker (幻想殺し(イマジンブレイカー) Gensō Goroshi (Imajin Bureikā)?, lit. "Illusion Killer") is the signature technique of Jinx’s branch of the Anything Goes System. Instead of firing her probability altering energy from her hand she focuses it into the hand. Similar to how Akane focuses her ki before she smashes bricks. This allows her to negate anything supernatural such as super powers, magic powers, and even to her own admittance, God's miracles.[1]

Primary features
The Imagine Breaker, negates both super powers and magic. Moreover, through several circumstances, even divine powers, such as, in her own admission, the miracles of god.
Supplementary features
The Imagine Breaker, can dispel to an extent the effects of an area-wide attack. For instance is blocking the effects of electricity, by putting her right hand out to act as a lightning rod for the electricity to be directed to her right hand and Imagine Breaker as opposed to another part of her body without the Imagine Breaker's protection.[7] Nonetheless, it is required for her to have physical contact to initiate the effects of her power.[8]

It seems that Imagine Breaker has a permanent canceling effect on some supernatural objects.[9] As for the case living beings, the effect seems to last for as long as Jinx has a solid grip on them with her right hand, and that if she releases them from her hand's grasp, they immediately regain their power almost instantaneously.

Imagine Breaker can even ignore the overall actual weight or force behind of which an inanimate object has supernatural power concentrated on. For example Jinx could block a full-powered punch from a massive golem without showing signs of obvious effort, before the golem collapses on itself due to the magic that manifested it being abolished by Imagine Breaker's power.[10] Said exchange would almost certainly break her hand however.[3]
Weaknesses and Limitations
Imagine Breaker does not have the ability to negate all supernatural abilities, such as leylines. Some objects require Jinx to target the core or some other important piece that provides power to them in order for the Imagine Breaker to effectively negate them.
Also, since the Imagine Breaker is concentrated to only Jinx's right hand, she is truly helpless against a wave of attacks in great numbers.[12] Furthermore, since the effects of the Imagine Breaker is always singular, as in it can only negate, skilled and experienced opponents can make use of this to make a trap against Jinx after negating an attack.[13]
Sufficiently quick attacks can surpass the Imagine Breaker’s power due to being fast enough to overcome its canceling speed; as such Jinx would be unable to completely destroy them.
With enough practice Jinx has learned to makes use of the Imagine Breaker's limitations. Due to Imagine Breaker not fully negating supernatural phenomena, Jinx has learned to use the Imagine Breaker to interfere via "negation and disruption". Normally, Imagine Breaker negates any supernatural power or object upon contact, but because of its limits, if a supernatural power/object is sufficiently powerful or massive enough in size it will not be completely negated right away as it will take a longer time to fully defeat. It's during this state of cancellation that Jinx can actually physically touch or grab the power/object, negating and disrupting it instead of instantly destroying or completely ridding of it right away. This, of course, is usually more of a disadvantage than an advantage of Imagine Breaker.
Effects on natural forces
The Imagine Breaker, however, is unable to negate ley lines, the lifeforces and souls of human beings,[19] due to them being natural, despite being supernatural as well. This is because the Imagine Breaker normalizes things that are of abnormal values, specifically, it destroys things that have had their harmony taken. However, things such as the aforementioned examples, have always been uniform from the start despite being supernatural in nature. Jinx's Imagine Breaker can only destroy things that had their harmony's taken from them, as such something that had been abnormal from the start, such as the power of the world will never not be negated by the Imagine Breaker.[20] For example Jinx can’t negate a battle aura but it could negate a ki blast. Imagine Breaker also can’t negate the Hiryu Shoten Ha due to the nature of the technique. Another example of Imagine Breaker’s limitations is the fact that Ryoga’s umbrella is just an unusually heavy weapon, but the iron cloth technique would change its harmony allowing the Imagine Breaker’s to work.
Charletta.bohler chapter 34 . 6/7/2013
Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū
Manifest Fantasy School of Indiscriminate Grappling

The Tendo School is the land based system, the Saotome School is the aerial system. Kurumi’s school is fire while Natsume’s school is ice. Jinx’s school is based on water.

Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū is the purest Anything Goes form, embodying everything that a master must know. A master of Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū is considered a god amongst men, with technical skills that no other dancer can match. Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū is heavily stylized, depending on the usage of pure techniques and skill to win a battle.

The water of the ocean is all encompassing, able to bend and weave through small openings and cracks and yet powerful enough to fill the largest holes. The water is able to adapt into any shape and form, taking the position that is most fitting and efficient. When moving through the forms, the user must be like water, capable of standing up to anything, yet malleable enough that nothing can touch him.

It is said that the strongest attacks come from within, but not from within the user. The strongest attack comes from within the opponent. Using this idea, the practitioner of Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū takes the opponent and his skills and, as the cliché goes, uses it against him. Analyzing is a key component to the style. Every human has their own rhythm for every beat of their moves. Learning how opponent’s rhythm works is the backbone of Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū. And then by matching their breath with the same wavelength of opponent’s movements user strikes by following that rhythm. Getting out of this trap is the deadliest thing to do. When the rhythm of our moves has been discovered it means the enemy will know all our next moves simultaneously. Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū turns the fight into a stage with practitioner as the genius of the deadly dance.

Eight Block Death Gate Array
This is the main and ultimate weapon of the Kuusou Gugenka Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū. Though still in its development stage both Happosai and Ranma have remarked on its potential.

Jinx’s Hive and gymnastic training allowed her to pace her opponent and memorize their attack pattern in order for her to react before the opponent can. While this may be insufficient by comparison to they Nerima Wrecking Crew it allowed her hold her own against Raven before they met Ryoga. Because of this Happosai’s initial training was mental focus and battle meditation in order to improve her logical prediction and move-reading capabilities. The essence of this training is the mastery of a heightened state of mind and body that actually allows the brain to accept more input from the senses and send commands along nerve paths at an equally accelerated rate, allowing Jinx to track fast-moving objects with ease and even predict the subsequent movements of those objects. Happosai stressed that there are areas of our minds, bodies and souls that are waiting to be unlocked. We gain the keys as we grow and learn. As the Jinx’s mind expands, she will seem to experience time at a slower rate. This allows her to not only read the timing of her opponent’s attack, but she can also tell what kind and even what angle of their attacks are coming her way. It’s enough to offset any speed handicap. Mental and physical exercises have made access to this "time expansion" progressively easier.

The next aspect of Jinx’s training that Happosai focused on was reflex and reaction. When we are aware of ourselves and of others who are in our daily life we become linked by a common bond of social interaction that binds society together in compassion and overlapping needs. But a sense that goes beyond this is to be aware of the universe outside of ourselves to perceive the flow of psychic currents and by this means gain the ability to interact with others and our environment. The so-called 'Sixth Sense' is really a complex assortment of different functional abilities that all rely upon the mind and spirit linking together. Learning to harness and channel this sense can make you truly formidable and a vastly more capable Man of Wisdom.

By combinig both these aspects of her training she has developed a flawless tactic she terms the Eight-Block Death Gate Array. By controlling the eight gates of heaven (chance), earth (terrain), and man (personality), she lures her enemy into a situation from which defending against a killing strike is impossible, termed the Death Gate. No one can evade its reach. Poke here and opponent goes this way. Say that and they get angry, pull back here and they let it go to their head. Human’s never change their ingrained reflexes and so they can never change the outcome even if they do figure out the trick behind the Death Gate Array.

Unfortunately the central focus of the Eight-Block Death Gate Array is skill and experience two thing in which Jinx is lacking. so while dangerous it will be years before it is able to reach its full potential. However even with this limitation Jinx was able to use the manuever to not only defeat Killer Croc but mimic the nature Happosai’s Finger Block. also when he figured out the nature of the manuever while in a battle Ranma was able to use the Death Gate Array to its full potential.

Happosai stated that once fully mastered Jinx should be able to anticipate every possible outcome taking into account surroundings, opponent’s capabilities even personalities, enabling her to see 100 moves ahead.

Jinx’s style is still in the development stage her fighting capability is "capable of winning one-on-one, maybe possible of winning two-on-one, and needing to run away when it is three-on-one".[96]

What do you think.
Charletta.bohler chapter 30 . 6/7/2013
"In days of peace, in nights of war, obey my laws forever more, misconduct will be answered for, swear me the chosen, open fate's door!"
Iji (Art of Ambition, 意地) is the essence of drive, the will to push forward, to gain more power through themselves. The Willpower Art is not to be trifled with, it is the power to wield one's dominance and use it to carve a path of destruction towards the future. The masters of Iji have weaved out powerful attacks, as well as dishing out physical damage beyond their natural limits. It is defined as the pure hybrid Affinity Art, diving into realms of offense, defense, spiritual, and physical combat.
Art of Ambition is drawn from their willpower, and only that. This single aspect will make them the truest beasts in battle they can be. If willpower is lacking, it disables the user from accessing their powers, to masters, it would weaken their techniques; it all depends on their strength to believe in themselves, confidence. Iji limits are only prohibited by the user.
Iji allows the user traits and techniques of various sorts, all supplementary focus. The trait grants them the use of physical strength when in need, allowing them to plow through enemies with limits lifted, doubling their force and kinect energy. This also stems to their speed, the more willpower, the more kinect energy they can produce to boost their acceleration.
Defensive, Willpower can allow a master the ability to create fields of energy from their minds, absorbing blows, if their willpower and faith in this power is absolute. However, moderate users are incapable of taking on this high a technique, as it will begin to crumble the hope that they once had.
Techniques can be manifested by the power of Iji, through force of will they can manifest summons, weapons, and other constructs for their personal use. These weapons of willpower are weakened the less often they are trained with, as well as drawing on spiritual energy, meaning that they can only last as long as the hosts of Iji does. However, masters of this art can create techniques that can last a very long duration with enhanced willpower being used.
The upside to Iji is that it truly has no limits in what it can do, but it does have a limit on what it's fullest capability can be. Being solely of willpower, stronger spiritual beings are considered more prone to mastery over it's Art, however, it is a supplementary-hybrid art, and none of it's fields can overpower true masters in a certain field they have chosen.
This will go to Ranma no one can argue that but it would be well down the line because it can be seen as the perfected form of the The art of Spiritual Affinity.

The emotions listed are not the only ones that can be utilized in the Spiritual Affinity Arts, as ANY emotion is allowed to be used, but only the five basic emotions of was listed for ease of the author.
Many techniques can be derived from the innermost emotion represented in the soul of it's user, but again, for ease of the author, only the basics, as well as the drawbacks and extremes of the five basic emotions were listed.

Basically Spiritual Affinity is a combination of Raven emoticlones and the green lanterns powers.
Charletta.bohler chapter 29 . 6/7/2013
"This is my path, to feast on the life of all, the hunger that never ceases to call, face my wrath, I shall devour once more, perpare to fall!"
Yoku (Art of Greed,欲) an art of gluttony, one of which the user's innermost emotion is used to gain more power, and only that. A singular focus from a single being, the Art of Greed is not for those weak of soul. Those weak have been destroyed as they could not withstand the powers they wished to control, powers they wanted to have dominance over, but have in turn been devoured by that very obsession.
The key feature of Yoku is that it can be enhanced in and out of being in it's combat state. Greed is not prohibited in any aspect, and is always hungry. This allows the Art to always be in use, however, the stronger powers can only be accessed, and trained to be more powerful through activation in battle. Another key note is that those with mastery over Yoku can continually drain their environment around them of spiritual energy and life. This affect persists throughout their life after obtaining the Affinity, and is a curse/blessing, as it feasts of life force, slowly killing those around them, even allies, as Greed does not favor anyone but themselves. This absorbed energy of all kinds will grant the host more power statistically over time.
Yoku is a mastery of theft, control, and gorging. The art is displayed most primarily in the trait that it can drain away an enemy's life force and spiritual energy, even pressure is transferred to them as a notorious treat. This trait can be enhanced through training, and through a deeper dive into their mad hunger for power. Greed Art grants the host the capability to also make this absorption effect physical, making the user able to drain much more power by coming into contact of a source of power, life force or otherwise. Contact made with a person will allow them to drain them of their bodily essence, granting the host regeneration, and enfeebling their foe deeply. When in contact with a spiritual technique, usually those that can be siphoned with more safety, can fuel the Yoku user's pools of energy even more so, altering the nature of the energy stolen, and making it their own.
Gluttony to it's finest, but Greed is the epitome of it's power. If enough energy of a certain technique is drained to the host, they can gain knowledge of it, and even use it for themselves. Enabling those with the affinity of Greed to use many techniques if they are drained more then once. A side factor to this is that the more an ability is drained, the less effect is will have on the host, an adaption to the body. This grants masters of Yoku an immunity to abilities they have continually come into contact with over time.
The last trait, an affliction to those with moderate-to-master levels of Yoku is that they suffer a drain on their being once enough energy and life force in the past has been consumed. Meaning they must continually suffer pangs of wracking pain, punishing their body, mind, and soul. They must find enemies, or sources of power to feast off of. Training, meditation, and focus can deter the effects, and they can chose to live a lifestyle that lets them live with less pain; but it will never sate their lust. This gluttony also gives them cravings for essence, having some affects that will alter their mindset negatively, sometimes withdrawl. The worst case scenarios for masters of Yoku is that they are forced to feast off of others, as they can no longer produce energy of their own, only able to retain the life energy of others for their needs.
"Bow before me, your soul is rightfully mine, to be the victim of emptiness so sublime, all she be enveloped by the abyss, now die at the void's cold rime!"
Zetsobu (Art of Emptiness, 絶望) Emptiness is an endless pit, and can cause the demise of many, when darkness overshadows the light, it instills a loss of faith, forms weakness and debilitiates those not of the void.
An aspect of nihlism, true darkness is devoid of any nature other then itself. It adheres to nothing but it's own emotionless logic. Zetsobu exemplifies the lack of emotion, despair and hollowness, and few have ever unlocked its Art, much fewer have ever mastered it. Those who have, are granted a passage into powers that will grant them their desires to change the world as they see fit.
The Art of Despair gives the host various traits and techniques that they may utilize. Its primary aspect is that it grants the user the ability to shut off the feeling of pain, removing any aspect of fearing a fight. This lack of feeling grants them immunity to many tormenting techniques, as well as another hidden trait. The hidden passive nature being that the more skilled a user of Zetsobu is, the less influence spiritual energy will have on them. This allows them to wade through torrents of spiritual aura’s with ease, what once was a typhoon of power, effects them like a wading pool. Techniques that rely solely on ki, will not affect, much less even phase a master of Zetsobu, making them fully immune to concentrated ki.
Zetsobu allows the host to emit their presence in such a way, that it will cause a sense of dread, as well as overpowering weaker souls, causing immense weakness, shutting off their ability to access their powers, acting as a mute to the spiritual world, prohibiting even powerful beings from easily accessing their powers. A master of Zetsobu has been known to simply gaze to a foe, and completely paralyze a foe, overpowering their will and soul, then crushing it with but a glance. Nothing but will power can fend this off, weaker souls make for this ability to work relatively unchallenged.
Emptiness is also undetectable, a passive ability used by those that practice the art. They can make themselves invisible to the spiritual realms, both physically and spiritually, even to themselves. Their mind will become blank to those that seek to take control over it, those that wish to twist their senses will find nothing to alter or give illusions to. An absence in balance of things, a darkness hidden. This technique can only grow more prominent as the one comes more into tune with it's chosen nature.
The last trait that can be taken example of for users of Zetsobu is one of negative impact. Their void once brought to a certain level, can not be brought back out of. Masters of despair and emptiness slowly lose themselves, their emotions to it's might. Not even masters can fend off this. An abnormality, their spirit will attempt to fill itself, causing allies and those loyal to masters of Zetsobu to slowly give way to depression, even a lack of will to live. This lack of will to live also extends to the weakening users of Despair, meaning in a weakened state, the hosts of Zetsobu can die from simply a lack of desire to live past their failures.
Again this is better associated with Ryoga and Mousse then Ranma.
Charletta.bohler chapter 28 . 6/7/2013
"In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light, let those who try to stop this fright, break into my power, Gishin's might!"
Gishin (Art of Fear, 気遣い) the art of terror is the aspect of true power in the beholder's innermost nightmares. Those who can acquire it are those of great terror, those of sadism who wish to inflict their personal cruelties to others. It is also in the heart of those who are victims of these nigh terrors; beings who are afraid of the laws of darkness; also beings of madness, one's who hear voices. To master Fear, one must dive into the pools of their own terrors, and arrive triumphant. Few are capable of this, and most who wield the power of Gishin dare not use it, for fear that they will succumb to madness and death.
The fear is an extension of their mind, sharing itself with the world of illusions, able to cast their horrors on their victims. Using this fear, they can produce images, and voices that their enemy must face. These fears can be borne of the host itself, or can be manifested from the very terrors that are locked away inside the enemy's minds. The manifestations however, can become literal beings. The power of fear can draw into existance these once seen visions of fear. Manifestations taking on all the senses, even a spiritual signature will be identical to what the host wishes it to be composed of. Even creating weapons of this fear energy for themselves to use in battle, even armor. This however, does not prohibit the users of Gishin to not use illusions.
Those in the Art of Fear have a mastery of this field; illusion. So real and life like, they will take over an enemy in a matter of seconds, breaking into their subconcious, breaking them down. Even the strongest opponent have undergone such hallucinations as to die from freight, their heart rates sky rocketing to a breaking point, or shattering the enemy's mind: a trait of a master of this art. Fear beyond comprehension, glimpsing past the nightmares that Gishin has control over is nearly impossible. Those who have survived the visions and moved past the impossible corruption has post effects that have left them scarred for the rest of their lives.
Gishin has a unique trait amongst the emotional spectrum in that the more fear that the host is instilling, and the more themselves are feeling, the more powerful they become in spiritual pressure, breaking down reality around them, causing the world to warp with their corruption. Darkness becomes sentient, voices manifest, and their illusions become harder and harder to break free from. These illusions and manifestations do not prohibit users of the Fear Art from attacking, and can be quite useful in disposing of enemies, or just toying with them. A wonderous torture device.
A secondary trait of Gishin is that it can manipulate and control an enemy's mind if they are weak willed. Getting them to obey, altering their concious and subconcious mind, twisting the nerve cells so that they recieve signals to believe what the user wants them to. This can lead to many viable uses, tweaking their foes to fight themselves, or getting enemies to kill themselves off.
The last trait of the Art of Fear is that the host's body undergoes such a change that it will itself become a thing of nightmares, aiding in their ability to instill fear. Users of Gishin usually display a change of body to accommodate their new found abilities. But also, this state further induces an affect on the users, causing them to drift from normal parameters. Causing the very wielders of madness to go insane themselves over a period of time. The control over reality has a cost on them: that they too may lose themselves to the darkness they want to control.
Madness Release (発狂, Hakkyou)
Here’s my proposal the technique itself is created by Ranma for a specific situation maybe a fight or getting out a hostage situation. After he calms down and comes back to his senses he immediately forbids the technique. But the true power of the technique would be shown by Ryoga. It makes sense if you think about it while Ryoga is a ball of rage he still has nothing on Ranma. While Ranma get annoyed he rarely gets angry but when he does he’s frightening. Take for instance the Koi Rod arc Ranma’s jealous was the only time I can remember Ryoga being afraid heck he even begged. Ranma’s rage is explosively powerful but peters out pretty fast. While Ryoga’s Rage is like a raging fire that feeds on any fuel around to keep going. So Ranma would either create the art of rage if someone tries to control him or the art of fear if they let nature take its course. He’ll go through the motions and then never use it again. But when Ryoga because of his personality he completely loses control of it. This could lead to another beaten from Starfire or Cologne or Ranma for doing something he was expressly forbidden to do.

This technique is created to save Ryoga from himself after he learned the art of rage. It is a technique characterized by the selective integration and application of a finite and limited quantity of the dangerous condition of the art of Spiritual Affinity into a person's respective soul, altering the quality of their being ordinarily emitted to contain instead the intended and permitted amount of insanity in addition. Undertaking this perilous process allows the user to manipulate the advantageous power-inducing attribute displayed by the art itself, granting them access to superhuman levels of physical prowess and their typical abilities. The madness in them is strong enough to even change their appearance.
Although the technique utilizes Spiritual Affinity and become, in a sense, 'insane,' they do not completely lose their sanity as they have a firm conviction that prevents them from doing so. However, this technique does not come without risk, as the capability poses the significant potential of resulting in the individual becoming consumed by the very emotion they desire to exploit, losing themselves in the depths of anger, fear, ect and committing atrocities they would never normally consider. Certain steps can be undertaken to reduce or even negate this threat, such as the prior exposure and subsequent conquering of ones emotions on a prior occasion.
Thus Ryoga gains a superpower
Charletta.bohler chapter 27 . 6/7/2013
Spiritual Affinity Arts
Spiritual Affinity Arts (Mukei Aishou Gigei , 無形芸術院) The art of harnessing one's innermost soul and unleashing it in the field of battle. The technique itself focuses on calling upon the true self of one's being.

The art of Spiritual Affinity grants the user the power to pull on the piece of yourself, and draw it into the real world as a technique, or series of techniques. Various emotions will alter the Spiritual Affinity Arts. Spiritual Affinity can not be enhanced, only if through the aspect that the user represents grows larger within itself will it's techniques grow more powerful. The Spiritual Affinity Arts does require considerable training and ingenuinity so that they may unlock their truest potential in their chosen emotion.
The arts can also be blocked, as if one loses the focus on their aspect in battle, it will cause a concrete block that will prevent their use. Spiritual Affinity is unlocking one's true potential in their inner being, and anything that would change that mid flow will weaken their techniques, themselves, as well as losing control over their abilities that require the Arts.
This technique was created by mimicking Starfires abilities as well as the properties of Emoticlones the different sides of Raven's personality that reside within her mind.

Given that they have already fought a powerful psychic as well as the fact that are lots of stronger one this seems like a likely technique to be created. I actually thought up this idea a while ago when Ranma almost went into the nekoken when Ryoga went catatonic. Like when the Hiryu Shoten Ha not working on Herb forced Ranma to create a new technique this could be created if someone tries to force him into the Nekoken or if he isn’t able to stop himself from going into it by force of will.

"With blood and rage of crimson red, ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, together with our hellish hate, we'll burn you all, this is your fate!"
Ikari: (Art of Rage, 怒り) The Art of Rage is specific in that the foe most be deeply immersed in battle to unlock it's true power. Irritation and agitation can glean a path into the techniques that it holds, but does not grant pure insight of the potential that it holds. Constructs that Ikari can form, as well as offensive capability with the useage of it's power is amplified the more rage one feels. Ikari is also limited to offensive powers, and can not be used to form defensive powers, a downside to it's capabilities.
Rage Art also grants the wielder of it's power unlimited energy as long as one feel's it's hatred flowing through them. The desire to kill will grow stronger in the host, as well as a loss of sense of self; diving them into the torment that they wish to send to others, causing their ability to intelligently discern allies and situations to an increasing low. The more rage that is felt while the technique is in use, the more one transfers their mindset to a feral beast, pure instinct and a desire to survive, using an animal's logic while in battle, cunning but vicious.
Ikari will allow the user to unlock augmented strength, fueling their muscles with newfound power, granting them the nature to cleave into foe's with their bare hands, tearing into them with strength unheard of.
This strength is also enhanced the further the host is in it's wrath's control. Those who have wielded Ikari with its increased effects have later described an eternal adrenline rush that fills their very essence. This never ending rush causes each attack to increase in power. A mastery, the deepest immersion in rage, would grant the wielder to unleash attacks that could carve through mountains and shatter souls into splinters if landed.
With rage, comes additional techniques despite strength and continual energy creation. While in the claws of Ikari, their blood will undergo an effect that has been enough to give those that have knowledge of it the desire to steer clear of it's secrets. Their blood will begin to boil, causing immense pain to the user once one loses the ability to discern properly. A double edged sword, the boiling blood harms the user, but also forms continual progress in their anguish, allowing them further power. As well, the blood if splattered on an enemy is shown to be hot enough to melt through skin and bone once contact is made with another being. Ikari provides a failsafe to protect the user of it's damaging effects, continually regenerating their systems to an unnatural degree, allowing them to live. This regeneration transcends to wounds dealt to them, allowing them to heal much more quickly, a passive 'lick their wounds/salt their wounds' trait.
The energy that the Rage Art produces can be sent out in bursts and waves, forming wavering constructs while in the heat of battle; these constructs take the form of weapons that the user may wield if necessary. Most commonly, it will take the form of enlarged claws on the wielder's hands, but can be used on weapons if the user has an affinity with weaponry. These energy weapons generate the heat produced from their blood, a transferal, dealing damage that would easily shatter through defenses.
Lastly, the Art of Hate will grant the user to produce concussive shockwaves from their body's, built in force produced from their body. The shockwaves sent out can be produced through a roar, or through a punch, kick, tail swipe, or head butt sent through the airwaves towards their opponent. These shockwaves have enough power behind them to create impact craters, and destroy moderate defenses if used succession.
Charletta.bohler chapter 24 . 6/7/2013
The ultimate Beast God, Kouryuu comes down from the sky to destroy the opponent with its limitless destructive power. This technique manipulates solar rays and concentrates them to one area then release it all in an incredibly powerful beam of energy down towards target. It is so strong that it can completely incinerate a person with all of their flesh and body being carbonized.
Charletta.bohler chapter 21 . 6/7/2013
If ranma was more cynical he would have told her what actually happened
Charletta.bohler chapter 16 . 6/7/2013
Since Proposal12 mentioned using various expy’s from Getbackers why not Binghu and Zhuolong to provide a little background information on the Anything Goes Female Martial Arts. Kurumi and Natsume’s style could be based off of the Wu Demon Fire Fist and the Wei Thin Ice Blade.
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