Reviews for Dark Titans
byakuyakchk36 chapter 27 . 6/6/2013
I guess this is part review and part answering zmz1999 I just had to. You really are ingenius when most people hear breaking point on a human they think fist of the north star. But in actuality it’s more along the lines of the Byakugan. The Breaking Point allows Ryoga to see the ki flow inside of a persons body the points he sees like the Byakugan are nodes of ki. I’l have to go into the fist of the north star again. There isn’t actually a pressure point that makes the body explode. What kenshiro is doing is hitting specific node and using them to manipulate the persons ki and and the spiritual aspects of their body changes so does the physical. Which is why they work on demons you just have to know what to look for. Take what Happosai did to Hinako, Kurumi, and Natsume. Using a combination of his knowledge of pressure point, how ki works in tangent with matter and experience he was able to change the way their body works by manipulating their chi centers. Ryoga doesn’t have this knowledge he just see’s the points and using the knowledge of how his ki works and what he can sees of terra’s he’s able to control her ki flow. Also remember Ryoga studied extensively to know exactly how Terra’s chi flow worked before he tried this.
byakuyakchk36 chapter 26 . 6/6/2013
I find it strange that kasumi notices all of this about ryoga and raven but never ranma and akane. I do kind of agree with her though. A relationship could never work if all it involves is one party stroking the others ego of the other. Which is one of the reasons I don’t like akane and ranma matchups
byakuyakchk36 chapter 25 . 6/6/2013
The Alterverse was created by Happosai in a universe where all of the justice league were born 70 years ago most have long since retired or semi retired and new heroes have taken up the mantle. But in this world they’re only in their 30’s 40’s with happosai being sealed during their career. As stated this works because Multiverse theory but its easy to see where the concept of this technique came from. Since Happosai hasn’t met or been around Superman long enough to get a feel for how his powers work he can’t have created it. So it would be up to Ranma to create it which wouldn’t be that hard. Arashisenken is actually a meditation technique that uses the basic principles of a house. He’s met and spent a lot of time with Starfire it’s only a matter of time before he meets Superman and he has a number of meditation techniques given to him by Raven. Plus flying is more Ranma’s area then Ryoga’s.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 38 . 6/5/2013
Raijin Kick
Raijin Kick is a move that altered from Raijin, it uses the leg to send the force of the attack through a kick. Skilled users can also use both legs to create a form of twister that acts like drill to crush opponent.

Issengawa Takedou (一千川岳動, lit. "Thousand Rivers Mountain Flow"): The first and most basic defensive technique of the Hiryū Kōrin Ryū. This technique allows for the practitioner to transfer the power and damage of an incoming attack and disperse it elsewhere leaving the user relatively unharmed. The technique requires the user to enter a stance. They begin by placing their right hand vertically in front of their face, and then place their left hand horizontally against the right. They make sure to place their feet firmly on the ground to keep their balance against the enemy's force of impact. Then, by following a similar principle as Transference, the practitioner captures, and stores the collected energies of an opposing attack, and using their own body as a medium is able to transfer the force of impact, but it must travel through another solid medium, in most cases, the ground or the earth beneath them. This is due in part to the speed necessary to achieve such a feat, and the inherent danger in releasing it from the body, which could erode or destroy it. Users that have extensive experience in this technique can enter the stance faster than beginners and even use it from different angles.

Murakumo Takedou (雲脚岳動,lit. "Gathering Clouds Mountain Flow"): A technique wherein the practitioner releases a mass of Ryukei Qigong projecting outward in a defensive barrier. This energy can be released outward in the form of a defensive wall or spherical barrier of pure rotational force that is capable of protecting the practitioner from attacks. The strength of the barrier is considerable, able to withstand high-level attacks. In essence the practitioner is striking the air to create powerful offense, that is instead serving as a potent defense. However the defense is not absolute, and its strength is only proportional the strength the practitioner is capable of exerting.

Mueishō (無影翔 Shadowless Flight): This technique was created from Fionn the Otaku suggestion that Ranma trades speed training from kid flash for some instruction in basic marital art techniques. I suggest Friction Manipulation which is the ability to control the friction of your own body and of objects you touch. I suggest this because Ranma already has some skill in this. He is able stick to any surface, allowing him to climb up walls or walk on ceilings. Also the Haku Dato Shin Sho causes friction burns Ranma strikes so fast speed that he leaves scorch marks. Kid flash takes this to the next level creating high frictions hot enough to cause burns, which comes useful at times whenever somebody gets a hold of him. He is also able to use Friction Manipulation to get more friction per step and zero from the wind. This technique is basically the opposite of Ranma’s first ability in that it is able to reduce the friction between two physical elements. That is to say, between elements that can be touched, regardless of where they are. They can be solid surfaces, fluid layers, and other materials sliding against each other. In nearly all cases it is used on the feet (usually one foot at a time), allowing user to slide against any surfaces and thus, increase their movement speed. The trick is to shorten the ground distance from, for example three steps, to a single step or slide and use it to move forward as if they're slipping or sliding on ice. Despite it seeming like it's easy to perform, the technique requires a good control. It's speed entirely depends on the proficiency of the user. There are other factors that need to be mastered as well, such as balance when sliding. A poor balance can result in major injuries and even death, if the technique's user happens to be in a fight.

Edayami (枝闇 Branched Darkness): A follow up technique, it starts with the user sliding diagonally towards the opponent. Then suddenly, putting their foot down they stop their movement and using that momentum, continue to fall sideways. During the fall, they cross their legs to create an unbalanced stance, subsequently a sudden change of direction and simultaneously a sudden acceleration. At such a close distance to the enemy the switch from “forward” to “sideways” and the sudden change of direction in movement make it so it can’t be followed. The technique is best used in tandem with attacking, which can be lethal if the opponent isn't careful. It is also incredibly hard to master as the timing and execution must be perfect or else it can easily backfire, causing heavy injury or death.

Wind Step
This technique is based off the movements of a fly. When there’s a fly buzzing around the room you can track it with your eyes but every now and then you lose sight of it. This technique works on that principle. Its not that the limbs are moving fast but they change directions so suddenly that opponent lose sight of them. When fully mastered user can even perform this technique on their own body making it appear as if their body is splitting into pieces and turning into the wind.

Thunder Step
A more advanced form of the Wind Step. With the wind step the body appears to unravel but with the Thunder Step the body appears to disintegrate and turn to smoke as it surrounds the opponent however it is very taxing requiring great focus speed and strength to perform.

Falcon wind
A highly accelerated curve ball like Wind Step. It combines the Wind Step with a quick instantaneous movement in a sharp angle creating a stunning sudden attack.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 37 . 6/5/2013
Taizan Hougou
Mt. Tai Demolishing Roar
A technique which transfers Ryukei Qigong through a stiff-shoulder charge demolishing most anything upon impact with its pressure wave.

Transference (移動, "Idō"): The first and most basic offensive technique of the Hiryū Kōrin Ryū. Ido collects the accumulated hot enery absorbed by the combination of the collected rotational force of both user’s and opponent’s movements in one strike producing an extremely high degree of sheer destructive force. It is an incredibly deadly technique that bypasses the fundamental weaknesses of hand to hand combat; namely the obstacle of overcoming physical and spiritual barriers. Against one who has mastered this art, these Ido simply ignore such protection.

Ryukei Qigong Tashinkō (龍形気功鍛針功, Dragon Qi, Forged Iron Needle): This technique is achieved by collecting the accumulated overflow of hot energy in the surrounding air with the rotational force of one's motion until it forms into a needle. At that point, that collected atmospheric force would then be directed from the circular motion into a straight line (via punch), where it is sent barreling into the target. Skilled users are able to transmit the Ryukei Qigong through a solid medium (such as a tree, a concrete construct or even a living being) rather than air. It is said that mastery of this technique is achieved by jutting the fist upward. When the rising stream of force can split waterfalls, and penetrate the clouds mastery has been achieved.

Like the domino effect everything crumbles one after another after you land the first hit knocking down your opponent in a split second, when fully mastered it feels like getting hit by a car. After the first hit it looks like a magician’s levitation trick the opponent’s body bounces in the middle of air. It’s a technique that allows no escape after receiving the first blow. Uses some moves from wind step and other techniques in combination. It feels like being thrown into rapids if you struggle to escape upstream this would increase the drag force just like in water it would result in defeat because of the unusability of strength. This technique makes use of all 4 limbs so it requires very unorthodox training. With the exception of the fingers the legs hold the same potential as the arms. So user must practice things like eating, writing, etc using their non-writing hand and of course their feet. The technique is also known as Nadare

Lightning Tempo
This technique is an advance version of the Iaibarai . The arms become like whips of lightning crushing the opponent’s body from all sides, which makes his opponent feel like he's controlling gravity.

Sandōju (サンダー王銃, Thunder King Revolver): A technique whereby the user spins their entire body in order to accumulate a massive amount of torque energy. This builds up Ryukei Qigong which is then released as a downward punch which makes use of the sheer momentum of the user's body.

Ryūshō (龍掌,Dragon Palm): A technique where the user places their palm against one or two opponents, or places both palms against a single opponent with their elbows slightly bent inward toward their body. After doing so the user will twist their arms outward, as though they were corkscrews, locking them in place when they are fully extended in what seems like a moment's notice. The resulting force creates a piercing shockwave that is capable of rupturing the opponent's insides and can even bypass physical and spiritual barriers, sending the target flying several meters away.

Gunhira (軍平, "Force Palm"): A move that uses the palms to transfer Ryukei Qigong to opponent using the fighter’s momentum in one fierce action, normally yielding incredible force.

Mouretsu Hana Arashi (乱暴花嵐 Violent Flower Tempest) is a high level technique of the Hiryū Kōrin Ryū. Unlike most 360 spin kick, it is not an aerial move, rather the user never leaves the ground performing it. It involves using one leg as a pivot and turning the body 360 degrees. Then shifting the weight from one leg to the other while twisting the whole body. The attacking leg lifts from the side of the body in a spinning motion hitting the enemy usually in the middle of the body. However, experienced practitioners can perform it differently and entirely dependent on the situation. This technique is most useful in combination with Ryukei Qigong charged at the soles of the feet which increases the force of the kick.

Ukojizai (雨虎自在 Rain Tiger at Will) is an aerial spin kick. It starts with the user jumping in the air or bouncing off of solid surfaces, then they swoop down towards the opponent foot-first. The user then spins mid-air in a series of powerful rapid fire kicks to the opponent's body. Combined with Ryukei Qigong, the technique can deal a fair amount of damange, though that is not its main purpose. It should be used to pressure and/or disorient the opponent while preparing for a follow up.

Hasangeki (破山撃 Mountain Crusher) is one of the most powerful techniques in that a user can utilize with their legs. It is a vertical kick aimed at the target's defense even when the opponent is attacking and/or defending. Once the practitioner can identify the weakness in the opponent's defense, they must focuse all of their physical power and Ryukei Qigong in one single kick. All of this must be done while maintaining their center of balance, which can be a fatal weakness. Should the enemy manage to somehow shift that center of balance, the power of the technique will be reduced severely. However should it be used correctly, then no one will be able to withstand it. It has been documented that the creator of the technique managed to destroy a mountain with a single kick, thus he named it the Mountain Crusher. Whether or not that's true however, is up to speculation.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 36 . 6/5/2013
Ryukei Qigong
Dragon Qi
A unique form of energy found only within the Hiryū Kōrin Ryū. It is the very corner stone of the art.

In his battle with Herb Since the Hiryū Shōten Ha proved ineffective, Ranma noticed that the surplus hot chi from the his stray blasts had accumulated to overflow in the surrounding air. He initiated the spiral motions for another whirlwind, counting on Herb to repeat his previous countermeasure of radiating cold chi to throw him into it. When that happened, he shot a spiral blast of "cold energy" into the centre, in effect making the excessive "hot energy" forcefully draw into the vortex of "cold energy", and forming into a giant version of the Mōko Takabisha. This took Herb, who believed Ranma to have already been defeated, by surprise and knocked him out.

Ryukei Qigong eliminates the need for the opponent. The basic philosophy of the technique is that everything has either a yin or yang property. The extreme of yin is death, and the opposite extreme of yang is birth. Things that freeze, decline or stagnate are all yin. And things that burn, grow or move are all yang. So using human illness as an example, yin is represented by things like colds and tuberculosis, while yang is represented by cancer where cell growth is unchecked. That’s why you catch a cold when your body gets cold, and why you can get cancer if you stay in the sun and burn your skin. Ryukei Qigong uses a special breathing technique that utilizes the soul of ice. The focal point of breathing is Yin of inhaling (cold chi) and Yang of exhaling (hot chi). This allows the body itself to act as the vortex of "cold energy”, which forcibly draws in the excessive "hot energy" bolstering its physical capabilities well beyond what it would be capable of without it. One knows Ryukei Qigong is being used when user's movements become much more planned and coordinated in their execution, with clear linkage between strikes and individual movements - no matter how subtle the motion may seem.

The Hiryū Kōrin Ryū is said to excel at close-range combat. From hard to soft, from circular and linear, from lies to truth in this endless change lies the essence of the Hiryu Shoten Ha. The basic idea of the hard and soft style is the use of soft blocking techniques to block hard strikes or to deflect the strike rather than to meet force with force. Likewise, when attacking, user employs hard techniques against a soft target and vice versa.

Every subtle movement builds rotational force. The combination of the collected rotational force of both user’s and opponent’s movements and the Soul of ice allows user’s body to act as a vortex of cold energy that draws in and absorbs the excessive hot energy from the surrounding environment for user to utilize, greatly increasing their destructive potential.

The nature of hard and soft nature of the Hiryū Kōrin Ryū actually serves two purposes like the original technique Ryukei Qigong can only be used when there is a surplus of hot chi in the surrounding air. The combination of hard and soft techniques gives the user the ability to defend thenseles not only when they are absorbing hot chi but also when there isn’t enough hot chi to absorb.

While absorbing energy Hiryū Kōrin Ryū generally places a large focus on evasion, twists and rolls to build the energy needed.

Ranma could create this from what he learned from fighting the Fuuchouin ryu

Iron Spirit
This is a Quake technique created by Ryoga by combining the principles of the style with the breathing method of Ryukei Qigong. Instead of absorbing a surplus of hot chi for strength it absorbs the Metal element in the atmosphere causing Ryoga’s cell membranes to become "armored". Titatnium seems to be the most substantial element used as it is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio, which means its use throughout the body of user does not affect their weight drastically. It is a strong metal that has excellent malleability without shattering. The absorbed minerals leads to faster protein synthesis due to conductivity within the cell and increased excitability in electron transport function, as well as energy released. They are also directly attributed to an enhanced muscular system, causing the body to no longer generate fatigue poisons. Rather, the body constantly expels waste products during its accelerated respiration through exhalation. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems become many times more efficient than those of a normal human being. The metallic minerals also increase the tensile strength of the tendons and bones. The process is virtually instantaneous. The technique can be used to partially strengthen the density of selected parts of the body during battle, or the effect can be extended to its entirety. While in the armored state, user possesses the same degree of mobility that they do in their normal form.

Infinite Power Mode
This technique allows user to conquer the infinite energy from the world around them. To put it simply, it uses the breathing method of the Ryukei Qigong and Iron Spirit allowing user to draw ki from the Dragon Lay lines to reinforce their stability and power.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 35 . 6/5/2013
You said that Ranma was looking for something that didn't require so much telling set up to pull off.

Hiryū Kōrin Ryū
Hiryū Kōrin Ryū (飛龍降臨流 Flying Dragon Descent Martial Arts) is a form of martial arts based on the principles of the Hiryū Kōrin Dan. It employs swift, evasive maneuvers that evoke intangibility and explosive power;

It combines both hard and soft techniques into a smooth, graceful style based on deception and mobility. Hiryū Kōrin Ryū incorporates both circular and linear movements into its curriculum, combining hard striking attacks such as kicks and close hand punches with softer open hand circular techniques that employ the entire body with smooth coiling and uncoiling movements, utilizing dynamic footwork, attacking, blocking, and controlling the opponent, including locks, grappling, takedowns and throws. A common tactic is to maneuver behind an opponent and mirror their movements, preventing them from turning to face the practitioner. Combining this with the straightforwardness and powerful approach of the hard technique, Hiryū Kōrin Ryū can defend easily then switch to attack in an instant. Given its nature major emphasis is given to breathing correctly in all of the katas.

The Hachimichi no Sentou (八道の戦闘 Eight Ways of Combat)
Hiryū Kōrin Ryū breaks the vast array of fighting techniques and skills of the Anything Goes system into ranges and combinations with techniques flowing smoothly between them. Hiryū Kōrin Ryū believes that every part of the body can be a weapon if used effectively. The eight ways to fight are:
Genkotsu 拳骨: using the fist to pressure the opponent and deal significant damage.
Tenouchi 手の内: using the palm to keep the opponent at bay, allowing the user to deflect and redirect attacks to any direction they choose. The user does not directly oppose the force of the redirected blow, but instead uses the opponent's force against them. The technique can be used purely as a defensive measure as well as in an offensive manner.[1] Tenouchi also employs the striking of vital areas, in order to set up jointlocking or throwing tactics. Some of the art's striking methods employ the swinging of the outstretched arms to create power and to hit with the fists at deceptive angles, as may be observed in techniques such as the atemi that sets up gyaku ude-dori (reverse elbow lock).
Hiji 肘: using elbow strikes to cause severe damage, especially in close quarter combat.
Hiza 膝: using the knees in a similar fashion as the elbows.
Kakutou 格闘: grappling or techniques, maneuvers, and counters applied to an opponent in order to gain a physical advantage; in contrast to more aggressive fighting arts, kakutou stresses non-resistance. User can turn an opponent's strength and motion against them, and use vulnerable points such as the neck, knees, and wrists as leverage. Its goal is to harmonize user’s movements with an opponent's ki, or spirit. Redirecting attacks, counters, throws, and sweeps are all tools of Kakutou. It emphasizes throwing techniques and joint manipulations to effectively control, subdue, or injure an attacker. Of particular importance is the timing of a defensive technique to either blend or neutralize an incoming attack's effectiveness and use the force of the attacker's movement against them. One of the unique characteristics of the art to be its preference for controlling a downed attacker's joints with one's knee in order to leave one's hands free to access one's weapons or to deal with the threat of other oncoming attackers.
Handou 反動: using kicks to deal damage and/or disrupt opponent's rhythm.
Hitoashi 一足: The principle that fluidity will win over power isn’t a simple view of mind. Hitoashi places an emphasis on fluid motion in movement and evasion. It stands by the principle that the most damaging action you can take against an attack is resistance. It is fast, flowing, and precise. It relies more on perception, adaptation, and efficiency than on raw power or fancy moves. The fluid grace with which movements are made and the precise training to enable the user to move in unexpected ways creates the illusion that the user is untouchable. When a strike is aimed at where the user is he/she is already moved on, when one tries to predict where they will go they find that they are wrong. At higher levels the user seems to be struck as the enemy strikes only to find that their eyes have been tricked into thinking the user was still there by the sudden and almost unpredictable movement. Hitoashi is all about efficiency and skill over raw power. That is why it is seen as the most fundamental of techniques.
Ukeru 受ける: use of parrying is mainly for defensive purposes though it can be used offensively. The difference between Ukeru and other martial arts is that you have to let go of your strength. An attack founded on the knowledge of the human body's structure can overcome anyone with even a small amount of strength. Loosen up the strength of the body and allow it to flow freely. This allows the joints to rotate beyond the normal radius with ease and the special training of the style takes high flexibility to another level. To opponents it is like users body is made of rubber. Their limbs are able to bend like a snake changed directions in the middle of an attack, making user nearly impossible to predict. By shifting their weight users can reverse the force of impact back at their attackers. Finally by shifting their center weight down user can make themselves feel like a ton to an opponent.
Hachimichi no Sentou also factors in five (5) techniques into the Hiryū Kōrin Ryū:
Kin'niku o Saku (dividing the muscle/tendon, grabbing the muscle/tendon). They refer to techniques which tear apart an opponent's muscles or tendons.
Hone Dakkyū (misplacing the bone). This refers to techniques which put bones in wrong positions and is usually applied specifically to joints.
Yawarakai Dageki (soft techniques) which generally refers to the techniques deemed safe for sparring and/or training purposes. These includes blocking, armed and unarmed throws.
Chissoku Suru (sealing the breath). This is the technique of preventing the opponent from inhaling. This differs from mere strangulation in that it may be applied not only to the windpipe directly but also to muscles surrounding the lungs, supposedly to shock the system in to a contraction which impairs breathing.
Atsuryoku Sutoppu (sealing the vein/artery or acupressure cavity). Similar to the Cantonese dim mak, these are the technique of sealing or striking blood vessels, pressure points, nerve points and chi points.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 25 . 6/5/2013
I actually thought up two versions of this technique the first simply unify’s Kurumi’s hot chi with the techniques that mimic Starfires or Superman’s powers that Fionn the Otaku giving birth to the divine flames of heaven! She could also fuse them with that Ryuushou Enka technique someone thought of.

But if you think that’s to powerful in the second version the solar energy instead of fusing with Kurumi’s hot chi or if your using Ryuushou Enka fire, instead enter a state of fission. In this process her energies are absorbed, and due to the conflicting spiritual alignments of solar energy and her own energy, causes it to destabilize, breaking it down immediately causing it to split, to the same effect as nuclear fission. The end result is similar, a tremendous amount of energy is released, however unlike what it would have been under the original "unification of power", this process is particarly draining and due to the incredibly high metabolism she has because of Happosai’s manipulation of her chi center’s this could prove very dangerous to her if she’s not careful. Due to the rapid decay of her own energy by Yatagarasu, which is a naturally occurring phenomenon within her body, causes a significant drain on her spiritual energy reserves. As a survival instinct, her body begins to produce more energy to counter the effect, which in turn accelerates the fission of her energy. As the imbalances accrue, her body begins to deteriorate due to the strain from the effort. Therefore Kurumi can only keep Yatagarasu active for short periods of time, typically using it in short bursts within a fight. Think of it as similar to when Choji from Naruto took the three color pills.

Since Genryoku is formed externally, it lacks the aforementioned drawbacks of solar energy synchronization with hot chi, allowing Kurumi to freely use it without degredation to her body. Thus it serves as the primary suite of abilities she uses whenever Yatagarasu is released.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 24 . 6/5/2013
Actually if this series joins the bet or the alterverse no one would have to develop techniques that mimic Starfires or Supermans powers because the Arashisenken.

What about this
Yatagarasu (八咫烏, lit. "Eight-Span Crow")
"Jewel who shines upon heaven, embodiment of the golden light, descend from the valley of the sun!" (黄金の光の天国本実施例によれば、輝く宝石は、太陽の谷から降りる, kogane no hikari no tengoku hon jisshi rei ni yoreba, kagayaku hōseki wa, taiyō no tani kara oriru);

Yatagarasu is the embodiment of the sun, the spiritual manifestation of its heavenly fire, and vassal of the goddess Amaterasu. Luminescent wings spread with the divine light that which illuminates the darkness; it is a flame with the power to create or destroy the world. Yatagarasu's ability is the "unification of power", a strength that ignites the sun, a light that shines from every celestial star. Yatagarasu’s flames are said to possess a grace and beauty that beguiles their overwhelming destructive power. Essentially this technique unify’s Kurumi’s hot chi with the techniques that mimic Starfires or Superman’s powers that Fionn the Otaku giving birth to the divine flames of heaven! She could also fuse them with that Ryuushou Enka technique someone thought of. So basically a technique/style that absorbs solar energy like the Arashisenken or whatever with either hot chi or Ryuushou Enka.

Genryoku (原力, lit. "Fundamental Powers"): The Genryoku are at their basis the most basic and fundamental of all of Yatagarasu's powers. As its power is one aligned with fire, these abilities allow Kurumi to manipulate heat and energy as readily as she would a limb. This is accomplished through her battle aura the dispersion of ki into the atmosphere is then manipulated with the ambient energies to produce fire related effects.

Shisonka (子孫日, lit. "Child of the Sun"): Yatagarasu makes Kurumi a child of the sun itself, her spiritual alignment the very core of her essence resonance with fire itself. This grants her a number of unique traits and characteritics associated with her element.
•Fire Immunity: As a being who resonates with fire, Kurumi is similarily immune to any naturally occuring flame or fire, or those manipulated by outside sources. If she desired he could walk upon the surface of the very sun itself and feel nothing but the comfort of home. This also makes her immune to any fire produced by Yatagarasu, thus allowing her to detonate her own attacks in close proximity without injuring herself.
•Fire Synthesis: Kurumi's body is able to absorb and synthesis extenal sources of heart and fire into a suitable energy source that replenishes her reserves. Coupled with the various energy techniques absorbing technique thrown around like the Hado ken or Utakata Yojin, and Kurumi is an entity who can obtain not only sustennance from fire, but power as well. This ability also makes her virtually immune to sources of fire used by opponents against her, since she can consume the flame readily enough and absorb its energy. Spiritually-induced fire based attacks are essentially useless against her, since she can simply absorb the essence of their powr and add it to her own.

Tenkyuusekka (天球石火, lit. "Heavenly Body Flare"): One of Yatagarasu's basic powers. The resulting heat and energy is condensed and compressed into an almost lava-like form; visually it appears as a miniature sun. The damage this technique is capable of inflicting is tremendous, for upon impact it detonates in a fiery explosion, disintegrating anything in its path. Molecules within an area are literally torn to shreds due to the amount of heat generated, causing horrific and terrible damage upon those who are caught in its area, leaving no trace of their existence. Kurumi can generate a Heavenly Body Flare without the use of a stance or body motions; simply willing it into existence within her immediate vicinity, before sending it forward at incredible speeds. She is able to control the trajectory with hand motions. This technique can also be incorporated into her melee techniques.

Hakyuuyokukaen (波及翼火炎, lit. "Wing Spreading Blaze"): The second of Yatagarasu's basic powers, its name is born from its formation, appearing as a phoenix's wings surrounding the wielder, though unlike the name implies they remain closed. The technique is one of Yatagarasu's few defensive powers, as it can be used as a barrier against incoming attacks. The flames interact with the attack in the same manner as Kurumi, though instead of releasing heat, they disintegrate on contact. However the defense is not absolute, as the flames lack a solid form, sufficiently powerful attacks are capable of penetrating through its defenses. This power also is unique in that it can be used offensively as well, by creating a ring surrounding Kurumi and her opponent. The heat generated by the flames are potent enough to cause massive waves of disorienting heat, and quickly eat through the oxygen within the enclosed space; this can quickly lead to exhaustion, even unconciousness. This power can also be used offensively, by generating a swirling aura of fire around Kurumi to constantly act as a both a potent ward, and means of damaging opponents who remain in close-range. Like the Heavenly Body Flare using this power requires no stance, and can be willed into existence either centered around Kurumi or remotely with rapid speed.

Juuakuyou (十悪陽, lit. "Ten Evil Suns"): A technique prized for its range and versatility, Kurumi releases a burst of ki which then condenses into a number of small molten flame-like orbs which are then sent hurtling towards an opponent. Each orb upon impacts detonates into a fiery explosion, allowing her to cause a wide area of damage on a controlled scale, or deal massive amounts of damage on a single target or area. She is able to will them into existence, but has demonstrated that by utilizing his hand to hand techniques, can simply release these missiles of flame along with her actual attacks. She can change the shape of her Ten Evil Suns through the method of her attacks, linear attacks form the standard fire missiles, but sweeping circular movements create large rings and arcs of flame to decimate her foes.

Dairyoku (大力, lit. "Greater Powers"): The Dairyoku are Yatagarasu's most powerful techniques and unlike the Genryoku, the manipulation of heat and energy is conducted internally within Kurumi, making them exponentially more powerful. When the resulting energies tear apart, they release tremendous amounts of power which is then dispersed into the atmosphere where it undergoes the same process as the Genryoku powers. This in turn generates massive quantities of heat that burn as hot as any star! The overwhelming damage potential of any Dairyoku is immense, no other attack exceeds the amount of destruction they are capable of inflicting. However as these manipulations first occur within Kurumi’s body, is under the constant threat of erosion due to the breakdown of her own energies. Using these powers even once during a battle is exhausting. For this reason they are often used as a finishing move against a particularly powerful opponent. She can push herself, though she will generally never go beyond two to three shots during any encounter.

Tenkyuugouka (天球業火, lit. "Heavenly Sun's Hellfire"): This power changes the medium of the chain reactions that generate Yatagarasu's flames from air to virtually any other solid substance, most notably-earth. To execute this technique, Kurumi focuses her ki into a limb, and upon contact with a physical medium she violently disperses the energy which then initiates the chain-reactions to generate massive amounts of fire and heat. When used with the earth, this causes the ground beneath her to instantly liquify into molten magma, which can erupt on the surface as defeaning fiery explosions or torrents of liquid flame from geysers. As they are all the flames of Yatagarasu, Kurumi is capable of controlling them, though doing so requires a "stance" such as physical movements and gestures; typically Suzaku will use her melee skills as a means of guiding and directing the magma using it as a weapon against her enemies. As the flames have a physical component, in addition to their disintegrating touch, they're capable of inflicting massive amounts of crushing damage as they slam into the structures or other creatures. When used as a physical component for Yatagarasu's other techniques, the magma appears to augment and empower their speed to great heights, that are capable of moving at high-speeds to track otherwise elusive opponents. This could also be used by Terra and Ryoga as well.

Jigoku no Akutaiyou (地獄の悪太陽, lit. "Hell's Evil Sun"): The divine might of heaven itself, will unleash its wrath upon those who dare stand against its awesome power, when this evil sun is lit, all that will remain when its light dies is total annihilation. Kurumi disperses a large amount of energy into the atmosphere above her, energy colliding against energy causing it to split in release tremendous amounts of raw heat and power. This fission of energy eventually generates a massive cornera of molten energy as it rapidly expands forming a small nova of ultimate power. Kurumi need only gesture in the general direction, to send the hulking mass of condensed heat to its target, upon which it will detonate on impact releasing a massive wave of energy that radiates outward in a bright golden-yellow dome extending in all directions, swallowing and disintegrating all things within it.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 21 . 6/5/2013
Kasen Ryūryō (河川流量, River's Flow)
This is a attack aimed area in which the target’s defense is the weakest. This technqiue involves feeling the flow of opponent’s rhythm, allowing user to understand the nature of opponent’s attack. In order to utilize it the user must first read the flow of opponent’s ki. When the flow of ki around user changes, the flow of their own energies also changes relaying this information to the brain. Then by combining the two flows user is able to twist into opponent’s attack redirecting its energy resulting in a kicking counterattack that is stronger than would normally be launched.

If this technique is properly executed death will inevitably come after 5 years and during these 5 years suffering comparable to having your liver eaten by a demon will come and go. It’s not simply violent pain but the most extreme suffering a human can feel. This technique was actually developed by accident from a healing technique. Due to this life and death are one and the same when applied to a certain point and depending on the power the Kaishuken can also be used to heal the affects it places on the body. This technique is also known as Ogre’s 5 Year Death.

Sōkō Kantsū
Armor Penetration
This technique is the basis of the Sōkō Geijutsu. It involves reading opponent’s rhythm, knowing your opponent’s rhythm is like being able to read their mind. The opponents unknowingly gives away there location, targets, attacks and every thought that comes to there mind. By attuning their rhythm of movement to the opponent's, the user then strikes when the opponent's guard is weakest.

Kamikyōi (神脅威, "Divine Threat")
The fundamental energy, the ki concentrates itself on the part of the lower stomach called the “tanden.” By striking the zone of the inferior tandan, with the Shin'irikugō Bateihōken user liberates and explodes the energy that is accumulated inside the body. The impact propagates towards the extremities by provoking the destruction of the capillary vessels and reach up to the brain.

Wave of energetic movement
This is the technique that Ranma learned from Raven. it is said that after perfecting and mastering it, it became a reincarnation technique where the user, giving their life force to the target, uses their ki as an intermediary. This technique can be used on both the living and dead. To perform the user thrusts a wave of ki directly into the heart sending the individual apart of their soul.

Rhythms Insertion
Ranma created this technique by combining Happosai’s Finger block with Raven’s healing technique. By attuning their own chi to that of their opponent's, the user is able to fully nullify the opponent's chi, completely halting any attack they might have launched.

Javelin Palm
Ranma’s ability to run up vertical things like powerline poles or horizontally on walls is due to his ability to use his ki to control the flux of inter-atomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers, allowing him to form temporary molecular bonds between his body and another object as he manipulates the inter-atomic binding forces of matter. Ranma frequently tries to escape distressing situations this way, to spy on people, and while sneak attacking — and he can cling to even a smooth, painted wooden surface . Once he even did a blanket cling when trying to hide from his mother as she pulled off the covers from his futon. Through experimentation Ranma has learned to an immense amount of friction by generating and subsequently storing a collective entity ok ki on the palm in a distinctive visible aura emulating an anti-tank grenade. Because of munroe effect when the energy detonates it accumulates in the center of the palm before the intense heat produced by the fiction disperses in an almost explosive manner, instantaneously incinerating the majority of objects in the immediate vicinity of the attack's trajectory.

Javelin Kick
In this technique the ki and friction are gathered at the foot instead of the palm.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 20 . 6/5/2013
Sōkō Geijutsu
Armored Art
Just as the Saotome School is a branch of the original Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū Sōkō Geijutsu can be considered a branch of the Saotome School similar to the Senken styles. Sōkō Geijutsu seeks oneness between the senses and is especially effective at disabling and destroying larger opponents.

Sōkō Geijutsu was developed to anticipate Meta-human combat, and emphasizes combat against both armed opponents, including ranged weapons, and as a Saotome School style fighting in mid-air free fall. Like its predecessor Sōkō Geijutsu emphasizes speed as well as the use of attacks that bypass armor and cause damage to a foe's limbs or internal organs.

The art is also quite effective against larger foes. The Anything Goes system provides a definite tactical advantage, since it gives its user the ability to analyze an opponent's fighting style and to retaliate accordingly. This is why Ranma will rarely be defeated in a second combat with a given enemy. Like its predecessor the techniques of the Sōkō Geijutsu are engraved within the practitioner's psyche allowing them to use each and every one instinctively even many decades later.

Ting Jing
Ting Jing (Chinese: 聽勁, Tīng jìn) is the Chinese martial art of listening practiced in internal Chinese martial arts such as Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, T'ai chi ch'uan (Taijiquan), Liuhebafa, Ch'uan Fa, Yiquan. Utilizing his knowledge of his these various art Ranma developed his own version of Ting Jing by first perfecting his mastery of fighting using just his Sixth Sense and then combining it with his new ability to use ambient ki energies to sense changes in the movement of the environment around him.

Kage no Tsuiseki (影の追跡 "Shadow Tracking")
I think this should be Lathis’ version of the umisenken. A basic skill used primarily as a training exercise which teaches a practitioner to stay in their target's blind spot. By synchronizing with the rhythm of his adversary's breathing before subsequently concealing himself in his opponent's "mental blind spot", user is able to move without notice even against the most diligent of foes.[46]

Sōkō Geijutsu is an anti-superhuman martial art that emphasizes giving a human practitioner an edge in combat with meta-humans. Its techniques emphasize bypassing armor to inflict internal as opposed to external damage Matter is energy expressed in form. If you want to change the direction and flow of that energy, you simply change its expression. It's all a matter of will and mind. What makes a hand strong enough to shatter wood or stone? Kinetic force? No! It's believing that you can shatter them, that the energy within you is stronger than so-called inanimate matter. Will and Intelligence are what separate us from mere objects. The sequence of Koppo is usually described as:
- Understanding the inherent structure and properties of the atomic or molecular makeup of a particular material, including the flow and balance of energy within.
- Using energy to break down the physical structure of the identified material into a more malleable state.

This breaks down the physical structure of whatever user targets, essentially reducing it to formless debris. By applying this method to their opponent, user destroys their internal systems (general organs) instantly.

Mutant powers are not necessarily genetically encoded. Fundamentally, all mutant powers can be regarded as simply different manifestations of the same base ability. That ability is the possession and unconscious manipulation of the biology-altering abilities of the dragon ley lines that locks into a particular type of superhuman ability upon activation. The "gene packages" that meta humans possess is a DNA complex that causes them to have certain anatomical characteristics in their brains that humans don't have. Mutants gain several new neurotransmitters, unique neural wiring, and wholly new organelles in the neurons. This special neuroanatomy causes the brain to create a special ki field that exist as a semi-sentient energy-based lifeform. The lifeform takes form as an inconspicuous energy pattern linked to the natural ki flow of a mutant's body. Since the ki permeates a mutant's entire body, it innately possesses an intrinsic understanding of all aspects of physiology (including DNA) to a degree that is beyond human comprehension. The semi-sentience of the ki is tied into a mutant's own consciousness and as a result, its actions are based on the mutant's subconscious will and even biofeedback caused by the mutant's current environment. Because of this connection, at some point during a mutant's puberty (although for some rare mutants, it is while in the womb), the ki takes signals from the mutant's emotional/psychological state, as well as their individual genetic structure, stress hormones, and immune system messengers to modify the mutant's physiology in way that will imbue them with a superhuman ability that might be useful to that particular mutant at the time of manifestation. This means that the environment (both natural and social) and the thoughts/psychological state of a mutant at the time of manifestation have a direct and formative impact on what type of ability will be developed.

To a practitioner of Sōkō Geijutsu a meta-human is no different then a brick wall since their powers are nothing more expressions of their ki once user understands that expression the benefits of that power is eliminated. This means this technique weak against martial artist who are able to utilize their ki as the technique can be nullified by changing the expression of ones ki.

Shin'irikugō Bateihōken (心意六合 • 馬蹄崩拳?)
"Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies: Trampling Horse Fist"
This is a Beng Quan horse move (馬形; pinyin: mǎ xíng) throwing a punch from the drawn-arrow stance. The martial artist delivers an overhead smash, digging into the heart with wrist bent and elbow facing downward. when used correctly, it can be used to destroy or at least disrupt function of the heart.

Hijijin (肘刃, "Elbow Blade") As its name suggests, the art of using "teai" attacks that take advantage of those attacks which originate at the elbow, making them faster than those using punches that originate at the shoulder.

Chīsana Bakudan no Geijutsu
Small Bomb Art
A technique that is utilized by hitting pressure points with quick and relatively light jabs and punches using the fingers and knuckles, and must be done rapidly, often giving little time for the recipient to react. It creates an unstable imbalance of energy in these spots, causing them to explode violently. The detonation itself is caused by a mental push by user allowing them to retreat to a safe distance. This can be used to cripple an opponent by targeting their vital spots as well as for assassination and torture. Ranma created this technique during a time of stress while fighting a particularly powerful foe. Though that foe survived relatively unharmed he instantly recognized the dangers of it and instantly forbid its use.

He later developed a variation that allows him to stop his opponent’s chi flow, reducing their muscular strength, and temporarily disables their ability to utilize their ki. When this technique was later learned by Ryoga his mastery of the Bakusai Tenketsu allowed him cause the instability to flow from one place to another at his will, essentially directing localized explosions from long range.

Misairu Dageki
Missile Blow
An Inner Power technique in which the practitioner circulates Ki through his body, and releases it through his fist at the same time he extends his hand. The Ki circulation must be properly timed or the attack will fail and the user will feel the burn of improperly released Ki on their fist.[4] Requires large reserves of Ki for extended use and the ability to synchronize the release of Ki with the movement of the body. Ranma can throw several hundred punches so swiftly that it looks like a single strike making this an exceptionally powerful attack. This technique can be recognized by the sonic boom it makes when used.[5]
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 15 . 6/5/2013
Soul Infliction
This could be used to counter Ryoga’s toughness. They say the body loses a small amount of weight when a person dies that’s because the spirit or soul is made up of tiny particles even smaller that neutrinos but any physical substance can be affected by magnetic fields. Using this principle user uses their ki to attack the soul of another and not cause any physical harm.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 13 . 6/5/2013
Ryuushou Enka
Blooming Flame Palm
From a chemical point of view, fire is simply rapid oxidation. Oxidation for the chemically challenged is the combination of oxygen and another element or molecule into a compound. Fire is the release of heat energy from oxidation when it occurs very rapidly. Rust is also a form of oxidation (iron oxide usually), but it occurs so slowly that no great amount of heat is released.

If you look closely at fire it is really a mechanical process that releases a lot of energy and that energy propagates the same mechanical process in the surrounding matter. Let's say we have a piece of paper. Paper is essentially organic carbon based fibers. In organic matter, everything but the carbon can burn (and at the right temp even carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide; by the way, CO2 is formed in your body after the cells "combust" but in such minute levels even though it is very hot at the point of the transfer it doesn't set the body on fire spontaneously). When you set the paper on fire, what you are doing from a molecular level is "infecting" it with a mechanical process that forces the molecules of the paper to combine with oxygen and then emit enough heat to break the surrounding molecular bonds and force them to combine with oxygen as well as the carbon (ash) falls to the floor.

Essentially, this uses Ranma’s ability to control the natural resistance to movement between two surfaces on the air around her. This allows her to manipulate the concentration of oxygen in the air surrounding, raising its density to a level at which it becomes a volatile and flammable oxidizer. Then through the utilization of her Hot Chi Kurumi is able to start a fire without the initial heat. Ryuushou Enka performs the first part of the chain reaction, and then let the attendant heat maintain the combustion. The name from comes from the fact that when Kurumi first developed it she had only mastered the friction manipulation technique enough to only be able to perform it with her hands. Since then she has learned to perform the technique with her feet and the rest of the body. She can even manipulate the air friction to create pathways through which she can direct the ensuing flame. Ryuushou Enka can also be used to reverse and shut down combustion allowing Kurumi to control external fires and to prevent her from burning.

Dragon Fire Vortex
This technique creates an immense wall of flame, which surrounds the target and forms a huge vortex/column of flame in which to imprison enemies. Those who are caught by Karyuuen will immediately feel as though their soul is being ripped from their body and burned. Opponents with sufficient spiritual energy are able to resist the effects of having their soul being scorched away.

Kōkikyūzō (後期急増, Final Explosion)
At the instant of the attack, Kurumi releases a highly condensed flame at the tip of the fist, magnifying the attack before flying forward. This attack takes the form of a vacuum of blazing flame, which can burn through anything it touches. The Kokikyuzo is a powerful technique with great force, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction.

Tenka Shōseki: (点火証跡, Ignition Trail)
By manipulating the flames of the Ryuushou Enka around her body, Kurumi then moves at high-speeds, eventually crashing into her foe with a high-powered kick. The flames become solid seconds after the initial contact which also smash into the target, causing quite considerable damage either to the foe or the surroundings. It is powerful enough to completely demolish spiritually-enhanced steel.

Kōkiara (後期荒, Final Burst):
A full-body ability that releases a concentrated aura of fire. The aura gives one a greater level of resistance to attacks upon their body; essentially allowing them to be in the presence of those with higher levels than the user without suffering ill effects. The flames can even be focused into a wall in front of user. Kurumi can also perform a fire-wreathed offensive march which, for short periods of time, amplifies her physical abilities three-fold. It enables her to take her opponents completely by surprise by assuming a daunting aura of flame, where she then pummels them relentlessly.

Flame Cone
Another ability taught by Ranma and evolved by Kurumi. Using high speed, Kurumi quickly creates a fire clone that looks just like her and has the clone take her place. Consequently, the enemy's attack will strike the fire clone and not the Kurumi herself, confounding the foe momentarily, making them vulnerable to a counter attack. Can also be used to successfully retreat from a battle.

Kon'en (魂炎, "Soul Blaze")
Kurumi’s ability to manifest Hot chi allows her to engulf her desired weapon in intense localized flames, which follow the subsequent path of the object in question, incinerating anything which comes into direct contact. With Kon'en, Kurumi does the same thing with the Ryuushou Enka. The flames produced by Kon'en are able to incinerate a large area not because they are widespread, but because the flames act as a virus and when any of its embers make contact with an object, they will continue to burn unless the afflicted part is removed or destroyed. The flames of Kon'en are able to burn away objects that are not usually burnable and rob the heat from any of Kurumi's targets at the same time.

Jūzoku Nichiyō (日曜の従属, Subjugation of the Sun)
To initiate this technique, Kurumi begins creating a large quantity of swirling flames that are centered on her location before amassing it at a focused point, using her ribbon. Kurumi then turns the large mass into a gigantic fireball resembling the sun and hurls it at her opponent to try to obliterate them. When it comes into contact with an enemy, if they are not obliterated by the technique's heat they will be crushed by the pressure resulting from the compacted mass of the sun-like sphere. Its said that, the flames of this technique are capable of completely burning away the souls of any unfortunate victim caught inside.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 12 . 6/5/2013
Why don’t you expand on the illusionary aspect of the umisenkens opening stance. The Kotoamatsukami technique from Naruto would be a good place to start. Kotoamatsukami is the ultimate genjutsu granted by Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan. The technique itself allows the user to enter the opponent's mind and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. It is regarded as a genjutsu of the highest class, due to the victim being entirely unaware that they are being manipulated.[1]

As a testament to its power it was strong enough to even negate Kabuto Yakushi's control over the reincarnated Itachi Uchiha, in spite of the former's authority being considered almost absolute. After the technique is used, it requires around a decade before it can be used again, but this period can be drastically reduced through the possession of Hashirama Senju's cells, as observed by Danzō Shimura's use.[2] However, despite the additional stamina granted by Hashirama's cells, it is asserted that this technique still can't be used multiple times in a single day.[3]
Danzō gained access to this dōjutsu by taking and later implanting Shisui's Sharingan into his own right eye-socket while Shisui was still alive. Shisui entrusted his remaining Sharingan to Itachi Uchiha, who implanted it into the eye belonging to one of his crows. This crow was later forcibly stored inside Naruto Uzumaki and rigged to emerge only in response to confronting Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan. Upon activation, Itachi rigged the eye itself so that the genjutsu would give the order "protect Konoha" to whomever was affected by it. Itachi intended this to be used on his brother, in the eventuality that he turned against the village and assumed that he would have transplanted his eyes in order to obtain an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan by then. The technique was instead used on Itachi himself, after being reincarnated and inadvertently using his Mangekyō Sharingan when encountering Naruto during the Fourth Shinobi World War.
TheAlteredDestiniesFan chapter 8 . 6/5/2013
Sandbag Beat (サンドバッグ・ビート, "Sandobaggu Bīto")
A technique where Robin delivers multiple strikes at an extremely fast pace causing aggravated damage to a target.

Because of the anime people forget or just don’t realize that the Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken is not actually a special attack, but a general speed exercise/enhancement. Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. And its main application is the focus of tat speed. The name comes from the method of establishing mastery of the technique, which is raising the user's hand speed to such that one can snatch chestnuts from a fire without burning themselves.

Mastering Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken requires a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, endurance and stamina to be employed as efficiently as possible. As such training and skill are what determines how fast a user can move. The user trains to sharpen their ability to its finest and throw away all unnecessary movements while streamlining their body to move faster. You’ll notice that Ranma’s actually training was waitressing in the Nekohentan not trying to grab chestnuts. In addition the training eliminates the weaknesses usually associated techniques that mainly focus on speed. Concentrated blows can prove to be highly destructive.

Because Ranma was affected by the Full-body Cat Tongue pressure point at the time, he could not handle the heat from close proximity to the fire. Thus, he did not master the technique in the conventional manner. Instead, he did so by pulling piranhas from a fish tank using his bare hands. It is mentioned that due to undergoing it, Ranma can throw several hundred punches so swiftly that it looks like a single strike. Which is considered a record. The fact that Robin has to shot the name before he focuses his ki shows just how far he has to go. Gologne is most likely impressed with the fact dispite the fact that he has no training it he can can focus his ki at all not that he can do the technique because as I stated he can’t. learning to do this shows how much potential he has but learning to do it naturally like Ranma and Ryoga is going to take years. For example Akane can do it but she still has to focus to break bricks. My idea is that since Robin can’t naturally focus his ki shorten the name to make this technique uniquely his own. From their all he has to do is train to do it without saying the name. lets face it becvause of the reasons I’ve just stated will never beable to hit the higher tear fighters as he is right now. By the time he throws the punches they will already have moved out of the way. By shortening the name not only will he surprise them but also give them less time to move. Them by training to use it without shouting he’ll have abigger advantage.
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