Reviews for Dance With a Stranger
IchiIchi chapter 49 . 7/26
Been a while since this story was completed, but I just wanted to show how much I loved it. While I hated a few parts for obvious reasons (that Irish guy), I really loved it . Great writing and storyline, one of the best I've seen in a while
Zacatac100 chapter 8 . 7/17
Hi,I love this pairing it is so wrong but SO right.I love how you don't go to much into detail in the intimate parts,and it has a very poetic feel about only on chapter 8 but I can tell that this is going to be a absolutely lovely story filled with twists and turns,and eventually comeimg to a close on a very climactic ending in true Heroes fashion.

Thanks for making this story
aroundsundown chapter 49 . 3/30
Finally done. It's been a long confusing ride. been a long one for you too. 6 years in the making huh
aroundsundown chapter 45 . 3/30
Finally Peter and Claire's children are explained.
aroundsundown chapter 43 . 3/30
I'm kind of disappointed actually. In the beginning, I as a reader, fell in love with Paire's relationship and the trials and tribulations they had to go through. I lost the story when we went through the parentage history lesson. It wasn't very easy to follow (I feel the same way with these epilogues).

Seeing snippets of each important event in Paire's lives was cute and endearing before the parentage history but then it just felt disjointed after. I kept wondering wait huh where in the timeline are we what's happening. They're in the same bed in the Bennet's household oh wait they're married already? i didnt feel happy that theyre together again. I didn't fall in love with them again. I was just like a passerby. I didn't grieve for them. I couldn't grieve for them because I was still trying to understand what Joshua is doing, what he's trying to say, how far ahead in time we are, to realize that Joshua just said they're dead. The year 2050 doesn't help me at all in understanding the time.

Then you introduce all these Petrellis but not mentioning their names or how they're related within the first paragraph.

Maybe it's my fault I don't know these people. I didn't watch the entire Heroes series. But I doubt these people exist in the series. With the introduction of so many new characters by this point, it was very hard to follow where you're going with the story when you don't outright say who are in this scene. And at the moment i can't really remember how I first fell in love with this story.
aroundsundown chapter 42 . 3/30
I don't know anything about India or where Mohinder came from or if there are different words for paternal and maternal grandfather. As far as I know (personal experience from hearing my cousins call their father's relatives), Tata does refer to PATERNAL grandfather. But like I said I don't know if Tata can be used for maternal as well.
aroundsundown chapter 41 . 3/30
I notice that you keep using past tense when it should have been present tense, especially when it comes after the word 'to' and also especially when the past tense forms end with a T like lent, spent. Many times I have seen you use 'to lent' when the correct form is 'to lend'.

I feel this is so weird because the rest of your grammar is perfect.
aroundsundown chapter 38 . 3/30
Such a short reunion. Rico never saw his son and Peter could never get to know his father :'(
aroundsundown chapter 32 . 3/29
ehhhh why does Isaac have Nico's pictures if all memory of him was erased from Vivien and Isaac.
aroundsundown chapter 31 . 3/29
Lol I'm confused. How did Peter and Claire get to know about their histories. suddenly after the history lesson, we're back to present day Paire kinda rejoicing their baby is genetic abnormality-free.
aroundsundown chapter 30 . 3/29
Awww they're destined! Actually I believe that people can make their own destiny (Roswell has spoiled me of love stories) but it still made me squee in excitement.

So now we know Peter is Isaac's half brother. I thought so. I thought he'd be Nico Rossi's son because he's an empath and maybe powers were hereditary. But then (in the show at least) parents and kids have different powers.

I probably missed how Claire/the healer is related to anyone.

I kept wondering for so long why Nico Rossi sounded familiar. I realize they're F1 racers Nico Rosberg and Valentino Rossi.
aroundsundown chapter 29 . 3/29
Still waiting to see how the past 3 chapters or so is important to the whole story because all this while it had been Peter and Claire's story. Are their histories/parentage different from what we thought
aroundsundown chapter 28 . 3/29
I usually hate ANs in the middle of the chapter, inspiring my reading. But I thought in this chapter it was fine. you took the precaution of placating anyone offended by the racism. In this case it's more effective in the middle. I never read AN at the start of any chapter. If at the end, it might be too late.
aroundsundown chapter 26 . 3/29
I Have no idea what's happening and I'm not following
aroundsundown chapter 19 . 3/28
My heart is breaking for them.
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