Reviews for Family Ties: Left Holding the Baby
CJ chapter 43 . 9/23
I guess she wanted to see her parents before going to stay with her boyfriend. I was wondering why Hermione didn't stay with Draco and Anielle in the first place.
CJ chapter 42 . 9/20
I am glad Hermione told her parents everything. I hope Draco helps his mother to escape.
CJ chapter 41 . 9/20
I thought Hermione was going to tell her parents about her and Draco and their baby in this chapter.
CJ chapter 40 . 9/20
I wonder how her parents are going to take it.
CJ chapter 39 . 9/20
I thought someone was sneaking into the heads dorm to steal their baby again.
CJ chapter 37 . 9/19
If Pansy loved Draco why did she hurt him instead of Hermione?
CJ chapter 34 . 9/13
Draco can't die there are twenty two chapters left. Hermione can't be Dramione by herself.
CJ chapter 33 . 9/13
I wonder how the dark Lord turned into what he currently is, a snake and not a man?
CJ chapter 32 . 9/10
Why didn't Volde-creep just go ahead and have a child with Pansy or one of his other female death eaters?
CJ chapter 31 . 9/10
Why did you make Draco and Hermione so weak here?
CJ chapter 29 . 9/10
I wonder if Draco knows about Narcissa's kidnapping.
CJ chapter 28 . 9/10
Why is Pansy so mad? Was Draco supposed to be her boyfriend?
CJ chapter 27 . 9/10
I wonder what Draco and Hermione's parents going to say about their baby?
CJ chapter 26 . 9/10
Why didn't she just walk up there calmly, then prepare to drink it and then dropped the vital.
CJ chapter 25 . 9/10
Ron asked a stupid question. Of course Hermione had slept with Draco as Jasmine.
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