Reviews for Best Is Yet To Come
Guest chapter 24 . 8/16
Please please post another chapter. And then another and another and another. I just read 2 stories in one day and I am sad I am done.
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 24 . 7/15
I am liking how slow they are going with their relationship. So do we get to find out the next secret of Lorelai's?

Why LV and not LRRH for little red riding hood? And Cheers is who?

Matt is Rory's cousin? And Tristan is his friend?

I am liking this story and I liked how you went with the rape thing bc I do know some who went through it as well...sexual abuse is not something that is easily handled nor ever truly forgotten or let go of emotionally and psychologically. Therapy for Rory in your story or no?
Droolia chapter 24 . 7/10
I think it's a hit! Welcome back!

I was a bit confused with the whole Matt and Chris thing...made me think of Jess and truncheon and I was wondering how you managed to pull that off. Glad it was just Tristan and her cousin, apparently. Hope you have some more in you. Update!
Julie Sue chapter 24 . 6/17
3 awww super duper cute! HITTTTT for sure! cant wait for spring break!
Aunt Pam chapter 24 . 6/9
please update. love this story
Kisha84 chapter 1 . 6/7
I have been waiting awhile for this story, just hoping that it would update and get a finale. Thanl you for updating and looking forward to reading more.I am happy u found ur muse.
JItterbug5 chapter 24 . 6/7
This is an amazing story. During the scene between Logan and the parent I do not think I felt so many emotions. You are a great writer and I find it amazing that after so many years you are able to pick the story up so smoothly. Please keep writing and update soon.
Festis7 chapter 24 . 6/6
What a great surprice with an update. :-)

Ironic that I reread this one last week. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
CNH1980 chapter 24 . 6/5
I enjoy the story. Please just keep writing.
PuppiesRCute chapter 24 . 6/5
Yay! You've updated. I'm so happy. Loved the chapter. Looking forward to reading the next on.
red lighting chapter 24 . 6/5
love it so good
Chelle1609 chapter 24 . 6/5
Re-read the last chapter and remembered instantly this story.
happy u found ur muse.
look forward to more
Rori Potter chapter 24 . 6/4
Interesting. Update soon.
ImTheNana chapter 23 . 2/8
Would really like to see how this one ends. Any chance of that happening? I hope so :) Great story.
Always Brooke chapter 23 . 9/14/2014
It pains me, that you abandoned this story :( But still, I've got to say, that I love it.
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