Reviews for Dance with the Devil
Iluvbeyblade chapter 1 . 4/11/2007
I can finally read it! The stupid site's been telling me it's not here! *kills site and starts reading*

Yay, a dedication! *glomps Turkey tightly* You're so cool too! :P "But Kai wasn't strong he was weak. He just never let anyone see it. LOVE THAT LINE! Aw, Ray's speech was so SAD! *sniffs and hugs a cushion* Yay, singing Ray! Do you KNOW how much I love singing characters?

Aw, the song worked really well! *jumps on Turkey and hugs her* WOW I LOVED IT! THANK YOU!

*gives to the Tala-And-Brooklyn-Ate-All-My-Food charity* Ooh, you were touch-typing? Wow. I want to be able to touch-type! Ok, thanks again! Is there anything YOU like so I can can do one for you too?

Lamanth chapter 1 . 4/7/2007
*glomps* WOW Dodo! I loved it, poor Kai *huggles* I thought the song worked so well with it too, can you tell me who sang it? Anyway I've got to go up to Foxy now so I'll talk to you later kay!

Love ya lots