Reviews for Dark Lord Potter Part 1
sthrobbins chapter 25 . 1/13
This is what is irritating about all the CoS works I've ever read. Everyone coddles that old criminal Dumbledore and allows him to keep the diary that, in this case, the idiotic, weakling Harry you created managed to win from Riddle, thanks to the snake who is far more intelligent that he is. Dumbledore has no claim on that diary. How does Dumbledore gain reinstatement when he did nothing to earn it? The school was well rid of that bum, and the Govs should rid themselves of McGonagall as well.
sthrobbins chapter 12 . 1/12
Hate it. A disjointed hodgepodge. A clusterfuck worthy of JKR. Harry had one job, and he failed.
sthrobbins chapter 8 . 1/11
What is a tonuge, as used in parseltonuge? Also, what is 'eluded too', same paragraph? Do you mean 'alluded to'? The distinctions amongst to, too and two are usually taught and mastered in elementary school.
BarbedCaress chapter 8 . 11/5/2023
At least Flint has his priorities right!
BarbedCaress chapter 7 . 11/5/2023
The boy is such a Slytherin he has all of you convinced he isn't.
Great line!
BarbedCaress chapter 4 . 11/5/2023
Not much to say except i like it!
Canon Harry is too nice for someone abused for a decade
Well done!
Bluenait chapter 1 . 10/11/2023
lol another trash fic
Alice Scarlett Knabel chapter 2 . 10/9/2023
this is the first time I accept a harry is a metamorphmagist because you actually introduced it well
JGoble1 chapter 26 . 9/27/2023
Love it is there a pt 2?
the raging chicken chapter 2 . 7/23/2023
tonks's father is a muggers and his mother's a muggers born, his attitude is really unrealistic even with his horrible experiences, like he also mentioned other kids with loving parents so why would he think they all deserve death
jaqmaq77 chapter 15 . 6/22/2023
Interesting... but so sad... In this story Harry discovers he's pure-blood and instantly becomes an opinionated inbred bigot... (Oh, a few Muggles were bad to me - that means the other 5 billion muggles on the planet are EVIL!)
The Dark Lord says he's not a bad guy... must be true! Just because even if he murdered my parents and tried to murder me don't mean he tells lies, do it?
Hey Potter? I have the deeds to the tower of London and Windsor Castle... I'll give you a good deal... Oh, and here... this stone keeps Lions away, just 10g to you... Does it work? of course it works... I've had it ten years and I've never had a lion chase me down the street yet...
Harry? Did you know GULIBLE is the only word they left out the dictionary? Look it up, it's not there...
Harry James Potter - So stupid he makes the villiage idiot shake his head in wonder.
Guest chapter 26 . 6/9/2023
Imo it's misleading to mark a story complete after posting only a minor part of it. Typing part 1, part 2 part 3 is no excuse. Intent to finish the story is NOT the same as actually finishing it.
winniesm chapter 2 . 6/2/2023
How is this Harry cunning enough to be in Slytherin? What's the point in having a disguise just to tell it to the first person he meets? And for someone who's scared of the goblins knowing about his home life, he just says he hates muggles to the first boy he meets? makes no sense at all
DeiOlympi chapter 4 . 5/16/2023
Hey, erm... I hate to be that guy but it's Narcissa, not Narcissia...
GreenEyesAreAwesome chapter 3 . 4/3/2023
This doesn't make any sense, harry says that muggleborns don't deserve to learn magic because they don't understand it but he is basically in the same boat as any muggleborns.
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