Reviews for Tricks of the Trade
JeslynBoo chapter 1 . 3/18
Ooph. I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this one, based on the description, but thought other stories have all been so well done I figured I'd end up reading it anyway. Glad it stuck to implied- you used that VERY well, and got Kabuto just right I think. He's an INTERESTING character, for sure!
DreamscomeTRUEEE chapter 1 . 5/12/2014
Wow. Just wow. The way you write, the insight you give on the story itself is amazing, the characterization is amazing.
la viola chapter 1 . 10/2/2013
kabuto - you little meanman xD
Kaira-chan15 chapter 1 . 10/20/2010
What a chilling, seductive story! My heart was pounding the entire time! You're very good at writing, and I was completely drawn in. Excellent work! _

Also, does "Pavlovian responses" refer to Ivan Pavlov and classical conditioning?

Kabuto is so clever:

He'd never be permitted to address Kabuto as requested without offering the same courtesy to their master, Orochimaru.

I liked this part:

Orochimaru was slowly breaking Sasuke's body. Itachi had broken Sasuke's mind. That left Kabuto to break Sasuke's spirit.
Kakashis-First-Kiss chapter 1 . 4/24/2007
Very nice! Well thought out and well written. Perfectly in character. Very good! _ Fav.!
kumiya chapter 1 . 4/14/2007
Wow~ This is the reason why pairings like KabuSasu (and OroSasu) catch my eye: the utter manipulation, and your fic is FULL of it. Brimming to edge! It's wonderful seeing Kabuto being Mister Smooth Super Spy, and Sasuke is so cocky and very naive. IC-ness pretty much all the way.

This was absolutely great. Very well done. I applaud you.
lilworros chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
everytime i see your name pop up in my email, telling me of a new always just a little cautious but sense i trust you so much i read everything that you place in front of me and always rewarded with such great stories so anyone that tells you to focus on naruto and sasuke they can stuff it...thus i begin the real review, my gosh! it was very, very nice...i really like how you capture Kabuto and filter everything through his eyes, were everything is still techincal and with his smirky-ness that isn't cheaply added to his character but something that you develope into especially at the end where you end it with orochimaru was his sensei too, wonderfully

but poor sasuke being jerked around by everyone first itachi, then orochimaru and now kabuto...wahh! sasuke, you dumbass!

but i really enjoy the force seductiveness of sasuke to try to get what he wants. the general forceful nature of sasuke makes me want to adore him but he's still stupid but the fact is your sasuke makes me want to protect him which is amazing and true testiment to your skill, and the card all about poor sasuke...but overall it was terrific and gives insights into sasuke's daily life that make a me want to chunck naruto at sasuke to set him straight... i adore you write more please of anything! chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
Kabuto Love!

Great fic! I can't believe you fit so much intensity into such a short piece. I thought the characters were really well developed too.

I guess at this point nothing you do should surprise me anymore, it's just one fabulous story after another!

I can't wait to see what Kabuto's next adventure will be.
shoutgraffiti chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
Ah, your ending took me by total surprise! SO THAT MEANS KABUTO IS TOTALLY IN-CHARACTER! Excellent job with that: his manipulation is so flawlessly executed that I'd fall for that over and over again. LOL poor Sasuke, him and his spirit. And me, because I think I am going to be waiting anxiously for every one of these Kabuto ficlets you'll be writing :3

And the sensuality *fans self* Sasuke shrugging out of his haori would have me nosebleeding; Kabuto's got restraint, lol. I love the tone of this; clinical curiosity rings in Kabuto's thoughts and words. OH and I love Kabuto's manner, like he's manipulating his kid brother into doing what he wants. That reverse psychy attitude is lovely.

Sasuke's desperation to do anything to get to Itachi is also strikingly apparent. That he's honing his hatred and putting himself through all that is pretty horrible; I'm of the sort that'd prefer to think nothing perverted happened during his stay in Sound, but.. if anything did happen... then it's all good because it's hawt when you write it. *true fangirl*

Anyway! I loved it, and the addition of the Bunsen burner really was the cherry-on-top. YEY KEMISTREE XD The many things Kabuto could DO with the versatile Bunsen burner, ponder ponder XD
Kikiko chapter 1 . 3/30/2007
oh my god! i got an email for this O_O I hope it stays that way.

I really like the additions to this...i'm totally getting 'creapy' off of Kabuto now, very good XD

aureus yarara chapter 1 . 3/30/2007
oh, this fic gave me goosebumps.

'Tis really perfect: the ironies, the fact that the three greatest villains have great team work when it comes to breaking Sasuke (now, the SUPREME irony would be that the three greatest heroes FIX him, huh?).

I love your chracterization of Sasuke, and how your other characters percieve(sp?) him: bratty, bossy, arrogant without reason. he's really only a child after all, isn't he?
haro-haro-chan chapter 1 . 3/30/2007
hehehe I like kabuto *w*

This is interesting, I wanna see more already!XDD
Winter Weatherman chapter 1 . 3/29/2007
Ok, objective crit: You have a very.. hmm.. careful, yet focused, yet expressive and free way of writing. I feel like you are more careful then me, but just as expressive and emotive.. and that's a good thing! :D

In this piece, I was struck by your characterization of Sasuke. He really is very abrupt and rude, and makes imperious little demands just like that. It was supremely IC, considering that demanding!Sasuke is really the only one who's been around in canon for some time.

And yet, there's a strange atmosphere to this story, to Kabuto's recollection of the Chuunin Exam and the other strange atmosphere there was- when he met Sasuke 'in a crowded room of genin.' It's like these two characters constantly meet in tense situations, surrounded by potentially dangerous people- and Kabuto is aware of it, while Sasuke seems full of overconfidence and almost unaware.

I thought it was also very telling the way that Sasuke never even seemed to think that Kabuto might give him a dummy card. That's exactly the kind of strategic misstep he'd make.

You know, this glimpse into Sound and the various dangerous personalities interacting therein (a)makes me wanna try writing it myself and (b)makes me wish that Kishi delved more into this strange little Oro-Kabuto-Sasuke triangle.

Another thing. I read a lot of Naruto fan-stuff and I think that in a lot of it, a sense of what it would *really* be like to be- essentially- a professional assassin is lost. There's something hard and real (and creepy) about how direct Sasuke is with the killing force, how strangely socially clueless he is.. as if he were just unaware that he can't throw his weight around like that... I think that in some ways, your choice of Kabuto highlights that kind of reality.

Anyway- a good piece of tense, elegant character interaction. Atmospheric.. and hell, I liked how you captured Kabuto's lightweight, almost affable surface presentation, while letting his innate tricksiness run through the story.

Yeah, liked. XD
ravemastaj chapter 1 . 3/29/2007
Jealous, Kabuto? Oh, my, yes. Of course you are.