Reviews for A Tale Of Two Apprentices
DannyPhantom619 chapter 26 . 6/12/2014
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 25 . 4/20/2014
Aaaaaw yyyyyeaaaah!

I wanna make love to you baby! XD
Damn! Finally! Sanza took the big step at long last! Thought he'd never get it done :-)
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 20 . 4/18/2014
Enhanced soldier, meet Jackie Chan's grandmother!




Finish him!
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 19 . 4/18/2014
I swear by Mara, I almost died as they were about to make sweet luv.

When the Master opened the door, I actually threw my phone (on which I am reading) away in raw shock! This is just so freaking epic, I am going to be sad when it ends.
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 18 . 4/18/2014 wrong here. Even Toph Beifong couldn't have traversed that distance in such a short time... The Terra at the Tower must be an imposter. It would explain her behavior at breakfast. Still...who is behind the "mask" then?
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 15 . 4/18/2014
This entire chapter can be described with a single word: "D'aaaaaawwwww!"
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 11 . 4/17/2014
Terra is going to come through the wall with a rage "Bitch! Get your slimy sausages off of my boyfriend!"

Rogue: "Merde..."
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 8 . 4/16/2014
By Stendarr... This was brutal.
Terra's pleads, the violence, the intensity of the grief and bereaved emotions... One would think you knew this much better than the average author here... But Divines, this is just... Art.
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 7 . 4/16/2014
Rerra X fans rejoice! I certainly am XD

Chesiere.. Does that mean Artemis is in this too? I honestly can't remember the grinning psych from the TT cartoons.
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 6 . 4/16/2014
As M. Night Shamalan SHOULD say: "I am sorry! Sorry I fucked up the Last Airbender!"

Still, you keep me going to the edge of my seat. I'll be damned if I don't read this through.
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 4 . 4/16/2014
I saw there was a story after this one, so I know the good guys win out ;-)

But Damn, Slade is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore!
Roku - Molester of Science chapter 2 . 4/16/2014
Holy shit-cakes!
Sanza is Don Juan reborn XD
Honestly, I have no idea how he'll stop his family from saying "by the way, Slade attacked us last night. Something you Titans wanna look at?"

One thing is certain: it will be glorious.
Joshua chapter 28 . 1/5/2014
While I cannot deny that was was a huge (and I do mean HUGE), epic story, there was so much happening that it felt like the events should have been separated into completely different stories. Plus, even though Slade is undeniably awesome, there were many times throughout the story where he seemed WAY too powerful. As tough as he is, there is no way he could have beaten the True Master, Terra and Red X all by himself, especially with such short breaks in between each fight. Regardless, this story was very exciting and well-written. It is easy to see that you put your all into it and it really paid off in the end. Speaking of payoff, you made a great choice in having Slade's final battle be with Robin. While Slade a very tense rivalry and hatred against Red X and Terra, Robin was his true nemesis. Always has been. So thank you for writing a very satisfying conclusion to their rivalry.
Violentshadow chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
Amazingly AWESOME!
Guest chapter 12 . 8/6/2012
will terra make it out of this twisted problem! find out.
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