Reviews for Stained Glass Scars
CaughtInTheRa1n chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
Oh wow. That was an amazing story...God, I don't even know how to explain how amazing this story was. It had so much EMOTION. It was so realistic, how the characters talked, and the descriptions were so believable...I just want to cry and laugh and hug Sora and Riku right now. You are an INCREDIBLE writer!
i AM the Random Idiot chapter 1 . 7/10/2007
...Depressing. And unexpected. I was thinking there'd be, like, a faith epiphany or something.

But... It was very emotional and well done. *thumbs-up*
pixie paramount chapter 1 . 6/4/2007
You just ripped out every single glimmer of hope from me with an ending like that. Ow.

But, seriously, this is the most tragic thing I've read YET on this site and I'd dare say it qualifies with Shakespeare with being, um, tragic.

And I love this for that.

It's amazing. Perfect in both style, pacing and characterization-you make everything all the more heartbreaking and, yeah, I don't think you'd be happy if I wasn't walking away from this with a great need for glue and possibly duck-tape.


Damnit, now I'm crying. That just isn't right.

Alright, now I'm certain that this is amazing. It's made me cry like a baby and, yeah. That's evil.

- Pixie
Paperclip-Sized-Memories chapter 1 . 4/11/2007

:) Wonderful job.
Incognito Indigo chapter 1 . 4/7/2007
Yes, I will be rewriting things. Even if you didn't like it - I did. And I say it's beyond comparable to anything.

The beginning got me hooked. I would have assumed that Sora had plently of faith - since the game portrayed him as the type of guy that was always like: never give up hope, or sight of your light! But then you showed how all of his hardships had changed him (and the way you wrote it made it sound so real) and made any chance of him having faith die.

And then Kairi getting hit by a car. Gosh, it's like Sora has to baby-sit everyone. If it's not heartless, it's drunk drivers XD. I felt awful for Sora, poor kid. He doesn't deserve this after all he's been through. There's nothing more heartbreaking than the death of hope in a kid thats experienced such a tragedy.

And you describe things so beautifully. It makes me want to like kaiora more.
gerlert-fav2005 chapter 1 . 4/5/2007

Omg!This is a really sad story...I love it...When Riku said that Kairi was hit by a car,I thought that Sora was already out there killing everyone that drives a should keep on going and make Chapter 's too good to let it go now!
Namilaa chapter 1 . 4/2/2007
woww...dark my friend, very dark

:( poor little Sora. HOW COULD YOU! Sora deserves

to be LOVED

{ well...thats where fangirl namilaa steps in :DD }

hmmph...i liked it. but GOSH, i think anything is hard

to compare to your last kaiora

-falls over and dies-

i actually re-read it. thats pretty big too, considering

I've never re-read any book/story in exception to Mitsukaii's

'Intertwined Destinies', school book assignments, and OH EM GEE


-falls over and dies again at her second fandom-

are you a fan? cuz like... Harry Potter was my obsession before

Kingdom Hearts...jesus, ive read the sixth book seven times and

the fourth (MY favorite) six times

-gets shot-

oh well...its just as scary as playing KHI about six or seven times and KH2 about twice...sigh

i seriously say the first was better, but the fighting in the second was kick AS. but KH storyline was just pretty and pure

HEY, it was SIMPLE and CLEAN!

0_0 LIKEWOAH, imagine that?

okay, ill stop, im pretty hyper right now

im not scary..just when im high on energy. and plus, typing things make it sound creepier and odder than it is supposed to be...

okay, shutting up

good job. make more. you rock.

:DD till next time

Constance Greene chapter 1 . 4/2/2007

That means, Constance has died. Yes, you killed her. Omfg, you bad, bad person.

( I'm just kidding. )

This was so frucking saad~. And depressing. Moreso depressing. The shit about there not being a God just really... killed me. That's what topped my on-going sickness. My heart has been wrenched. Sora~. Or Kairi. Or Riku. I don't really know who to feel more sad for.

And... the description! Beautiful, lovely, stagnant and yet ever-changing. I didn't want to allow my eyes to skip over any of it. I wanted to drink up every pretty word and try to recycle it for my own muse. Which, I think it gave me. -was trying to get inspiration to write /anything/, because she was just sitting at the computer staring blankly at Word documents and went, 'Hey. I should read something. I bet Gray-Rain Skies' fic will give me inspiration.'- Now, if it seems weird that this gives me muse to continue writing a Kairiku... even though this was a Kaiora... well, I don't know. Character death. Drama. Whoohoo. And I really want to write a Kairiku, so stfu. ] ( Yes, I am making no sense. I think I'm just talking to myself. Skip over this random nonsense if you please. It might help your brain. )

'So why couldn’t he save the girl he loved? Why? It just wasn’t fair.'

That quote really stood out for me. Because it has... meaning. That I don't feel like describing because I'll fail at it. But... you know. It's like. His job to save people. He's a hero. And now, he can't. Haha Sora, you lose. -shot.-

And they were all perfectly in character~. Omg how do you do thaat. -whine.- Riku, of course, always amazes me. And maybe I didn't think this was sappy but very realistic but very /dramatic/ at the same time, because, well. Kairi was comatose? Hah. She tends to make things worse in a Kaiora, truthfully. Her and her patheticness. -scoff.- I'll stop ranting now.

You did a wonderful job. At everything. And I squiggled when Riku sobbed. And when he grabbed Sora around the waist. :] Why must I always take things as Soriku? But, yes. It was good. I love the three all together... maybe with Kairi being near-dead is for the best. xD And the waiting part! And the dialogue. Omfg. Everything; perfect.

I'm gonna have to add /another/ one of your stories to my favourites list. I don't care that you, as an author, are on my favourites and alerts. And that maybe 5 of your fics are already on my favourites list. But... cha know? You're just that good.

.x. Constance.
Phoenix80hp chapter 1 . 4/1/2007
This is so sad that it made me cry! But I loved it! I'm adding this to my C2 and my favorite! Really great job!
Ryfee chapter 1 . 4/1/2007
another entry yay

hmm... kaiora neh...

okay, first thing first, i must point out some things that really bugged me.

your sentences. they were goddamn long. like, for hell's sake. can't you somehow shorten them? you lessened the flow by piling up those words together like that; i got distracted. only breaking them with commas and semicolons won't help. try using more periods, and see how well it works.

& sometimes you used too many flashy words and they weren't necessary.

oh, and dialogues can be very meanie sometimes.

however, this story was sad. i didn't expect kairi to be hit by a car lol.

poor sora. you pulled his emotions well here, adding the angsty-ness more into the story. i liked that.

oh, and btw, i really liked the part when sora wanted to get kairi's heart back by using his keyblade. very touchy.

[He wanted to know how to pray.] lol. simple, but sad. and so desperate.

nice entry. i must wish you best luck ;)

thanks for entering btw n,n

mOOnlite-duskk chapter 1 . 3/31/2007

soo sad.. O

that was AMAZING. so sad and deep.

is she gonna wake up?


the story mood would change if you continue. so i advised you NOT to )

i like it like this )

i LOVE your oneshots.




**ill shurrup now .
Fugitive chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
This was very well-written, and I applaud you. The only part that put me off was the faith thing. This has nothing to do with my beliefs whatsoever, so I'm not being biased at all. The way the whole faith/religion deal was written made it sound like your own opinions, and not Sora's. It also seemed a bit uncharacteristic of Sora. Sora is a happy, open-minded, ridiculously optimistic sort of boy who wouldn't come to such a pessimistic conclusion.
Hades Dragon chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
That was rather touching. It sounds like something Sora would do, try and stab himself with the keyblade again even if it wasn't a heartless that did her in...

I really wouldn't picture Sora as a very religious person either...
FernClaw chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
FC: it's So Beautiful! -sobs-

Fern: Heh, she's getting more emoitional with each day...

FC: I can't win with you

Fern: no you can't
angelofsweetness chapter 1 . 3/31/2007

This was so sad and touching!

I loved this!

Especially the whole faith thing.

And poor Sora! I really pity him.

Plus, he wasn't hesitating to give his heart to Kairi again.


This was simply beautiful, it had me nearly crying.

Keep up the awesome job!

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