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Compucles chapter 14 . 3/17
What the heck?! Are the Higurashis the only rich people in this story to have heard of the police? Even if Miroku and Sango didn't want the embarassment of pressing rape charges against Kikyo, why the heck wouldn't Koga and Ayame go after her for attempted murder?!

On top of that, you've contradicted the timeline yet again! You said Sango didn't get married until she was 5 months pregnant. Do you pay any attention to your previous chapters when writing new ones?

Also, they would be using Chinese currency in Hong Kong. I don't know what it is, but I do know it isn't dollars.
Compucles chapter 13 . 3/17
I am enjoying the story, but there are a lot of grammar errors and, even worse, several annoying plotholes.

First of all, Sango's age is impossible. First you said she was 17 both when she got pregnant and gave birth, then you contradicted that by saying she got married on her 18th birthday about 4 months before Ai was born. Then, you set the story as beginning less than 2 months before Ai's 6th birthday, meaning Sango has to already be 24, not 22! The easiest fix would be that Sango got pregnant at 15 and married on her 16th birthday, as is legal for girls in Japan with parental permission.

Kagome is of legal age, so her parents have no right to immediately send the police after her. They would have to settle for either private investigators or a private security force. Eventually they could have her reported as a missing person, but Kagome would still have the right to refuse to go home once she was found. As for the police investigation, Kagome was smart enough not to use a credit card, but why wouldn't they think to check for activity on her passport once they found her car at the airport? For that matter, why didn't they ever check her phone records?! Also, you had her disappearance announced over the radio, and now you've contradicted that by claiming it's been kept secret!

Why are there so many rich Japanese families in Hong Kong, anyway? I can see the Takahashis setting up base there, and there could be some important employees brought over from Japan, but this just gets ridiculous. A mere software designer like Koga shouldn't be recruited to move over there and paid like a high-level executive. On top of that, it doesn't explain Miroku and Sango at all! Sure, doctors make a lot of money, but not to the point of being filthy rich, and they don't even have a connection to Inuyasha's company, so why the heck are they even in Hong Kong?!

Why isn't Naraku in prison after the huge story broke on his former marriage? Sure, powerful families can sweep some legal issues under the rug, but nobody's powerful enough to protect themselves from a crime like gang rape gone public, and no lawyer could've kept him from getting convicted on such an open-and-shut case.

A couple more things: Hojo is the character's surname, not his given name. Why would a business party in Hong Kong be broadcast on TV in Japan? Even locally, it should only be part of a news broadcast.

Anyway, the basic story is really good, but you really need to clean things up if you ever expect to be to be taken seriously as a writer.
cookie.panda-roo chapter 41 . 3/17
Awhhh, loved the story! I liked both of the endings but i preferred this one (chapter41)
Kagome and Inuyasha are so cute in this story! :) I love the kids, they're adorable
JK chapter 41 . 3/2
I Love this series. Hope u write some more :) :0
CherryPinkStar chapter 41 . 1/19
I'm so happy that you decided to keep both endings. I love both of them but if I had to chose one it would be the first one. The way you brought back that first bet and then ended with a poem was more touching than the second ending. It just stuck with me more I guess. Again, I loved this story!
CherryPinkStar chapter 29 . 1/15
Inutaisho was so cute in this chapter
CherryPinkStar chapter 10 . 1/7
This is so adorable! I love this story! Squeal!
SessRin4EverTID chapter 36 . 12/24/2013
I'll fav it and ignore the Sesshoumaru And Kagura part XD like a boss u can tell by my name everything from my name u can tell lol
anon1919 chapter 40 . 12/5/2013
Beautiful, nuff said
It almost made me cry and only TWO books have ever made me cry, Harry potter and the fault in our stars
It was such an honor reading this
Thank you so much for cheering up my day!
Best regards
inume1227 chapter 35 . 11/29/2013
why does this fucking kikyo not leaving inuyasha and kagome alone?
anyway this story is really nice
4Eva Dreaming chapter 34 . 11/17/2013
:D YAH GO SANGO! GO SANGO! GO, GO, GO SANGO!... And FORTHE man of the chapter... GOOOOOOOO *que drum roll please* DADDY AIKO!
4Eva Dreaming chapter 33 . 11/17/2013
ERMERGOD I can't AIT till they turn the tables! :P haha stupid Naraku, kinky hoe and that lame ass lawyer!
4Eva Dreaming chapter 32 . 11/17/2013
4Eva Dreaming chapter 31 . 11/17/2013
TTTTTTTT•TTTTTTTT IM SO GLAD THAT AKIRA TURNED AWAY FROM TH DARK SIDE... They intact DO NOT have cookies... I've been there, I checked.
4Eva Dreaming chapter 30 . 11/17/2013
XD nice poems!
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