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Nihilist intellectual chapter 16 . 3/5
God, what these poor children went through is overwhelming. You could write the entire Gulag Archipelago with everything they lived through.
Especially Asuka, my brave and lively redhead, why has the world stained your promising life with such pain and anger in your heart?
The only hopeful thing in the midst of this hellish life is the fact that Shinji grows a spine and decides to comfort Asuka and face her, despite his regrets, his paralyzing cowardice, and all the physical and emotional pain she caused him.
If this suffering serves to stop him from being a doormat and droolingly apologetic, it is a price worth paying.
Asuka is simply heartbreaking, she is like a festering volcano of anger and pain that hurts herself and everything around her. It's almost physically painful to see her like this and a relief that at least Shinji and others are close to her to help her purge herself of this cancerous suffering that has been with her for so long.
Above all I am moved by the fact that she feels remorse for all the pain she caused her friends, that she finally abandons that porcupine shell and is able to show her pain and apologize and be loved and love witouth hurting people.
We see what we always wanted to see in Evangelion, our tears were not shed in vain, at the end of all this rivers of tears happiness and bliss finally emerged.
All this immense suffering had a purpose, Shinji and Asuka were able to redeem their mistakes, they were able to mature and their souls were able to flourish and transcend to become better and virtuous people and achieve true happiness despite all this cold, cruel and heartless world.
The entire world may deserve to burn in ashes, but sometimes there can be something nice for which it deserves to be forgiven.
Guest chapter 16 . 2/5
This was like crack. I’m sad it ended. But nonetheless this gave me a proper closure to the series. It’s the best Fic I’ve ever read.
Jackpittorino chapter 16 . 11/22/2022
I had an absolute blast reading this masterpiece! Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide is the greatest piece of fan fiction I’ve ever read in my entire life! Loved the story, writing, character development and the heartwarming moments between Shinji and Asuka (some of them even brought a small tear of joy to my eye). I now have 100 percent closure with Neon Genesis Evangelion after reading this fan fic:)
Guest chapter 16 . 9/25/2022
This really needs to blow up.
fastbob55 chapter 1 . 8/8/2022
Was expecting a lot because everyone told this fanfiction is next level and can assure everyone this is indeed next level. Although I have yet to finish it I'm on the 13th chapter it's unbelievable how detailed this is and how the author is able to introduce new characters and use side characters and giving them new depth. I am excited to finish this series and am thankful for the author creating such a wonderful story.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/20/2022
Still hard to believe this is real. So many iconic moments and quotable lines that can stand right next to nge. Gendo's final conversation with Shinji is so good other fanfics tried to copy it. Characters that sound how you'd expect them to and meaningfully develop in ways both subtle and massive. Interesting expansions on old material and brand new stuff that doesn't feel out of place. I'm betting a lot of people have already said this. It's probably a bit too long and the writing can falter at points. But overall, a smart story with soul that captures the essence of what eva is. Great ending too.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/11/2022
Good shit.
AlfaTango chapter 1 . 3/14/2022
So I wasn’t one to really read fanfics until very recently and I am in shock and awe at the level of writing on display in Genocide. I may have very well set myself up for future letdowns by starting with something with this level of polish.

Reading Genocide is something that I thought that I’d have to pay for the privilege to read rather than find, for FREE, on the internet. And I’ve learned now that that there’s a non-zero chance that this story will take on a physical form that I can put my hands on and cherish.
Born2Run chapter 1 . 3/13/2022
Massive Spoilers for the entire plot don’t read until you have read story.

Hey wish I posted this a year ago but I thought I let you know that Neon Genesis Evangelion Genocide is not only my favorite piece fan fiction of all time but also one of if not my favorite stories of all time period. It made me appreciate and understand the show and its characters even more and made me realize how amazing these characters actually are. Your depiction of Shinji and Asuka’s relationship has touched me more than any other love story in fiction. Your world building and heavy attention to the supporting cast makes the story feel alive and like an actual continuation of Evangelion rather than just another Shinji/Asuka story and made me appreciate many characters that I didn’t pay attention to or care about as much when watching the show. I loved the geopolitical aspects and the attention giving to the side characters like the bridge bunnies; it really feels like the world Anno crated in literary form. Every character gets the appropriate amount of time that Anno would have given them. When I originally watched the show I really only gravitated towards Shinji, Asuka and Misato but reading your story has really allowed me to understand and appreciate characters like Hikari, the bridge bunnies and most importantly Rei. I’m definitely a minority on this but I didn’t really appreciate her character when watching show especially once Asuka comes in. That being said I really connected with her for the first time when reading this story. Her inner turmoil and her desire to be more then what she was created for really helped me understand her character. The new characters are wonderful too especially Keiko whose character really paints a picture of an innocent soul being forced into a world of horror in which she could never be prepared for. Her positive outlook and bonds she forms with both Rei and Asuka are a wonderful addition the story and help drive the plot. The action scenes stand head and tall above really any other fanfic I ever read. There appropriately brutal with an insane level of detail with the choreography making them feel just like the original Asuka vs the MP units fight from End of Eva. The villains were also fantastic. Kluge was true bastard a part of Seele that didn’t hide in the shadows but rather directly be a thorn in Nerv’s side. Gendo is as ruthless as ever but it’s neat to see his humanity slowly step in towards the end. I love the fact that he and Shinji just one scene together in the entire story but it’s so powerful and potent that no other interaction is needed it’s my favorite Shinji/Gendo interaction in any medium, show and movies included. Ritsuko was also a done very well. While most fanfics give her a pass and allow her to reform and make amends for her actions, this story painted a bleaker and possibly more realistic picture. While she does ultimately redeem herself her story ultimately leads to tragedy. Most importantly you made her both despicable and very sympathetic while always doing justice to her character. The Emerald Tablet was a Lovecraftian horror to behold. A terrifying advisory for Asuka and at the end Shinji as it challenged them both mentally and physically. Through Asuka it’s made her face her worst fears and inner demons while forcing her to almost destroy everything she loves hold dear and through Shinji by making him face what he feels is his greatest failure by taking the form of Kaworu. Watching both pilots triumph over him mentally and through battle was truly cathartic. Finally we come to Shinji and Asuka who are both the heart and soul of the story. I personally believe that you have handled them with more passion, care, and respect than any other fanfic author and perhaps even Anno himself. What you have created is not only two troubled teenagers learning to trust each other and fall in love but a depiction of two scared individuals saving each other’s souls. This is not just some story of wish fulfillment but a real and genuine bond that takes an appropriate amount of time to come about and brings both characters from their lowest moments of the series to a place of acceptance and wellbeing that neither character could have ever dreamed of reaching prior. The earlier chapters particularly chapter 3 were some the most heartbreaking passages I have ever read in any story but by having them happen makes for when they break through to one another that much more emotionally satisfying. The scenes of Shinji comforting Asuka on the outdoor patio, Shinji’s confession to Asuka admit her greatest turmoil and particularly the scene when Shinji truly falls head over heels with Asuka while they both share headphones and she sings to ode to joy are masterfully crafted moments that I will never forget for as long as I live. I haven’t even mention how amazingly lovable Misato is written as she becomes the guardian angel she was always meant to be or how beautiful Asuka seeing her mother is and how inspiring it is when she is being assured by Shinji that he would always be there for her after coming back from the brink of death is. It’s been a real treat to see MRA bring the story to life in all its cinematic glory. If there is any Evangelion fan fiction that deserved to drawn to such a fine degree it is Genocide. It set the gold standard when completed and while there have been many fantastic Eva fanfics since its completion, in my eyes none have been able to match the incredible highs, heart and quality of Neon Genesis Evangelion Genocide. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful story and a proper ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Titan6970 chapter 16 . 2/18/2022
Great fic, character developments were awesome with barely any ooc stuff happening(except for gendo, found him ooc here at the end), samael fight was done really well wish it didn't shift to Asuka's pov so soon(could just be me feeling it was short since it's been a while since I read that part), should've built up shinji's defeat a bit more. Kaworu clones corrupted by the tablets consciousness was badass, though Shinji not being able to move when the solo 8 vs 1 fight happens could've been done much better imo(him being too late to step in just sucked after all the asushin development), . Keiko and miko were cool, nakijama developing feelings for miko was rushed and I found it annoying that most of his character development came down to it, gendo's redemption was a bit off, he was too ooc imo

so yeah to sum up my major problems:
1-develop gendo regretting his choices more
2-miko x nakijama was rushed, especially since it directly affected nakijama's character arc
3-shinji getting left out in the mpe fight for a small part could've been better and felt like a step back in asuka's and shinji's character developments till that point
ross69 chapter 16 . 1/22/2022
More like Kinogelion: Genocide, amirite?
moderntimesharmonica chapter 16 . 1/7/2022
DevilOlantern chapter 7 . 1/6/2022
I really just want Gendo and Ritsuko to suffer so much.
swag person chapter 1 . 12/24/2021
caliber9 chapter 16 . 12/6/2021
So this site is weird. Tried to post a short response twice but they didn't go through. Even though my way longer review did. Figured making an account would fix the issue.

Anyway, genuinely don't know what you mean. I didn't have an account at the time of writing so there wasn't a name. What does that have to do with courage? Will you listen to me now that there is? My whole point was that the story is longer than it needs to be, which is why I brought up specific examples.
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