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Coldwire chapter 14 . 3/17
Ok, almost done with this fic, just one more chapter to go. It has been quite a ride. Aside from some typos here and there I don't see many flaws in the fic. Asuka was really hard to like for most of the fic, but she was in the series as well, so that's actually not a point against you, and of course she has her reasons to be how she is.

Everybody is pretty much in character and I think you understand their motivations better than most writers. Specially at the beginning, Asuka's conflict regarding her feelings for Shinji was done masterfully.

There is one thing that bothers me a bit and that is Rei stopped interacting with Shinji for a long time, specially at the beginning of the relationship between him and Asuka, his relationship with Rei could have cause a lot of problems between them early on. But I guess that would have been too much, with everything that they were going through already. I guess is not that big of a deal (I'm not a Rei fan anyway, although I hold nothing against her).

Anyways, thanks for writing this. LAS FOREVER!
Guest chapter 15 . 2/25
This is one of the best fan fictions here.

Its among my top three favorite, along with "The Second Try" and "Reticence".
Mr. M.Mars chapter 15 . 2/19
I've got to say, this was an absolutely amazing story. I could go on and on about how well you conveyed the characters, as well as how you so perfectly captured the relationship between Shinji and Asuka. The story itself was also amazingly paced. At no point did I ever feel that any aspect of the story was too rushed or dragged on for too long. And I also liked how the ending isn't a super happy, everything is right with the world ending, but instead a very realistic yet uplifting one.

However, there were just three problems that I had with the story.

1. What about the Adam embryo in Rei? Perhaps I missed something, but even though Gendo never got the chance to fulfill his version of instrumentality, the Adam embryo is still inside Rei. While I guess this isn't exactly a big deal since Rei has no desire to start Instrumentality herself, I still feel it was something that did need to be addressed in one way, shape, or form.

2. What happened to Class 2-A? Considering that Ritsuko was Kluge's informant, it seems very likely that she would disclose to him that everyone in Class 2-A were all potential candidates for becoming EVA pilots, which meant that the JSSDF would very likely want them all dead. Perhaps that's what the solder meant by "Special Processing". Even though this does seem very dark, it is something that I can see being very fitting to the tone of the story. My only problem was that it was just so vague that I couldn't tell if that's what they were insinuating or not.

3. Even if Keel is dead, SEELE is still a massive threat. While yes, he is the Chairman, I just can't see the council as a whole being so severely detoured by his death that all of their future plans would come to a halt. This also makes it seem like all Asuka and Shinji did was simply delay the inevitable, and in turn kind of leaves me feeling a bit sour about the story as a whole. Perhaps the death of Keel was supposed to mean the death of SEELE as a whole, and I'm just looking too deeply into this. If that's the case, then completely disregard this complaint.

Those aside, I found your story to be very well written, very captivating, and I won't hesitate to say that this is probably the best thing I've ever read on this site. I hope that you have a very successful carrier in writing, as I can certainly see this is where your passion and talent lies.
MeldonElraenhie chapter 15 . 1/1
I don't know how to say thank you the way you and this master piece deserve. I've been reading it night after night. The reading of this fanfic has been one of the most pleasant I've ever had. Shinji and Asuka deserve this (Asushin shipper is a very small word to define my love for this couple), Evangelion deserves this and you deserve more than a thank you for creating this.

This story won't leave me easily. And I'm glad with it. Thank you.
CANON FODDER KING chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
Wow. I just read the first chapter and have to say this fic is one of the most content heavy, true to the source material, and all around bassass Eva fics I've ever read! Can't wait to continue, just had to get that out there first.
yclui chapter 15 . 9/25/2013
Holy crap.

If anno ever sat down and decide to make season 2 of Evangelion, ignoring episode 25, 26 and EoE, this is what i would have imagined. Absolutely AMAZING work, i am so glad i stumbled upon this, it fits what Evangelion is so incredibly well.

I hope you write more, that was a great read. Thanks for this.
pihip chapter 15 . 7/23/2013
Honestly, I don't think I'm good enough to leave a decent review that would do justice to this epic fic, so let me be frank and say that you deserve a standing ovation from us all.

Everything felt just right, and while the ending may be more bitter than sweet, it still left a glimmer of hope for the main cast, which they deserved. An ending full of smiles and sunshine would've been unrealistic, and an angsty-depressing one would've been unnecessary (we have End of Evangelion for that), yours was the right balance between the two: the good guys had to endure and endure, but they did earn their right to be happy, especially Shinji and Asuka, not to mention Rei.

Speaking of characters, I have to admit that, at least for me, the most interesting one was the Emerald Tablet itself (at least, if you can call that a character): with it you managed to make the harpies (the MP Evas) even more frightening than they were in the movie, yet I don't think one could call the Tablet the "big bad" of the story (the crown goes to Kluge IMHO). Sure, direct or indirect, it was the source of everyone's misery, but I feel that it still wasn't immoral, but instead completely clueless as to how to interact with true human beings. And how it could, being inorganic and lacking everything that makes us human? So much for such a superior intellect, in the end the very bonds and emotions it so longed for ended up reducing it to a sobbing wreck.

I would like to say more, but this is enough for a short review, so let's conclude saying that I enjoyed this fic immensely, you truly did a good work.
Anonymous chapter 15 . 6/12/2013
Epic read. Amazing. Good work.
Fireminer chapter 15 . 6/5/2013
Word alone can not describe the greatness of this story. Love, hate, pain, motherhood,... all become one in this. You had successfuly sync the reader and the charaters. And above all, the air of hope! I bow my hat for you.
StarShaper7 chapter 15 . 5/9/2013
Aside from some understandable and minor errors, this is very well-written and constructed. One of the best fan fiction stories I've ever read. It's emotionally gripping and acts as a greatly happier alternative to End of Eva. Cheered me up. Kudos, my friend, you should be writing professionally.
Evanin chapter 15 . 4/6/2013
The greatest fanfiction I have ever read. A true masterpiece indeed.
Thank you.
Duhkha chapter 15 . 3/19/2013
Amazing story! Thank you for the wonderful read.
Amsim chapter 15 . 3/2/2013
I've just finished the entire story. I am speechless and very content. You gave an excellent sending off to the Eva cast and hope. Mistao, Shinji, Rei and Asuka deserved the hope and future you have given them. Thank you for such a wonderful story. I can only wish that this is how the series really ended. Thank you!
Amsim chapter 14 . 3/1/2013
This story is amazing!
Amsim chapter 13 . 2/27/2013
Another excellent chapter! Great character development!
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