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Divine above question chapter 1 . 9/7/2017
Hairy Putin chapter 1 . 4/3/2017
One of the best fanfictions written in my opinion. And, another Desert Fox interested in Evangelion?
farlenkov99 chapter 15 . 3/21/2017
10/10 better that rebuilds and retake would read again. This is what 3-rd rebuild should been.
Extents File System chapter 6 . 10/24/2016
The action is breathtaking.

Brilliant analogy here "like water meets nuclear fuel rods." Also, this funny reaction "didn't remember the first half and didn't dare say the other half."

Finally things are getting better. Asuka regained her confidence. She and Shinji both fought for each other. Even though no words were spoken, their actions spoke louder. That's a great start to rebuild their mutual understanding. Indeed Asuka showing up to see Shinji is already a good sign.

I wonder what the dead tree in LCL is signifying. Asuka is getting everything back too easily. She probably will have some price to pay.
Extents File System chapter 5 . 10/24/2016

Good pacing. Chapter 4 is more dragged out to polish the emotions of frustration and regret from which they felt like having suffered for a long time. And that nicely contracts with the fast pacing of this chapter.

The strategic, geopolitical, and technical details are very well researched gems and are helpful to strengthen the gravity of the situation. Specifically, the strategic calculation reflected by how the US was willing to sacrifice the stealth of its nuclear subs to fight against the Angel, the delicate nuclear situation between Russia and the UN in the Far East, and the subtlety in Sino-Russia relations. These require more than a cursory look into international relations. I also love the lecture on the principle of plasma rifles. The technical details are surprisingly convincing and realistic and it's even better for Maya to speak of it in great length only to contrast with its eventual uselessness. Also, "a soldier hardly ever saw his enemy", this is also very true as the reality of modern warfare unlike most dramatic renditions. All these contribute to the buildup to action very well.

Very good reveal and a very well designed Gendo's scenario. Gendo played his hand expertly, undermining SEELE's credibility and restoring the relevance of NERV and leaving SEELE with few options for recourse. One stone for several birds.

The scene between Shinji and Asuka. In the end Shinji didn't manage to say the words. I anticipated a turn for the better because departure for battle scenes are usually times to get motivational and cheery just as Shinji and Rei did before Ramiel. But in the end he didn't manage it. The emotional abysses between them run deep. I appreciate the outcome as it makes the hopelessness more profound and their pain and wounds more real.

About Asuka's mental state in this chapter, my comments of the previous chapter about Asuka's seemingly overreaction to Shinji's simple words are probably unfair. She probably could barely hold off her previous trauma by Arael by looking up to Shinji as certain source of hope, which was only shattered by himself.
Extents File System chapter 4 . 10/23/2016

I didn't expect that the three words had such a devastating effect on Asuka. It's just words okay? At least Asuka now has understood she should not have being pretending not to care. That's growth. But she now thinks it's all too late for a change. Okay, this is her fear again.

Shinji is getting all guilty again. It's true that everything hurts so much, but objectively making oneself so guilty about everything looks like just another way of incapacitating himself from doing anything and getting hurt further, i.e. another defense mechanism. There is an obvious fact which he has failed to realize so far. The fact that his words have such a great effect on Asuka indicates how important he is to her and how she takes his words seriously and to the heart. His mind is clouded by the guilt to realize he needs to reciprocate. This is unfortunate but real. He really was not able of doing such.

And there lies the great tragedy of the title quote. The most important thing in a relationship is what you are. Relationship doesn't make you better or fix your problems if you're unable to help yourself. But how exactly does one help himself if he is already unable to do so do so long? It looks like nothing can ever get better.

Misato's frustration at her own uselessness is well presented. I came to realize that Misato was really doing it wrong at parenting. True, she had the best intentions. She is just a terrible therapist as she being a great tactician makes her the opposite - she is giving /normative suggestions/ all the time like handing out orders. "You should do this for your own good." Psychology doesn't work like that. What she really needs to do is be a good listener. I haven't found out the exact reason why she couldn't do this. Maybe it's her childhood too.

Also, great turn of events in China. Something horribly wrong happened and it's all vividly depicted yet I still don't know exactly what it is. The suspense. Great.
Extents File System chapter 3 . 10/22/2016
Great attention to detail of inner dialogue with so much logical progression without a bit of repetition. Those are very real thoughts. It's easy to write uncontrolled rambling of unproductive emotions. It's hard to write the thought process of best effort and intention and then demonstrate the futility of trying and failing to understand.

Wise exploration of existentialist themes through Rei's mind.

The exchange between Misato and Asuka is so true. The words that hurt most are always the truth. And Asuka is good at the trade of finding words that hurt most. And this particular exchange is even worse than her insults at Shinji because it's a true and rational argument. Saying sorry is just another way of making oneself feel better. Does it change anything? Does it make what has happened unhappen? It's useless. Asuka made sure whatever Misato hoped to do for her would be worthless and Misato couldn't help but agree. It's hopeless. But at least Misato took it better than would have been for Shinji.

The slapping scene is unexpected but makes sense. Shinji does have outbursts from time to time and the reason for this time is well established. I almost thought I was gonna see a reverse kimochi warui scene but not quite. What followed is also very realistic. It's a nightmare for a man to wrong her woman, see her cry, feel an urgent need to act, realize there is nothing he can do, then finally understand how useless he is.

Plotwise this is a release of emotional tension that calls for a change. I don't know it would be for the worse or better, but hopefully it's not turning into a diatribe of angst.
Extents File System chapter 2 . 10/21/2016
Perfect analysis through Ritsuko's talk. Really good cat in a box analogy. Yet it's easier said than done and the reality is nothing can be fixed.

Several scenarios are presented to illustrate the mindsets of the protagonists.

Now we know Shinji should have known better and accompanied Asuka with her sync test and things might turn out differently. Shinji's inaction can be attributed to fear of uncertainty and expectation of punishment of taking initiative from prior experience. The fear is an initial negative constant, while the expectation is a negative multiplier fed back by Asuka's inability to accept people. Even if he took action there would be hardly any positive feedback from Asuka. I would argue inaction is really the most rational decision given the extent of what he could have known, only except that he failed to realize the slow yet accumulating cost of inaction which would become more costly over long term than any short term cost his actions might incur. In most fics Shinji's best action would be giving care without fearing being hurt and this is oft labelled courage which usually leads to magical reconciliation. This is equivalent to realizing the severe cost of long term inaction and making a blind bet of doing anything is better than doing nothing. And this is hardly rational as much as how courage is the opposite of rationality. It is quite possible and realistic that Shinji's action actually does no good to Asuka even with good intentions (Most of the time it wouldn't). Rationally Shinji might as well bide his time and wait for appropriate opportunities to truly make a difference on Asuka, but again it's impossible to balance between waiting too long and acting too early.

There is really nothing that can be fixed between these two without going beyond total brokenness.

Then we have Asuka's curious case of interpersonal self-handicapping. Rejecting people actively so she wouldn't be in fear of being rejected. The element of fear is not quite present in the narrative but I think it's there. She did make attempts at connecting with Shinji but tragically she was met with inaction which was perceived as rejection and that reinforced her behavior of self-handicapping. Now the negative feedback loop is also established at the side of Asuka.
Extents File System chapter 1 . 10/21/2016
Rich in depiction of atmosphere and environment. Succinct in dialogue. Showed a lot and told very little. I got that something is going on but can't tell exactly. Nice conspiracy.

Great Gendo characterization. More calculated that ever.

Suitable amount of angst with Shinji. I've almost got annoyed by the fact that the only thing Shinji was capable of doing is say sorry, which is almost a cliché but I guess that's also part of his struggle with general inability to do anything.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/2/2016
I was hesitant about this story at the beginning, but I'm glad that I gave him a chance. It's really, really good. I especially liked Shinji and Asuka's evolving relationship and Misato's Mama Bear antics.

By the way, Neon Genesis Evangelion Genocide has its own tropes page now.
Hufflepuffsuckeggs chapter 14 . 4/4/2016
This Nakiyima character can go straight to hell, what a fucking retard, he learns the truth about why the Eva pilots goes through but he still blame Asuka for hurting his gf's sister whom he barely has any relationship with in the first place? I love your story so far and your portray of the source characters but I feel the original characters you added were unnecessary and I couldn't give two shit about any of them.
HexasMancer chapter 15 . 2/6/2016
An absolute masterpiece. Captivating. You write all of the characters so well - especially given that Evangelion has some very complex characters and a web of motivations. One of the best fics I have ever read.
ThisFanIsFiction chapter 15 . 12/20/2015
A Story so nice, I favorited twice!
AllMyGimpSuits chapter 15 . 12/20/2015
Few people are able to fully understand the complex relation and emotion of the people formulated in Evangelion. Even fewer are able to capture those emotions and build upon them. Rommel, you have made the single greatest achievement of not only developing those relationships, but improving them. This is even show in your professional creation of your character Keiko no less. If I have a single criticism for this, as to explain an error done by the author and not a subjective commentary, it is that all other fan-fiction has forever been ruined by the perfection produced by this masterpiece.

I am no writer. But I can speak for myself when I say that this writing has moved me, changed my life if I can even go that far. I have to choose my words carefully in this review as to respect the purity and effort put for the author. I made this account to show my appreciation, and I think I will even make another just to give Rommel another well deserved, no destined, follow and favorite. This art, although under-rated is no less relevant.

It is even better than what Hideaki Anno has orchestrated. Everyone deserves to read it and feels it's moving words that can even connect them to a deeper understanding of themselves.

Rommel, thank you.

Disclaimer: I have had a few drinks, but that is not to discredit this possible ramble. I have read this piece over the course of a few days and it has moved me at a fundamental lever. Please, if you have any regard for yourself, read this work of art.
Lord Sovereign chapter 15 . 12/16/2015
After reading this damned masterpiece, I am now leaning back in my chair with a smile upon my tired face. This is a genuinely fantastic story, with excellent plot, characters, development, and a luscious bit of world building. This would not only be a good premise for Evangelion series 2, but it surpasses both the original series and movie with relative ease. Congratulations sir, on keeping me hooked like a drug addict to this story from beginning to end.
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