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divvycrip chapter 1 . 3/30
“ her teeth bore at the Amazon” ... do you mean she bared her teeth at the Amazon?
ceilil chapter 27 . 12/30/2016
1 trillion times WOW, holy cow, holy mackerel, holy moly, whoa; cool, amazing, awesome, far out, hot damn; datedgolly, gosh, ye gods, gadzooks "Wow! Did you see that?"

THANK YOU. AMAZING. don't stop writing! more xena and gabrielle please...

ps: it felt like the best bday present ever like xena's gift ;)
ceilil chapter 17 . 12/25/2016
such a great pleasure to read. having a blast with the characters. and yep i'm sending much love on Christmas day.
Guest chapter 27 . 3/29/2015
This is a wonderful epic story. Some of it needs a bit of proofreading but the characters are so true to the originals. Even some of the worst stuff is a natural extension of a partnership between Xena and Alti. I really loved this story. I am just heading towards my finals but I lost a couple of days revision to it. Well done. I hope you write so more. Please.
Moon Surfer chapter 27 . 1/19/2014
This is probably the third time I've read this story and I kept trying to figure out what to say besides joyful praise. Unfortunately I couldn't think of anything besides how blown away I am by your portrayal of so many characters. They were all complex and had many dimensions to them, needless to say it was super easy to get attached to them. Xena's plight to ruthless tyrant to caring lover and Gabrielle's journey from this fierce rebel a forgiving friend was quite the read. What really makes me extremely pleased about your writing is Xena and Gabrielle never really lose this part of themselves. Instead they grow and change never really losing who they were but trying to make themselves better and not just for each other's sakes but for their selves and their family. It's beautiful, it really is. This also applied to Janice and Melinda. I never see enough written for them and I feel like their characters always deserved elaboration. I'm glad I was able to get that here and from your other stories ( which I have also fangirl-lish read more times than is probably appropriate). Anyway thank you so much for the awesome reading experience(s), you truly have great insight and imagination.


Guest chapter 27 . 4/17/2013
WOW...great story! I am an avid reader and fan of good Xena/Gabrielle stories. Many are poorly written, but this is worthy of publishing. I'm not crazy about erotica, (I have a vivid imagination), and have never liked the term "lover" to describe a committed relationship, but those personal preferences pale in light of the quality of the story.
QuincyAdams chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
you have me hooked already
Krabkrab chapter 3 . 12/20/2011
I actually really like this so far, however I didn't like the amount of time it took to train Janice and for her to beat Ephiny (even with a lucky shot), or should I say lack of time. Janice is far from a genius. Gabrielle had watched Xena fight for months before she decided to fight and learn the staff. Gabrielle wasn't exactly a genius either... She really wasn't, it took her ages to get to that level and Ephiny has been training and fighting most of her life. Although I still liked this chapter.
bluefox chapter 19 . 10/4/2011
ooooh you are amazing ill start a religion on your name do more of this shit pleaseeeeeee!111
WrongObsession chapter 27 . 5/26/2011
I have this nasty habit. When I know I have a test or paper due, I decide to rummage around and hope to run into some thing captivating. And this was it! You have effectively distracted me from doing any homework and studying. Awesome. I started this on Monday and just finished it today, like right this very moment.

Let me start with what I absolutely adored: The plot. So. Good. Everything just fell into place wonderfully. Like Mel and Janice's roll, the cronos stone, Xena and Mel being super duper hot...yes I have a soft spot for dark blue eyed beauties, not my fault... but I loved how I was on the edge of the proverbial seat the whole time. Even when I thought it was ending, something happened and I back to yanking my hair out! I mean I had been panicking at the very beginning, when Janice was told about Gabrielle's crucification. Seriously, I was just so mad and freaking out. All I could think of was, 'If Gabrielle dies, than no one will control Xena, AND THERE WILL BE NO HOT GAY LOVIN'!'. Thankfully she did not die, and in fact there was some hot gay lovin'! (And hot it was! ;D).

Secondly, I really liked how you integrated all the characters so well together. Everything just flowed perfectly together. There was nothing shaky at all. I mean you write about all these characters but each have a perfect place in your story. Like Loa Ma and Hu the BAD-ASS TIGER, just show up, but it was like they'd been there the whole time. Even Callisto, I really began to like her, even though I really hated her. Those are just small examples of how you took this huge story and tied all the strings together to form this breathtaking tapestry. And you answered everything, well not everything. I mean DO Xena and Gabrielle get married? Cause I mean they're so awesome that they should! AND what's that weird thing with the Egyptian Slave and Gabrielle? ALSO do they get Gabrielle's sister back? So many unanswered questions! Okay, I am done. D

Finally I really enjoyed the mature relationship that grew between Janice/Gabrielle and Mel/Xena. I mean it was so obvious that each were meant for each other, but either they weren't ready or it just wasn't time for them to meet. But when they met, it was beautiful. Painful. Thoughtful. Intriguing. Sensual. Wonderful.

Things I didn't like? Alti. It has nothing to do with you or this story, I just think she's a douche in general. I mean seriously, WHAT A BITCH!

All in all I could not stop reading. There are three main things that kept me going. 1. Xena being oh so hot especially with Gabrielle. 2. Mel having a southern accent, what can I say, I would totally go for a souther school teacher with bright blue eyes and glasses. [Okay, I just have to say this cause I thought it was ironic when this happened. I had been telling my friend that Xena would be so hot as a naughty school teacher, and I had just begun watching Xena. So imagine my surprise when the Xena scrolls comes on and BOOM! There is my dream Xena! Okay not that you needed to know that, I just thought it was funny.] and Finally 3. This story is awesome. True Story. D In fact, I told my friend that I wished I had this on tape, so I could listen to it while I did things, so I wouldn't feel so lazy. Alas, she refused to read it to me so I could do my homework. I tell you, if I had a friend like Gabrielle, my life would be complete. In conclusion I just wanted to say that I really, really loved this! Thank you so much for posting! You will definitely being hearing form me again.
JannaM chapter 27 . 11/14/2009
i simply love this is by far one of the best on this site that i've read...thank you for ur wonderful tale and excitingly brilliant talent...
CharlieBarrow chapter 27 . 11/5/2009
Excellent! Loved the story all of it! Well done!
Wispr chapter 27 . 4/15/2009
Now that was a awesome ending... literally left me speechless.

Thanks for the journey!

Wispr chapter 26 . 4/15/2009
Oh wow... I really hope you decide to have a sequel involving Mel and Janice further adventures!

Wispr chapter 25 . 4/15/2009
Now that was a wonderfully done final battle! Very action pack and vivid, but also the reading flowed very smoothly.

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