Reviews for Grimm
Concolor44 chapter 5 . 3/9/2011
THAT is a HELL of a place to leave us hanging. For nearly four years.

Do you have the rest of it planned out, or was this just an exercise you felt you needed to get out of your system? belleradh does that with a lot of her stories. Supremely well-written, but left unfinished, usually at a point that leaves us tearing our hair out.

Like this one.
hot dog285 chapter 5 . 7/19/2010
ok, this is a good story, by that i mean, it will probobly give me nightmares, but i need to keep reading, i need to know what happens next
Slaashyish chapter 5 . 2/7/2008
Death has literally come to Jump City...

Interesting idea, though it's at odds with my personal interpritation of the grim reaper. It's your story, and you've written it well, so I'm not complaining.
Bert the Nomad chapter 4 . 4/8/2007
Sorry I didn't have time to review chapter 3 before you updated so I'll just combine the two into one, fully functioning, super review.

BEAST BOY'S DEAD! Sweet mother of all things witty, green, and pointy eared! I must say I did not see that comming at all. It takes real guts to kill off a titan in a fanfic, but I must say you did a pretty good job of it. Death is turning out to be a real jerk, and his powers seem insumountable! I wonder if he truly IS the personification of death and if so, how will the Titans (or our new league of villains) defeat him? I liked how you've brought back Chang as a reoccuring ghostly character to Raven; it helps round in the edges of the story and make fit together better with repitition of past events instead of loose ends that don't really go anywhere. I hope no more of our dear titans meet their messy fate in any less than favorable series of events (speaking from a concerned reader's point of view). I want to say again that you're doing a splendid job with this tale, especially how it causes certain characters to react in ways they never had before, like Slade being frightened, Raven being overpowered, and Beast Boy getting...uhm...dead. Can't wait to see what happens in future chapters. If I was to offer critism soley to make this review more than just praise (though your story easily deserves it) I would say to slow down a little. Events come and go at a pace that doesn't allow the reader to fully let it sink in, such as Beast Boy's death. The green little guy was a functioning part of the team for all four (five?) seasons of the show, a little more closure on his end may have helped the reader feel the impact of his loss. Other than that though, your story is a tense, lip-biting yarn that clearly deserves more reviewers than just me. Keep at it!
Bert the Nomad chapter 2 . 4/2/2007
Hello Weretiger Marduk, Bert the Nomad here, and I just wanted to tell you that I thourougly enjoyed your story. Not a lot of stories focused around the Teen Titans seem to have that, well, edge that yours does. Usually the stories are reclusive and tamed to benefit younger audiences but not yours my friend. Your story goes over those barriers and crafts a very involved, entwined, and very unsettling story. I'm always one for a kick-ass antagonist and Grimm is...well...quite a kick-ass antagonist. Excellent characterization for him thus far. You weave a very dark shroud around him that looks very supernatural and intriguing. A nice touch as well to show Slade actually being frightened by an advesary more powerful then himself. It helps add deeper depth to a character that we all think we know. Also, and more importantly, you do an excellent job not making the whole thing too dark. There are sudden and well placed fits of humor and good nature throughout particularly from Beast know, whenever he's not tearing personifications of death to pieces with his own bear hands (bear hands! Like the animal bear! Get it? Eh me neither) Anyway, I just think that your story shows a great amount of promise for future chapters which I eagerly await. Great job!