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winddemon199 chapter 7 . 2/10
Weird part is Yachiru is far from a child hell shes older than Rukia
La Rosa del Desierto chapter 1 . 10/5/2013
Oh wow, I had no idea Momo could be so vindictive! I love this story, it has me on the edge of my seat wondering what could happen next!
redchicken888 chapter 9 . 1/22/2012
All I can say

I stayed up all night reading this (until I fell asleep at two)and continued in the morning. I've got to say that this is a good story! I loved the parts where Hitsugaya got all flustered about his "friendship" with Hinamori and plus how Matsumoto teased him about it. Byakuya's addiction to chocolate was the icing on the cake.

Sometimes I thought the story got too serious, especially with how it originally started out. I thought it was going to be a light and fluffy story, but then came Unohana Retsu with her unrequited love and all that. I was like, sheesh, woman! Get over it!

Anyways, I think this fic is great. You did a terrific job on it. Definitely a favorite! :D


P.S Now, after I've read this, I totally ship the Hitsugaya/Hinamori pairing. Lol XD
shiroiruki chapter 9 . 1/13/2012
Congrats on the marvellous finish. You are an exceptional writer and I really enjoyed your story, it's captivating, hilarious and full of twists. I find some characters ooc, but that can be easily overlooked with the progression of the plot. Overall it's brilliantly written. Well done and thank you for writing. )
icyangel27 chapter 10 . 5/16/2011
Wow Bakuya! I love his crazy urged! Great job! PCE
Lil' DeiDei chapter 8 . 12/11/2010
Having read this from beginning to end over the course of yesterday and today, I must say... I'm enthralled, and captivated, by your portrayol of the characters. Though I dislike how you've written Renji (and Unohana, but that's another matter-she's just sweet enough that I find it far too believable for that to all be an act), I am intrigued by the plot and the presentation of everything in this story is amazing. Those cookies, while they sound delicious, are something I wouldn't touch. Based on Byakuya's reaction to them (he was... ah, stimulated), they must contain an aphrodisiac. I'm not sure if I can ever understand the twisted logic of people who have deluded themselves into thinking they love someone enough that kidnapping them and soiling their name seems like a good idea, but this is definitely a wonderfully written work of how something like that would go. While I think it would make for more sense for Unohana to just approach Byakuya with her love, she is (in this work, at least) acting in a manner suited to her character.

I can't wait to see what you do with this and how that all turns out!
WithMyDyingWill chapter 1 . 11/14/2010
SOO FREAKING GOOD, im addicted now! But i think hinamori is somewhat OOC? ALso, i love how renji and unohana are the bad guys working together and ichi and byakuya against them together. LOL :D
Glue-san chapter 8 . 8/11/2010
I'm so glad you didn't give up on this story (even if I'm not one to talk). Though it's been so long I think I'm going to reread it. Heh... I can't believe how much I enjoy seeing Byakuya suffer, and even if he is finally recovering his problems are apparently far from over
kaibasgirlx chapter 8 . 8/11/2010
Okay, first, let me say how DELIGHTED I am that you updated! I've been waiting FOREVER for an update! And when I checked my emails and saw that you did just that, I stopped studying for my A&P final just to read the chapter.

Secondly, the first half of this chapter was excellent. Good action there, and I love love love how you wrote that subtle IchiRuki, especially Rukia's "You idiot! I didn't need any saving!" LOL. So classic Rukia n.n

The Kenpachi bit was HILARIOUS. I wasn't sure where you were going when you had Byakuya head towards him, but once I realized it all clicked, LOL. Though I should point out that you wrote they went to the 12th division, and Kenpachi is head of the 11th ;)


Omg, really, REALLY! You get all the characters good and right, but somehow with Hinamori, something mess up on her! SHE WOULD NOT DO THAT! She would not act that way with Hitsugaya, especially if he came to warn her about something, even if that person was Unohana! AND SHE SURE AS HELL WOULDN'T ATTACK HIM WITH KIDO! NOR WOULD SHE RAISE HER SWORD AGAINST HIM LIKE THAT!

Yes, yes, she did it with Aizen, but that was an exception to the rule! And even when she fought Hitsugaya, she never, EVEN ONCE released shikai against him! (which contrasts brilliantly to when she fought with Kira, she didn't hesitate to release shikai at all!)

In addition to that, I'm pretty sure that after what happened with Aizen, Hinamori would know not to be so completely trusting. And if someone like Hitsugaya would tell her such, she would listen.

If you want her to be Unohana's next pawn, then I think you could have done a much better job at it, without making Hinamori so blatantly OOC. You're an excellent writer, I'm extremely disappointed that you took my favorite character and botched her up so bad \

And I find it extremely ironic that Hinamori says the line "People made mistakes...but they are good people, and you have to have faith in them". I don't think she would be so quick to say something like that.

Unless, of course, this is all part of your brilliant and master plan and really Hinamori is under some sort of spell by Unohana which is making her act this way and in the end it'll all get resolved with HitsuHina happiness and closure? If so, then please ignore everything I said starting from point 3.

Oh, and please update soon. Not in a year, not in six months, SOON. Like, 2 days or something. Yeah, 2 days sounds good :D

Kyubi-Nemu chapter 8 . 8/10/2010
Arrgh! A cliffhanger! You're so cruel _

But I loved the chapter. Glad Unohana's starting to get what's coming to her. And Renji's punishment was hilarious. I wonder how far a head start he got before her was caught?

Loved it. Simply loved it.

WiNdGoDdEsS688 chapter 7 . 7/25/2010
ohhhhhh man! it is 4 am and i FINALLY GOT AROUND TO READING YOUR CHAPTER! good lord...haha! i had to re-read the last one since I kinda forgot what happened heh...

duuuuuude! i love the way you're able to create your own plot for these characters and pull it off even with the OOC. It's not even OOC anymore cuz you did such a good job explaining everyone's reasons and such...

gah, i also love the way you refuse to let rukia fall into the "saaaave me" girl syndrome *hugs*

wow...took me 9 months to read this...well i hope you still have inspiration to keep writing! if you ever need a pep talk or anything feel free to PM/IM/livejournal me (if you have one).

Please don't think that no one will read your awesome chapters after a long hiatus...your story is just too good XD (and you're looking at the girl who took 2 years to come out with a chapter...major fail)

Anyway, to make a long review longer...GANBATTE NE! YOU CAN DO IT!
Cap'n Awesome chapter 7 . 3/27/2010
Oh my god, actually cheered out loud at the last line there. Rukia is made of some kind of awesome! I hope you update, I have a feeling Rukia's about to bring the pain. xD chapter 7 . 1/14/2010
Certainly an unnexpected development from the first chapters

The 'who-would-have-thought-it' surprise element is really cool, I mean, hell, your Unohana is all kind of batsht cra-a-a-azy!
Willow Athena chapter 3 . 12/4/2009
I loved the IchiRuk kiss…hot!

I’m sure if I were a chocolate lover, I would revel in your descriptions of the chocolate goodness Bya craved. I know I’m rare – a woman not addicted to chocolate.

You have awesome and very detailed descriptions, but I think it would be nice for the characters to say more…to eachother.

In this chapter, I can see how you’ve diverged from the Bya and Renji’s original personalities to ones that will fit your storyline – was this your intention? Or did you not notice them diverge? And yes, I noticed this long before the “Fuck you” parts.

Renji’s gay and wants Bya – I so did not see this coming (and I can tell its not real)…but, good job on fooling me, I gauge patterns very easily.

I felt like this chapter was too long, and would never end – I could not, by the end, fathom what the particular goal of this chapter was. And near the very end, I felt like I was reading a fanfic written for an anime I had never seen before. All of the main characters had completely transformed in the space of one chapter, and seemed completely different from your beginning chapter.

I’m going to stop reviewing now and get back to my own story. I hope my thoughts help and were not too mean – if you were less of a friend, I would have just said it was funny and left it at that, but I thought you deserved more of a critique.
Willow Athena chapter 2 . 12/4/2009
Firstly, I’m not sure Bya would chase someone down for chocolate – wouldn’t a more rational Bya thing to do, be to just get someone to buy/get him some if he really wanted it…But, I’m willing to suspend disbelief on this point if its to further your story.

Yes, I agree with you, TB – I never thought Bya was a paedophile, even when reading it. But…it was still really disgusting, it made me ill just reading it – and so far out of character for Bya, that you lost my ability to believe in the reality of the story. And I know you know that it was out of character, and subsequently tried to downplay the craziness of that situation – but still!

I did enjoy the Bya reiatsu thing and Renji’s blackmailing afterwards though.
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