Reviews for Sleepless Traitor
theturtlemoves chapter 1 . 4/18/2007
Peter! I'm proud of you for writing this. It's wonderful - a very moving insight into his mind. There is too much Pettigrew-bashing in this fandom, and not enough people take the time to realise that having all your friends be better than you at just about everything has got to suck. Not that it's an excuse for what he did, but ... well anyway, I like it when people give Peter a conscience. I really enjoyed this.
Prieda Solo chapter 1 . 4/13/2007
Nice fic! The world needs more Pettigrew fics. I'm doing one to come out next week, but this one is really good.

you've captured his character really well, and the actions and thoughts are all very believable. The short little sentances are really effective as well, and the ending is great.

Poor Peter, you've got to sort of feel sorry for him. After you've spat on him that is :)

Can I make a point for improovment? A couple of slightly longer, descriptive passages in this might help to make the shorter lines even more stark by comparison. I havn't read any of your other fics I'm afraid so I'm not sure if this is your usual writting style.

Looking over it again the beginning is really effective. You go straight into the mood and the atmosphere. The list of names works really well, its like an obitiary of sorts.