Reviews for Where She Wants To Be
PrayerGirl chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Very sweet!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/4/2013
Netbug-Archive chapter 1 . 7/3/2011
It's harder to get somebody emotionally involved in so few words than people give credit for most of the time. This made my heart melt a little and I enjoyed it. :)
Stacey chapter 1 . 1/20/2009
I really really really really like this story and i really like the way it's short but some just stop and don't continue i might have spelt that wrong i somtimes forget how you spell really easy words i don't know why i just do but then i can remember the spelling in just a few mins.
The Muffinator 3 chapter 1 . 4/4/2007
Ted chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
Aw! Very nice!
NikChik-11 chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
Aw(I could do this forever)w
Mad about McQueen chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
Aww thats so sweet :)
Rollerwings chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
This is way cute! "Her loving beam" - I thought of headlights. :)
a-spoonful-of-fantasmic chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
aw so short. is there more? i like it.
Buick Regal Racecar 56 chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
foreignconcepts chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
OMG... that was so sweet! Loved it :)


PS - I salute your courage as well now too! LOLZ