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Go Outside chapter 10 . 7/19/2011
This story is amazing! I would love to read more if you ever have time to write it :) Thanks!
yuni30 chapter 10 . 5/27/2011
Hey! Write more chapters will ya? I want to see what happens to Silver! Heck I want to see if Jim shows up or if Evangeline will be okay! Intense writing might I say. It had MY head spinning! For a while there I thought Silver was actually gonna die! I thought that girl, Eve, had turned on hi for real! Please... I'm sure other people want to hear what happens next. _ Darn... written way back in 07... Makes me wonder if it will remain just as intense & suspensefull if you do add on... Anyways, please, when ever you get the chance. Write more. Please?
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 10 . 2/28/2010
I almost thought that it was going to be Jim standing there over Silver. In fact, I was hoping that it was. But alas, I guess it was just as much wishful thinking as Silver had. I fear how the trial is going to go though. Adam seems nice, but he's inexperienced. And Silver's got a lot of crimes under his belt. Here's to hoping that everything will turn out in the end. I truly hope your inspiration for this story is not dead. I'm enjoying it very much. You've created a very unique story, and I would love to see..erm,'s completed form.
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 9 . 2/27/2010
Oh my! This chapter scared me half to death. I can't imagine that this is how your fanfiction would end, but considering how sorrowful the chapters before were, I almost expected that this could be the end. I'm glad that it seemed to only be a dream, (for now), as I'm sure Silver will still have to endure this fate sooner or later, (unless he manages to escape).
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 8 . 2/26/2010
I think it was a very nice touch to finally have Silver admit that he loves Eve, (even though those who have read your story up to this point most likely already figured that out). I enjoyed the fact that Silver is so tormented in this chapter, yet he manages to keep a strong heart. And his prayer was also a nice touch, (even though he doesn't believe, he's praying for Eve's sake, which is heartwarming). Excellent work on this chapter.
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 7 . 2/25/2010
Sadness... I never thought that the infamous Captain John Silver would ever get captured. Guess it couldn't be helped though. Outnumbered by quite a lot, and no weapons. I fear the worst for him. If anything, he won't be charged with the petty crime of stealing, but his crimes that he committed while being a professional pirate. I continue reading, hoping to find a happy ending.
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 6 . 2/24/2010
It's so hard for me to picture Silver without his true cybernetic arm. I truly didn't think that he would sell it, but it warmed my heart that he did it for Eve. I'm unnerved at what's going to happen next. Stealing shouldn't be a problem for him, but seeing as he's not really the same pirate he once use to be, getting caught in the act might prove to be troublesome. I can't wait to continue reading!
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 5 . 2/23/2010
Poor Silver... He just doesn't seem to catch a break at all. I certainly hope he doesn't give up his cybernetic arm. That's what makes him the John Silver we all know and love. Then again, I believe that perhaps his love for Eve is stronger than his love for personal possessions.
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 4 . 2/22/2010
My heart almost melted when Eve called Silver "papa". I find that to be a nice touching moment. I find this story to be extremely dark, and focusing a lot on the bad things in life. But I admit that some people probably live this way, (and Silver being a pirate, he has little to no choice in the matter), so it's very "true" and down-to-earth. I do hope things start looking up for him, but considering the nature of what I've read so far, I fear the worst for Silver and little Eve.
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 3 . 2/21/2010
The way you have described Silver's life, (and his horrid job), makes me think that my own is a blessing. Lol. Truly a wonderful chapter. Looks like he's becoming a father figure again. I truly hope things start looking up for him and this little girl. And with that hope, I shall continue reading to find out.
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 2 . 2/20/2010
I enjoyed this chapter quite a bit. You did a fine job at writing Silver's thoughts, (and a great job on his actual dialogue when it came to his accent). I love that he seems to be fighting more with himself than anyone else, (as if he's his own worst enemy). I'm also very anxious to see how this little girl may, (or may not), affect him later on. He may seem himself in her, but in a way, I feel he may also see her as another being that needs a fatherly figure, just like with Jim.
TurboTasticGhoul chapter 1 . 2/19/2010
This chapter truly made me feel for Silver. It has a dark theme, but it is done well and not farfetched in the least. I did enjoy his thought process quite a bit. It seemed as if his heart and mind were at war with each other. This story has certainly sucked me in, and I'm anxious to continue reading to see how he fairs.
Lady Safira chapter 9 . 7/17/2007
Er... *Looks around nervously* Hi? Yeah, what else should I say to begin? Honestly... Hey, er... I don't really know how to say it, so I'll use just the key word... I'm sorry... It's just... It's been a while since the last time I read any fanfiction... And you were taking so much time to update... And somehow, I don't think these freakin' alerts are working as they should... I don't remember getting any alert about any new chapter of this fanfic of yours... -the hell? Anyway, here I am! (Ta-da!) *Runs and hides behind the chair* So... What's there to say? A lot of stuff, says I, now I've read the two most recent chapters... Well, I say let's start... from the start! (Brilliant...) So I scare you? Cool x) Well, I won't say I've lost interest, but it was sad when I was waiting for a new chapter and it'd never come... You're to blame for that... How many times have I already said you should die? ... *Looks up deep in thought* No idea, the point is, now you have one more... I might still kill you? Hah, if I'd killed you every time I said I would, then you wouldn't be here, even if you had seven lives like kittens... Hey, as long as nothing unexpected happens (I don't think anything would, my life is pure boredom... Good to know I have some good stories to push that boredom away for some time...) I'll "stick with you 'till the end"! Wow, so beautiful... Lame... Is that a preview or what? The "trials, prison, swashbuckling action" thing? Meh, don't make promises if you're not sure you can keep them... Hey, you called that rambling? Look at this, I haven't even "reviewed" anything so far in this... well, they call it "review", whatever... So, er... Let's get to the part where the "real" review starts... By the way, I had to read the last few lines of the previous chapter because, honestly, the whole thing was not as alive as it should be... Again, you're the one to blame, next time don't take that long... Now, about the chpaters... Er... I know I've said this before, but I really like the... way you show us Silver's thought and all that... Short, cutting... I know, that stuff... I was thinking "So, is he in prison or waht? Did that... officer really get him? Sure he did, duh..." When he got to that... "I can't feel my right leg - it's gone" I was all like "WHAT THE *?" I mean, they... "took his leg off"? Okay, that was unexpected... Well, alright they wanted to make sure he had no way to escape, but take his leg off? Come ON, that's evil...! And then it hit me... "Wait, what about Eve? Where is she, anyway? Did she get away?" And when that... bastard came in and said all that crap about her being dead... GAH, I just wanted to have him in front of me and... I don't know... Just make him suffer a slow, painful death, just like Silver wanted... No, I'm not God, 'cause if I was, I'd surely make a better job than what He seems to be doing... Anyway... Although, at the begining, I was thinking "No, he's lying, she's alive, surely...", I was starting to think that he WAS telling the truth... and when she appeared, I was like "But... What the hell, so what happened? Is she a ghost, or something? Has Silver gone mad or what?" Oh, well... I was damn relieved to know that she WAS alive... But, to know Silver was most likely to die... GAH! And the whole yeah-I-don't-believe-in-God-but-I'm-so-desperate-I'm-sayin'-a-pray thing was really good... Congrats! Yay for desperate non-believers! No, seriously... x) Now, let's move on to the next chapter... A rather dark one, I daresay... Darker than they use to be... when the bastard (I think I'll just call him this way, from now on... Suits him perfectly, doesn't it? Honesty above anything else!) said "Time to go", I just "What? Where? Why? WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HIM?" Somehow I knew it wasn't where he should be taken... And when he mentioned the rope I was prayin' (hmm, nah, not prayin', I don't believe in God, and I was not THAT desperate) for me to be wrong, because I already knew that had, terrifyingly enough, something to do with the gallows... And then all the... shouting, all the "kill the pirate", and all that... God, so depressing... And to imagine Silver so desperate... Really, you ARE evil! And all the struggling, trying to escape... But nothing left me as open mouthed as when I realised Eve was there... No, wait, it was not that... it was the fact that she was not sad for him... not desperate just like him, not trying to get him out of there (Not hat the little girl could have done anything, anyway, but you get it!)... I was all like "Wait, won't anything happen? ANYTHING! Silver can't just... die there, right? Where's that moment of... I don't know... rescue, whatever!" And then... "the plank drops"... But he was not dead... God, if there's anything that scares me, is imagining those desperate last moments of someone dying like that... Fighting to stay alive... GOD, do you really have to do all this? You know what, I think I've just reached the red line... In fact, I've actually stepped over it... Look at the size of THIS! See, THIS... is rambling! Learned you lesson? Good... Now keep all this in mind and try to move you fingers a little faster on the keyboard and post the next damn chapter!
Lady Safira chapter 7 . 5/9/2007
You know what? I DO know where you live - I DO know who you are - I AM going to kill you! 'Cause while you were writing this damn chapter, you were signing your own official death request! And I, with all my mercy, will attend your wish! Okay, enough with the evil role... Obviously, these are mean lies! Not that you DON'T deserve it... Mwahahah! But I DO warn you- If you keep torturing Silver this way, I won't be responsible for my acts! Damn, I'm SO evil x) But you ARE right, actually... In that "all-of-the-bleakness-does-keep-you-intrigued" part... Now about the chapter... I really don't know what to say really... Well, of course, I was ansious as hell to know how Silver would get himself out of this one... Assuming he would, obviously... Seems he didn't, I can see that now... And that... GAH, the way that * #&!§% talks... acts... Damn, it's loathesome! HE is evil, I'm an angel compared to him... My threats included! I kept prayin' "Don't answer, just leave, Eve's waiting, you gotta run, ignore him" And when, at last, it seemed he was going to... "...John Silver"... God, it seemed as if a cold, evil voice was echoing in my head... And during all the run, I was shakin' my head slowly, in fear he wouldn't manage to escape... And what most scared me, was that he was actually telling Eve to leave... to run... to save herself... I know, it was for her own good, she would be better out there, but... I don't know... But I forgot that completely when I was facing Silver's desperate thoughts... (I really think it was really well done, all the short and cutting thoughts... Pretty good indeed) And that simple "No..." from Silver... almost beggin... Really that made me cry... So desperate... So sad... You should DIE to make him suffer this way... Yep, another lie, I just kiddin', duh D This is it, I guess... Oh and all that "half-conscious" thingy, pretty good as well... Okay, end of the line... Keep up, hopefully with brighter chapters for Silver and Eve!*
Lady Safira chapter 6 . 5/7/2007
HOW DARE YOU? What have YOU done, huh? Oh, God, you shouldn't, you COULDN'T have done that... While the chapter was opening, I had my hands together and said "Please don't let him do, please, don't!" At first I thought he woulnd't, and I was really releived... Of course sorry too, for Eve, but... Come on, his ARM? While I was reading his thoughts I was shakin' my head, prayin' he wouldn't accept the offer... "offer"? Offer to sell his own arm, what kind of offer is that? But he did, and I... begged for someone - I don't know to whom, anyone - not to let him do it, to just make him turn and leave! And he didn't, again... Well, I... At least eve is okay now... well, her health is... But now, they're just on the same spot where they started! No money, no food, no home... How depressing... And... Although I was hopin' that wouldn't happen, I was not surprised to see Silver stealing... It was hard to imagine alright (yeah, he is - was - a pirate, so what? Pirates steal money, and most times not because they need it, just ask Flint!) but not something I wasn't expecting... And all those... "flashbacks" when he was doing it, it really fit the scene, it was pretty good indeed ) But not a nice thing to imagine ( And when I read "pair of grey, iron eyes", I knew that... GAH, that... "guy" was there! (yeah, I'm a polite person) Damn, NOW Silver is in trouble (that's it, all that's been happening to them has been a piece of cake!) Hey, by the way, what do you mean with this? "Things seem bleak – they will continue to seems so" They will? What more can you do to make things worse, huh? Yeah, put him in jail... Don't you dare, got it? I REALLY hope you won't... (This is a threat, in case you didn't notice...) Don't make me look after you and commit something that would get ME in jail... x) [P.S.: Okay, I hope all of this won't make you stop, 'cause I really love this story, it's just... sad... But go on with it, and update soon!]
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