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Caty Tarleton chapter 11 . 6/10/2013
This is about the fifth time I've read this story, and I'm still not tired of it! I agree with the other reviewers when they say that this is one of the best stories in this fandom. :)

I love how you've added real historical facts. Thank you for writing this story.

Cheers! :D
Beloved Daughter chapter 16 . 7/16/2012
I have greatly enjoyed reading this story! I don't suppose there is any chance of a chapter update though since it's been 10 years...?
Bluedrake chapter 1 . 1/25/2012
This is by far the best piece of Patriot fanfiction I have ever read. Your heroine is believable and likeable, and your characterization of Tavington adds a depth that was sorely lacking in the movie.

I've been checking out your website and I am very impressed with your work.

Is there any hope that you will ever finish this story?
Loves History chapter 16 . 9/24/2010
I was captivated with this story from the opening lines. It is one of the best Patriotfic stories that I have read on this site to date.

I love how you have portrayed William Tavington in this story...he puts me in mind of what Mr Darcy would have been like had he joined the King's army. And I also love the heroine of this story, Augusta. I have read a number of stories written in the first person, but none are of the same standard as this. I feel as if I know Augusta, as you have done an amazing job at exploring her innermost thoughts and fears.

Your characterisations are brilliant, and I enjoyed the addition of real life historical officers. And it is not often that an author can so perfectly write "accents." Being an Ulster-Scot myslef, I enjoyed the injection of the Scottish "talk."

I beg you, please, please continue with this story!
Alyssa S chapter 16 . 6/11/2007
The hole fic was amazing plz go on and do chapter 17!
Amy Lee chapter 16 . 8/19/2006
This is a rare jewel of a story. You've written something that is absolutely shocking in its believability and vibrancy. Your skills as an author are near flawless. You not only write well but you write in a way that is reminiscent of the period. This is truly an accomplishment. Such high standards of writing and scholarship are sadly unequalled in this particular fandom.

I suspect this won't be added to given the length of time since you last updated, but it stands perfectly on its own. With all honestly, I can say that I am privileged to read this lovely work of art.

Now I must see what else you have written, as you now have a loyal fan.
B.N.Bennett chapter 16 . 4/17/2006
Marvelous. Absolutely marvelous. I love it! It is so amazing to see how you blend in the movie and history with real historical characters. I admire your patience for recearch (I'm assuming this or maybe your a history fan). I have to say you've brought out a side of the Colonel I've never really thought of. A shy reserved soul hidden by his arrogant and gruff exterior shown to the all but the ones cloest to him, living and dead.I hope you shall continue. Three or four years since your last update. Busy writing? Or maybe reality drop a bomb? I do hopw you finish this fic. I would love to meet the famous Izz and the 'dragon'Mother Tavington. PLease update soon.
Zubeneschamali aka Beta Librae chapter 16 . 6/18/2005
Sorry to keep nagging you like this, but *when* are you *ever* going to update? I was really hopeful when you wrote that Chapter 17 was finally underway, but now, weeks later, I'm starting to lose hope again! It's been over three years now! *Please* don't delay for *too* much longer-the suspense has built to unbearable levels!
crackenstacker chapter 1 . 5/1/2005
This was absolutely incredible! I loved every second of it and I anxiously await updates! I'm so glad someone else could see the humanity in Tavington. No one is truly that one dimensionally evil. Fantastic story- please please please update!
Zubeneschamali aka Beta Librae chapter 2 . 2/9/2005
Please have mercy and update before the *third* anniversary of your last update rolls around! It's cruel of you to keep readers in such a prolonged state of suspense over the fates of your characters, who've got to be amongst the best ever developed by a fanfic writer-certainly by a writer of "Patriot" fanfiction.

Augusta is that rarest of creatures in this fandom, a truly original OFC. Most heroines of "Patriot" fanfic romances come across as thinly-fictionalized versions of the authors themselves, who are clearly interested in little other than fantasizing about meeting Tavington or Gabriel. But Augusta actually seems like a product of her own unique set of circumstances, and truly fits into her surroundings-thank you so much for providing her with believable reasons for being in the thick of things-resulting in a story that doesn't read like some vapid adolescent daydream (it also helps that the references to Augusta's harsh life at Fresh Water are genuinely moving. It's not like some of those shallow Mary Sue fics, where tear-jerking revelations about tragedies in the heroines' pasts actually evoke the opposite reaction in the reader).

It's similarly refreshing to see Tavington portrayed as the hero *not* for no better reason than that he's played by a totally hot actor (methinks that if the role had been filled by an actor whose appearance was as unpleasant as his behaviour, we'd be seeing a lot fewer Tavington romances), but because you're interested in challenging the film makers' outrageous propaganda, and filling in the side of the story they chose to leave untold. I did love your wry commentary on the whole propagandizing process, in that scene where William and his friends joked about his demonic Rebel propaganda image!

And it always amuses *me* no end when people sneer about Tavington being "OOC" if efforts have been made to portray him the least bit sympathetically: as if the "character" as he stands in the original script or in the potboiler novelization is anything remotely resembling a realistic fictional rendering of a human being! An unbelievable two-dimensional cartoon villain, is more like it-though admittedly, while nothing can be more deadly dull than all those cardboard "in character" monstrous Tavingtons, attempts to provide him with a human side can all too often result in mere blandness, happily something you've done an excellent job of avoiding.

Besides, there's such a double standard when it comes to Martin vs. Tavington. Ben Martin can commit almost unspeakable atrocities as a young man, a capacity for violence that he never loses, yet people who deride the notion that Tavington can be salvaged have no problem whatsoever with Ben the bloodthirsty war criminal washing up quite nicely and becoming a devoted family man; this despite the fact that it has been convincingly argued that Martin is actually *more* reprehensible than Tavington, since the latter commits violent acts as a means to an end, whereas the former gives the impression of revelling in violence for violence's sake.

Your introduction of an unacknowledged-and understandably resentful-mixed-blood half-sister of the children seen in the movie, who has inherited a measure of her father's violent disposition, really adds to the story, countering the sickeningly sentimental Martin family relations in the film and holding out the tantalizing possibility that Ben may yet (crossing my fingers here) reap in full measure what he sowed.

I can't wait to see his confidence get dented, and to renew my acquaintance with Augusta, William, Sandy (whose touching relationship with Augusta as her surrogate father is another wonderful aspect of the story), Deb, Poll, and the rest (I'm quite anxious to know what will become of poor Abigale)-*please* update ASAP!
Athenaea chapter 16 . 8/13/2004
I really must say I'm deeply impressed with your story! You have given it an entire different view, and it is written very well. The way you describe Benjamin Martin and how he, and his fellow Planters, his slaves is harsh but certainly the truth and it gives Augusta so much more character. I also like the references to the poems and works and authors; it makes the story so much more... real!

I'm looking forward to the other chapters and hope (yes, a hopeless romantic here) that it will turn ot all right for them. I think they deserves it. Update soon, please!
Zubeneschamali aka Beta Librae chapter 7 . 5/6/2004
I was just reading your biography of Patrick Ferguson, and was frustrated at how he-and his doxies-have been so neglected, and in his case, even misrepresented over the years. Of course your biography does an admirable job of rectifying the situation as far as Ferguson is concerned. But, since there is such a paucity of surviving information about Virginia Poll and Virginia Sal, it's impossible to reconstruct their lives and personalities with any assurance in a work of non-fiction. That's why it's such a pleasure to be able to turn to this story for a plausible fictional rendition of what they may have been like. It's a real pity that poor Sal, in particular, never acquired the legendary status of her Rebel counterparts, in spite of being killed while tending the wounded. But your cameos of her and Poll are a worthy tribute to them.
In other matters, you mentioned in one of your earlier chapter notes that the delightful-sounding Izz Tavington is partly modelled on Ferguson's sisters Annie and Jeanie. If (as I hope and pray will be the case) you do continue the story, will Izz be making a appearance? I'd love to meet her, and also William's formidable mother.
Arsinoe de Blassenville chapter 1 . 5/3/2004
I can only second Zubeneschamali's plea to complete this story. Re-reading it has given me such pleasure. I think fanfiction is a legitimate outlet for spreading good history and good writing to those who might not read a history of the Revolution, but might come across an interesting fanfic and be drawn in.
Augusta is such an unusual, interesting heroine. Simply creating a female lead who is not the usual exquistely beautiful blonde ingenue is refreshing. Your fascinating presentation of 18th century life is delightful. Do consider finishing the tale!
Zubeneschamali aka Beta Librae chapter 1 . 4/25/2004
I'm dismayed to see that the *second* anniversary of the last update of this superlative story has come and gone. As Arsinoe3 noted, writing a fic of such consistently high quality must be extremely time-consuming. And, I realize that you must be very busy. But surely you can't have abandoned the story altogether.
There is such a need for stories like this. It's nearly unique among Tavington fics (Arsinoe3's "Et in Arcadia Ego" is one of the very few others that spring to mind) in that you're not only aware that the film makers are subjecting viewers to propaganda of the worst kind, but have the respect for historical veracity and indeed, the in-depth knowledge of the historical background, to produce a story that doesn't just uncritically repeat and compound the movie's hatemongering. I really fail to see the appeal of an evil psycho 2-D Tavington the proto-Nazi (except, of course, to those who share the film makers' agenda).
Your interpretation of Tavington is both refreshingly original and entirely convincing. I've read your "Tarleton vs. Tavington" comparison at the "Oatmeal for the Foxhounds" site, and agree with you that Tavington's haughty exterior could well be interpreted as masking a profoundly shy and self-conscious personality, which would make a lot of sense given his insecure family background; also that his fighting methods suggest that something in his past wartime experiences gave him very good reason to hate and distrust Rebels.
Altogether this story stands out as a shining example of how a really talented writer can use an inadequate movie as a springboard for a fanfic that is a vast improvement on the original. Published RevWar bodice-rippers are full of endless variations on the theme of evil Redcoats raping, murdering and otherwise terrorizing their way across the colonies. It's a blessed relief to find a Tavington fic that doesn't just regurgitate the same old formula. So please, keep writing!
lilegyptiangoddess chapter 11 . 4/10/2004
Great story, you keep on writing...the Col. was perfect. gotta love a sexah man in uniform. *snickers*
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