Reviews for Chapter 5 Getting to Know You
amber.mccall1 chapter 3 . 3/31/2013
i enjoyed the sex scenes not that bad. today...
BookLover101 chapter 3 . 12/22/2010

I love the sex scene!

Gabriel was so tender sweet and sexy as hell!

Invisaperson chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
This is the best one yet. I've been searching for a good one about Gabe and Viv.
Codename-Rebecca.Page chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
meh chapter 3 . 11/28/2009
DAMN! okay!
HideAndGoSeek chapter 3 . 6/13/2009
I love this! how can it be the last one? that is so unfair! you're a very good writer by the way
larkkb chapter 2 . 4/30/2009
omg omg omg omg omfg i love it!

plz write more!
riss chapter 3 . 9/15/2008
very good
Deceptive As Beauty chapter 2 . 8/15/2008
Okay, quick pet peeve:

It's ROGUE not ROUGE (caps for lack of any idea how to make things bolded on reviews).

Rouge is a lipstick. Rogue is a thief or outcast.
Lorelai arura dawn chapter 1 . 6/26/2008
this is a good story i hope you keep on writing
Xo.Simply.Jasmine.oX chapter 3 . 2/26/2008
i luv this scence:) I read this story a while back but it is so good so I am reading it over to refresh my memory:) great job:)
ViOlEt chapter 3 . 2/6/2008
the end was ttlly random but the whole thing was very romantic and very interesting...

iluvcarlisle chapter 2 . 1/27/2008
I don't usually read Blood and Chocolate, even though I loved the book, but this fic is amazing! I love it.
inuyasha finatic chapter 3 . 11/28/2007
this is really good though i think there should have been chocolate with those strawberries
bitchybitchy chapter 1 . 10/30/2007

too slow.


I apologize for the flame.


Im feeling bitchy.

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