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TRAtheist chapter 7 . 6/21
1. Sirius is NOT a convict, one must stand trial and be CONVICTED of a crime to be considered as such.
exactly did Sirius "kidnap" Harry? Until fairly recently custody rights in British law over a child were patrilineal(and you can bet that it's still so in wizarding Britain) and you better believe that James would've made it well known that Harry was to be raised by Sirius(Sirius pretty much spells this out in canon). Hagrid taking Harry(as in canon) would be considered kidnapping. As Pettigrew never had a chance to frame Sirius in public, most of the issues concerning the guilt of Sirius in the public sphere should never have materialized.
mikkelibob chapter 13 . 6/5
Come back! It's pretty good.
Sammi17 chapter 2 . 10/26/2016
I thought you should know...learnt isn't even a word. It's learned.
Jedipilot24 chapter 2 . 9/21/2016
Durmstrang is not an all-male school. Nor is Beauxbatons all-female.
Where do French wizards or Bulgarian witches attend school?
Rafaxadrez chapter 6 . 6/15/2016
Very good
Caro chapter 8 . 4/16/2016
I really enjoy this fanfic ! Thanks a lot for writting it ! :)
Guest chapter 13 . 8/11/2015
i can't get past how weak harry is i understand that he only has 15 years old but in canon by that time he was able to contend with high ranking death eaters and to an extent even Voldemort though i did find that kind of unrealistic either way great story and i would've hoped you wouldn't have abandon it but there's nothing i can really do about it and i do see why you did so
doomwyte5 chapter 13 . 6/19/2015
excuse me!it's been 3 years since you have updated, if you abandoned it notified devoted readers, I for one am disappointed in you sir
Guest chapter 9 . 6/9/2015
Ginny's come-on to Harry is not that much worse than Hermione's was in the previous chapter, you know.. Hermione's blatant proposals for sex might have made some wacky sense in her own head, but they would've seemed to come out of the blue and more than a little creepy to Harry.
Deathday Party Planner chapter 13 . 5/18/2015
I see now why you abandoned this story at this point, you've lost control of your main story arch. You've got major breaks in the plot progression. Sirius was identified by Dumbledore and the Ministry as Harry's guardiandirectoy after the first task. In Chapter 12 you've got Dumbledore sending Hermione to get the name of Harry's guardian, information already in possession of all parties, to initiate arrests and prosecution. In addition, Hermione delivered Harry's scores for the first task from Dumbledore as a pretext for visiting to get the gaurdian information. However, Ginny had delivered that same information to Harry from Dumbledore as a pretext to get on the ship and ask him to the christmas Ball. And Chapter 13 is just sort of strangely incoherant. It could be fixed but given your AN at the end of Chapter 11, it's clear you've lost interest. I'm sorry you've left Harry Potter FF, thank you for sharing this partion of what promised to be marvelous story.
Jedipilot24 chapter 1 . 4/30/2015
Different School stories are always interesting, but may I suggest that you change the summary to something along the lines of:
"Sirius Black didn't go chasing after Wormtail; instead he rescued Harry from the Dursley's and fled the country."
After all, Dumbledore did abandon baby Harry on a doorstep in November...
Guest chapter 13 . 4/24/2015
u dead?
guest chapter 13 . 3/30/2015
UPDATE YPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! Please I cant wait any longer!
PaC chapter 13 . 3/30/2015
Considering WHAT went down in the end of chapter seven, WITNESSES to Sirius Black being in the champions' or Pumphrey's tent...whatever.
Some sent away, others there for the conversation, and Dumbles AFTER getting info from the Norwegian ministry, saying he "would COME for Sirius", meanwhile saying Sirius should stay on the ship.

Unless you going to have Dumbledore obliviating several people, I'm NOT following how he's pulling this scheme off, and using Granger and Fudge as shields to keep his own hand supposedly either "clean" or untarnished if the whole scheme, however he expects it to go "successfully", blows up. Nor HOW his scheme to "GET" Harry under his thumb is suppose to work.

Sirius was Gryffindor cannon fodder STUPID to not call Fudge's bluff even if Fudge wasn't bluffing, he could always TRADE himself for Harry later, and REALLY, ARRESTING and prosecuting THE SAVIOUR just returned from the dead and all. IT was dramatic, but characters NOT very smart, like Kakaroff NOT leaving the ladder down and telling Harry to GET onboard. Or at least saying NO one can enter the ship without him admitting them. IT's dramatic and stokes Dumbles and Fudge hate and all, but weak in Dumbles plan NOT failing.
Dumbles KNEW they can't get onboard, so HOW was the plan suppose to work. You'd think Harry being there would be part of his plan, using Harry as bait to get Sirius off the ship. Instead you have Dumbles ready to NOT let Harry be arrested if Sirius didn't surrender.

YES, he's a fifteen year old and against Madeye and a squad of aurors, but Dumbles wasn't involved. Harry going down a little less easy I think ... would be better.

Considering going on three years DOA MIA roadkill abandoned "rewrite", whatever, I'm not going to comment much more.
Lots of weaknesses past few chapters I think.
Kakaroff is a judge, is Dumbles senile? Or are all to think he just likes giving girls an excuse of Harry's 1st task scroes, to go visit Harry, first Ginny and then Hermione, BOTH with Harry's "scores" when Kakaroff is one of the judges and can tell Harry, how dense are the two girls?
Another example, Hermione all so dramatically looks at her feet to MISS the Dumbles look of dramatic. Then later she keeps being STUPID in not suspecting she's a pawn and a fool, as she recalls the look of triumph of Dumbles face, which she NEVER saw. And would the scheming SOB SHOW such a look anyway or keep his poker face intact?

It's fanfic, WHY NOT have a NON-deatheater Headmaster, DUMP the canon deatheater Kakaroff.
Unless you did a nice flip, Snape a faux lapdog spy of Dumbles and actual loyal Deatheater, and Kakaroff an actual spy for other governments and NOT a loyal deatheater, it otherwise is ODD, drinking buddies and pals, Sirius and a deatheater, and letting Harry attend a school with a headmaster that is a deatheater.

Well, though abandoned, thanks for the entertainment and distraction with this massive abandoned "rewrite".

A final funny comment that went in my head the way I now shall share it. A stretch that THIS ostracized Hermione would NOT be more UNtrusting, cunning, not so respectful in letting Dumbles use her so easily. Considering how abused by not just Draco and company but Ron and Gryffindor. Which by the way, it was odd how in some ways, the Gryffs, Neville and girls, talking about what happened in potions, the sexual slurs and slander, but NONE thought or had courage or cared, not even Neville to tell McGonnagal what happened and what Snape LET go on and on. Back on point. I thought about how THIS non-canon Hermione should be more suspicious of Dumbles, not trusting in authority figures like fanfic cliche and nonfanfic canon Hermione is so damn authority figure worshiping and overly respectful, even of the bastard Snape at times...sheesh.
***punchline*** then I realized, WAIT a minute!" ACTUALLY this Hermione is NOT all that UNcanon, because LOOK at the injustice and crap the "authority figures" let go ON and ON in canon. From Draco constant insults and vile crap, to Snape's insults, from "know it all" to shit like claiming she didn't look any different when Draco had hit her with the teeth growing hex.

FUNNY as I was thinking THIS fic Hermione should be more different from canon and how "respectful" and so easily DUPED by authority ecetera she would be, YET really, the authorities are NOT all that different from canon in most ways AND Hermione in the fanfic is not that much worse abused and ridiculed, ostracized, than canon Hermione. So my criticism and argument burned up before launch. She would have needed or could have been less canon of a character, but all and all, even with a worse "life" at school than canon, a canon Hermione could be expected to NOT be all that different. So my beginning of making a criticism blew up.
I would hope though, if this story had not died, that Hermione would not die in a pool of her own self recrimination and guilt and lay the blame on Dumbles and LOSE 99% of canon Hermione respect and trust in authority figures.
jCOOLn chapter 2 . 3/27/2015
I liked the story, its just those large paragraphs that contain so much individual conversations and motions make it a bother to read. Other than that though I am enjoying the story so far.
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