Reviews for Emotion's End
You know who I am chapter 1 . 4/10/2007

I know where you live! *shakes fist*
Midnite OniHime chapter 1 . 4/7/2007
MN: OMK This is absolutely awesome...

MERLA: Jeeze... dude, that is an amazing piece of writing.

UNI:it is a marvelously composed and emotionaly resounding peice of literature.

MN:*gapes* what in HFIL did you just say bookworm?

STORM: *blinks* MN was right, you are a walking dictionary!


STORM: Well I thought it was bloody Awesome and VERY deep. Loved it actually.

MN: Dude, mee too... totally.

RAVEN: Ahuh!

CELL1: It was reverberant my dear...

MN: O.O Where the pauk did YOU come from?

CELL1: *Ignores MN*

CELL2: I must agree, Well done my dear.

MERLA: KAMI... anyone Else seeing double here?

RAVEN: I think we need glasses... *cries*

STORM: No...YOU need glasses, This is not a 'Split personality' contest!


ALL: *look to see large hole where MN was*

STORM: XD Gee... I wonder what was on her mind...


MERLA: dang... our numbers are dropping like flies...

RAVEN: *wails* /Where's Super Bug when you need him!/

CELL2: *puts arm around Storm* Care to enlighten us Love?

STORM: *mutes*

MERLA: *takes one look at Storm and Cell*... er... I'm outta here... TRUTEN! *crash*

UNI: er... I'm late for lessons... Ciao! *IT*

CELL1: *goes off to find Meegan* /I think I'll give those two some room.../

STORM: *eye twitches* ...

CELL2: My, are you blushing?

STORM: *vein starts to show*...ahem...I think I'll go the Truten way...*crash*