Reviews for Brighter Future
SsakusS Mackenzie Stenroos chapter 1 . 4/12/2007
Mya. Loved it
Masboy111 chapter 1 . 4/8/2007
You are REALLY good when it comes to fluff, especially when it comes to canon pairings. I've liked Stahn and Rutee, for sure, since I've gotten into this series without playing it yet, but knowing the storyline. She's a little too hot-headed, but she was good for Stahn, kind-hearted and stupid. :)

But this couple...I just love. Ever since I saw the ending scene of ToD2, I knew this would have to be one of the cutest canon pairings in ALL of videogames, now in my top 3 (Alex/Luna, Cloud/Aeris, and Kyle/Reala, beating out Claude/Rena which is in the 4th spot.) You know how to write it well, and that's great.

I have to ask; When I saw that ending scene, I felt that Kyle was remembering everything after he said Reala's name for the first time. He had this wide look on his face, as if in realization about what happened as he said her name the second time, and she went to glomp him. You didn't believe so?

I love it. Very fluffy, very sweet, and very good.