Reviews for Just and Magnificent: The Border Wars
sakatagintoki-w chapter 1 . 9/12/2011
Hey, SubOrital

This is sakatagintoki. I really like Just and Magnificent. It is a story that keeps me awake till 2 oclock everyday, and the story that keeps me distracted from my class... QUQ I would really love to see the subseries and what happen after they went back and beyond Magnificent.

Sorry that i can't pm you now.. the stupid laptop says i can't althrough there is a 24 hours no-private-message-sending-limit already...I made a new account just to send this review haha -w-...pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls send it to me QUQ. In case you can't find my email. It is
Renn chapter 12 . 7/13/2008
Yet again, this was simply magnificent. I have rarely read a story so good, and your words are so perfect! you really moved me to Narnia with your stories!
ButtermilkWaffles chapter 12 . 7/2/2008

You evil evil person. lol I must worship you. My god.. you made me giggle like a rabid fangirl, made me all warm and fuzzy with the fluff, make me cry and bawl all over my boaster with the angst.

And All I can say Is.. you evil evil beautiful writer. You write magnificent stories and this story definately deserved a review from me. lol Not to be rude but I'm one of those people who read, fav and alert not bothering to review. So Great story and I reealy hope you'll continue to write more. LOL and btw I didn't know thre was a story between this LOL and now I'm going to stalk your page. xD
brave chicken chapter 12 . 6/7/2008
Keep writing! I want more!
Egyptian-Fire chapter 3 . 5/27/2008
I left you a review on recently about Just and Magnificent, and I just want it to be known that I simply adore this story also!

What an amazing writer you are.

Please keep writing.
Marcus1233 chapter 9 . 5/23/2008
...I know I should comment things here but words failed to be grasped. (blinks) I do believe that my mind is somewhat overwrought with strenuous and excessive use of coming up with witty things to say and praises to come up with.

Then, all the analysing that I gad done for the past chapters. OMG! I feel so...empty. Is this how Peter feels like? With him being hollow? (frowns) I'll just have to see that it'll never happen, shouldn't I?

Okay. How bout this. I like the battle scene. It somehow feels different from the usual things that I read. Like...well, to say in layman's term, it felt like Edmund.

9chcukles) I mean, it feels like Edmund. Essence wise. It gives off this not exactly recklessness...more like abandonment and just go with the flow...somehow carefree. Just like what Edmund did when he charged at the two Ettin and three giants. Confident. And wild.

I like that.
Marcus1233 chapter 8 . 5/23/2008
(chuckles) I emphatise with his frustrations on the giants. I do believe I had dealt with similar situations. (chuckles) And they fact that the giant was being so over-dramatic was kinda funny. Like a cheap low B-rated movie. (chuckles)

It's kinda funny really, that Edmund, being the Rogue Warrior was said to have great strength, yet in the arms of one crazed Peter, the power left him dry. (chuckles)

(chuckles) I must be crazy for saying this, but crazy Peter is kinda hot...minus the crying of course, he'll get a nine. Especially when he demanded Edmund to come home.

The servants rushed in when they heard their master cried out. So they must be at hearing distance from the room. In a modern age, one would die for being privy to such things. After all, gossips are made by eavesdropping and the usual stuff.

(sighs) One would think that Peter would stop burying his own grave and try not explode with rash words.

Whoa! I guess that finger pointing was the last straw for Edmund huh? Not only did he lost the favour of his beloved Narnia...then Peter followed suit and abandoned him. Can't blame the guy for screaming like a total banshee.

(rolls eyes) Now that they knew what the public crucifixion did to the monarchs' marriage, they finally opened their eyes to the truth and tried to council them? A bit too late, ain't it?

Even though I feel...okay, I think that Susan has a more or less little role...or use in this story, her presence does help in reconciling the two dunderheads. (chuckles)

"Peter said nothing, not wanting to risk saying the wrong thing."

Finally. Thank Aslan (I do believe I should join in using that quip now for reviewing Narnian fics)(chuckles). Aslan has graced him with some sense not to open his trap and ruin the moment.

(rolls eyes) How like boys. They made up so easy. As if the entire thing never happened. But I do like the sudden cheek that Peter just turned into.

(chuckles) Fantastic. Several climaxes? Such stamina. (chuckles) The envy of every male species. (chuckles) And that's just several days. I wonder what would happen if they parted for months on end. What would Peter do? Probably killed themselves by sheer exhaustion.

But seriously, with all these mood swings they have. You'd think they are the ones that are afflicted with PMS and not women. (shakes head)
Marcus1233 chapter 7 . 5/23/2008
Unexpected? I'd say. He took Peter before he could react then instead of hitting him, he rested his head on his shoulders and sobbed. Yep. Unexpected.

(rolls eyes) Peter's into bitchy mode again. Really, throwing the fat into the fire. What was he thinking? Blowing his top like that. It's just an innocent question thrown out in the form of insecurities. He had to go and do the opposite of calming the other boy down with reassurance.

Now, Edmund is going into a guilt trip. (pats the boy on the shoulder for comfort and throw dirty glares at the pig Peter)

(chuckles with glee) Edmund is a wonderful specimen to observe. Strong, yet fragile but even in his lowest hour, he defended those he loved with such raw power and tenacity. You go Edmund, show that animal who dared to besmirch Peter's character. (blinks) Did I just defended Peter?

(rolls eyes) Too bad those so called intelligent beings are happy with this outcome. Stupid beasts! Think they are above such acts of heinous crimes. But while they fought and turn at each other (making a fool out of themselves), they mad the country's in a more precarious position.
Marcus1233 chapter 6 . 5/23/2008
Can't say I would like to be in Edmund's shoes right about now. Especially when the yelling starts. Nope. Not envying his position at all.

Must suck to get caught red-handed if you did something terrible. But I stick with Edmund on this. Sacrifices are sometimes made for the good of all...and it was unintentional. (sighs) Poor Edmund, and it does turn sour if the opposition argued, that lives are still lost. Sometimes, people just don't understand that.

Given the chance to save a lot at the expense of a few. What would you do? Take note that you didn't factor in those innocents to be in the middle.

Peter's starting to sound like an utter prick to me. I totally dislike people having so much power being so over-bearing when others are forced to dirty their hand for their luxury to stay stay untainted.

Damn! He called Edmund a monster? Stormy would be an understatement if anything is to come after that statement...and so would the rest of the days that will follow...or months...depending how their relationship would stand against the weathering.

I do feel bad though...well, at least I should be, right? I mean, there they are, so much in anguish...and I'm giddy with excitement for their pain. Course, I do feel sorry for Edmund. (shrugs) I'm a fan of some sort and loyalty have to be obligated.

(pops in a pop corn into mouth) Keep those tears coming dear. (munches on, fixating on the drama at hand) Edmund can be a might be wee bit bitchy given the chance, huh?

I do like that ending bit. Quite profound.
Marcus1233 chapter 5 . 5/23/2008
(arches eyebrow) Let me guess, Edmund took actions that other's might find...less honourable and downright despicable? The curse of being in such a high position is, you do can do great things and people love you, but just do ONE mistake, you are so screwed.

Edmund's in that spot now, isn't he?

(chuckles) Well, I'm thinking that Peter is some sort of a sexual beast (I meant that in a nice way). It's as if, he can't get enough sex with Edmund. At least, he sticks with one man only. A ball where the others are fighting for Edmund's it in J&M? That certainly sound interesting.

(chuckles) I do like a scandal or two.
Marcus1233 chapter 4 . 5/23/2008
Whoa. (chcukles) ANd here I thought I have just jumped into a twolight zone and missed a couple of chpater when I clicked on the next page button.

I was like, "I thought that Orri...whatever-his-name-is-but-he's- the-husband-of-Susan-who-was-suppose-to-be-dead' was well...dead. Didn't look dead to me when the chapter began."

Then, I read it through and went, "Oh, just a dream." Clearly, she needs intervention. She's almost losing it. But, it did serve a purpose. Onone hand, she got more readons to be bitter, to know that it would come true if things turn out differently.

(smiles sheepishly) Sorry, I have this tendency to focus on the bad side of things first. Hm...probably why I got dubbed as a bitch at some points. (shakes head) Anyhow, I digress. She could also took the dream in a better aspect if she applies some effort to self-reflect and just leave the past as that and focus on what she still this case, her family.

Since, Edmund was pretty much an important figure in her dream as he revolved around the lives of her children and her husband, I'm having a go at the fact that it's her sub-conscious trying to tell her he's also having the same pain as her, even to a somewhat lesser extent I'm assuming that Orrin and him was close before the guy died) and that she shouldn't exclude him from her life.

Okay, I think I know what I said but it sounded less articulate and coherent. If you do understand what I'm trying to convey, kudos to you. If not, feel free to ignore me. (chuckles)

"I can't imagine anyone wanting to read this series without reading that story first"

(chuckles) Well, you don't have to imagine it, coz now, you know that I'm reading this first. For one thing, it has an M for it's rating. (chuckles) The contents might be more openly 'open'. And, well, it has shorter number of chapters.

(chuckles) I did try to read the J&M lost. (chuckles) How, I have no idea. Must be the fact that it was already past midnight and I was sleepy.
Marcus1233 chapter 3 . 5/23/2008
(chuckles) King Edmund, spy master and head for the national security. Then sending the best to keep his husbandsafe from danger...This kinda remind me of a story I read once...forgot what it is, anyhow, a king has his wife to be the head of his guards and foreseeing training and such.

Edmund kinda reminded me of her. I like how he interacts with Peter and Lucy. Especially when he highlights that he became a 'duty' for Peter in that teasing tone and later, Lucy said that he was her 'job' to think about. (chuckles)

Susan...well, I think she needs to find someone. So melancholic and very bitter. I'm not surprised if no one wants to court her.
Marcus1233 chapter 2 . 5/23/2008
“I swear one day it’ll be the death of you.”

(blanches) Why do I get the feeling something bad would happen to Oreius in the future. It's just that, set in a war novels, something trivial like that quote usually come true. (sighs) If it is, I feel sympathy for his family that he'll leave behind.

“Forever doesn’t exist, Lu.”

Oh, my. Such a depressing thing to say. Though said in a lighter tone, it does have that inner meaning towards it, doesn't it? (chuckles)

And I do so like a commanding Edmund. (chuckles) Don't you? So decisive and in control.

(reads on the last part and blinks)Okay, I said that too early. All that stress from command his spies must be a very arduous chores. (chuckles) Didn't expect him to be so...I don't know what to say to what he did with the ball. (chuckles) But I do believe that he is adorable when I picture that scene.
Marcus1233 chapter 1 . 5/23/2008
So basically, this story is a filler story for a bigger one, that is J&M? Okay. I'm cool with that.

So nine years since the big battle with Jardis and Co. Okay. So that means they're somewhere along the line of mid twenties? Right?

Doubt-bucket? (chuckles) It sounds...well, silly, in a cute way. It's a good pet name for Edmund. It kinda suits him really. And I like how understanding Peter is and that he respects his husband's wishes to keep things hush-hush. (chuckles) This is a very good...more than good change of sceneries. If I ever read someone's need to not keep secret from their spouses...well, I dunno what I'll do but it won't be pretty. (chuckles)

(mutters: I'll probably do nothing, just bitch about over-used ideas, really)

Damn. I pray to god I don't have to be that involved (obsessed is another nice word)with someone the way Susan is fixated on her husband. (shudders) I'm depressing as it sink that low in melancholy for years on end...It's like living, yet dead at the same time. Zombies are better least they don't contemplate on stuff (the same one) for years.

(chuckles) I kinda like Edmund in this fic, being the head for Narnia's spy network. The story's like set in a medieval era, right? Given the chance to compete with modern espionage, I wonder which will prove more effective.
Leoanda Taylor chapter 12 . 5/9/2008
Kaya! I can't believe it's over! An appropiate ending to the fic. The last chapter of JaM is really depressing when you've just read this. Oh, well! Thank you so much for writing all of this! Its all wonderful! I would love it if you wrote the Prince Caspian sequal, yet I'd miss Edmund too much! He's my favourite character. Anyways, thank you once again! *Bows respectfully*
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