Reviews for The Marriage Stone
lovebooks98 chapter 76 . 11/26
Hi! I hope you’re doing well!
I don’t know how many times I’ve read this, but it never disappoints haha
I gotta say…this is, hands down, the best HP fanfic I’ve ever read and I’d like to thank you for sharing it, I hope you’ll come back to finish it one day, but if not, it was already an extraordinary experience. This story has everything, and it is so incredibly well written…
Thank you again! ️
lazycrazykitten chapter 76 . 11/16
I still read this entire story once a year. I love it, and will continue to love it. I really do wish you'd come back. The past few years have been so hard. The amount of fanfiction writers has decreased, especially for Harry Potter. I would love to see the ending of my old favorite story. I understand if you can't return, but it would be lovely to see post again.
Caitlyn chapter 78 . 11/9
Dear Josephine Darcy,

I am not sure if you will ever read this comment (or if you even still look at this account anymore), but I wanted to express how much this story brings me joy. I have been reading and re-reading this story for very many years, and it still remains my top favorite fanfiction ever written. Your writing style and amazing grasp of plot has given me something to strive for as a writer myself. I am probably a bit younger than you (I am twenty four now, writing this) but I wanted to tell you that you are an amazing person, and your writing has a hypnotic effect. I hope that some day my writing might captivate people just as your writing has captivated me.

Your fan,
geumsappa6 chapter 78 . 10/30
Oh my is not complete….. oh my god
Guest chapter 75 . 10/29
Every time I reread this, I find myself hoping you're still writing. Something. Anything. This is very good and I hope you are still able to get joy from writing after your struggles, and I hope that I stumble across whatever you share, because I've enjoyed this unfinished work so much and so many times... Thank you!
Tehee chapter 1 . 10/23
Hello Josephine,

I read your story when I was a lot younger and have since then have completed university, worked my first real job, lost relationships, started relationships and dropped nearly everything to further my career. I've read probably thousands of stories, fanfictions and novels alike in my life. I'm sad to say I rarely read now do to lack of energy and time. However your writing struck a chord with me. It was so vivid and beautiful that even though I don't remember the details of the story, at least a couple times a year, I think back to it and wonder if your life ever brought you back to it.
As someone who has squashed my creativity and whimsy to allow for a stable career as a busy accountant, I understand that sometimes life diverges from where it once was and even if you continued flourishing as a writer, your life may never connect back to the point you were at when writing this story brought you joy. Forgive my terrible and rushed 3am message if you still even read these. I just wanted to say that where ever you are in life, Ihopr you're doing well. Thank you for the beautiful story. Unfinished it may be, but it's complete in the fondness I hold for it.

Take care of yourself.
Pao chapter 78 . 10/20
idk how to start to say this so im just gonna say what i think, i readed this history a few day ago and i cant express how much i've come to love this story, idk if you are going to continue writing but i hope with all my heart that it is so, i know that some people continue this story but i feel incapable to read it so i will wait for you to continue even if another ten years pass, all my love and hapiness to you, take care!
pd: im peruvian and most of this is writteen by the translator so pls dont judge me fot that
Guest chapter 78 . 10/18
Just a little note to remind you that there are still people hoping you might finish this one day, but mostly sending you love and the hope that you are happy and well.
tiffanythibedeau chapter 77 . 10/13
I love this story please do continue it... I haven't read a story that keep my attention for how long this one did... great job.
Guest chapter 78 . 10/13
Is there any Chance for an End by the Original author? I Know that there are endings Wirten by somebody Else.

I Hope you Start Thais again
darkangelfantasy chapter 1 . 10/3
It’s been about 10 months now, I ready for another go through. Round 7, fight! Seriously though can’t get enough of this story.
Guest chapter 78 . 9/21
I love this story. I hardly ever read any fanfic anymore but this is the only one I ever pickup you read over and over. At least once a year. I still smile and laugh at the same parts over and over again because it’s such a great story and you are a Very talented writer. You should start a gofundme campaign - I’d happily contribute to it if it helped relieve some of your financial burdens with your multiple jobs. Maybe it would give you more time to be creative and keep writing your wonderful stories :)
-Andrea S
Guest chapter 63 . 9/19
And there goes Snape's assurance of being the higher ranked one of the pair.
Guest chapter 78 . 9/18
We'll wait. You've got a true jewel of a story here and it's worth waiting for.
Isakitt chapter 78 . 9/18
Hi, Josephine. I don't know if you'll ever read this, but... I head is gonna be closed. That's super sad, but everything ends, right? I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this story. It's one of my favorite ones -not only as a "fanfic", but as a novel. I mean, I really love it. It's part of me now. I always remember it. It taught me so many things. Thank you! Even if you can't finish it, thank you for share it. Of course, I'd wish with all my heart that you could share more of this, but I understand how life works.

I hope you're fine and happy now. If you can ever come back on AO3, you'll be more than welcome by everyone!
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