Reviews for The Marriage Stone
ryencoke chapter 7 . 8h ago
Although it's probably not intended I find one particular aspect of the story so far rather funny. It is sort of a joke that men are confused and baffled by women...and in this story Snape is baffled by Harry. I find that endlessly amusing.
island0meadow chapter 76 . 4/8
This obviously is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. Legendary as many people will agree. You have managed to weave a whole world just as the harry potter series has done, and we as readers are so very grateful! You write some truly inspiring things m'lady (and to write so much just within one year!) and I hope you get to see how much your work has inspired other in ways of written works or artwork. We hope that one day this story will be continued by you, but will satisfy ourselves by rereading what you do have so far and letting our imaginations soar ;)
(Yeah I know I already reviewed... but I had to find another chapter and review again...)
Charlie Raey chapter 72 . 4/3
I was scanning through all my favorites and read some of the reviews on this chapter, and had to come back because I had forgotten about the kiss. I am almost in tears and I have butterflies. This is what we aspire to, and this is one of my all time favorite stories EVER, including real life books! I wish you would continue, but at the same time, I am so thankful that the story itself is still up and you didn't quit.
I hope you're okay, and I hope that whatever has happened will get better soon. We all love you, Darcy. SO MUCH.

Apfelblte chapter 29 . 4/1

It just happened that I read a translation of this fanfiction - and I really liked it. So much that I couldn't wait and started to read the original one. So here I am.

English is not my native language so - sorry for mistakes. ;-)

I like how the characters are designed here. It's so In-character. I like it.

Also the idea - even when chliche at the beginning - started to develope in a profound way.

I appreciate the fact that you really feel and recognize how many thoughts the author thought because of this story. The ideas of the magical society etc.

One thing which is not correct: Durmstrang is not in Germany - at least not in canon. It's in Sweden or Norway.

I am from Germany - I haven't been to Durmstrang. ;-DDD

Mary chapter 77 . 4/1
Dear Josephine, I've just finished your Marriage Stone for about the 6th time - and imagine I will come back to it again and again. For now, I will pick up with one of the tribute continuations that have honored your has been year, but I still wish you will someday have the desire or ability or opportunity to finish this wonderful story.
Brit8889 chapter 77 . 3/26
I just found this story. I like it. I hope you will continue this story someday soon
XunXun chapter 77 . 3/25
Hi! I don't know why I haven't write a review before. In my defense, I'm gonna say that when I started reading this fanfic almost 7 years ago I didn't speak much english so I read the spanish translation. It was the time when I started reading fanfiction and yours was amazing. It blowed my mind. To this day and with the knowledge of my 21 years old I still think that what you have done with that simple arc story is incredible. To be honest is my favourite. I'm going to finish this saying that I don't really care if you update a chapter or not, I just want to know that you are fine, healthy and happy. We are worried about you. I hope to hear something about you someday. Have a nice day wherever you are.
blackjettzsb chapter 77 . 3/24
so it has been 6 years since u last updated this story...
its brillent, a great read & were all loving it.
so for the love of merlins saggy left ball please finish this!
or send ur wrk to
SunstreakerandSideswipesWomen chapter 3 . 3/23
You do know that Tobias is snapes middle name and that he is dracos godfather right?
lil13reds chapter 77 . 3/23
Please update this story and finish it. Or if you have somewhere else please email me at thanks
S.L.D chapter 77 . 3/17
if u r reading this pls 4 the love of all things holy finish this story i have never read such a story, u r a spectacular unrivaled writer.i have read it a no of times already, many have tried n failed in my opinion 2 continue this story no matter how much time it takes i will be waiting on 4 this story to end by its rightful author - S.L.D
scarlet chapter 77 . 3/15
so sad that never finished
arielpinkeye chapter 77 . 3/14
I spent a week of my life reading this only to be disappointed that the story isn't finished. What's written of it is fabulous, don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant story. It's just a shame it's unfinished.
scarlet chapter 59 . 3/14
i am creying
scarlet chapter 47 . 3/14
poor draco I could only imagine his turmoil
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