Reviews for The Marriage Stone
Dobby's Other Sock chapter 78 . 24m
I'm sorry about your relatives. :( This is a wonderful story. :)
SeaDrakkar chapter 78 . 7/13
You're an amazing writer. Do you remember the feeling of a new HP book coming out and impatiently waiting for it, just to be followed by getting to read the prize and skipping work/class because you just could not put the book down? Your story is like that. I could not stop reading it. I'm amazed at how well all of the characters are not only portrayed but at how close they are from the actual books, while the story went in another direction altogether. Thank you so much for this story.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/13
I see the name Claudius and I instantly think of Hamlet...
Allie chapter 7 . 7/12
I can’t...this story is just too good! XD
Guest chapter 78 . 7/10
Cliffhanger! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
auntie-sc1 chapter 78 . 7/10
I recently finished reading what you had posted of this story and have become enchanted with the tale and couldn't stop reading. I can't say how I would feel to see someone else taking up something that I had started and finishing it, but I really hope that you will one day come back to this story and give it the finish that you envisioned. I can't wait to see what you have in story for this "world" if you do complete the story.

Also, glad to know you are still with us.
Liliange83 chapter 78 . 7/9
Une super histoire, que j’ai lus en très peut de temps , très bien écrite, une intrigue juste géniale.. Sans doute l’une des meilleure histoire que j’ai lue ...
J’espère de tout cœur que tu la finiras , il ne faut pas laisser un t’elle chef-d’oeuvre sans fin..
C’est pour cela que je m’es cette histoire en favori ainsi que à suivre.
Merci encore de m’avoir fait voyager .. Andgel...
Guest chapter 78 . 7/6
YAY! Glad you're not dead, reading this rather late for the second time after I read it the first time and enjoyed it then forgot it existed until my sister recommended it to me. I would really appreciate it if you continued this, and I wish you good times in the years ahead!
Idris S chapter 1 . 7/6
Please. Post or admit you'll never let us see how the story ends. It's not nice from you keeping ignore so many people who are still hoping for some response.
MagnoliatheShipper chapter 78 . 7/6
I just finished what was written, and I must say that reading your note us all brought me to tears. Just this year I myself have lost someone very dear to me, and the pain I felt in the wake of that was indescribable. I am overjoyed though to hear that you have been recovering (hopefully quite well now, as it has been two years), and I hope that maybe you will find the right time to finish this wonderful story you have created.
This story is so amazingly well written, and the world-building is phenomenal! I have absolutely LOVED every moment of it, and the emotion and passion that you, the author has put into it. And whether or not you ever complete it, or if you never read this, I just want to say that I will cherish this work, and the person who made it for a long time.
Hoping that you have found joy, peace, and meaning in your life,

[ also hoping that this isn't too weird coming from a stranger :) ]
Guest chapter 78 . 6/30
I've often come back and re-read your story in times of great turmoil in my life, and it has been a fantastic read and a lovely comfort. The detail that you add to the magical world and the politics, the background-when I read the cannon books, I often imagine your concepts as cannon for myself, because it makes the world feel much more rich and real.

I suspected, when it was clear this story was unfinished and might remain so forever, that something awful had happened. You had so much clear investment in this story from day one, and your authors notes did not give the impression that you planned on quitting. I am very glad to hear you are not dead-it was a small sadness and fear for you that has haunted me, that strange feeling of never really knowing the end of a story, of knowing your internet life isn't quite as connected as you think, because people sometimes disappear and you never get to know why. I am very sorry that you've been dealing with so much emotional trauma. It is completely understandable that you did not write, that you were not here online-this was not where you needed to be!

I am well satisfied to know you are doing better. If you never update this story, I will enjoy it as it is and take satisfaction in the knowledge that you are alive, and taking care of yourself first, as you should.

Thank you for the update.
green899074 chapter 78 . 6/29
I have the oddest feeling you’re going to be finishing this up and posting soon. Maybe I’m crazy, it really was just a feeling after all...
Lyane Satigre chapter 78 . 6/28
This story is one of the best I've ever read. I hope we will have the end one day
Alienoree chapter 78 . 6/27
If you ever read this...
I want to tell you that I've read your story and I loved every part of it, it's one of the best fanfiction I've ever read in my opinion :)
I'm sorry for what happened to you, and I hope you are healing from it :)
I hope you'll gift us with an end to this wonderfull fanfiction of your one day but I would understand if not...
Wishing you the best,
kohmaru chapter 78 . 6/27
I haven't thought about this story in a long time, and recently noticed an update. I do recall hearing about your passing somewhere, I'm glad to hear that this was untrue.
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