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ullakataja chapter 78 . 2h
I'm so happy you aren't dead! Obviously I'm very happy for you but quite selfishly I'm actually even happier for me, for the chance that the story might get an ending one day. Of the story's millions of views several were mine. I've read this over and over again, and occasionally in the middle of working or cooking or something I find myself wondering how they are doing, what might have happened to them. This only happens to me with the best stories.

I wish you well and every happy thing in the world. I also wish you'll find your muse again. However if you don't, if you some day realize you will never finish this story, would you be very kind and post a short note just to tell very briefly how the story ends?

I know what it is when you feel the pressure to do something. It's no way to do creative work. So I hope I haven't stressed you out or anything. I was just so happy to see you active again. Whether this story will have its ending or not, you are an amazing author and very talented story teller. Never doubt that :)
Dctape chapter 78 . 3/29
Thank you for such a wonderful story, delivered with such detailed finesse! This work is one of three that continually aspire me to improve my own writing. Even incomplete, the marriage stone is THE landmark for me in this genre. I wish you all the best with your personal life.
Katerina chapter 78 . 3/28
Hello Josephine Darcy.
I am sorry for your loss.
But at the same time I am glad to read that your not dead. I love your story and I wait for it even if you never finish it. I have already read that for the third time and it never lose its attraction.
You have got talent for writting.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours fan
Katerina ()
ArSu chapter 78 . 3/26
I have had family members die on me before as well, and it hurts tremendously. It was incredibly hard to to keep on going, wishing I was dead in their place at some times, but I vaguely recall someone telling me once "The only thing you can do for the dead is keep on living, but also carry their memory in your heart forever." So i feel for your loss..
Vlani chapter 78 . 3/24
Дорогая Josephine Darcy. Вы написали историю, которая западает в душу. И после долго, отчаянного ожидания продолжения, начинаешь думать: наверное что-то случилось с автором и надеешься, что у него просто нет настроения (его полное право). И я была очень рада увидеть Ваше сообщение на сайте. Пожалуйста не расстраивайтесь из-за продолжений Вашей истории другими авторами. Конечно у них есть право писать их. Но главное у них есть желание увидеть продолжение именно Вашей истории. Представьте себя Джоан Роулинг, когда она увидела в интернете первую историю фаната на «Гарри Поттера». Поэтому поздравляю – вы написали шедевр. Но, пожалуйста, даже если Вы не напишете больше ни строчки, иногда обновляйте свою страничку. И я и все другие (Ваши фанаты!) будут счастливы, что где-то там работает или отдыхает, радуется или печалится – просто живет хороший человек - Josephine Darcy.
С уважением (восхищением) и пожеланием всего наилучшего, Анна (Vlani).
К сожалению, английский язык не знаю, поэтому машинный «Переводчик PROMT»:
Dear Josephine Darcy. You wrote history which sinks down in soul. And after long, desperate expectation of continuation, you start thinking: probably something happened to the author and hope that he simply has no mood (its full authority). And I was very glad to see your message on the site. Please be not upset because of continuations of your history by other authors. Of course they have a right to write them. But the main thing they have a desire to see continuation of your history. Present yourself to Joanne Rowling when she saw on the Internet the first history of the fan on "Harry Potter". Therefore I congratulate - you wrote a masterpiece. But, please, even if you will not write more lines, sometimes update the page. And I and all others (Your fans!) will be happy that somewhere there works or has a rest, rejoices or mourns - simply there lives a good person - Josephine Darcy.
Yours faithfully (admiration) and wish all the best, Anna (Vlani).
Unfortunately, I do not know English, therefore machine "PROMT Translator".
Badbonita chapter 78 . 3/23
Thank you for letting us know.
It is always a worry when there has been such a dedicated poster - you let us know that family was coming all those years ago and would not be posting so when that time passed and nothing new arrived, I know I wa concerned. You hope that the author is just busy. That real life has made demands and eventually, the chaos will be back under control and we'll hear there is another update. Then more time passes and still nothing and you start to get worried that something terrible happened.
With so many writers posting under alias, the chance is there that something horrible has happened and we'll never know. Just a wonderful story that ends abruptly.
I understand your hurt by seeing the stories that were intended as a continuation of The Marriage Stone. You latched on to Rowling's wonderful work and created something interesting and complex and loving and even with so much happening in the story, Severus and Harry's own relationship proceeded at a rate that seemed realistic.
I've read some of your other works *cough* years ago *cough* What always comes to mind was the one with the original Battlestar Galactica. At least I think it was you. And you can do such a great job of realistic characterizations, dialogue that works, the littlest things that have meaning.
I'm glad that you remembered your password for FanFiction and was able to see how much TMS was appreciated and relished. I hope you find the interest to continue.
If not, well, I hope you continue to find happiness and maybe find the author within again.
oOA Cry In The NightOo chapter 78 . 3/22
I don't know if you'll see this, but I wanted to say thank you. I've read thousands (I'm really not exaggerating) of fanfics over the years. But there are only 4 or 5 that I could tell you the name of off the top of my head, or describe.

This is fic is one of them. I started reading it sometime around 2009, and since then I've read it probably about 14 times - I like to go back and reread stories that I really enjoy. And I really enjoyed this one. I never bought into rumors of your demise - there are so many reasons someone could stop writing, but I'm happy to hear that they were false.

Whether or not you continue writing and posting for this story, I wanted to say I appreciate what you have written. I'll probably continue to come back here and reread this story for years to come - so thank you. Thank you for creating something I have truly enjoyed. If you do update this story, I can't deny I will be thrilled. If not, I still wish you all the best.

A fan
ActingLikeGarfieldOnaMonday chapter 78 . 3/22
This was one of the best stories I have ever read. I don't normally write reviews, and I can't help but wonder how many more you have gotten just because of the new chapter you posted updating us on your life. It saddens me to know that you have gone through so much pain and loss in your life. It also makes me wonder on why we the audience ever feel entitled to know everything in your private life, but none of this is the true message I wanted to share with this review. Often I would say that this story is something I didn't know I needed. But it is so much more than that. It is a story that I didn't know I craved with such intensity. Even with the age of the story, you are/were an exceptional writer and even if you never continue this, I am glad you posted this far, glad you posted this much of your writing for the world to enjoy and bond over. Though I, along with many others I imagine, wish to see more of this story I also know enough about story endings to say that though there are still many things left unanswered you left it at a pretty good time. It may not come to a complete end, but it lets us readers imagine what happens next (probably why you had people 'continuing' it without your permission. The story inspired them which is a double edged sword if I've ever seen one.) the story line was inventive and new and completely unexpected. I read a lot of fanfiction and never have I seen one go in the direction that you took this amazing story. It is hard to surprise me with Harry Potter fanfiction anymore. I hope that things get better for you, and I hope that you keep writing, even if you never write another word for this story. I wish I could help take away the negativity that trolls and flames bring, but unfortunately all I can offer is a response to any PM you may manage to send my way. I will gladly offer an open ear even if you just need someone to complain to. Don't give up on yourself. Do what makes you happy! And don't be afraid of what people might say, you are better than them.
Sevkrissrem chapter 78 . 3/21

Te podría escribir en inglés pero prefiero hacerlo en Español para que darle mayor sensación de "globalización" a tu increíble historia. Esta historia cada cierto tiempo la vuelvo a leer solo por el placer que me produce durante la siguiente semana a leerla. Creas un mundo tan maravilloso que es increíble y no me canso de leerla. Siento mucho todas tus pérdidas y sólo quiero que sepas que en el caso de que continues la historia aquí hay una fan más que estará encantada.

Saludos! chapter 78 . 3/21
I absolutely love your story! I would love if you continued it, but if you don't, I certainly wouldn't blame you. It sounds like you have been through a lot, and for that you have my condolences. Thank you for writing such an amazing story!
FR-Miou chapter 78 . 3/20
I just want you to know that this story is just totally amazing. I can't imagine how your spirit works for you to come with so many ideas that make such a great story.
I've read this story in one week, and I never got bored (which happens really often when I read long fanfictions). I still don't understand how we moved from the first chapters to this; the relationship between all the characters moved so softly that you barrely notice it. I mean, there are clue facts/actions that push the switch in the relationships, but even after this point, the relations between the characters build so naturally that when I finished reading I had to force myself to think about what was their relations at the beginning of the story.
You are a great writer. This story is amazing.
I hope and wish I could read a continuation of this story ; so please be my Santa and make it comes true .
With you the best in life,


(Ps: I hope there are no much english mistakes in my comment, sorry if there are ; it is not my first language but I hope it is still understandable and not shocking for native english speakers/readers)
lilybug92 chapter 78 . 3/20
I long ago stopped looking for updates on this fic, assuming its ending and your disappearance were doomed to be just another mystery of the internet. I'm so glad I checked back and saw this. I'm thrilled that you are alive and relatively well, although I am sad for the difficult circumstances that necessitated your disappearence. I would be ecstatic if you finished this, but even if you don't, thanks for checking in. It gives all of us a little bit of closure.
Guest chapter 78 . 3/19
Know that all 8.6 million of us stand behind you and that your work has changed many lives and has saved just as many.
Guest chapter 78 . 3/19
Sorry to hear about your losses, though I doubt it means much to you. I've had a few loved ones die over the years- usually slow, painful death by cancer, so I know the feeling. Not that it means much to you.

While I would suggest channeling your current emotions into writing as a means of dealing with them I recognize that my go-to method of coping when upset is probably not your go-to method.

No matter what course you take know that I support you.
chicaalterego chapter 78 . 3/19
Glad to know you are not dead... never heard any rumors of uour demise, but did bump into one of the continued unofficial Marriage Stone fics. It was alright, thoguh I like your work better.

I don't have anything profound to say about family members getting sick, because, honestly, all I cam say is "been there and it sucks", my updates stopped for the very same reason and I got to get back on track with RL, so you wont ever be getting complaining about latenes from me. My reviewers are such darlings, they havent complained or deemed me dead. I hope it makes you feel better to know that some of us tough you were alove somewhere, presumably being a grown up unable to update.

I'm pretty sire one day I willl read this fic again. Who knows, maybe that time it will have a lil bit extra... it will be a fun ride one way or another :)
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