Reviews for The Marriage Stone
Neli chapter 78 . 9/22
I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm still waiting with hope and waiting forever!
Guest chapter 78 . 9/20
This story is brilliant and beautiful. I hope you finish it. Your Voice is singularly enjoyable, I have rarely read a story as lovingly and beautifully delivered. I think this is a story I will look for again, even though it’s been so long without an update.
LifeFiction chapter 78 . 9/19
This seems like such an odd thing to read after reading 77 chapters of an amazing story and clicking the button to find out what happens next. Does the heartstone work, will Harry be able to influence the dark marks so that Severus will come into his full potential? What happens with the muggles? I have no idea how it must feel to read something stating that you are dead. It seems to be a “logical” conclusion for some people when stories have long breaks. Fortunately the death has only been true on one occasion.

I feel like I should congratulate you on your continued used existence. So let me say that I’m glad you are still alive. I’m sorry for the hardships that you have faced and the negativity you have felt from some. I absolutely adore this story and have read it multiple times. If I haven’t reviewed before I apologize and my only excuse is that I am in and out of the hospital a lot and most of the time on a lot of medication that leaves me feeling fuzzy.

You have set up such an immersive world that one gets swept up into it. I love the backstory that you have created here and all of the myths and legends that you incorporate. Whether you continue this story or not, it shall remain one of my favorites.

I hope that you revisit this story, that you may reread it and also get caught up in the intricate world that you have created for us. That in doing so you feel a desire to finish it without a thought of any other continuations that may be out there. Thank you for sharing this with us and I wish you nothing, but the best.
Midnin503 chapter 78 . 9/16
About to start my hundredth read through of your fic, jk not a hundred but still plenty more than any other fic. I just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful story that I can come back to when everything else is too bland and repetitive. I still live in hope that someday I’ll receive an update notification but even if that never happensyour health is more important) I’ll still treasure what you’ve already given us.
MouseKitty chapter 74 . 9/14
Good chapter, establishing both the characters and the issue.
13-BlackCat-2020 chapter 78 . 9/13

I know losing people you care about is hard. I hope that your life has become happier and you are living your life with joy.

Your story is great, it stands out with all the Norse Mythology and plot line. I like all how your have written the characters. It’s a good fanfiction to read even if you never post the last chapter. It was a great joy to read.
Selene Malfoy Lupin chapter 78 . 9/12
Hola! Espero en algún momento puedas leer esto. Me alegra que estés bien, tu historia fue una de las primeras que me iniciaron en esto de leer fics, la amé desde el inicio. Hoy la he vuelto a leer y es mejor de lo que recordada así que espero puedas algún día terminarla. Gracias
Guest chapter 75 . 9/11
I am reading this after watching the movie Avengers - Infinity Wars. Gosh, you are cruel! lol
Oh well Thanos killed half of the whole universe you (Voldy) only killed the whole human race (what about animals though? I wonder)
VeelaGio chapter 78 . 9/11
In case you still read these things once in a while: Thanks. Thanks for posting your take on HP's story.
I will read one of the other endings, but the tribute goes to you for starting it. Sorry for all the bad times you had which meant you couldn't finish it.
Guest chapter 71 . 9/10
I have been thinking that for a few chapters now: if this doesn't end with a HEA I will find you and I will end you! Lol
Having said that. It's too bad we are not seeing more of Hermione. She has so many research topics and it's really too bad we are not seeing the results of them.
Guest chapter 62 . 9/10
Whhhaaat? The notes were as long as the whole chapter! Lol. I'll definitely come back to re-read the story and the notes. IF the story has a happy ending:-)
Jujubacl46 chapter 78 . 9/10
My friend made me read this story... at the beginning I wasn't sure about it, because I didn't like the idea of putting Snape and Harry together. As I read the story, it just kept really my attention and in 2/3 days I was finished with all 77 chapters. I beg you to just poste at least the 78 chapter so we know if harry wakes up. (I know he will, HE HAS TOO). But your work have rised my love for litteratur. You write really well I'm really impressed. You know, I had also problems of my own, but you just have to keep going! Be strong! Like Harry! We need you!
Wish you all the best,
QuibbleMeThis chapter 12 . 9/10
“By the time Harry was rescued by Ron and his brothers, he'd been locked in that bedroom for 2 weeks.”

Actually he was only in there for three days!
A while ago I was trying to figure out exactly how much time Harry had spent at the Burrow, to refute Mollys claims of being ‘like a Mother’ to him in OoP, and I was initially working on the same belief, that Harry had been locked up for a week or two, but I looked it up and it turns out it was only three days. He was locked in the night of/day after his birthday, so that’s August 1st, and the Weasley kids turned up in the car on the night of August 3rd. So only three days. Not quite the lengthy imprisonment and starvation I thought it was when I read it (although I can appreciate it would have felt that way to a bored teenage boy).

In case you were wondering I worked out that Harry had spent an absolute maximum of five and a half weeks at the Burrow over the four years the Weasleys had known him as of the end of GoF and the beginning of OoP, (and most of that time was in CoS.)
Which makes the Weasleys turning up for his ‘family’ at the last task a little odd, to be honest.
Guest chapter 41 . 9/10
I like your notes... Or rather the IDEA of your notes. Which I would read if you didn't do a GREAT job at following through previous plot points and clarifying some things that might at first considered inconsistent. I'll more than likely read this again and will gladly read the notes then
Guest chapter 32 . 9/10
This was the best chapter. Severus, Sirius and Remus all decked in full war attire... Sexy. And then Severus holding Harry's coat because "he might be cold" Awww
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