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EtenalRest13 chapter 77 . 2/19
The feels in this one! Poor Severus just wanting to wake Harry from his nightmares and save him from his pain. And when Sirius started crying at the end, feeling at fault for Harry’s continued state, it had me tearing up. It was nice to have the air cleared with them.
And with this, my 4th or 5th reread is concluded. I was fairly certain when i started this again, that i hadnt ever stopped to leave even one comment, so i wanted to give this beautiful, well done, piece of work that continues to captivate and entertain me, the respect and love it deserve as well as you, as the author. I adore this world you’ve expaned, along with its characters. I know I’ll come back again and again to this story to enjoy it all over again (and in hopes of some kind of update one day). Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this story! I hope you’re well and happy. 3
EtenalRest13 chapter 74 . 2/19
I was sad to not continue immediatly with Harry and the rest, but it was very interesting to see the aftermath of the last chapter in the muggle world.
EtenalRest13 chapter 73 . 2/19
I adore Harry being able to be a 16yr thinking about making out. He’s so precious. Of course, the way this chapter ended was completly unexpected and i loved it. Your use of descriptive language never ceases to amaze and captivate me. ‘…quickening their hearts, breathing life back into their magical cores…time to burn, time to bleed, time to spill out his soul to awaken the world…no ember to breath back to full flame’. Ugh, so good! XD
Guest chapter 78 . 2/18
Finished my yearly read of this and as always, LOVE this story. It will be with me forever. I am hopeful for more, but most importantly I hope you are doing well.
Fan since 2007,
Spirkquirk chapter 78 . 2/13
Ok, so I'm all caught up now.
This was really, REALLY good while it lasted.
Thanks for devoting so much of your time to it.
I wish you the very best in your RL.

God, why does it feel like I'm losing a friend?
Spirkquirk chapter 75 . 2/13
(me, running in circles, waving my arms in the air madly)
Spirkquirk chapter 74 . 2/13
This is just getting so incredibly good!
I am reading slower now because I know that it all ends abruptly in just a few more chapters...
Oh the angst of falling for an abandoned story...
Spirkquirk chapter 51 . 2/11
Oh I remember when Deathly Hallows came out...
We reserved our book at Waldens Book Store and waited in line at midnight for the book to 'drop'. It's a lovely memory of my husband,
and teenaged (at the time) daughter and I waiting with all sorts of
friendly strangers bonded by JKR :)
I was terribly irresponsible and called off work to read it straight thru in 26 hours.
It was awesome...
Guest chapter 38 . 2/10
When I started reading this, I thought of it as an indulgent bit of a read...rather like an ice cream sundae with a nice fat cherry on top.
To my delight, it has become a grand seven course meal with all the ambiance one could desire...lovely linen tablecloths and napkins, fine gold gilded porcelain china, crystal stemware, flickering candles...
Honestly, you're making me swoon!
I adore the depth of LIFE you've given this world you've created.
The pure blood traditions, Wizarding governance and hierarchy and inequality. It's all beautifully woven in this story.
Spirkquirk chapter 78 . 2/10
Well darn...
On the one hand I'm very glad you aren't dead.
On the other hand, I just found this lovely story ( I am currently on chapter 28 ) when I got this weird feeling that I had better check to be sure it is completed. I rarely read WIPs, but I didn't look at this one closely considering the word count and last post date.
Crap on a cracker!
Now I'm completely hooked, so I guess I will read the rest knowing that it will leave me wanting...
Well, like I said, I am very glad you're alive. And I am sorry to hear about your RL tragedies.
I hope life is better for you now, and that you still can find the exquisite joy found in reading a well written story!
Thank you for sharing yours ;)
Sevkrissrem chapter 75 . 2/8
Hi Josephine!

Hope this email find you well. As usual I come back here after rereading this amazing story for the 14th time? haha I still dream when I read it. It is an absolutely amazing story I hope now everything in your life is better and happier.

Every year I hope to see a change in the chapter count. It is an great plot and strong character personalities. Absolutely fantastic!

Yours, ten years and counting, K
admirer chapter 78 . 2/7
Multiple times a year I re-read this story and dream. To say I love this story is an understatement; no story has ever affected me so greatly and captured my imagination. I was honestly euphoric to see your last update. Every year I hope to see a change in the chapter count. Whilst the chances of you seeing this review are minimal, I just want there to be a record that there is one everlasting fan out there holding on to a small hope for an ending to this perfection .

Yours truly ,
15 years and counting
ohn1529 chapter 14 . 2/4
I was a little worried since “muggle” (heh) sleeping aids are quite addictive, so when I read that Snape is brewing a special version FOR Harry, I squealed. ssoooo cute
EtenalRest13 chapter 70 . 2/1
Hahaha, i love the formal duels to assassinate Severus. I remember being so caught off guard, once more, by the sudden situation presented to Severus, even though it’d been mentioned as a possibility previously (i of course, upon first read, had forgotten that until this point). I also adore Sirius coming to his aid without question and him scaring off the 2nd saying he’ll feed them both to Moony. XD
EtenalRest13 chapter 69 . 2/1
I gotta say first, that last line always gets me! Its amazing! I love that this chapter is written from Lucius’ pov, especially since we already know, for the most part, how the others will react to Harrys choices here. So its entertaining here to see Lucius constantly look to them for answers and sometimes get no clue or just see their obvious skepticism or anger. It was very interesting to hear and see Lucius thoughts to Harry interacting with the werewolf and vampire. And especially to hear his thoughts as he spirals, trying to turn it around and play his normal manipulations and being completely thrown by all of Harrys words and approach to this situation. Oh, also, i must commend you again for your Harry. Like Lucius i was thrown by his words and the direction this went, though that’s pretty standard for me and a huge part of why i love this story, Harry and Severus in particular react to situations in a both unique way that always delights me compared to other fics with this pairing. I was so invested in everything Harry said and so curious what this path he saw for Lucius will lead to. Never would have thought any fic could have me so invested in Lucius Malfoy’s future.
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