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Faustii chapter 1 . 10/20
I just wanted to say that I'm waiting for something to write. I'm Polish and I do not know English well. But I love your story and I often go back to it. You have many fans in Poland and your story has even been translated into Polish.
Take care
Girl with guns chapter 78 . 10/18
I just started reading this (actually i listened to it on youtube first, but simply couldn't wait to get home to hear more every day, so i started reading it on my phone) but I will admit to really liking it, and even if you never see this review I really hope you will finish this story one day because I really enjoyed it and would like to read the "official" conclusion, as you planned it :) you did such a good job on the plot and it isn't often you see such great fanfictions. I hope you are doing well after all your hardships and will return one day :)
I missed you chapter 78 . 10/17
Take as long as you need. You're a wonderful writer and a great person. And y'know what else? We're all here for you. Stay safe my friend, and be lucky in all your endeavors.
Erimenthe chapter 78 . 10/16
I'm glad that you are not dead (as of the last update listed) and hope that it will stay that way for some time. Hopefully things will calm down for you and you can enjoy your writing again.

I must say that this is an EPIC story and I've stayed up until 3 a.m. for the last 3 days because I didn't want to stop reading lol. I really do hope that you decide to finish this story. I'm holding on by fingernails right now.

I want to find out if Harry and Severus actually do get a happy ending. I want to know if they manage to save the muggles and how Hermione's story will change now that it's known her parents are squibs (and I bet Petunia is freaking about herself being will Vernon take that?).

Will Harry be ok and will the duel challenges keep happening with everything that happened or will people finally accept that he's married to Severus? Did Sirius and Remus get everything fixed so they can get married?

What happens with Voldemort? Did he actually do this or is there something else that's using him as he used the Death Eaters? Will he find out that he's just a pawn and will Harry be able to defeat what's happening (without Severus "finding" him, I'm not sure)?

I hope that you will be able to complete the story sometime soon but even if it takes a while, this is a favorite so I'll get it when is.
Guest chapter 78 . 10/15
You know, I remember reading the first half of this when I was a teenager! I finally came back, now in my mid-twenties, and finished up to the final update. It's such a beautiful story, and I believe it may actually be the story that got me into Snarry in the first place, which I'm sure is an experience I share with a lot of people. I'm happy to see that there is some hope that the author may one day return to this and post some kind of conclusion to this, but even if it never gets finished, it was an absolute pleasure to read. Thanks Ms. Darcy! 3
Guest chapter 78 . 10/14
It is good to see you back. I have read this story multiple times now. I will wait until you recover and update it again. I am glad that you are well.
Kite chapter 78 . 10/13
Hey, I don't know if you even read these comments . . . but I just wanted to tell you that you have been a huge inspiration for me in my writing. All of your plots are so clean and succinct. Nothing is ever left as a plot hole, and every detail is eventually integrated into something masterfully gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this story with us, regardless of its incomplete status.
LushVariety chapter 78 . 10/12
The Marriage Stone is honestly the most beautiful fan fiction I have ever read for any fandom or on any web page; my heart would flutter with aniticpation when I began to read a new chapter and I wish I were better with words so that I may encompass all of the things that this story made me feel, but I'm not, so all I can say is that it's a masterpiece in itself.
I truly love this and I wait in anticipation for the day you complete it.
terriyaoiboy27 chapter 78 . 10/12
I love this story It's not to short or fast because lets face it there is nothing worse then a story that goes from I hate you to kiss me and move up to I'm preggers now marry and love me in five chapters with about 7000 words
Yumiko-chidori chapter 78 . 10/11
Welcome back! ;-) I hope that you'll finish this amazing story one day. Until then take care! :)
Guest chapter 78 . 10/11
I am begging you - come back and finish this! It is a work of art
Jaisan chapter 78 . 10/9
Thank you for sharing this story! I’ve read it several times. I really enjoy the way you approach the characters and their voices. Every time I read this I get sucked into your vision of this world. The scene with Sirius & Snape clearing the air makes me tear up every time.

And I’m glad to see the note here that you are back online. It’s been nearly a year since I last read this. I’m sure that you have a million things to do. Real life is so much work! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent. I love this story and appreciate you leaving it up for us to enjoy. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to come back and find that the craziness of the internet had you as dead and then adopted out your writing. So thank you again for the storytelling and I hope that you have all the success and happiness you could wish for.

Aeris Mae chapter 78 . 10/8
Firstly, my condolences on your losses. Your reaction to Archive of our Own was completely understandable. Everyone handles grief in different ways, and I'm so sorry you had to receive another blow right when you were starting to get your muse back. If you can't bring yourself to come back to this story, that's perfectly alright. You can always find a new muse :) That being said I adored the pace of the romance in this fic. Every plot line was expertly interwoven and had me gripping my phone/mouse. Kuddos, this is truly a beautiful story even if it does remain unfinished.
Beth5572 chapter 78 . 10/5
I would look forward to your great writing to this great story. Keep your great work and stories writing.

Thank you and Please,

Internet Reader chapter 78 . 10/3
Dear Josephine Darcy,

Thank you for your author's reply for The Marriage Stone fanfic. I was surprised that you are somewhat active, even with complications happening within your life. I wish you condolences over the loss of your family members.

I am an active reader in many fanfic sites, this story had definitely caught my eye and was a pleasure to read and re-read the past year. I do not know when you will have time to complete The Marriage Stone, but I hope you consider finishing this despite what a few rude posts that will crop up. I am pretty sure the ratio of bad comments over actual criticism should weed out the negative farce.

You should have no reason to believe what every person claims a good story. That's why many genres were made to suit people's taste. Your story captivated me from the best aspects of Norse mythology and Viking heritage. I may had a few historical ideas about the culture and folklore, but the way you have installed those particular elements within this story had truly made this fanfic worth reading.

I do not know when you will finish this story or how, but I hope you will finish it with the same passion that you wished it will end. This might be my selfish request, but I believe that any fan who has read your stories would agree that this would be the most requested story to be completed.

And if you don't, then that is okay as well. I still thank you for your author's note to your readers that you are safe and active (even if it's multiple jobs making a killjoy of your schedule which sucks because I have been in that position ;) to reply.

Again, I wish you the best and crossing my fingers!

Thank you,
An Internet Reader 3
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