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Sirriana chapter 77 . 8h
I didnt think that after all these years I will come back to this story which I loved deeply. I dont read much fanfiction these days any longer. However after all these time I realized one thing. .even tought there is probably no hope any longer I am still waiting.

I cant imagine what happened to the autor. It didnt look like she planned to stop writing and I hope she is ok. I am more gratefull than anyting that I even tought incomplete I could read. .live. with these characters.
Madara Bro chapter 1 . 5/23
Arya Morgana Dumbledore chapter 77 . 5/22
Eu não sei se você atentará para esta mensagem. Eu espero que você esteja bem e com saúde. Eu espero que você tenha tido apenas um muito longo bloco de escritor. E eu gostaria muito, muito mesmo de ver esta história concluída. JK Rowling que me perdoe, mas esta versão é muito mais interessante que a dela. Você conseguiu a proeza de me fazer passar duas noites inteiras presa na leitura. Eu vi o sol nascer, estou exausta e angustiada. Eu quero ver Harry acordar. Eu quero ver ele reivindicar Severus para si. Eu quero ver como ele vai gerenciar o reinado do mundo bruxo. Mas, principalmente, eu quero mais desta escrita viciante que tem perturbado meu sono. Eu agradeço se você puder continuar, mesmo depois de tantos anos.
Obrigada pela belíssima historia.

Splash the Porcupine chapter 1 . 5/19
First comes first. Only one other person pointed this out, and it REALLY bothered me. (I have no idea why over 13,500 people believe this is canon.)

Second, the whole 'don't like/don't seek it ou' thing is actually bad common sense, because lo and behold, you're posting it on a public site and are asking for public comments. If you ever publish an original story, I wonder what you will do when your editor tears apart that work you cared about so much.

This pairing doesn't make any sense at all. It's clear that Snape doesn't give a damn about Harry, and the only reason he protected him was because he wanted to honour Lily's memory.

Plus, anybody who has actually READ THE BOOK knows what happens. You went the cheap, attention whoring route and posted what we already know.

" No offence, Hermione, he said quickly. But that would be like marrying my sister!" — Aww. That's too bad. What's funny is while he seems to be disgusted at this thought, but not at the thought that he has to marry Snape. Buttered bilge on creamed cement, I nailed it.

I think I missed that part in the Harry Potter series when Harry announced his undying love for Snape. Oh wait, he didn't!

Which brings me on to the next thing here: canon. Canon law is canon law, sweetheart, and while there are some bends and turns you can take, overall you simply cannot do whatever the hell you want with it. There's a reason why there are so many Mary-Sues around, but the slash-pedophilic fangirls get wayyy too much free press.

You are incapable of keeping characters in character, and no one seems to have the balls to tell you this. Either they will defend you or say that you are allowed to write whatever you want, both of which do not stand up to my point.

One of the biggest things about writing and story-telling in general is that you have a story to tell. You seem to so let be going on the cliché "We have to unite the community to save the world cliché.

What was the point of Snape and Harry marrying each other again? There's the 'loving hate' clichè, and you're pushing the envelope when you claimed that marriage in the Wizarding World was between two consenting adults, as you continue to call Harry a boy. Come to think of it, what's the point of marriage? Is it to prove that "LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS!1!111!" and that same-sex marriage, paraphilia, pantophilia etc, are AL-RIGHT? Yeah? Great, sweet bear. Where's the offspring? Humanity's sole purpose is to reproduce, and when you fail this, you serve as a human petri dish.

I suspect you'll get more ass-kissing on this story, and I really don't give a damn. The Harry Potter series is bad to begin with. The Harry Potter fandom is bad. I won't say this story is the worst, because I've read sex "love" fics that had much more detail, but it is far from being close to good writing.

By the way, we're not spitting venom onto your review board just for your slash (even though it's awful), I'm spewing venom on it because you are a bad writer( who is documenting a pedophile's dream). The purpose and point behind your stories are boring, tasteless, and predictable. In other words, you're just like the other Harry/Snape fans. You write their relationship coming slow and - uh, 'detailed' - but you never explain why Snape wants to ravish Harry, and not anyone else.

I hope your butt-kissing reviewers realize you like pedophilic literature! If not, joke's on them!

P.S; you can call me a cyber bully all you like, but I'm not attacking you, I'm attacking your story. Sorry to bust your bubble.
Calmzone1 chapter 77 . 5/16
oh my god. Amazing story. I wish you had just written one or two more chapters and completed it. You were so close. I know it has been many years, but I am going to follow this one in the off chance that you might one day get the opportunity to finish it. Hopefully!
Calmzone1 chapter 38 . 5/15
LOL thank you for what you did to Fudge. Loving the story to this point! Well done. I am hoping that the story is actually complete when I get there, and that it is not just a few chapters off from being finished. And if I do find that to be the case, well, although it has been many years, I hope you do eventually return to finish it. Can't wait to read more!
Nothing Left To Say Now chapter 77 . 5/5
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is an outrage! You can't end there! Please come back to the living and complete this story! Please!
NaomiK chapter 77 . 5/5
This was the first slash story I've ever read... and really it's hardly relevant in a way. It might just be one of the best action/romances i've ever read.. plus it's one of the most impressive HP world building stories around. Incredibly, utterly impressed with this story!

...and now more than a little heartbroken to find it unfinished...

It's likely that you won't read this, but Josephine Darcy, whomever you are, thank you so much for writing and sharing this. I hope you're doing okay!
Qana Luella chapter 77 . 5/1
This story has me captivated from start and all they way through. Language is flowing nicely, you tale tour time to explain things and build up proberly to each nervewracking moment in the story. It is very detailed and oh so exciting. I just have one qurstion/request: Please, please, PLEASE, finish the story!
Kit4 chapter 77 . 4/28
I first read this story years ago, I believe on walkingtheplank, not sure, but it was only posted with 30-some chapters. I loved this story so much. It went from being a very good version of a classic plotline (forced marriage) and morphed into something so much more spectacular. But to me, it ended just after Harry moved the Capstone. Still, I've reread the story a few times over the years, always thinking of it as one of my favorite stories. So imagine my surprise when I find it here, with 77 chapters! I was so excited! And this amazing story has morphed even more and become this epic, amazing, insanely good story, that is seriously one of the best I've ever read. But it's unfinished! Oh, the agony! I wish you would continue it, but even if you don't, I'll still come back and read this every year or two, because it's just that freaking amazing. Thank you for this beautiful story.
Ariesp19 chapter 77 . 4/26
I hope you decide to finish
Guest chapter 64 . 4/24
Holy f*cking politics, batman! I'm well aware that this is a fictional universe, but damn, someone really needs to get, I guess the wizarding world's, shit together. I get the feeling it's going to be an unwilling Harry filling that position?
Guest chapter 23 . 4/23
"Harry understood that this was what it was like to have brothers."

Brothers constantly joke about how you should ditch the teacher you married and marry them instead? Shit, I guess it's a good thing I don't have any.

Just kidding, I get what you were saying, and I'll take this opportunity to say that I love your story. I never thought I'd be able to get into a Snape/Harry romance. Thanks for proving me wrong :)
Guest chapter 77 . 4/23
Fantastic I just wish it wasn't abandoned
Kira chapter 77 . 4/18
hi , I really enjoyed your fic , you think of finalizala someday, please could you tell me , yes or no.
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