Reviews for Dragon in the Lion's Den
Dari Chase chapter 21 . 8/16
I know it's like, nine years too late, but that must have been so cool to see The Order of the Phoenix in a movie theater! I wish I could have seen at least one Harry Potter movie in a theater, but alas, even when Deathly Hallows Part Two came out I was still too young at eight. :) I love this story, it is excellently written and intriguing. Three cheers to you!
K chapter 1 . 8/12
Pfttttttt hahaha they didn't see that coming
Guest chapter 31 . 7/25
GAHHHHHHHHHHH! I just finished chapter 31 and realized that there aren't any more chapters and the story is soo not finished! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! :(
Lyra Black chapter 31 . 7/10
Okay I have read hundreds of dramione fanfics, (no exaggeration,) in this is probably one of the best and is my absoulute FAVORITE! For now at least, and I really appreciate the father/daughter connection between Hermione and Remus. And I am so glad that this isn't as cliche as some of the other dramione fics that I have read. Please I know that you have not updated in years but this story is bloody amazing! So please please please please please don't abandon it and update soon!
curiousbookworm chapter 30 . 7/1
Come back please! I've been reading this over the past week and I would really like to see Draco and hermione get together eventually! It's wonderfully written and you have a great plot! Hoping to come back to this story again... :)
lle1987 chapter 31 . 6/21
Wow! This story is phenomenal. Please please please continue!
Nathaniel chapter 26 . 6/19
Are there 50 shades of gray? ;)
Dramamomma19 chapter 31 . 6/16
I love this story and would love it even more if you could start updating again. It has such a draw and as such cannot really be explained. Hope you update soon. Please let me know...
DreamInDecember chapter 31 . 6/15
Please update. I saw this story few years ago, now, I have re-read this. This is one of the best Dramione I have ever read. Please DO update.
Don't leave it out here. I don't want to leave such an entrancing story incomplete and my imagination is not proving strong enough to imagine the next part.
Hope to see this wonderful story finished someday in the near future.
dragonlovermudblood chapter 31 . 5/20
pls update...u promised to finish this story,it's amazing!pls update..
Zuluna chapter 31 . 4/24
Just finished reading this set of chapters. And I'm loving the story so far. I'm saddened to see that it made it this far then stopped so suddenly in 2009. I've enjoyed the progress of the story as well as the increased attention to details as the chapters were released. I wouldn't put too much stress on the negative reviewers. 1. I think the level of "emo" in the story is suitable. As someone who has lost multiple close relations in a short time, I know how close this was to how I felt. And 2. This is a fanFICTION site, if they want to read story's that are completely 100% cannon they can filter out AU stories. Keep strong mama and keep those creative juices going. Looking forward to a conclusion after all these years.
Sunshineshaa chapter 31 . 4/23
This is honestly by far one of the best Dramione fic i have read. EVER. You managed to give enough back story on each other, teased mercilessly about a life between draco and hermione, and planned the end. Can you please find it in your heart to continue the story? it deserves to be written till the end and read by everyone. Please finish the story.
Liz Ben chapter 31 . 3/17
Never have I been completely sucked into a story so fast. You paint such vivid scenes, even though there are obvious spelling mistakes, the story is compelling. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
Hotmamantx chapter 1 . 3/10
Would love an update
azertykeynes chapter 26 . 2/28
I find it rather disturbing that though Harry and Hermione think of each other as siblings, they slept together.

Also, I like how this story is going and progressing, and even the style you employed; however, I just noticed that this is incomplete. When will the next update be? It's been years!
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