Deathless Wraith chapter 1 . 2/2/2008
Lovely. It's really touching, seeing their love finally pulling through. I thought it was a great fic. :)
onefreetoroam chapter 1 . 4/10/2007
"...never seen that look in Jack's eyes before...", better be doing something right away or he might not ever see a look from those eyes again.

Surprised that Ennis didn't just about die when he heard what the young man was. LOL

"...folks like me. Welcomed me...", sad thing about that is that one family gained another person, but one family is losing one.

"...dialed the number he had memorized but never called...", someone is gonna get an early surprise. LOL

"We'd have to tell...", sounds just like Jack - all or nothing.

There it is the croix of the story "my fears of losing you finally caught up...", if that had happened in the story/movie maybe Ennis would have been able to change.

I can just see Ennis pacing the floor - just like in the movie where he's waiting for Jack before their reunion. LOL

Just like our Jack - decision made, all action.

Now was that not just a little unfair on Ennis' part? (sitting down on Jack's lap). LOL

Glad that their moving to Lightning Flat - their from Wyoming, have some kin there - home is where the heart is and the two I think needed to be in the country. Maybe they could visit Charlie and his partner though - Ennis and Jack do owe the young man for help Ennis "see the light". LOL

You know Donna, I've always seen several stories that mention Lureen's grandmother - but very few that mention Jack or Ennis' - whether their still alive or dead, live near or far? Might be interesting to see one that includes them? (BEG). Well, gotta get out and about. Later. bob