Reviews for The Man With No Name
Incantations7 chapter 32 . 12/1
I must say that the chaos of The Doctor added into the Serenity crew made for an enjoyable read.

My other favorite Serenity crossover is the one with Harry Potter, Brown coat, Green Eyes, and this one has made me want to go back and read it again…
Incantations7 chapter 8 . 11/30
I have to admit that I’ve always been curious as to the translations from Chinese in Firefly and Serenity, but never really thought to look, so thank you for the translations…
NoboOdY chapter 1 . 7/29
ahahaha the oncoming storm haha i get it thats a good one
also thank you for making this open to people who dont know both fandoms 3 i'm a huge sucker for crossovers but there's only so much media i can consume
WeirdHue chapter 4 . 11/24/2022
I remember finding this fic sometime last year and really enjoying it! been scrolling through my favourites lately so i found it again and it's as good as i remember :D
everyone's inner voices are written so damn well, the plot's engaging and everything strings along nicely sghzfxsdhn
I'm a chinese speaker myself(though more cantonese than mandarin), and one of the things I found really fun while reading is to try to dechiper the transcribed swears here, since they aren't in standard pingyin or chinese characters
it's a challenge for sure(and not only because even usual pinyin takes my brain a moment or two to catch on because there are way too many same-sound-different-characters in the language aha) but it keeps my brain active i guess
Thank you for this :D
pleurocoelus chapter 32 . 10/11/2022
I really enjoyed reading this. thanks for writing it.
Yog-sothsoth chapter 32 . 9/12/2022
That was REALLY good story. Glad I found it, read in one go. Beautiful final. You just gave me a really warm feeling in my chest, you got a happy end just right. Thank you for your story
Majerus chapter 31 . 6/9/2022
Well, if you have to get all plot-twisty and enemy-repentingy, saving Mal & the Doctor's lives is enough to make me look the other way ;)
Majerus chapter 30 . 6/9/2022
Drawn from the same blueprint, formed by the same...power, or force of nature. Or Hand." He smiled, self-mocking. "I haven't a human's courage, to give such a thing a name. My beliefs have always been...rather vaguer than that."
and then
He smiled, and Mal recognized in it something of the man he knew in the–what? He couldn't call it the 'real' world. This was real. Everything else was just...point of view.
just highlight the brilliance of this chapter, a culmination of storytelling that has left me in tears, though some of them fall with happiness.
Majerus chapter 28 . 6/9/2022
I... well, that's not stopped the Doctor in the past.
But, this isn't the Past.
Is it?
Majerus chapter 25 . 6/9/2022
Incredible. Excellent job of giving us a tour of the possible impossibilities of the TARDIS.
Majerus chapter 22 . 6/9/2022
Well. I'm happy that Inara has such a clear understanding of Mal's mind... even if it pisses her off lol

Wow, the Doctor sure can curse well, and in new Chinese!
Majerus chapter 9 . 5/26/2022
I can certainly see why it is one of your favorite chapters, it is simply incredible. Deep, touching and inspiring despite the melancholy.
CanadianRugbyguy chapter 32 . 2/24/2022
Well done Author. Well done.
JustaLurker2 chapter 29 . 12/7/2021
The Doctor doesn’t seem the type for creationism, so what does he mean by ‘all of Creation’?
indeedjaffa chapter 32 . 9/18/2021
I installed a text-to-speech extension and put it on a higher speed. It allowed me to enjoy the touching moments - and this really did have them - without the regret of skipping any content. I could have read it normally tho if particular paragraphs were split up some more, but I still feel like there was a bit too much reminiscing at times.

Great ending; and the scene where the doctor tried to sacrifice himself for Mal was really touching, and true to the Doctor's character.
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