Reviews for Blind Sight
Jean1 chapter 65 . 8/10
How did I miss this! An update. My favorite story EVER. Love Lotho (and Jean Luc too). Now that you are back some, please please update again.
FiaMac chapter 65 . 6/15
I love this story so, so much. If this were a paperback book, it would have fallen apart years ago from the many times I've read it.
Larabiehn chapter 65 . 5/20
Need. More. Please! I read an update and then end up going back and re-reading the whole fic. I'm on my 6th or 8th go through. Love it more every time. Please, please don't leave us hanging.
nobody chapter 65 . 5/10
Oh that's awesome I found this story back when it was 40ish chapters or so? and poked it on and off as you updated and then forgot it for awhile and found it again. I'm so glad I did. Your portrayal of Remy in this is one my absolute favorite takes on him and I love the bromance going between Bobby and Remy and it's so good to see the beginning of the end for Bastion. I love the scenes where Scott finds out Bobby's a guild thief, Scott figures out Remy's Guildmaster and well anytime Remy surprises everybody yet again. It's been cool seeing the x-men grow as a team with Scott getting that stick removed and Jean always being able to quell some of the team members with or without powers. It has been great to read through it again.
Amy J chapter 65 . 4/5
Don't just leave me this close to the end! This chapter was excellent - as they all are - and I so didn't see the twist coming. Will the rest of the story be coming?
Rook chapter 65 . 3/21
*sighs* Dang it! Finally, the long awaited update! Now I'll have to read the whole thing over again! Gonna brew some coffee now. I'm taking notes this time! Can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 65 . 3/13
Please update soon!
Jehilew chapter 65 . 2/27
Glad I found this story, it's a beautiful read. I had a moment where I fell to pieces, reading about Remy really opening up to Rogue; it touched a nerve (not personal experience for me, but for another individual I know). Anyway, you're a fantastic writer, I can't wait to see how this continues!
Guest chapter 65 . 2/11
this is such an incredible piece of work. I remember reading this, maybe 10 years ago? and still, I'm impressed. I just wish you would finish it lol
zeeharan chapter 65 . 2/9
This story is so great! I really hope you finish it-I love it and have stayed up way too late the last few nights reading :) Seriously though, a wonderful fic full of amazing details, well-rounded characters, multiple compelling plot lines, and of course an intensely interesting overarching narrative. The writing is so descriptive too, I feel like I'm literally there with the x-men when they're in the Club, or breaking into the Sentinel factory. Please please please post the ending soon, I'm just dying to know what happens (ok I admit I really hope it's a happy ending too). Thanks from a grateful reader!
Warrior-princess1980 chapter 65 . 1/25
Over two days this story has sucked me in lol
igroove chapter 65 . 1/21
I absolutely fell in love with this era of x-men, and this story is easily the best adult/modern conception of what first drew me in. To that end, I've read this story at least once a year since at least 2010 - and that's likely an underestimate. It's been such a consistent source of pleasure, and to find out that new chapters are being added again... well, it's almost too much. I've literally started a fanfiction account just to add to the support. So glad that you're back :)
Amber chapter 65 . 1/14
I found this update a bit late, but I'm so happy to see that you haven't given up on this story. It is my favorite!
xXSatansHomicidalManiacXx chapter 1 . 11/30/2015
Truly an amazing fanfiction. It was so addicting that I could not stop and with how well narrated it was and how well written it felt just like a book or a soap opera. So many loops and so many tears and laughs. This was truly enjoyable. Usually I would never think about reading a fanfiction that has 65 chapters, and a prerequisite fanfiction, that you have to read for this to make a little more sense, that has 35 chapters but it honestly was the best things I have read in a while. It was just amazing and thank you so much for posting this, your narrative was some of my favorite moments. Even as the chapters went on, you never faltered on giving the fanfic character and life.
Guest chapter 65 . 11/21/2015
I feel like I'm just echoing everyone else's sentiments - but great to have an update. It's seriously one of the best stories out there - I love how the characters themselves and the dynamics between them continue to evolve, far beyond the conventional universe. You really should write some original fiction one day, if you don't already!
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