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alexandre.josedecarvalho.7 chapter 4 . 11/1/2015
I always wondered how could I even try to create my own versions of my super-groups of favorite heroes, but I was trying to because I have always regarded the task arduous and tiring, but as you say you'll never know unless you try , therefore, I decided to make a drawing of a group of superheroes, and I thought that the perfect group to start would be my group's favorite mutant heroes, the team of mutant heroes traveling infinite alternate realities of Multiverse, The Exiles. I always enjoyed imagining different formations that I would give to the team if I could have the freedom to create my dream team. Also always imagined scenarios for Exiles and I figured that in my version of the fictional universe of the Exiles after suffering a series of threats and many difficulties to protect the multiverse would eventually become the elite team that would serve "Illuminati Sociaty" that an multiversal organization that would aim To ensure that the Multiverse functions operate with the precision of a Swiss watch and would be controlled by alternative versions of any equivalents of the multiverse: Tony Stark, Charles Xavier, Stephen Strange, Reed Richards, Black Bolt of Inhumans, Namor of Atlantis , Black Panther and Storm of Wakanda, Emperor Hulk of Sakaar, Ikaris of the Eternals, Scott Summer's of Utopia, Thor Odinson of New Asgard, Hercules Lord of Olympus, and Captain Mar-Vell/Genis-Vell and Ms. Marvel / Carol Danvers of Constellation Titan.

Thunderbird / John Proudstar (Earth - 1100) - Leader: Mutant Cyborg of the variants of our world where he became the Horsemen of the Apocalypse - War he is the pure power of the invincible army of one single mutant of Exiles from the experience was of the founding member of the team. He has the same powers as the original Thunderbird maximized by a cyborg body implants Cybernetics enabling him to assume a "war form" whose raw power has enabled him to defeat an alternative version of the Hulk. He had retired along with Nocturne for Reality Heater Hudson to start a family but Blink convinced him to come back and take the lead. John accepted and now bears the burden of taking difficult decisions. He dislikes the Calvin Hanking of Earth-616 considers that a person unworthy compared to his late friend of Exiles Mimic but on the other hand like the Beast of Earth-311 the second team member to rival he in strength and enjoy hear the words of Hal McCoy has a great friendship and a "friendly competition of strength" with him.

Nocturne / T. ( Earth-2182 ) is the daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch from an alternate reality. Originally a member of the X-Men in her reality, she later joined the Exiles Nocturne has the physiology of her father, Nightcrawler - blue fur, three fingers on each hand, two toes per foot and a prehensile tail (though her tail is retractable). Like her father, she is extremely athletic and is a skilled her father, Nocturne is able to cling to any surface by her hands and feet. Additionally she has the ability to possess someone for up to twelve hours and then gains access to that persons abilities and memories. She has superhuman agility, low-level telepathy and can release concussive bolts of energy (called 'hex-bolts') by accessing the Brimstone Dimension through which her father teleports. she was selected by the Illuminati Society to provide your husband Thunderbird with moral support and give more reason for John Proudstar engage in leadership do not want any harm to come to Nocturne

Phoenix / Emma Frost-bearer of the powers of the Phoenix Force a version of reality where you have the events of Phoenix War Song at the end of which Emma Frost became the new Phoenix. After she becomes the host of the Phoenix, she is imbued with the power telephatic of telekinesis, an ability that he can use to move, lift, and handle most forms of matter, with she thoughts. By focusing your mental energy in a beam, Emma Frost can project devastating bursts of flaming fire and explosions psychic power. She can fly at high speed. By using the Phoenix Force, Emma Frost can absorb virtually any form of energy to enhance these skills. She can also use the Phoenix Force to teleport vast quantities of material over huge distances, converting matter into energy and then turn it back to the matter in a desired location. The Phoenix Force Emma Frost to fly through the vacuum of space without damage and to heal almost instantly if damaged. When Emma uses her powers, she is surrounded by an aura of psionic fire that takes the form of a bird. She retains its ability to convert to diamond but in doing so reduces the power of the Phoenix Force.

Mimic / Calvin Hanking (Earth-616): the original version of Mimic deceased former member of the Exiles come from Earth-616 after giving back the Dark X-Men of Norman Osborn. He unlike the original Mimic is not an Exile for "heroism" but want to take advantage of unique opportunities to have access to higher powers of Multiverve. As the original Mimic he can mimic the powers of up to 7 different Super-Human. At the moment he has mimicked the Super-Strength invulnerability berserker fury of Ares the God of War Olympus, the bursts of plasma nuclear of Sunfire, the super speed, agility, superhuman strength, hyper acute animals senses, healing factor, hyper sharp claws and fangs of the Puma / Thomas Fireheart, the power of control the density of mass and intangibility of Vision, the super-speed of Speed, the shifting wings of the Archangel X-Force that the wings of feathers and flesh can be converted to wing cutting blades and the power of shapeshifting of omnimorph of Morph / Kevin Sidney.

Bloodstorm / Ororo Munroe (Earth-1298): Coming from an alternate reality and former member of the Team Mutant-X mutant heroes known as "The Six" She's Storm after being transformed into a vampire by Dracula became There is, however, in Daywalker Vampire equal Blade able to walk in the sunlight and not be affected by the power of faith of mortals, not be "easily killed" like other vampires. Although she still need blood to live she lived off the chemical compound known as "serum", just like Blade who was married in the place of Black Panther in our reality. She defeated Dracula and joined a team led by Alex Summers fighting numerous threats of their world beginning to use his powers hybrids of vampire and mutant in favor of the mutant race. Powers climate control power flight control elements emitted bursts of lightning at the hands super strength ability to transform into mist in a flight of black crows to attack an opponent or a giant black lioness also be set up in the capable create the hands claws control of mortal mind and pest control and wildlife next to she to attack.

Beast / Hal McCoy (Earth-311): After all he is an X-ternal one an immortal mutant who has been one of witchbreeds of Carlos Javier, an alternative variation of Reality "1602." Your mutation in "Beast" was manifested much faster than that the Beast of the Earth-616 and Hal suffered its transformation into Beast with dominant traits of predator, much more animalistic appearance similar to "that other Beast" Disney in appearance. Despite that Hal is a genius able to match and even surpass Hank McCoy since it has to IQ Reported of Genius of 140 Besides photographic memory. He uses intelligence to complete his extraordinary powers of Beast in a surprising vast superhuman strength, Omega level, the same level of power superhuman heavyweights such that: Wonder Man, The Vision, Colossus, Warpath, Rockslide, Ms. Marvel, Rogue, Doc Samson, Luke Cage, super-vision amplified , to the limits of the mystical levels that can distinguish and track psychic auras, animal senses, super-sharp, as smell, hearing, have claws, which although not made of "Adamantiun", consist of hyper-dense matter that is not due to anything in terms of hardness and density, super-agility and speed at the same levels of Wolverine, Sabretooth, Daken and X-23 or other mutants of animal instincts. But he greatest power and the mutant ability to biogenetic adaptation. Translating your body is able to adapt instantly to any kind of skill or superhuman power with which it is confronted developing in response a super power or equivalent skill. In other words, he can fight super strength even more super-strength, fire with ice, energy blasts with complete invulnerability, claws and fangs with hyper-accelerated healing factor and even instant regeneration of a severed limb, psychic powers with psychic powers or equivalent powers and even more powers "cosmic" as magic, arcane invulnerability and counter-spells that make it the "maximum survivor." Peculiarities: Love, RPGs (Role Playing Games) table as Dungeons & Dragons 7th edition, as well as stories in superhero comics, bodybuilding practitioner, although already naturally, extremely muscular and has more than 272 pounds of pure muscle since according to his motto "Mens sana in corpore sano", "Natureba" does not like to eat anything that has not proven its nutritional value and practice healthy habits such as running 12 miles every morning and exercise herself, is often surrounded and harassed by women who consider "super sexy", but this has nothing to do with "pheromones mutants", as was the case of the equivalent of Earth-616 but with legitimate charisma, want to find ", its " Beauty "(human, mutant or race that is) that complete in every way, not only physical, more spiritual, and emotional. Is already in its mutation Quaternary and has more than 500 years, having played with several generations of "witchbreeds" (or "mutants") and its reality is a secular opponent of the Mister Sinister.

Blink / Clarisse Ferguson (Earth-295): Another original member of the Exiles is often the voice of reason that makes all the difference for the group and which often advises the Thunderbird in critical moments. Powers can create portals to teleport dart th
Hercules8 chapter 4 . 11/29/2013
Dude, please continue this fanfic it is AWESOME!
Kairan1979 chapter 4 . 10/19/2010
Looking forward to see the next chapter.
US.Steele chapter 4 . 10/4/2007
First off, I need to tell you that it will be kinda difficult for me to review for a while as my internet was turned off.

The eXiles now have a base to work from. Let's hope they hold onto it longer than Cap's team did in the first Secret War's.

A very interesting idea the way you've described their battleworld. Although you didn't say as much, I'll bet that the sections of Earth come from the Earth's that the team's hail from.

You really gave me a scare with Weapon X going to get Hyperion. See, Firestar took my advice!

Really looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work!
US.Steele chapter 3 . 9/1/2007
Sorry about taking so long to respond. Real life and all that.

Seems like Magnus is an early contender for MVP in this story. I know he was originally made just to be killed off, but he was a very interesting character his short time in eXiles. It's too bad he couldn't have stayed longer, I'm sure a magnetic matter transmuter could be very useful.

I'm assuming you meant that Ms. Marvel was fighting Power PRINCESS, and not Power Girl. Although, this is eXiles...

The story seems like it's trying to follow at least loosely the story line of the first series. Only natural, in my opinion. The characters are different enough that there's no way that it can exactly duplicate it.

Are you taking the stance that at least some of these characters have been through a secret wars in their own timeline? It seems that Mimic has, at least.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
AUGraphite chapter 1 . 7/22/2007
Very well written, love the premis and the possibilities for it. And your right Exiles is one of the more imaginative books out there just wish Mimic had stayed on the team.
US.Steele chapter 2 . 6/5/2007
Ok, finally getting a chance to leave a reveiw ;)

Wow, I guess you weren't kidding about Hyperion not dominating everything, huh?

I would have to say, there were a few suprises in this chapter. Gambit's decision to fight the eXiles, for one. However, this is just Gambit going into work mode, as he has had to do on countless other missions.

Hyperion's decision to go to the eXiles was suprising to me as well. I would have thought he would try to just wipe out both teams by himself, which he did later try with the asteroid, or sit back and wait for everyone else to wipe themselve out first, then come in and finish off whoever was left. You did answer a few questions I had about Hyperion, such as could he handle Thunderbird when he was in full Stegasuarus mode (nope!) ? Or would he be able to somehow withstand Magnus's midas touch (Wrong again!)? I still don't trust Hyperion, though. Best to just melt him down into dimes now.

A few other questions that I hope to see answered.

Is Beak in his normal human mode, or plucked chicken form? I really don't care, as Beak is my least favorite character EVER, I just thought it would be interesting to know.

Has Mimic (My FAVORITE eXile) been reset to his 'classic' set of powers (Cyclops, beast, northstar, wolverine and colossus) or has he retained deadpool's powers and skin problems?

Did the Beyonder give Gambit his arm back? I would almost think it would be more interesting if he didn't.

Really enjoying the story so far, and looking foreward to the next chapter!
US.Steele chapter 1 . 4/15/2007
Oboy, I get to be the fisrt review!

First off, I completely agree with eXiles being the best comic out there right now. Lets hope Marvel dosn't screw it up the way they did Thunderbolts...

I have actually been hoping to find the eXiles in a secret wars storyline in the comic, but I never thought of this idea. I'm assuming that the planet they are heading to is the old battleworld. Of course whichtimeline they are in will be a different matter... And I should point out, if it IS battleworld, there should be a large hole where that subburb of Denver once was.

Youv'e already as much as said it, but I see Gambit running over to the eXiles side as soon as possible. There's also no reason to believe that that Colossuss won't be following him as well as maybe Firestar and the Hulk, Possibly She-hulk as well, but thats kind of iffy. I could very well see Holocoust turng to Weapon X, But it's possible he might stay because he know's the eXiles are good at their word, and that Hyperion killed him.

Hyperion. I was reading the story, saying to myself "please don't be there, Please don't be there..." And BAM, there he is, and making the hulk pee his pants as well. Sigh. Well, team Doom had Galactus, didn't they?

I'm assuming that Sunfire is on the eXiles, taking the nature of the story it would be dumb not to, But are you aware that the founding members of Weapon X also included Wolverine, Maverick, Kane and Mesmero? Could be interesting...

I egerly await the next chapter!