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TippyToe Zombie chapter 11 . 9/20/2014
I'm not a lady.
daisy617 chapter 11 . 7/9/2008
Yay! You actually did it! I’m so proud! That sounds like a parent. Let me change it-I didn’t actually think you could update in time! What an awesome surprise (even though you wouldn’t really think so based on how long it’s taking me to review, I read this less than a week after you posted and wrote that sentence then, but I guess I got distracted or something until now)! It appears that loliver day wasn’t such a success after all, huh? I actually heard “top secret information” from a friend who is also a loliver shipper (guess who), that they were going to try again July 2nd or 3rd and I just checked and it seems as though it wasn’t much of a success because of the whole Jonas Brothers invasion problem- have you noticed that? It bugs me- the whole Jonas Brothers thing, that is. Maybe you haven’t noticed because you’re more caught up in writing for your monster movies. Speaking of movies, you’ve added another to my list just when I had finally seen Cloverfield! (I hate that there’s no ability to use italics in a review). And it’s another movie I do have intentions of seeing even though my reason (Shia) is probably not the same as yours. I’ll probably end up waiting until this one is on DVD too, though. I hope not because I did want to see it on a big screen. I guess I’m not big on going to a theater unless its something that I know people will ruin for me. Like for Twilight, I’ll make sure to see the movie before everyone tells me how it compares to the books. Well, I say that now, but come December 12th, I’ll probably be caught up in the insane homework and studying load I’m sure 11th grade will provide.

I probably should have started off this way, but I’d like to apologize immensely for being such a hypocrite and taking so long to review when I’m always yelling at you for taking so long to update; but hey- at least now you know what it feels like when a person takes over a month to do something (yeah I know, so not the same). I do have a few good excuses though! First, school was insane, then I got carpal tunnel, then finals started, and then I went to the Bahamas. Now I’m finally on summer vacation (actually starting before the Bahamas but you probably figured that out; way too long of a school year - we didn’t get out until June 27th!) so I can peacefully write this review and avoid yelling at you for rubbing it in my face once AGAIN that you were out of school before me. Just so you know, I plan on rubbing it in to you some time in August when I’m still on summer break and you’re back in classes, though it might be tricky to figure out when you go back if you don’t let me know. Mostly, though, I’m just lazy- plain and simple, so to really pinpoint my excuse for not reviewing sooner, I’d definitely attribute it to laziness, for which I owe you an extra apology.

Okay, onto an actual review before I bore you to death.

First, I loved the scene from Oliver’s POV. It was pretty hilarious trying to picture him climbing around in the bushes wearing a spandex outfit that clearly didn’t properly fit him. And then Miley popped up and surprised him, adding in your perfect element of moliver in a lackson story.

Next, “Not that he was looking so hot either (Well, I thought, at least not in some senses of the word)” Haha I love that- both the sentence and how you always manage to add perfect doses of humor in your characters’ thoughts. It creates such a perfect balance in the story from the narration of their actions and dialogue to their hidden thoughts and feelings.

Also, Lilly and Jackson’s moment was prefect. You kept them in character well because everything happens so spontaneously in their eyes. Like, Lilly doesn’t know how it’s happening- just that it is. I think that’s how Lilly and Jackson’s first kiss would be because they seem like they wouldn’t’ just blurt out their feelings for fear of being rejected due to the factors that people think would keep them apart, so instead they’d just kiss to eliminate the fear of being rejected before they could have their moment. Plus they seem like characters that get caught in the moment very easily in the show, such as Jackson falling into Rico’s traps.

Jackson’s excuse for their kiss is hilarious. I’ll take it that he would have thought of something much more clever had he not been thinking about Lilly and their kiss so much.

It’s awesome that even after Jackson seemed so embarrassed mere minutes before for having been caught kissing Lilly, he’s able to turn the whole thing around and embarrass Miley for wanting to not only help Lilly, but help Jackson- because she loves him.

And finally, I love the ending. I think it was a really great idea to end it with Robbie’s POV watching them. His “none to go” shows that it’s over and they’ve all found their happily ever after, which is why I think it’s smart not to do a third. Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure if I ever read the prequel. I just checked and I never reviewed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I never read it. I’ll have to read it eventually and see if I had read it before.

Anyways, this is the end, huh? Kind of sad to see it end, but you can’t drag out a story after it’s accomplished everything you needed to add. Hopefully, even though you’re not writing a third story, you’ll write a new one. In fact, there’s that ipod challenge going around and I was tagged a while ago, but as I said, I’m lazy so I haven’t actually written it yet, and I need to pick people to tag myself, so I’m going to tag you. Just so that I can semi-force you to stick around in the Hannah Montana fandom. :D

So I just decided to look at your other reviews before posting this, and people actually apologized for reviewing late when it was like three days! Now I feel incredibly worse for taking over a month, but hopefully you can forgive me, since you’re always asking us to forgive you.

Anyways, I’ve managed to write over 1,0 words in my review, which was my goal- that hopefully a long review would make up for how long it took me to actually review. Of course, most of it is just me rambling but hopefully at least part was enjoyable to read. Best of luck with your future stories!
AutonomousAnonymous chapter 11 . 6/7/2008
Wow, I had almost forgotten you had written a sequel to 'Sweet Hearts'. I only heard you finally finished this through snickers39 when we were discussing favourite Moliver stories and amazing writers. Your name and 'Sweet Hearts' came up of course!

Once again you blew me away by your brilliant writing skills. I also like how despite the majority of your readers being girls and the fact that you were writing from Lilly's point-of-view, you managed to incorporate some guy stuff in there- notably the whole 'Halo' play-by-play. Props! Haha.

While Lackson is not my favourite pairing, Moliver being my overwhelming favourite, this was a very good read. The Miley and Oliver interactions were enjoyable again as well.

I'd also like to give you props again for being one of very, very few male Moliver fans/writers. It's always nice to see another, MileyAddicted being the only other one I'm aware of. Regardless of what you write, it is clear you have a God given talent to write. Brilliant job. God Bless you mate.

Chaotic-obsession4eva chapter 11 . 6/3/2008
Aww that was totally worth waiting matter what you say.

I almost cried I was so happy to see em toegther but sad to see this story end.

The kiss being told from Lilly's perspective was great and a interesting change from being told from the male like the last one..

Great one!

I love reading your quirky/romantic stories, you always managed to get a pefect balance between them both.

hopefully you'll write more Hannah montana stories coz im gonna miss em if you dont :P

I did get what Robbie meant at the end of sweet hearts but said nothing coz i didnt wanna seem smug or obvious..

But was a good line and glad you used it again reworked.

Thanks for entertaining me and I'll settle for reading this over and over till My eyes complain tehe.


p.s I loved Indiana jones and the crystal skull, bloody good movie and I loved the mutt/Indiana storyline thing..predicitble but awesome...

totally worth seeing and made me fall in love with Shia and Harison more hehe
dolphinluvr22 chapter 11 . 6/2/2008
LOVED IT! I was glad to see that you updated this! I was like yay! The story is back! I would also like to thank you for updating this I have been pretty depressed lately and I am happy I got to read a story that I thoroughly enjoyed!
xXBe.My.ObsessionXx chapter 11 . 5/30/2008
First off, I have the strongest urge to apologize for not reviewing earlier. Life, it gets in the way, you know? Ahaha. So I just want to say, that I am extremely sad to see this story end. But I see how you feel about not wanting to extend it. Not that I don't think that you couldn't pull it off; not in the smallest bit! But I'll respect your wishes and thoughts and I won't argue with this particular topic. I do however have to argue on how you believe that this wasn't worth four months of waiting. It was. At least in my opinion it was.

So, I adored Oliver's plan in this chapter. It was so random, and yet completely diabolical. Ahah. Who would've thought of a plan like that except for him? It was great; genius even.

Overall, this chapter was amazing, just like all of your others and hopefully just like your chapters to come. I can't help but to look forward to your oncoming stories!

P.s. Sorry that this review is relativly shorter-er than ususal.
snickers3339 chapter 11 . 5/29/2008

I loved it. Everything was amazing. :D A bit more Lackson centered, I know, but you still managed to create large enough amounts of Moliver cuteness.

Oh, and your english- Let me just say- Everything was amazing! The sentences- The words-


I bow down to you. :D
shyesplease chapter 11 . 5/28/2008
I finally read it! When you first updated I wanted to read it so badly but I had to leave the house I think for school? idk, but I don't care what you say this was still an awesome chapter! And from your starting note, I saw Cloverfield yesterday and thought it was pretty cool, haven't seen Iron Man, or Indian Jones yet, but I'll eventually see them in the future somewhere I guess. :D
tricky.tricky chapter 11 . 5/27/2008
I just read this story and Sweet Hearts all in one day (so your lack of updates didn't bother me [: ) and I just have to say one thing: you're amazing. These are probably two of the best Hannah Montana fics I have ever read, and I hope you do mooree. [:
pooksta chapter 11 . 5/27/2008
This was a fantastic ending. I'm glad you finished the story because you're one of the more talented writers for Hannah Montana. Thanks for your hard work!
Jesus.Lives chapter 11 . 5/27/2008

1. Loliver day is pure evil. Evil I tells you. Like the Vatican holding Charles Darwin day (which they do). Evil. We are SO on the "good ship" (lolipop).

2. Are you SURE you're only 15/16 because you totally don't write like it.

3. Jackson's pathetic explaination for kissing Lilly sheer brillance.

4. You FINALLY did Robbie Ray's veiwpoint. I LOVE you! That's awesome! Robbie Ray is just BEGGING to be written.

5. It was worth the wait. Now we expect one-shots from you. ONE-SHOTS ya'hear?

6. YAY! Three cheers for you finishing. Now - ONE-SHOT! Please?
xXBe.My.ObsessionXx chapter 10 . 2/3/2008
Hey, Hey,

Sorry the review's taken I dunno, two days? But since we were both sort of delayed, we'll call it even.

Any who, this chapter was once again, amazing. But you already know that. And most definitely, it was worth the wait, even if it was short. But short's good. Short and sweet. Right? So, I thought that this chapter was definitely funny. The ending especially. The "fight" was enjoyable too and you can tell that it was well-planned. It had some cute bits in it, which was what made it all the more fun to read. And the split point of views were interesting.

I'm kind of disappointed to see that this story is comming to an end, (who wouldn't be upset?) but I'll still look forward to the oncomming chapters. I'm hoping to read them some time during this year. Kidding about the "this year" bit. Take your time.

Glad to know you had a good holiday season. How was your New Years, by the way?

Until you review or update, which ever comes first.

XxAlwaysForeverxX chapter 10 . 2/2/2008
Love the story so far! UD soon please! :)
Chaotic-obsession4eva chapter 10 . 2/2/2008
Yah you updated!

Dont panic about how long you've taken, i generally take at least 3 months myself, so much is going on and you find you dont have time.

But reading this update makes the wait worth it, though im now gonna be suffering till the next update hehe.

Love your cliffy!

Scanning through your authors note, i noticed your recomendation for Cloverfield, glad someone has given me a heads up on this film! i now cant wait to see it.

Now onto your chapter, i loved the moliver moments espically the cute old married couple banter...

Did oliver really say 'maybe if your brought me a dress' hehe.

I loved it, espically Oliver's assumption when Miley said 'something starting with S and ends with EX' cute!

I can't wait to see what this plan is, you delivered a well rounded chapter.

Kudos to you :)

Can't wait till the next update, take your time but dont leave me hanging too long haha.

pooksta chapter 10 . 2/1/2008
You better update soon cause you totally just left me off on a cliff hanger! I'm dying to know what happens :-)
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