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SpaceMonkey0941 chapter 13 . 6/1/2007
ack! not -another- cliffie!

*shakes finger warningly at fyd*

you'd best be updating soon, young missy!
Hannah554 chapter 13 . 6/1/2007
They got her back YAY! I loved how Ronon just threw her over his shoulder and carried her and his line about him being the optomist made me laugh. She told him she loved him! Squee!

I loved this chapter and i can't wait for the next one!
Scarbantia chapter 13 . 5/31/2007
Although I'm against violence, please, give my regards to your Mum for this fast update. *smiles really kindly*

I's amazing how you can keep the intense from chapter to chapter!
TubaPrincess chapter 13 . 5/31/2007
I can't say that I really *liked* the chapter (only because of the end). But I'm glad they are all back at Atlantis. Excellent rescue idea. And I'm really glad that she healed him.. she still alive?
TubaPrincess chapter 12 . 5/31/2007
Wow.. so, um, she activated it with all of them in the area.. is the Daedalus around? Maybe that would be too convenient. Oh well. What was the rest of her plan?..the "perhaps" part? Was that that she was going to die as a human? How is that? Is she going to change back and then live out the rest of her life as a human? (or Athosian).. I am still intrigued :)
SpaceMonkey0941 chapter 12 . 5/31/2007
yeah, originally it had multiple Os and about seven exclamation marks but I forgot what the server did to those so they went away :(

anyway. glad I made you laugh! this is such a great story, I can't wait until you update again!

*zooms off to read chappie again*

Hannah554 chapter 12 . 5/31/2007
Yay! John and Ronon went after Teyla!

No! Teyla's going to blow them all up.

This chapter was really great, I loved once again seeing Ronon's feelings. You wrote the scenes on the hive ship and Teyla's feelings really well!

Great chapter and I can't wait for more!
Scarbantia chapter 12 . 5/30/2007
No! Khm, sorry! I almost forgot what my mum told me about "chewing nails"! That was so intense! I hope that Teyla technical knowledge is poor.

Now, that was a good cliffie!*raises thumbs and grins*
TubaPrincess chapter 11 . 5/29/2007
Wow.. intense. What's going to happen to her and the wraith? I hope she can be switched back to normal. Thanks for the cliffhanger :)
Scarbantia chapter 11 . 5/28/2007
I'm speechless! Really!

Move the rescue team their free Teyla! Please!

Update soon!
Hannah554 chapter 11 . 5/28/2007
NO! You can't end it there!

I almost cried when she went through the stargate and Ronon told her he loved her! I don't know whether to do a victory dance or more crying. This was a really great chapter and i can't wait for the next one, please, please update soon!
SpaceMonkey0941 chapter 11 . 5/27/2007
heehee. yay! she got away! more angst will ensue!

ronon (in the style of luke finding out about papa vader):

SpaceMonkey0941 chapter 10 . 5/26/2007
yay a new wonderful angsty chapter! -hugs back- and it's okay, I should be getting my old lappie back from the shop sometime this week. hopefully! cause it's got all my fanfic stuff on it, so I can't update or do anything like that :( but I'll keep reviewing! -hugshugs-

keep it up!
Hannah554 chapter 10 . 5/25/2007
Again with the evil cliff hangers!

I really loved this chapter, once again we got to see an emotional side of Ronon and the dream was fantastically written I feel so bad for Ronon and Teyla, I want to hug them, even if Teyla is all wraithified and will quite possibly suck the life out of me.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
Scarbantia chapter 10 . 5/24/2007
That dream...! Whoa!-raises thumbs-I'm on the edge of my seat...The idea-wanted :Hive Queen- is unique. Really! Usually the wraiths want humans for diner, for sport, for a merry killing party, but for a queen? My jaw is dropped.

And I enjoyed this chapter much!
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