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RollingUpHigh chapter 63 . 4/13
So I just read this whole story in like a day. Which means, about four or five hours.
This story is a really awesome one, just so you know. I absolutely love it. How often do you update?
happy chapter 63 . 3/30
As amazing as always,, I loved this chapter it shows wolvarine in his weak shape the descrption of the bones and body parts and how the flesh is moving to repair itself is amazing. I just can see the whole thing wow, waiting for next chapter
Wolvierules88 chapter 63 . 3/30
Wonderful chapter! I am waiting for him to see Heather again. I love how he is with her, how he thinks about her.
Hope he goes back on her trail. I really like him following her scent to find her, so great!
I'vebeenLOKI'Dyetagain chapter 63 . 3/29
When I saw the alert for this chapter, I swear for a moment my heart jumped and I stopped breathing, just staring at it to make sure it wasn't a dream and that you'd actually updated and I would get to read another chapter of this amazing story :D This was actually on the day you updated, and the reason I didn't read and review the chapter until now is a long story that involves homework and my computer dying - but my computer is now fixed and I have read the chapter (and LOVED it) and am now reviewing :3

Wow. Okay. Where to start? Well, let me just say that between the time you updated the previous chapter and the time you posted this chapter, I have read every Wolverine comic in my local library system, and have become increasingly amazed and awed by how much of the crazy Marvel universe you have incorporated and woven into this story, and now that I understand a bit more about what's going on I love this story even MORE than I did (and this story was already like my favorite fanfic ever). I loved what you've taken from the comics and then also what you've added in (like Wolverine encountering young Gambit :D) and just... seriously, I am amazed, because the Marvel universe is so freaking confusing and you seem to have it pretty well figured out. And because I've read more comics, now I can't help but be curious - are you going to have the whole thing with Romulus be part of this story? And how he's been manipulating Logan for like - ever?

ANYWAYS! Loved seeing Logan swallow his pride and ask for help from Lorna in the Now section :) And dang, that sounds like it would be so painful! o_o And I've always found pain very difficult to describe, but your descriptions are awesome - all your similes, to ants crawling inside his gut, to electricity, to a hot rod, an ember, a knife point... giving those comparisons really brings the pain alive so that we can understand what he's going through.
And lol yeah, at this point Logan doesn't remember before Weapon X and so doesn't know that he actually has bone claws beneath the metal, huh?
And I've always been confused how the metal was bonded to his bones... like is it a metal coating around his bones, or are his bones permeated with the metal so that they're essentially one and the same?

And have I mentioned that I love Wolverine's journal entries? Because you TOTALLY capture his voice. And okay, I'll admit it, when I first started reading this story I thought the journal entries were weird, but then I started to enjoy them, and then now after reading a bunch more comics, I totally get how you're using them and what that brings to the story and helps tie it all into the voice of the comics :3

ALSO! Your details. I've probably already mentioned this, but the way you include tastes (like the metal taste of pain and the aftertaste of beer) and smells (like I think in the previous chapter there was something about Narya smelling like the aurora or something awesome like that) and dang that bit about food in the beginning of the Then section totally had my mouth watering.

And with Heather... lol, Logan's so cute when he has a crush X3
Also, I totally empathize with Logan about words tying up like knots in the throat and being unsure how to say something or what one even wants to say.

So, Logan's part of Alpha Flight now! I've now read that Wolverine Season 1 comic with Heather and James and the Wendigo and Hulk (which was that project Clarke was alluding to at the end, right?), but I haven't read any of the comics about him when he was on that team... I should try to find something...

SO! Basically, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS CHAPTER! :D Seriously, I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am right now :DDDDDDDDDDDDD Even emoticons are failing me. Keep up the amazing work! I will be eagerly awaiting the next update, whenever you get around to it :3
silverthorne chapter 63 . 3/29
Thanks! I saw that you revised that line, and it reads much better now. You are fantastic!

It's so hard for him to ask for or accept help, but he's unstinting is giving it. What was he before? ...Carol/Rogue knows, but does it really matter in the now? He needs food to fuel his healing factor...and Heather to bring out his humanity. Wonderful chapter...
electric2book chapter 63 . 3/28
Such a tease chapter! Loved it! Hope to read more soon, and life is going well with you :)
Guest chapter 63 . 3/28
Thank you so much for updating. You are so wonderfull!
silverthorne chapter 63 . 3/28
Alpha Flight. And, of course, He's joining ... for Heather's help fulfill her dream of a mutant team.
silverthorne chapter 63 . 3/28
She opened her eyes to look at him quizzically, but didn't speak. She raised her hands so they hovered over his chest. "I . . . I think I found it." She opened his eyes, licking her lips. "This might hurt."

I'm a bit confused here...First, she opened her eyes; then, she opened his eyes. When did he close his eyes when he was watching her the whole time" Did you mean something else here? This is such a touching scene with him knowing something is off with the placement of his bones and the muscles and nerves healing around them...and making himself ask for further help from Polaris. When he doesn't ask for help from anybody! Beautiful! I hope your eal-life friend keeps you inspired to write whatever you need to, to keep this fabulous story going.
springbok7 chapter 63 . 3/27
I love that Logan knows that there's something wrong about the scientists having a go at Adam Drew, but can't actually figure out how to express it, or even put his finger on the actual reason. Very appropriate. Lovely update!
Crash22244 chapter 63 . 3/27
Awesome I really like your story. I can't stop reading it.
adelphe24 chapter 63 . 3/27
springbok7 chapter 62 . 3/24
Holy hot-damn! This fic is awesome yumminess to n-th degree! I love your writing style and the way that you evoke the emotions out of the big things and the little things is just... youch! Love it! Thanks for making my weekend and giving me some distraction from a nastily manic monday :D
electric2book chapter 62 . 2/22
Gah! Awesome chapter! I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to read a jem of a story like this and honestly will be waiting in excitement for more :). Please please please continue on, it would be such a shame to stop all of this amazing plot and story momentum
silverthorne chapter 62 . 2/13
A quick observation - Wolverine's a loner, just discovering who he is in the "Then" section of your story. He distrusts others and works best on his own. Here, working with Mac, Shaman, and Snowbird to bring down Wendigo is the first time he functions in a team situation, and he finds it successful and exhilarating. You're bringing him along just fine!
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