Reviews for Snow Cone Full of Love
surveyor chapter 1 . 10/8/2008
Wow. here may be some slights in grammar, and loose handling were adverbs are concerned, but this is the best preseacollette story I've ever read. everyone's in character, and It's very entertaining to boot. I will say that the startup scene reads more like a script than a narrative, but it seems to coincide with the state of Presea's emotional response, so it's appropriate. The difference between this story and others like it is that yours has the little robot girl, whose feelings return because of angel-pie's Lovin', while others have Presea, she's back to normal, and only realizes that she has feelings for Collette because of it. Mine was sort of in the middle of the road, but unfortunately that made for a very dull passionless narrative.(I haven't logged in in years, and i have no idea if the things up, or if i even submitted it in the first place)
Yours, on the other hand, is full of energy and character, and i must say that I've been inpired to draw your description of the snowy stiff armed presea.
Spontaneous Combusken chapter 1 . 10/16/2007
Jeez... that was so *cute*. The snowcones all the way through served only to make it sweeter.

I absolutely loved how all the emotions were so new to Presea and she was so overwhelmed... and Colette reassuring her was just adorable.

Everyone else's reactions were brilliant; Genis and Zelos especially. I'm sick of fics where a f/f or m/m couple get treated with disgust by the rest of the party - in a fanfic based around a game where the whole point is standing up to prejudice. So that was a very nice change. :3

Do you have a beta reader? It was grammatically flawless, but there was the odd dodgy sentence here and there ("Her fuzzy nk hair...", "Presea eyes began to...") that spellcheck always seems to miss, and is really hard to find in your own work.

I really, really enjoyed this. It was so sweet my teeth hurt.
Zefie Kirasagi chapter 1 . 7/6/2007
_ Hehe, nice lil story. It's too bad we don't have more PreseaXColette stories on FFNet (I wrote one myself a while back), it's such a kawaii pairing! This is very good-the beginning was interesting (I'm an avid GenisXPresea fan, so the little portrayal of the mini-half-elf's reaction was nice D). Had to have that Zelos bit in there too P

And the whole snow cone thing was great (I got this mental image of Presea with cherry snow-cone smushed all over her face XD looked really cute).

All in all, 10/10! You've inspired me to go back and write another ColetteXPresea fic. _ My the Prelette-ness commence!

Lesser Master chapter 1 . 6/13/2007
Good good..I enjoyed it. Rather strange though seeing Presea with anyone, since the way she is, but I believe you got how both of them would have acted if this ever would happen.
Sane.Psycho07 chapter 1 . 5/4/2007
This was really cute! And Presea's confession. So blunt, just like how I thought she would. This is a really cute pairing of the two. Even in the game you could see that the two envied each other a little. Little Presea unable to remeber her emotions, and Presea for her great amount of courage. These two are good together.

Aside from a few little typing errors, this is good. Keep it up! _
cutepresea chapter 1 . 4/16/2007
Aww, it's cute. And awkward...very awkward at some points. But that's a good thing, because Presea can be a bit awkward at times. The only things I noticed that were wrong was you used the wrong form of "layer" (when you said "lair") and it said "all her memories seemed to reply in her head," I think you meant "replay" and just missed the 'a'. That's pretty forgiveable, though. Other than that it was just really cute!