Reviews for The Measure of a Titan
vetty123 chapter 38 . 7/16
Normally I maintain a somewhat silent presence on this site, being one of innumerable 'silent stalkers' who enjoy the fruits of others' labors while rarely assaying forth an opinion. However, I simply could not allow myself to pass this story by without remark, and so I felt compelled to comment with a few notes.
Firstly, thank you very much for allowing me to partake of the sublime pleasure reading this story gave me. Your characterization was perfect, your symbolism is beyond compare, and your sheer command over the English language is awe-inspiring. David Foster's development as a character and member of the Teen Titan unit was masterful, and I cannot over-emphasize how much I enjoyed reading this.
Secondly, take your time with the updates, and please feel no compulsion to update in a hurry. With the length of each installment in this saga, I am absolutely certain that the next chapter will be well worth the wait.
Finally, thank you again for sharing the fruit of your imagination. I read this story over the course of several weekends, and consider it to have been time well-spent. May this find you in good health, and godspeed.
ZadArchie chapter 20 . 7/6
The variety of chapters here really brings out the quality of the writing. There's action-chapters, chapters that make you think and have all kinds of feels, and chapters like these which just bring out the best in the mundane. I don't think there are enough compliments for me to give to say just how much I enjoy this story. It has certainly earned its spot on my favorites list.
Zack the awesome chapter 38 . 5/13
Dude. First of all, I am speechless. Speechless! I stumbled across this...I read teen titans fanfic way back, and started going through it all again. And in all honesty I have no idea why I hadn't heard of your master piece before. This is epic, this is sublime. This is awesome. The story, epic, I usually hate it when someone sticks a new character in the mix, but I don't mind this. The way you write the characters, epic, the way that future David killed the titans brought not a tear to my eye, but rather left me in a state of shock, and I am still holding hope that Robin will come back after the end game. All of this has left me speechless and in true awe at your writing.
Don't you ever ever dare apologise for the length of your chapters, don't you even think of feeling bad about this momentous piece of art that you have shared with the world. Don't worry about the long period of time between up dates, yes. I was hoping that this would be finished (I just read it from start to finish in two days) but my friend. Work like this can never come too late, it doesn't even have to be finished it stands on its own as an epic well thought out, brilliantly crafted story. The twists! The turns! The plot which you must have had knocking about in your head! Bigods man the lore from the comics, the way that you have dissected the plot and rewritten some of the TV episodes! I am in awe. And the best thing? The way that you captured the essence of the characters. I personally think some of your best chapters were earlier on and you were showing the bind between the titans and poor David. Truly I wait for the next chapter with bated breath. And truly I am going to have to read this again in a week to make sure that I have got this all in my head. (I blazed through the last few chapters at breakneck speed I was so caught up in it all) even if you never update this. I hope that you read this review. Just so you know how impressed I am at yiur story. Honestly. I think this is amazing. The best fanfiction I have ever read. And I usually read the best fanfics, (the lady bonny, rabulatalsa etc..) this stands head and shoulders above them. Just on a side note. I think the reason that I have never read this...and why it has (in my opinion) so few reviews in comparison to what it is not showing up on the search for bb Rae. Or robstar, and I usually filter my stuff pretty strongly. In any case, I do hope that you are okay and that you come back to this story. I am happy to wait.
Your fan D.A.S chapter 38 . 4/10
Hi! I was wondering if you intend to finish this fantastically written story? I've been checking and reading this since 2012 and I greatly admire your story telling ability, your choice of diction and your writing style. I really hope that you haven't given up, or if this story is impossible to finish for whatever reason, that you haven't given up on writing. Please, bring this home.
-Your fan,
David S.
ZadArchie chapter 15 . 4/11
I am thoroughly impressed by your writing skills. Everything about how you describe a scene and enter the thoughts of your characters is phenomenal! Again, we see that there are references or even entire chapters that take place within the time frame of an already existing episode. However, you are a head above most OC insert stories in that you do not rehash what we already know about the episode. You are giving us David's perspective, and actions, which give us new and fresh material. However, you have not made this a typical OC insert story. This is not a new character reliving the same moments as the Titans, and that being it. You give a whole other plot to drive the story with only familiar episodes flavoring the text. Simply fantastic. Again, I'm going to say with chapter 14, there are copyrighted song lyrics present which you cannot have, but that really should be a quick fix.
ZadArchie chapter 10 . 3/16
After the chapter with Malchior, I was afraid this would be an OC inserted into the canon storyline kind of fic. Usually with those, the OC is reduced to the usefulness of a house plant who really doesn't do all that much, but is just there, not interrupting the copied action and dialogue of the original story. Those irritate me because they add nothing new. Or, and this is more likely the case, the OC is the greatest thing since sliced bread who defeats the villains for them and is saying the classic lines that were originally given to the Titans. You have proved me wrong on this one.

David's presence changes EVERYTHING! And I love the dialogue, the suspicion, and the reveals that come with those changes. Again, your work on their internal thoughts is phenomenal.

Only one critique in terms of SPaG. When you do Cyborg's dialogue, you usually have something like:

"Hey, take it easy man."

When really, it should be:

"Hey, take it easy, man."

Since the "man" in those sentences is like addressing someone by name, it needs a comma before it. But that's really small potatoes compared to how how well-done this story is.
ZadArchie chapter 5 . 3/13
I rather like this. While the story itself is a typical OC introduced to the Titans scenario, it is executed well, and in a relatively believable fashion, at least believable in the world of superheroes. While there are times where I consider this story a bit wordy, I actually envy it. You craft these paragraphs finely with beautiful insights into the Titans thoughts. And for the most part, you keep them in character. I understand the issue of trying to write Starfire as well. Her manner of speaking is so unique it's often easy to slip up when putting words on the page. That being said, while I like the little quotes at the beginning, the ones from the first chapter are song lyrics, which are copyrighted and cannot be used in any way, shape, or form in a fic. While that does take away from the story, I would advise to take the quotes down so that this fic may not be deleted by the admins in the future. Overall, though, this has been a fantastic read, and it may just end up on my favorites list in the future.

Critics United
Carson chapter 38 . 2/17
One of the best stories I've ever read. Definitely the best fanfiction I've ever read. I will subscribe and eagerly await the end.
Mr. Anonymous chapter 38 . 2/17
It. Has. Been. Four. Years. Since. You. Made . That . Cliffhanger.
Side note:why is this story registered complete?
The shadows only want to play chapter 38 . 7/15/2016
Sandshrew777 chapter 38 . 4/25/2016
I will, as always, look forward to the next installment.

Until then, know that you have paced this brilliantly into the final showdown, and although I know there will be some kinks in David's plan, I await reading them, whenever it will be.

You always say that you're honored that we read your words.

Way I see it? It's always been the reverse.

Good luck, old friend. :)
Sandshrew777 chapter 37 . 4/25/2016
And the payoff comes at last! Some success for the Titans. The plot here is so well-designed; we knew before the characters knew, about a lot of their troubles. We can divine that Raven is warring with herself thanks to the episode, but also to your hinting: "Nobody could deceive you except yourself." David and Devastator were locked in a contest of wills, and when David finally exerted all of his, both in intelligence and skill, it finally allowed him victory. And of course Starfire was never in any danger. Her pure rage carries her through the nightmare, and Robin, in a sense, helps her rescue herself. That she decimates Warp is the most satisfying bit of the entire chapter, as we've been waiting desperately for someone to succeed. Now, it seems, they all have. It's just down to coming to Cyborg's aid/banding together at last, and Raven's final spell.

I hope that's where we get to next, and I hope that the story does end in the next chapter, but as reviewers have pointed out before me, it seems as if it does not. I hope it ends on some kind of finality, though, because you've earned it with this one.
Sandshrew777 chapter 36 . 4/25/2016
Will takes everything, seems to be the moral of the story. I agree. I enjoyed the existential fights each of them are going through, and the revelation of non-destiny being most supremely interesting to a cosmic being (which I buy, via your explanation).

Good to see Jinx showing up (I knew it!) and BB, Star, and Cyborg finally engaging their most powerful moves. With enough will they win. Not love or destiny or any of it.

I'm in for the last two runs of this.
Sandshrew777 chapter 35 . 4/25/2016
More and more surprises, indeed. I find myself most interested in the showdowns between Starfire and Nega-Robin and BB and Nega-Terra (as I must assume she's been killed by Devastator and thus able to be called upon? Or even if not, her Nega self would be likely available...). I'm a sucker for the easy blow-for-blow conflicts. I'm also intrigued to see how David and this other Devastator form at the end are going to be combined, as I assume they must be.

You put forth some rhetorical debates in here about blame and fault and will, to which I respond well even if the arguments seem to go in circles after a while. It's ironic that Warp blames others for his actions and Slade intimates the same, as does Devastator. But the whole concept of this is the Titans' insistence on personal destiny, of making one's own life path. And as much as I think that will win the day, Devastator's not wrong to say that will is vital. I guess most of all, there are some logical retorts to these arguments that even Starfire and David could lob at them, but they walk right past the opportunity. I might be interested in a debate that's a bit fairer on both sides, as right now it seems like the villains always have the right answer (and of course, because the tension is ratcheting up as we move into the concluding chapters).

All told, it still keeps up the interest, so forging on...
Sandshrew777 chapter 34 . 4/25/2016
It's good to see the Nega-Titans in full force here, or at least two of them, as well as the inevitable fleshing out of Terra's guilt and shame, as she and David exchange emotions. It's making lots of sense on the whole here and I appreciate each of the parts divvying up the action at just the right moments.

I'll say that I was surprised by Devastator's appearance. I wasn't surprised that he was here, because of course there is going to be some kind of iteration of Devastator that is destructive, we know. But that it coincided with Warp's time now finally lets the details congeal. I think you're also wise to be shoving blame on the Titans as you have in this story: they're to blame for just locking criminals up or forcing them onto others. It's irresponsible. Raven came to task when facing the marines and now Starfire gets some of her own medicine (though, admittedly, she did think she was leaving them with the future still doesn't excuse her for taking the burden on herself, as her actions have consequences). Rather, I was just surprised by the very film noir version of Devastator we get. It wasn't what I was expecting to see, but I guess it makes sense that he would want to portray himself in that manner, given that it's an exact opposite of his teenage self here.

And don't think I didn't catch that David looks like a Nega-Titan himself, here...I see you!

Onward we go, to gobble up what is left...
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