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Rauchster chapter 29 . 2/15/2008
Wonderful story so far.

Enjoyed reading it.

You do a great blend of different genres into one big tale.

Personally I think the fact that you have only 377 reviews (at this point) is a ripoff.

I've seen many a shorter and lesser story with 500 / 10 /etc...

I want you to know that you deserve FAR more than you have been getting. Even with anonymous turned off.

As of now, I've given you three, and I might just go back and submit one for each chapter.

You deserve it.
readerthatlovestoread chapter 29 . 2/15/2008
Rauchster chapter 26 . 2/15/2008
Love this story.

The unique pairings are sweet, and you do an excellent job at telling a story.

Side Note:

"Mizugumo" is Japanese for an actual spider species, but it's also described as "ninja water-walking shoes," which makes me wonder if Naruto and pals are cheating, or being cheated; maybe nobody told them about the shoes... can't have genin water-walking the lazy way, I guess.

This was explored in a Mythbusters episode a while back.

(If you don't know about their show, it's on Discovery, and they do a bunch of cool stuff, I highly recommend you check it out)

Turns out that the Ninja water-walking shoes wouldn't work back then. At least that's their results, you can check it out for yourself, if you can find that episode.
RI100014 chapter 29 . 2/14/2008
Just jumped into this. I was wary, having read so many elongated pieces of crap, to peer through this one; even though I know your work from the Kim Possible boards, I wasn't sure if you'd either isolated your audience, or you'd completely lost them in a void of words. To have just under a quarter of a million, an average of a hundred thousand per, and only tallied a dismal three hundred reviews, does not give much credit. I'm leaving a judgement till later but suffice to say it is legible. Which marks it above my initial suspicions.

Till next time... adios.
DarkSyde24 chapter 29 . 2/13/2008
Not much in the way of comments this time, but a nice filler chapter to set the mood for the finals nonetheless. Not really sure what to make of Sakura's apparant dismissal of Ino, sure she's devoted to her new clan and all, plus dealing with Kurenai's disappearance, but still I would've expected her to look in on her while she was in the hospital, and especially once she got out, if only to clear the air between them. It'd be sad if they fell out once again over a preliminary fight.

And please, PLEASE tell me if they get to Naruto's fight before the invasion starts, he won't pull any "But it's Sakura-chan, I can't hurt her!" We've already established he views her as a good friend now, but with the estrangment between Ino and Sakura and Naruto getting as close as he did to Ino initially because she was Sakura's friend, I'm unsure whose side he might take or if he'll use the kid gloves on Sakura not. It's my fondest wish however that after a few attempts to take it easy on her, she pisses him off to make him take her seriously and promptly gets her ass handed to her. Call me mean, but unlike Naruto I can hold a grudge and I just don't like pre-timeskip Sakura at all, even AU versions of her, since for the most part, they're almost always the same quick tempered, self absorbed character.

Anyway, see ya next chapter...
Rauchster chapter 4 . 2/12/2008
Loved the ending scene, was very funny.

I'm enjoying this story so far, I believe it has quite the original concept, and the odd pairings are what drew me to it.

I'm quite curious to see how you'll pull Iruka/Tayuya off. I have an idea, and wanna know if I'm right.
holypanl chapter 1 . 2/10/2008
Hi there! Love this story. Trying to submit a review before my laptop battery runs out. Bye!
Engelmohr2004 chapter 24 . 2/8/2008
Ino has a second personality like niky on heroes very clever pinos dark side is coming out.
gladdecease chapter 29 . 2/7/2008
Haha, Konkon being a fox summon is a lot of fun. The generic Konoha-nin strike me as being in-character-ly paranoid about foxes, and Team 10 blowing up Yakuniku-Q to escape was really funny.

Sakura's perspective on being part of the Inuzuka was very clarifying. It certainly makes her situation clearer...and it makes a lot of sense. Her insecurities really aren't an issue in a clan like the Inuzuka...though she seems to have abandoned quite a lot for the sake of the clan. She must have felt it was worthwhile, though. Vet!Sakura is also an amazing idea. I think she and Hana would probably get along well in a canon!verse too.

Haku and Ino's reunion was beautiful. Lots of hugs and smiles and warm feelings. Becoming her vassal wasn't something I expected, but Haku has taken on similar roles before, so it's not a stretch of the imagination by any means.

Orochimaru's use of the Eight Tails kind of confused me-he uses it to regenerate, and drinks the blood for the snake-like qualities? Does he only need the blood to have his tongue/stretchy-neck, or does he need to take its power too?

Poor Kin.

Next chapter sounds like fun. Hokages of the past, reunite? Or maybe a different surprise guest? Not to mention the Akatsuki wandering around. Maybe an old Kazekage to join the Hokage fight? I can hardly wait!
Engelmohr2004 chapter 18 . 2/6/2008
Wow kankurou is starting to act and sound more like sasori then sasori does himself.
DEBob19 chapter 29 . 2/5/2008
Another amazing chapter. I love this story so much it's scary (I actually registered at just so I could comment on this story lol). The detail in each chapter is amazing and so well thought out, I just love it. Thanks so much for making this story. It's very hard to find such amazing novel-like stories (really, really long stories are the best), and the plot is such a nice change from the usual ones that it's very refreshing. I also appreciate how long each chapter is.

This chapter was very good. Like always, a great mix of action, humor and drama (I especially loved the scene with Konkon at the restaurant). The sentence at the very end: "you could always show me the present you undressed..." confused the hell out of me. I think I understand what it was going for (and maybe I'm just thinking too hard about it - I also may just not be getting it since I haven't slept in like 2 days), but if you could please clarify that I'd really appreciate it. Still, another amazing chapter. I can't wait for the next one. Thanks for writing this story.


AznPuffyHair chapter 29 . 2/5/2008
Konkon now a fox screams trouble for the villagers. becuz the pie-throwing madness that Anko can't do will start once again... and this time, there might be more damage... considering Ino might just be able to 'persuade' a few (or more like they did it themselves) to join. Just a curiosity thing... why gold? (as asking why a fox would just be explained as u having ur reason and it's a plot thing... right?)

Also... wut's the deal with the fusion stuff? And wut's with them being naked? and wut's with naruto being with naked, hot, sexy chicks T.T i want som... err, i mean lucky bastard.

Kyuubi haywiring naru-chan's body would be interesting. And Konkon's borrowing of Naruto's signature jutsu is nice. now we just need the resurfacing of the Thousand Years of Pain and it'll be Naruto. Of course, Temari would never let Naru-chan live if she found him knowing that jutsu (or did he even know it? i believe i asked u once?)

Finally, the restuarant Chouji eats in often is a barbecue restuarant. More Korean if u ask as usually u find those grill-in-table style in Korean BBQ restuarant.

UPDATE SOON!.PS: is it possible for naru-chan's mother (or Kushina if u're stickign with canon name) to appear? Yondaime (or parts of him... currently known to be in two places) did, so it's logical that his wife is... somewhere. right?
kyuubi-rain chapter 29 . 2/5/2008
wow that was an unexpected twist i was wandering why naruto didn't summon foxes instead of weasels and wow that ending was wow
wolvknight chapter 29 . 2/5/2008
lol great chap plz update soon
Victorita9 chapter 29 . 2/5/2008
man i really miss kin! i hope Naruto grieves for her! great chapter i absolutely love hanabi!
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