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READ ME chapter 3 . 2/3/2016
guess who vile is? Proto man upgraded that's who!(has guns because he upgraded with megas skin thus corrupting it.)
READ ME chapter 2 . 2/3/2016
you know zero is rock man right, Dr. wily tricked mega's brother proto man into using a insane proto z virus into pretending to come to protos senses and solid snake dr. wily's ass by giving mega his skin to infiltrate wily's last lab(which was impossible to get in) but intern betrays mega and infects mega with the proto virus all to discover what megas buster or how it was built, turns out it was just the highly unstable z buster that has bin integrated with a specially made barrel shell that redirected the over heating thing thus prevented it from going all atomic bomb thus making the z busters shots much much more powerful, wily then upgraded mega into a weird almost zero using plans for a robot he hadn't gotten around to building also removing the shell and upgrading the z buster, also giving him a incomplete z saber(at this stage it a sword) mega wasn't evil just insane still and tried to kill both wily and light forcing L and W to work together to shut mega was done but wily escaped with mega to try to upgrade and condition mega but failed towards the end wily tried to repeat the process but using the virus locked megas memory away and set him back to zero, in a moment of insanity named him zero(maybe rush is still around locked away some ware) but the newly named zero's base code still was intact thus wily's programing failed. (Maybe zero can remember him self as mega when he is about to fail and turn evil for good but remembering would jolt him out of it?)
Red Draco chapter 38 . 6/10/2015
A thousand apologies! I'm still working on this, I promise. :) Thanks for sticking around~!
Nina chapter 38 . 6/2/2015
A whole year almost, come on update this, pretty pleaaaaaase?
ashmole chapter 1 . 3/20/2015
and he is loyal to them after castration because...?
Enci897 chapter 38 . 3/9/2015
I like the story, im curious about how Zero and Celeste escape from Eden. I hope you continue.
blue-kitten chapter 38 . 8/21/2013
OMG! I love your writing. I've been reading it since I was in seventh grade ( which is pretty far back, being I'm now 25). You can't kill the kid in people. :) Hope you keep writing! You've got me hooked!
Highlord chapter 36 . 10/12/2012
Took me forever to find this story again. Awesome to see that it's still being worked on.

As for this chapter (I read 37 as well, but I'm commenting on this one) I'm happy again. Happy to see that theres still some bit of the maverick army wrecking badass left in X. *Hopefully* he starts letting more of it out.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 35 . 9/15/2012
Well, the quality and direction of this fic are not at all to my taste and you haven't presented anything new in recent chapters that I care about so I'm done with this.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 4 . 9/15/2012
This is utter garbage.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 2 . 9/15/2012
First chapter had a decent set up and your humor was very appropriate.

What male is named Jody, I ask you? And he's a bishi with a trying-to-be-cool black vest? Odd choices. Unless this is your insertion.

A little fruity with the descriptive language: "The day darkened, the air turned black and refreshed itself, and the stars woke up to do their blazing nightshift."

I get it, it's night time.

Never heard of Ocelot class before. I know what an ocelot is and I am nitpicking but still, odd.

The scene introducing Ozzie and Jackal was completely stupid.

Why do people insist on making Cain an old drinking lecher boarderline joking idiot?

I hope this alleged romance and soon-to-be-tension isn't the focus of the story. That would be awful. I get that Zero is popular, but X should be central character in a long haul like this.

Whoa are you serious? Zero proposed to a human arrogantly named Celeste? Way too much OC focus.

Cass is a guy? What is it with you and weird gender names?

Bar scene was okay except for some logical and continuity errors. If this Celeste is a leader of hunters and has been around since the before the first maverick uprising then she would be very old. And are you kidding me that after all this time being around she never knew the bartender knew her family and could tell sto ries about her dad?

I'll skip head a bit and see if you have improved from this teenage stuff.
Matt Perrett chapter 35 . 11/16/2011
Another excellent story by RedDraco! It's much more serious than her previous works, but that just means that it's different in a good way. The author-created characters are plentiful, but they're well-rounded and well-developed. (Besides, how many characters are there really in Mega Man X?) Celeste in particular is a lot more interesting than she was in "Bass Is Not a Fish," perhaps now that she's moving further away from being a love interest and rescue bait. Iris is kind of a buttmonkey here, but it's well-explained and doesn't feel malicious.

My biggest complaint with this story is the same one I had with BINAF: the text is riddled with spelling mistakes and other typos. It's nothing really awful, but it does pull you out of the experience, and the vast majority of them could be easily cleaned up with one pass through spellcheck. On a lesser note, the name Nytetrayn is so 90s comic book it hurts.

Overall, I highly recommend this tale in progress to any fans of Mega Man X! It shows that the author is highly capable of creating good, original stories, and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work in the future :)
becoafamu chapter 34 . 8/28/2011
OMG. like my fellow reviewer, i feel the need to tell you that i've been reading your stories since i was a kid. now i'm almost 23. sorry if that makes you feel old. but seriously, seeing an update in my inbox brightened my day. i hope you're doing well in whatever else you're up to these days.

Megalamer chapter 34 . 8/28/2011

Once upon a time I emailed you with gushing and poorly written praise for ZT and/or BNF... I was roughly thirteen years old at the time, and an appropriately annoying AOL user with a silly Japanese screen name.

For reference I am now twenty six years old, and happy as hell to see some life return to TTYL. Major props for the update, I'll be looking forward to chapter 35, even if I have to wait another year for it.
Red Draco chapter 33 . 8/23/2011
Wowzers! I never thought I'd get another review! Thanks for writing all that up! Don't worry about offending me. A lot has happened since I started this 'fic, one of the big things being that I write on a professional basis now, and get my head smacked by editors every day. :)

That said, I agree with almost everything you've critiqued here. All I can offer up is, "I was young." I still am. I'm always looking to improve myself. You're right in stating that a lot of my OC's act the same, something I've been aiming to break out of.

But I have to disagree with a bit of what you've said. For instance, the way I write X and Zero. I know I've said it a billion times before, but I started writing Mega Man X fanfic when X3 was still new. Capcom has developed the characters substantially since then, but I chose to stick to my own (now OOC) personalities for them. I didn't mean to ruin X and Zero for you, and I apologise for that. But I definitely don't think X is a wimp in TTYW. BNF, sure, but not TTYW.

Zero IS a prick here, I won't argue that. But he's fun to write this way, and I write fanfic to just kind of unwind and romp. If you want to look away, I don't blame you at all.

I will, however, have to disagree with you strongly on Iris. I definitely didn't intend for Iris to be mock-worthy: I'm trying to portray her as lost and sad without Colonel. I see very few instances in the story where she's the butt of a joke, or made into an ass. If anything, she's the most serious character in the story.

Zero is conflicted about her because I thought it'd make for interesting friction between Iris and Celeste. I definitely don't hate Iris. I don't like her, but most of the stuff on my page is just there to poke fun at her. Hey, I was a teenager. I'll fix it all some day if/when I start up my page again.

Anyway, I'm still writing this fanfic, if you can believe that. I have chapter 34 ready: It'll go up any day now. I hope you'll still read! If not, I understand, and thanks again for the review!
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