Reviews for Harry Potter and the Chained Souls
AspergianStoryteller chapter 9 . 11/23/2019
Thumbs up to your Professor Dumbledore.
AspergianStoryteller chapter 8 . 11/23/2019
On one hand, Snape's being seriously badarse right now, on the other hand, I was starting to suspect Mr. Weasley. Who would see that coming?
Cerasifera chapter 31 . 11/22/2019
“Severus needs to be needed”
I think Dumbledore is wrong here. Snape too, in the part about the two things he craves in life: respect and control – that’s just what he thinks/tells himself he craves, while Severus, the more direct communicator, is willing to accept Harry’s company, even when that means getting distracted (losing control) from his potions (the means to get that respect), even when he’s not guarding his secrets behind the wall yet.
Considering the rest of the story - Snape who hates being shunned by the rest of the Order and whose idea of hell is loneliness - the need to be needed is just a proxy. What he wants, what any human being wants, is to be appreciated for who he is as a person. He finds himself incapable of making such connections because he doesn’t think he’s worth it with his guilty past, so he opts for being useful instead. So that’s what I missed in the happy ending: with his talents, he was always going to be successful, but is he happy? He is still strict while teaching, but can he relax when he’s not, and be an understanding mentor? His interest for lycantropy potions and vaccines hint at a friendship with Remus, but I hope he found a nice potion-obsessed sparring partner at St Mungo’s as well, preferably someone with a dark sense of humor :-)

Really though, overall, well done!
Cerasifera chapter 30 . 11/22/2019
Another ‘I love this story, but’: Their farewell at Grimmauld Place was disappointing in the light of what they both know will happen. In this context they are a man about to die for the cause and a young man who will play an active part in that man’s death. That is not the moment to stay in their roles as student ‘Potter’ and teacher ‘Professor Snape’, that is the moment to acknowledge each other for who they really are. Harry knows he’s saying goodbye to Severus, so for fuck’s sake, call him ‘Severus’ – that would resonate with Snape on that deepest level and make it meaningful for both. Snape knows Harry is not James, so this is the moment to show he’s stopped confusing the two Potters and say ‘Harry’. They’re going into battle together in a way no one else shares with them, so it’s only fitting they should say farewell as equals, not as student and professor.
Also, I get that tears and hugging are not right for these two, but looking each other in the eye with even just one hand on one shoulder already adds that personal, well, touch.
Cerasifera chapter 29 . 11/22/2019
(I just reread both these stories and still love them as much as the first time, but these are just a few things I feel the need to say, hence all these comments :-) )

I loved the moment Snape loses control and Harry goes ‘Severus?’, but feel like there could have been more. It’s time for Harry to behave like the adult he needs to be rather than becoming drunk in a pub, even if that is a moment for Snape to see Harry vulnerable and emotional again. I would have prefered it if Harry had taken Snape for a walk the way he did with Severus, and say the things he wants to say in earnest, not helped by Dutch courage, so his words can’t be brushed off as the overly sentimental stuff drunk people say (and Snape wouldn't be interested in).
Over the last few chapters I was waiting for a full-blown shouting match with Snape arguing how evil he is and beyond saving and not worth it in any case, and Harry defending him against his own self-hatred, telling Snape he’s so much more, that he’s worth the effort to get to know him, perhaps slipping up and calling him Severus. Alas, that didn’t (really) happen.
Cerasifera chapter 28 . 11/22/2019
I canNOT understand Harry in this Defense lesson. Did he get hit by an Amnesia spell or something?

Harry KNOWS:
-he considers Severus a friend
-Severus and Snape are the same person - otherwise he wouldn't be looking at Snape with the sadness and regret he feels wrt Severus
-both Severus and Snape try their best to keep him at a distance: Severus with a wall, Snape through emotional withdrawal
-the existence of Expelliarmus and Stupefy - Snape taught him the first one, he has used both spells against Voldemort and Death Eaters
-not to let his opponent goad him, I mean hello, what did Ryan teach you last year
-to expect and use nonverbal spells in a duel, I mean hello, what did Knight teach you in her private lessons

Now this lesson plan. Snape wants Harry to 1) learn a lesson about the necessity of making sacrifices and 2) hate Snape again. He thinks he can achieve those goals by casting himself as the enemy - not knowing Harry sees Severus as a friend - and making Ron the unintended second victim of Harry's attacks. From Snape's POV, it pretty much makes sense (though he knows Harry pities him).
The two obvious holes in that plan are:
A) Harry of course doesn't want to hurt Ron, but he *doesn't want to hurt Severus either*.
B) Stupefy and Expelliarmus will end the fight without harming your opponent

So why the friggin frick does Snape's plan work?! The first time I read this, I was looking forward to how Snape's plan would completely fail because of A and B, but no, Harry just forgets absolutely everything he knows, after something meant as a provocation that shouldn't have worked as such. It just doesn't make sense at all.
And to make it even worse, he uses the things he's learned during the Legilimency sessions not to understand what Snape’s trying to do, but to hurt him. What the hell, Harry. Sheez.
Cerasifera chapter 23 . 11/22/2019
Some notes along the way:

-Ron and Hermione have a relationship, but it’s hard to still see traces of it. Unless ‘playing chess’ is code for ‘snogging’ – that would be amusing.
-This Christmas is the first without Molly Weasley, but other than the sweaters Ginny embroidered, there is no reference to that whatsoever – the Weasleys don’t even celebrate Christmas all together with Bill and Charlie as well, and no mention of reaching out to Percy or whatever.
-Cute detail about Snape seeing Ginny’s locket :-)
-Harry spends quite some time behind the wall in Snape’s mind, and we know and come to know how great a role the Marauders played in Snape’s younger years, so why doesn’t Harry ever encounter them? They must be in there somewhere…
Cerasifera chapter 20 . 11/22/2019
Letting Harry dive into Snape’s subconscious… :-O So exciting in the story (well done, you), but also so violating and invasive and unethical. Poor Snape. I know Dumbledore does this to ultimately help him, but it’s still a secret form of therapy, and it still takes the power from teacher Snape and gives it to student Harry without much consideration from either Dumbledore or Harry on how scary losing control is for Snape. And Harry really is thick in this regard, doing nothing to reassure Snape or at least stay on speaking terms.
Poor man. I hope he got a raise…
Anyway, young Severus is endearing in that trying-to-feed-a-strange-cat-but-it’s-scared-of-you kind of way.

I like how you juxtapose Harry seeing too much of Snape’s private things with Snape seeing too much of Harry’s private parts in the next chapter, heh heh heh
Cerasifera chapter 21 . 11/19/2019
"They stared at one another in silence. Harry couldn't think of anything else to say. What more was there? He was dying and they both knew it."
"I'm sorry, Professor."

Harry, you utter monkey! You had already forgiven Snape for his mistakes that lead to the death of your parents, but you KNOW he doesn't believe that, you KNOW he can't forgive himself and move on. Why not remind him again that you've forgiven him? You have nothing to lose, so just look him in the eye, grab his arm, call him Severus, do whatever to get the message across.
You're the only one who can give him this.

Also, after being unable to save those two Potters, now Snape finds the third and last one dying on him, too! Poor man.

The rest of the chapter is hilarious! :-) I like the canon reference that is the potions book.
Lizard Wizard chapter 31 . 11/7/2019
I’m literally crying over this
This was so damn good
Murai-Sakura chapter 31 . 9/12/2019
The end... *groan*
I can't believe I've reached the end already. But you didn't kill off Snape for which I am eternally grateful.
I like the way you ended things. It feels right and complete which is no easy feat.
As you already know, I am a huge fan of your writing style. You have been able to keep everyone perfectly in character and your original characters felt fresh and engaging. Those kinds of characters are not usually well-liked and are hard to get away with but at least in my humble opinion, you did exemplary.

As I've mentioned before I am particularly fond of the way you portrayed Dumbledore. I'm usually not a fan of him when people include him and I realize now that that might be because no one is able to picture him as they should. But you are.

I feel as if you are highly sensitive to human emotions and thought processes. The Legilimency lessons - as well as the Occlumency lessons in the former story - have been particularly engaging and inventive. I loved them and was never satisfied even though you wrote about many. I like how much you developed those mental arts into such detail that they far exceed anything Rowling has had to say about them. And I much prefer your version.

My only regret is Snape's continued aversion. I understand that this is his personality and it would take a lot to change, but I still feel as if I could have used more if you understand what I mean. On the other hand, there are plenty of other fics that cover just that so I need not look far.

Your story has made me laugh and cry. It has been entertainment of the likes I rarely encountered. I absolutely love the Harry Potter books (obviously) but I would choose your fic over them any day. As an avid fan of superhero movies and the likes, I can also safely say that had a new Avenger movie come out during the time I was reading this, I would have preferred to stay home and keep reading. I'm just trying to express how much your story has touched me.

I don't know what it is that you do in real life but I can only hope that it involves writing in some way. Because you have a gift. You have a talent that I am quite envious of and are of a skill level few can hope to achieve. your fic is in one word: Perfection.

Thank you for taking the time for writing both of these fics. I'm sure I will read them all over again in the future. In the meantime, I do hope that you might write a new fic one day. Having reached the conclusion, I don't feel as if a sequel would work, to be honest. But if my vote matters, I would vote for another Harry/Snape mentor fic. I would be sure to read and review.

I have been rambling long enough. Thanks again and have a nice evening or whatever time it is over there.
Murai-Sakura chapter 30 . 9/12/2019
What have you done?!
I can't - This is - Argh!
Excuse me while I go read the last chapter before I perish with grief.
No, but honestly this chapter was amazing! It was terribly inventive, breathtaking and as always heart-wrenching. You are fiercely talented and I dread clicking on the next chapter. All will be over soon :(
Guest chapter 31 . 9/12/2019
Finally, the best fanfiction I've read so far. And a far better end than by JKR, where every adult friend of Harry died. He at least need some more far experienced guardians for his future. And of course these are only Snape and Lupin, who at least know one side and could help with all these others.
Murai-Sakura chapter 29 . 9/12/2019
No, no, no! Don't do this. Don't kill Snape! Rowling already did and it was horrible!
I can't imagine what Harry must be going through but this is going to destroy me, isn't it?
I'm already sad :(
Murai-Sakura chapter 28 . 9/12/2019
Noooooooo! Why must you do this?
If you are seriously killing off Snape - and I actually believe you might - I will be distraught.
This is the worst! But also the best!

Where has Harry gone? Not back to the Dursleys I hope. I doubt Snape would be able to find him.
When Snape did that weird trick to his wand, I was sure that Harry would at least try to fight back with some wandless magic but alas.

I need more!
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