Reviews for The Eccentric Files
Guest chapter 10 . 2/19
This was awesome . totally in character too. Well it was simply brilliant
DeUtvalda chapter 10 . 2/10
This made my day. And my night. You people are absolutely brilliant (even if your grammar occasionally wasn't).
DeUtvalda chapter 8 . 2/10
Is it weird that I am doing some major Gaara fangirling right now?
VemillionSparkle chapter 10 . 2/4
Love this sososo much.

Wait, did Karin go to jail?
Erika chapter 10 . 1/31
LEGAL This has go to be the most hilarious sasuke and sakura fanfiction that Ihave ever read next t by SasuSaku Forever and ever. Excellent work my friends truly excellent work. You had me laughing at every chapter.
Guest chapter 10 . 1/11
hey thanks for all of this hope you will continue TDA
HEYYOUGUYS chapter 7 . 1/11
My Fave things about this chapter:
A) The D. Gray-Man fangirling (I think they're both right—allen is a cutie and lavi is a sex god.)
B) Kiba's comment on how if he and ino eloped they would have to get married outside or else she'd start burning up. I actually cried with laughter.

I love this story way too much and am now going to get back into DGM fan fiction. Jesus. My education is sort of burning in flames and I can't be bothered to mind.

Jellybell chapter 10 . 11/30/2013
I love it! Hate Karin, as always, but love the story! A very creative telling of a great SasuSaku romance, and good use of the email/texting. I really hope that you'll have a follow-up to this. Hugs, Bell!
brownie bunny chapter 10 . 11/27/2013
Somehow, you have succeeded in making an entire story in complete messages! And some story it is too! Congratulations! You made a really good story in a very interesting format, which covered all the grounds and was very very 3 dimensional!

I loved it, and I am definitely going to read some more of your work, and look forward to more as well! Keep the writer's spirit going!
Sasu-cakes chapter 8 . 11/6/2013
Can I just hug you? We share all the same OTPs and you don't ship YuukixKaname. Finally! I stopped watching vampire knight when they were found to be brother and sister that was just a no. My friend then told they still got together because apparently it doesn't matter if you're a vampire? Still ewwww. But you are an awesome writer and usually I'd get annoyed at your writing style, but this story is just amazing. That was a long comment anyways bye!
Peace-chan chapter 1 . 9/19/2013
"I'm...a fairy" Lol that really made my day :D
moon eclipse shadows chapter 3 . 9/7/2013
Heehee. This is very amusing.
I have a hard time making it through the emailing parts, but I actually really like the story so it might just take me longer than usual to read. :D I tend to like the passing notes back and forth and the diary and PDA entries more, but I think I'm gradually getting used to everything.

Love the summery by the way. XD
fiesa chapter 10 . 9/3/2013
AHahahahahaha. Oh, wow. Amazing-wonderful-perfect, what more can I say?

I think I alienated a lot of people on two European Airports and one Airplane by laughing out loud suddenly. I couldn't help it and I would point them into your direction, since the two of you clearly are to blame for writing such a wonderful story!
(8 hours of travelling today, I finished the Eccentric Files after 6.)

There is one thing, though, that didn't add up in my mental equation. What was wrong with Ino? Was she sick? Was she pregnant? Did she send Tsunade-Hime her medical files indicating she had a mental breakdown and had to leave? I guess it is the latter, and I hope she is better now. It was hidden away under a ton of mails and messages and I wasn't quite sure whether I had unearthed it correctly, the way you wanted the readers to realize it.

The rest? 80.000 words of fun, amazement, hilarity and anger management! Wow, it's been some time since I've read something in this combination - and that good, too.

Here is a quick list of the things I loved most, just to remind you of what you've written:
- Nicknames, from email adresses to D&D-roles, fit like a second skin.
- Shikamaru playing D&D was soooo great, and Ino becoming a nerd because of him just cute .
- Temari. You didn't make her evil, she tried very hard but she failed and she accepted defeat rather gracefully. And although I prefer Ino and Shikamaru as a pairing, I like her character. Thanks for not bashing her.
- Neji, his twitching eye brow, is frequent break-ups with Tenten, and Tenten's craziness with names (and I think they suit each other).
- Naruto and HInata together, and Naruto under close scrutiny of the entire Hyuuga family. Plus the fact that one word from Hinata made them stop trying to chase Naruto away.
- Kiba. He's intelligent, he's nice, he's "normal" - why can't more people write him like that? USually, he's the weird guy who cares more for his dog than his own state of cleanliness. Thanks, again.
- Telling backstories through hints and clues and finally revealing it without falling into backflashes or long rants. Respect.
- Backstories in general. Wow. I loved each single one of them.
- The last mail.
- The Romeo and Juliet desaster. Really, Ino... But then, I am sure there were more plays than just the one and the others they would have passed with flying colors (whatever that means *laugh*).
- Naruto's ninja obsession.
- Ino's closeness to all the people. Because she strikes me as a person who is good with people, and I like seeing her with many friends. Hey, even the Burger King came to like her.
- References! References! I spied .Man (never seen/read it myself), HP FF (Draco/Hermione), Vampire Knight, Bleach... And other references to contemporary TV shows, music or animes and the likes. It made the entire story feel very, very much like something that happened around my corner... And I like the thought.
- Karin. Ahahahahahahaa! Scary, that woman. Itachi was nowhere to be seen, though (just a thought)... But Orochimaru!
- The fact that Ino is so insecure when it comes to her relationship with Shikamaru. I mean, I feel for her, but I think it makes her a lot more human. Not the screaming, agressive girl some people paint her as.

And I'll stop before I go seriously overboard. In short: this story was amazing, deserved every single review it got and more, and thank you so, so much for sharing it!
fiesa chapter 3 . 9/1/2013
I stumbled over this fic rather accidentally – but it caught my full attention after reading the summary. Good job with that one, I love it!

And I love the story, too. I’m halfway through the third chapter and am amazed at the ideas that make the plot so incredibly fun to follow! I really like the messaging style (why FFN wouldn’t allow it is beyond me) and the way you (the two of you, if I’m correct?) put it into action. The mails between Ino and Sakura are fun, hilarious, tense, teasing, informative, and I guess I could insert many more adjectives here… I also like the interspersed mails from and to others, especially Ino’s. But reading Sakura’s and Sasuke’s note-exchange during the bus-hijacking was wonderful, too! And there is so much background information – Naruto’s and Hinata’s and Neji’s and Tenten’s relationship (eek! All my favorite pairings!), Kakashi, Kurenai, and Tsunade as teachers, and YOUTHFUL Gai as gym teacher – dead on!

I must say, I’m a bit worried about Temari – not that I hate her particularly, I just prefer the Shikamaru/Ino pairing – but it does sound like Ino has a plan on how to deal with Shikamaru’s probably-soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend… On the other hand, I’m worried about Ino, too. What was the reason for her escape, and why is it in medical files? Hmm… Suspicions, suspicions… I wonder who Iris of Amber is? I get the feeling it’s Tsunade, but then I don’t think she would let herself be blackmailed… Well, anyway.

Pocky everywhere! Those details are just amazing. And Akamaru's bone on Kiba's roof.

I’m continuing reading with high hopes! This fic started out wonderfully, a pleasure to read. I think it’s one of the only Shikamaru/Ino AU fics I ever read – mostly because they are weird in some place – but you managed this one brilliantly until here and I’ve been laughing a lot while reading! Thanks for posting this!
fireflypencil chapter 1 . 8/5/2013
Great story!
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