Reviews for Consensus
Guest chapter 3 . 10/8/2014
fabb 3
DeletedUser0010020003000 chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
I loved this, couldn't help but smirk at the ending lol! :D
Rebekah chapter 4 . 6/18/2012
Haha I know you gave a disclaimer about this one but, oddly, it was probably my favorite chapter. It's wonderful! I hope, wherever you are, it's peaceful.
Werejaguar of Halloween Town chapter 3 . 6/30/2010
Awww Kodiak Moment!

Aang's first french!
KataangMakesABigBaang chapter 5 . 6/22/2010
I absolutely love these. NONE of them are bad, and you shouldn't say things like "this may be the worst of them all"; personally, i loved the Smell and Touch ones the best!

I think you should keep up this kind of thing because it is so amazing. I loved it so much, and i'll definetly keep looking for more of your stories. Thank you SO much for writing this. It's such a good idea!

Avagrl-kataang-lova chapter 5 . 6/2/2009
Alright 1...2...3...AW!
Avagrl-kataang-lova chapter 4 . 6/2/2009
Don't worry. This was a great chapter!
Nicole chapter 5 . 2/1/2009
What about the 6. sense? :O
Krystal McKenna chapter 5 . 12/7/2008
I really liked this little set of stories. It may have been done before, but I hadn't read anything of the like before, so it was all new to me. (And I think 'Smell' was just perfect. :) )
Kataanglover13 chapter 4 . 7/27/2008
Ha Ha I loved what they said at the end! And i thought it was going to be something corny too!
snickerdoodle12 chapter 5 . 5/19/2008
Okay, this whole thing made me go "awh!" at least fifty times. :D Amazing job, I liked "Touch" the best. And even if you can't smell yourself, that chapter comes in a close second for me. Awesome!
GirlWaterShaman chapter 1 . 5/12/2008
Lol, Sokka's like, 'ugh'.
donjonkeeper chapter 5 . 12/10/2007
*sigh* love, what a wonderful thing it would be to feel the same thing as those 2!
Winnywriter chapter 5 . 10/12/2007
So wonderfully cute!
prettygirl17 chapter 4 . 9/11/2007
Awsome last line.
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